FOX News Goes After WH Aide Who Heard Trump Call Before He Testifies | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “FOX News Goes After WH Aide Who Heard Trump Call Before He Testifies | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”


  • The republicans can’t claim second hand knowledge in the attempt to discredit like the tried to do with the whistle blower.
    A Trump supporters are NOT patriots of this country, PERIOD !!!!!!!

  • Lola anne smart says:

    what about your wife is that a spy poor fool this recorder not reporter whoever gets on little trump mind he has so much to hide WOW

  • After trump is KICKED out of the White House in 2020. He goes straight to prison for his crimes.
    The American people want to see trump accountable for his crime.
    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊vote all democrat in 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

    Because republicans are Turing a blind eye to trumps crimes🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • Christines Intrigued says:

    No one cares and no one listens to what Fox News says because they are jokes. They’re like the rabid bobble heads of the garbage patch. They can throw threats of espionage around all they want but at the end of the day it is the civilized society that real Americans live in that decide whether that turns out like the Hillary email saga. We will never let them forget that we know what they are. Faux Russian State media for the traitor wannabe.

  • fox news = pushing the white racist agenda ? No regard to Americans of color ? None ! A man With Great Love For Our Country Has Given HIS LIFE TO OUR COUNTRY ! For Way More Years Then Dump trump Has Been, alive ? Truthful ? Non Greedy ? A Trader To All Americans ? HE Has Been Is A WAY Better American Then The white raciest In OUR WH !

  • Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman thank you and your family for your great sacrifice to this country and I'm so ashamed we have a president along with his base to discredit your accomplishments and willing to draw others blood to sick his deranged fans on his own citizens for his protection only. Great men like you stepping forward thru out generations is the reason America stills stands on a wobbly beacon today.

  • As a veteran of Iraq myself, I find it appalling that not only does Trump say and do anti-military crap all the time, but that Republicans would follow and stay silent. They shouldn't fear Trump, they should fear doing the wrong thing for this country and the world.

  • Trump supporters on Fox News know he's guilty of many impeachable offenses. They are going to attack everyone who tells the truth about Trumps wrong doing. They are going to justify everything he has done. They simply want to hold on to power through him.

  • Who Will Americans Believe ? A white raciest in the WH That Can Not Speak The Truth , or an imagrent Who Has Given His Life Serving He His adopted Country ?

  • HaunterofDarkness says:

    I'm not surprised that fox news would go as far as to go after veterans who don't buy into trump's propaganda, shame on fox news SHAME

  • they attack a combat veteran but support a draft dodging coward….can't argue with the message so attack the messenger….these people are shameful… takes a special kind of stupidity to continue supporting benedict donald….#lockhimup

  • So now it's okay to claim that our National Security people are conducting "espionage" when they're protecting the country and not protecting the "president's" interests? WTF is wrong with fox? You're debasing OUR serving national security members. The military VOTES too…dumbasses. fox is disgusting. It's sad that people watch it and never change the channel.   Note:  The president's interests AREN'T necessarily the COUNTRY'S interests. fox should stop pretending to be "news".

  • Referring to Fox News hosts and pundits as followers of Donald Trump is a mistake. It assumes that Donald Trump is personally in charge of American foreign policy. He is not. He is taking orders from somebody else, probably Putin, through American and Russian oligarchs.

  • The only people that are un-American are the trump administration who prevent compliance with lawful subpoenas and and the GOP who supports him

  • Wasn't that Alan Dershowitz smiling smugly in the Ingram tape?

    With his particular peculiarities, I am very surprised to see him still on air.

  • Are there any adults at Fox Spews? I know there are a couple but, they get very little air time and are being shouted down by childish morons like Ingram.

  • Fake dossier, fake impeachment. The American people know if president trump done anything wrong all the fake corrupt news channels like this one would be shouting it load. Trump 2020

  • Tell me again…are republicans for the military or against it? Seems like their hypocrisy is coming back in waves. Over the years, republicans have claimed that only they cared about our military. Now, they're saying our serving members are spies & are conducting "espionage" by listening to calls that they are SUPPOSE to listen to & reporting conduct THAT they are SUPPOSE to report. HOW is that espionage? Talk about spin. You DON'T want the military to be part of a political machine. EVER.

  • How dare you not send both Trump and Tulsi Gabbard to prison for being Russian Agents, what has this country come too. lol

  • The Home Plate Special says:

    So for Fox it is okay to defend Trump being Russias plant until his American but foreign born aid speaks Russian? Is this like when trump bashes illegal immigrants but had married someone who was living and working illegally in the U.S.?

  • The fact that there are ANY senators signing onto graham's resolution, telling a SEPARATE part of government that they're wrong, when they are the ones who'll be presiding over the hearing in the end…makes it look like they've already made up their minds. Poisoning the jury…so I don't see how that "resolution" does anything other than show the American people that the system is rigged for republicans by the republicans and breaking the law is fine IF you're a republican president.

  • You know as growing up in America,I never knew how important the Constitution was and our laws but as I got older I begin to understand it and wat it means as I looked at other countries and leaders but wat do you think is going to happen if democrat wins in 2020 the same thing that this Administration is doing,,,and your going to see the fall of a great and powerful nation that was done by a man that have never given or contribute anything,,,I just can't believe the peoples that helping him .God bless us all

  • I hate fox they lie and cause so must hate hurt and fear. the maga mob will tear this country apart. trump won't go you will be made to remove him.

  • All you pathetic individuals at Fox News enjoy your freedom of speech provided to you by LT COL Vindman and the rest of the US military.

  • The guy accusing espionage is the war criminal who wrote the excuse to allow torture isn't he? I also noticed that he isn't caucasian. How can we know he isn't feeding high level information back to the country of his ancestors? And who asked Laura Ingrahm how stupid she could be? She sure is rising to the challenge to demonstrate her superiority in the area of stupidity.

  • It is very sad my fellow Americans. I'll say it again, dont know why Vets support that man as bad as he treats military personnel smh

  • It is ironic that those traitors who wish to demolish our democracy label a PATRIOT as a traitor, a spy working against America's interests. It is time for all congressmen, senators and the president to stand before the people and publicly state their oath of office to the country, the flag, the Constitution and the American people. Then their behaviour will be seen for what it is.

  • Everyone who criticises the lyin King gets bad mouthed by the scum sucking butt licking lying Repugnant MAGAt's. Thousands of them they are all discredited liars are they all of them yeah right Total made up  Fox propaganda as per usual.

  • all the filth at fox news should be arrested and tried for anti american activities this means you laura and shaun.lock them up and throw away the key.

  • Republicans are simply vile, corrupt creatures with no moral values. They have spent the last 10 years trying desperately to show us their true nature. Yet we continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. We can't afford to do that any longer.

  • I wandering how much money of thousands taxpayers is going to FOX'S news accounts
    to put a cloud of dust
    and supporting a Donald Trump

  • Terriance Shepherd says:

    The evidence of the conversation will prove if espionage or not. Details aside, it is factual of the cabinet in disagreement as the learned language usage bears the questions to simplify the inquiry, on all counts.

  • and finally these people have realised trump is evil

  • Another nothingburger. The Colonel said in his opening statement that he wants to guide US Foreign Policy, according to "inter-agency consensus" – which sounds criminal BTW – by leaking his feelings on Adam Shift

  • Honey Bee Talks says:

    So sad. I try desperately to get my poor little grandma to stop watching fox :'( she is too sweet to be lied too this way. It makes me sick.

  • The guy is a career military officer, and Purple Heart recipient as an Iraq war vet. The people attacking him ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • From Brian Williams….what a joke. MSNBC is a joke, and Americans KNOW the news is trying to play with us…thanks to the great work of Project Veritas! CNN and MSNBC are all a FAKE NEWS MEDIA

  • Laura ingraham is despicable attacking a soldier who put his life on the line many times for usa. And Fox news is despicable for allowing her to do it. Anybody who believes this is patriotic of ingraham does not know what the word means. If you support Trump come what may then you do not support usa.

  • Being against the president for his views, comments, or bad decisions is as American as you can get. Trump supporters are just mad that they got stuck with a lemon of a president.

  • Mr. Yu – Ya know, sir – a few generations back, some folks akin to your BFF's questioned the loyalty of Asian-Americans – and some did more than question. Do you and Stephen Miller have a club for the ethnically and ethically blind who get cast out from their own family history?

  • Joseph Schwarzkopf says:

    Now that sotero's FBI/CIA/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  • Republicans: Smear patriots and American soldiers who are concerned with WH compromise and abuse, support Russia over American Intelligence, investigate the investigation that proved Russia interfered in the election, excuse their president cozying up to dictators, lying on a daily basis about campaign finance violations and meeting with Russians. Tell me that the Republican Party's hypocrisy hasn't taken them into the Twilight Zone compared to what they used to stand for.

  • Surely Vindman can bring a case of slander against Faux News and the the three panelists for promoting slanderous discussion points about him?

  • googlesucks you says:

    Trump has 20 people on the phone call to give 400 million to Ukraine.

    Why? If it wasnt a shakedown. Congress authorised the money, they didnt authorize the shakedown.

    Nothing controversial just handing aid over with no blackmail schemes. So why 20 guys on the phone?

  • Patriotsm in trump base is the same patriotism N. Korean base has to Kim Jun Un, the same patriotism Nazis had for Hitler.

    If you don't support the dictator trump rhetoric, your unpatriotic. If don't line up with trump conspiracy theory or lies your unpatriotic.

    Anyone who opposes trump is unpatriotic.
    How is trump and his base not a communist party worshiping a dictator.

  • The GOP hide, stall and shut up tactics are an indication that the Trump
    Mutiny is beginning. The GOP crew of the Trump sinking ship are trying
    to find the life boats or the place to safely jump ship and let Trump
    hit the rocks as the deny Trump even exists. The GOP has been such a
    herd of spinless lemmings they are being forced to attach themselves to
    Trump in his political death spiral or disengage and disavow Trump in as
    many ways possible. The dumpster fire that is Trump's White House is
    setting them on fire as well. #GOPTrumpLemmings

  • I do not like trump but I want this to be no I feel that this is definitely harassment over president if you waited for the perfect time to be able to have fun a peaceable offense to be able to get him out of office when these on to sir saying dirty games that 2 guys play to try to make it seem as if he was a fall with the ressa's fair's fair in all love him more

  • Ellen Rose Gaynor says:

    Trump and Republicans are supporting Putin's Russian resurgence of power, authority and dominion for political and economic gain.
    1.sovereignty or control.

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