Fox News Global Warming Denier Segment

Fox News Global Warming Denier Segment

this episode of the young turks is brought
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today at peace uh… fox show these clouds over the believed that they have
popped out of a global warming does not work kissing beat us hot its own de niro one clout meteorologist that’d be
fine who claims the scientists are like the whole
section melodies edit salad decided you resulting here the pictures orbit let’s chat our next guest told said he can clearly see
i told you so back in november that you can use government weather forecasting office claim that this winter would be model that’s
the same office pushing of global warming agenda but here’s the forecast for this winter has
predicted in november by astrophysicist a meteorologist here scored two goals winds up to several inclusive in britain and europe will be exceptionally
calls ancillary wonderful frozen over out forms he was right and feel like that outside right now i’m looking
at video but extremely snow britain from this week so much for global warming he said prepare
for the icp recorded joins us now scared pull this off how did you manage to be so
accurate when everyone else in that office was saying off not going to happen how did you manage to be so actor and it said it on the so-called help c clouds it with the start what day doesn’t need the temperature of read nor the world is somehow temporary throughout the year the temperature if here it is not related
to anyone snowstorm are calling this depan fluctuations for what they see what they look
good that we’re all is that the planet keeps warning every single year anne is your counter
now byproduct hordes of that stuff it if the whole winter was colder britain than they expected for this winter it doesn’t mean anything in the end if you have uh… trend that shows the double your risk
older unless you’re stronger orlando decisions that are better abuse details that don’t predicted this does the work penises and across the sky is i’d take this
isn’t involving the usually it you let me ask the brewers twitter account literature
and that’s what beyond that i would be your twitter economists
are following on twitter so i can predict when i’ve got the stones what reporter here’s uh… twitter that’s the um… activity date
set up treated dot com fossilized pay is on the school
prayer concerns on this one was a there you go that’s
the one yesterday who testified city-state used but it was off and it later is right here any is as a possibility detail overall activity
in the electrical their foliar for the year for predatory well was a lot
of getting the facts tag along with everybody else pledges so they can do you think about a global oil
companies or part of the reason we have a global warming but they’re any definitely don’t want to know
that because they don’t u so-called send them off tank people don’t know this about me but i
mean and a grounding and our i’d love to play video games will
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100 thoughts on “Fox News Global Warming Denier Segment”

  • aSingleDallasGuy says:

    @tstruss912 …aka… PervertedStalker…. No, I decided I wasn't going to count tree rings to decide if the earth temperatures where increasing. That's how I roll. I am the coolest person in Texas my Perverted Stalker friend, it's just I am not a bleeding heart foolish liberal. I don't accept things because they fit a world view I want to believe is true. Like you I have been liberally indoctrinated my whole life. it's just I was wise enough to conclude it was all total BS. Too bad for you.

  • Global warming isn't happening because it snowed in England in the winter. Yea this is how REAL science is done. Lesson one, if you see someone talking about climate change, better ask what sources (peer reviewed) is his/her views are based on because the odds are that he/she is repeating someone elses bullshit non-sense someone posted somewhere else without saying where it came from…


  • Cult of Cariociecus says:

    @jepst41 Still, all you do is say "Oh I have a degree of this in there" and yet you are unable to come up with any evidence supporting your case. Seems like all those *supposed* degrees were lost in you.

  • Michael Minugh says:

    What I love about conservatives on issues like climate change & evolution:

    "Oh but I know a scientist who agrees with me!", oh, good for you! You know a few scientists who don't agree, congratulations, a majority of scientists have agreed on evolution for decades.

    Then they go and say "I can scientifically disprove it!", prove they know nothing of what science or the theory itself is, and their "proof" is often based on lies.

    Best of all? "It's just a theory, not fact". FACEPALM!

  • david barnstable says:

    @rajasmasala 1) Yes, I disagree because his theory has stood the test of time and his recent weather predictions have proved accurate.
    2) I have many sources of info including, and Globalresearch for a start. Use the internet while you can still find free, independent information.

  • david barnstable says:

    @LawnChairMedia yep, well if you move more and more weather stations to urban areas (even right next to air conditioning outlets) then it's predictable the temperature data will rise

  • @USMC2375 2010 was the warmest year on record. Who's the moron. Stop getting brainwashed by FOX news and the oil companies..

  • "(Dec. 16) — While much of the United States and parts of Europe have been shivering through intense early-season cold, NASA records show that this was the warmest climate year on record."

  • Sometimes its colder, sometimes its warmer. Seasons are different every year. You liberals are fucking stupid. You want to cripple our economy for a fantasy or at the very best a theory

  • @davidbarnstable I think they understand the concept of heat islands quite well….these are GLOBAL temperatures…everytime data is presented from climate scientists the deniers only response is to view the data as illegitimate and meaningless…they never have any specifics or any other explanation for why the temperature data continuously shows a warming trend…they don't have air conditioners next to weather stations in third world countries, most rural areas, etc

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @TeaPartySympathizer Warming was the consensus in the 70s as well. Only 10% of climate papers published in the 70s suggested global cooling. I only have a Wiki link for you, but I'll search for better info. I fully realize
    Wiki can be a questionable source of info.

    The reason the global cooling hypothesis became well known, was due to publications of articles in tabloid style magazines such as Newsweek. To say this is a VERY questionable source for scientific consensus is obvious.

  • NEWSFLASH FOX NEWS: Just because an area that covers less than 1% of the earths surface is colder does NOT answer for the other 99% which scientists have proven is heating up.. fuck oil and water facts and Fox News don't mix….

  • Why is it that when it snows, it is consdiered proof that there is no global warming and then put out all over Fox News but when it is warm during the winter, that is not brought up to balance the argument?

  • @USMC2375 Do you seriously think, that just because it snows in the winter in some parts of the country, which it does every winter, global warming doesnt exist? Damn you yanks are stupid..

  • @USMC2375 Dont u ever wonder why people get extremely upset over the fact that most people are worried about the planet. Why risk it? The only reason I can see, especially Americans ( wonder why?), get so upset is because they have been brainwashed by the Oil lobbyists and FOX news to propagate global warming as a big lie. It so transparent its ridicuolus, and Americans seem to be the easiest people to brainwash. Probably because most of you have poor education and cant think for your own.

  • @USMC2375 And do you seriously not think that 10 billion people with all of its carbon footprint CANT change the earth. YOU VE been brainwashed by FOX and the Oil companies. They dont give a shit about you. They only want to make money for them selves, and you and your pathetic friends follow think Glen Beck is your leader. He just laughs at you all the way to the bank.

  • @USMC2375 HAHA, who s manipulated? And listen moron, I'm not stupid, I know we need oil for plastics and other things. But why not make an effort at least to try to get rid of oil where it can be replaced? In 20 years, wether you like or not, green energy WILL have replaced much of what we use oil for today. If you dont see that this is an industry that can create a lot of jobs and LOTS of income u r blind. New technoloiges will make green energy much cheaper than oil. Then its bye bye America!

  • @USMC2375 Nothing compared? Who told u that? Glenn Beck? We beat the shit out of u on most lists. Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world. Or GDP grew with 7% last quarter. We are r 1 on competiveness, we top most lists on most indexes, education, health, freedom of speech, equality, IT, Green Tech, etc, while US is among african countries on many of the same lists. U STUPID IGNORANT AMERICAN. Get an education, travel the world, and maybe you ll find Glenn has brainwashed u.

  • LibertyDownUnder says:

    Cenk, he predicted this cold winter based on his own studies, he didn't pull it out of his behind.
    He was mocked by other scientist, and was proven right.
    This TYT report is nothing but mockery of those who don't agree with them.
    Thumbs down.

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @TeaPartySympathizer In 2008, the American meteorological society did a study of climate papers published in pier-reviewed journals during the 70s( actually, 1965-1979). The results are as follows.

    7 suggested global cooling
    20 were neutral
    44 suggested global warming.

    Can you please show me how this is a consensus on Global cooling? More than 6 times as many papers suggested warming for crying out loud.

  • Ungoogleable o_O says:

    @jag10 Wouldn't it be still be "global warming" if it was just a "trend of incremental minimal warming during a cool period" and no hoax?

  • Ungoogleable o_O says:

    @jn969 Apparently you don't understand the green-house effect and you seem to think in black-and-white ways. How does the fact that "we" exhale it make it any less of a greenhouse gas?

  • LibertyDownUnder says:

    @xNeptuneRisingx, Cenk is clearly mocking the scientist personally without showing the details of his prediction. I'm sure he said more than 'it will be cold'.
    Fox is showing the flipside of the climate change argument when no one else is.
    This TYT report is baseless mockery.

  • @gee100 – 'repeating talking points' does not mean you see things with 'someone elses' eyes. It means you take what a pundit has said and repeat it. All investigations have found no wrong doing, what you claim is obvious is in fact not obvious at all.

    There is no scientific data that shows climate change is not happening, not one peer reviewed paper, no study, nothing.

    If you have %97 of scientists and %100 of scientific institutions saying climate change is real, you have a consensus.

  • @verstwo2yes I would agree. 'cept that's not what I did. I looked with my own eyes. like I said. I'm not sure about ALLinvestigations. I didn't read ALL investigations as I'm sure you didnt. never said climate change wasn't happening. I said that I've read is global temperature cycles. inheritently then, climate will change. man-made would be a different topic.. oh, and you're going to tell me you've polled 100% of all the scientists to know 97% of them agree? :).. ok.. lol.

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @TeaPartySympathizer I'm not whipping a dead horse. Your "conservative" conspiracy theory information mill suggested that Global Cooling was the consensus in the 70s.

    I pointed out how this is WRONG! There are 2 ways you can deal with this.

    1. Man up, and admit you were misled by whoever suggested this nonsense. This requires that you admit to having questionable sources.
    2. Put your head in the sand, and deny it anyway. This would make you a liar, but if that's your choice so be it.

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @TeaPartySympathizer The consensus of Climate scientists is that anthropogenic GW is a fact. Even the few climate scientists who don't believe it's man-made, still admit that GW is a FACT.

    Truth be told, Physicists, Geologists, Oceanographers, and especially lawyers for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, are NOT NOT NEVER WERE climate scientists.

    Would you go to a lawyer for brain surgery? There are different areas of expertise for a reason.

  • @gee100 – I haven't polled anyone, but polls have been conducted. I also don;t need to read an entire investigation to know what they concluded. So you don't deny that climate can change you just deny that humans can impact the climate? Do you deny the greenhouse effect of 'greenhouse gases'?

  • everyone should know by now that global warming is fake, it was for publicity and money, there is no REAL data that "global warming" is actually in effect

  • @peterukk scientists made up the "GW" crap to get money, we have little or no effect on the earths weather changing from "cold" to "warm", it's called "nature", you should try looking it up sometime, scientists say we "need to go green", that is because they know that ppl will ignorantly believe them and get loads of money from donations to help stop "GW", things will eventually go back to normal, things change, nothing will always be the same, it is no real danger, it's nature, it's allbullshit

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @TeaPartySympathizer That's a totally fair viewpoint. I owe you a bit of an apology, but I've heard way too many conspiracy whackjobs on here spouting nonsense like that "Global Cooling" myth, and I guess I just lost it on you.

    I think it's fair to see the facts and come to somewhat different conclusions. You seem like you're being reasonable about it. I'll give you a piece of advice however, if it came from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, it's probably a lie. Happy hunting for truth!

  • Despicably Irascible Rapscallion says:

    @TeaPartySympathizer I definitely don't trust the government, or special interest groups to give me honest information. Scientists tend to be in a different category for me. I have much more faith in science, as an entity, if you will.

  • 99 problems but an election ain't one! says:

    @peterukk Record setting snowfall and cold all over Europe and the American East Coast and yet you allow your ego to stand in the way of common sense.

    That makes you a fool BTW ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @peterukk wait……..did you say wiki?…..oh geez no wonder you have no sense *face palms* >_< please come back to me when you feel like discussing something that is real.

  • aSingleDallasGuy says:

    @595o …. Oh really now? Tell us what genius methods scientists use to conclude that MAN is causing global warming this cycle? Please let us know why this cycle is Man's fault while the previous 39 cycles all of which occurred before man ever walked this Earth is all just nature? I could use the laugh.

  • aSingleDallasGuy says:

    @tstruss912 …. The PervertedStalker is back! Which video number is this that you have followed me into freakboy? So called climatologists far from agree on this issue. And so what? They know as much about 4.5 billions years of Earth's climate as you do. There has been atleast 39 cycles of climate change in Earth's history. Even if you believe we are going thru global warming today, the fact that all others occurred before man walked the Earth just shows you idiots have an agenda.

  • aSingleDallasGuy says:

    @tstruss912 ….. nothing wrong with cutting pollution. But for those idiots who want us to believe that man simply by living and breathing is a cancer to Earth and thus invent a non-existent unscientific view that man is causing global warming Oo when it shows that the Earth isn't getting warmer they change it to climate change as if the climate is ever stable. Even a turd like me knows that there has been 39 cycles of global warming and cooling recorded all before man ever walked the planet.

  • aSingleDallasGuy says:

    @SirTorment … I agree that CO2 isn't a pollutant. But according to your hero EPA as of 2010 CO2 is a pollutant. This then allows them to try to regulate it. So, the very air your exhale is now a pollutant according to your govt. Simply by you living you are now considered a polluter. Maybe we can do what the Chinese do and only allow one child per family. This is your liberal govt in action. Trying to control every aspect of your life. Most liberals of course welcome this. They need direction.

  • @verstwo2 well first of all I don't get CO2 being called 'greenhouse gas', there are a ton of studies..and I've only ready a few that show conclusively that CO2 FOLLOWS temperature rise and not the other way round.

  • @gee100 – CO2 is a greenhouse gas because it traps heat. This isn't a fact about the climate but rather a fct about chemistry. Climate wise, CO2 (and other GHG) are released into the atmosphere from various sources (glaciers etc.) when the global temperature increases due to other natural causes. However, this causes the temperature to rise even more because CO2 is a green house gas. CO2 is not the only factor in the climate nor is it the only GHG, but it is an important factor.

  • @pennjersey83 – what makes you think global warming means their will be no snow? In fact melting ice caps a glaciers means more moisture in the air and therefore more precipitation (rain, snow, etc) in otherwords bigger and more frequent storms of all kinds. But if you think global warming means no more winter it's no wonder your confused.

  • @verstwo2 it IS a GHG, but not the most significant by far. it's a very very low percentage compared to the rest .. it's almost a non factor when you compare it to something like water vapor. but naturally occuring CO2 vs man-made is off the charts. there is WAAAY more natural occuring CO2 than man-made.. by a VERY large margin. so even if it WAS much more significant, man wouldn't be the determinate factor to reduce it.

  • @pennjersey83 – When you wake up do you think about how the earth orbits the sun? Or how your lungs absorb oxygen through osmosis? Probably not. But just because you don't think about it doesn't mean it's not important or that it doesn't effect you. You seem to have taken up the cause of denying the scientific consensus behind global warming.

  • @gee100 – CO2 is not be the strongest GHG but it is still significant enough. the difference between CO2 and water vapor is that water vapor has a very short cycle in the atmosphere (a few days) where CO2 stays in the atmosphere for centuries. We (humans) have almost doubled the natural amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in the last century, and it is growing exponentially. Deforestation etc. reduces the planets ability to absorb the CO2. there is so much more…read a book.

  • @verstwo2 I've read plenty. enough to know that humans put far less CO2 into the atmosphere than what happens naturally, i.e. volcanoes, the ocean, .. Volcanoes put far and away more CO2 into the atmosphere than we have. and the oceans absorb much more CO2 than trees do. bottom line is human contribution is trace amounts compared to nature, and that CO2 isn't a contributor to global climate change. it FOLLOWS temperature, not creates it.

  • @pennjersey83 – If you think the scientific concensus is the same as religous faith then I feel sorry for you. You are sure nothing will happen for no other reason then that what you feel, based on blind faith that nothing can happen to you if you simply don't think about it. If it makes you feel better to accues me of being a religious zelot rather then facing actual facts. If I wanted global warming to happen I would just not say anything. what either of of wish has no effect on what is.

  • @gee100 – Humans are currently responsible for approx. 1/3 – 1/2 of the CO2 in the atmosphere. And that anmount is growing exponentialy. I can tell you've read nothing on the subject except perhaaps some denial blogs or a video. The Oceans can only absorb so much CO2 before they become acidified, toxic and unable to support life, this is already happening in many places, and has happend before causeing a mass extinction.

  • @pennjersey83 – Denialist straw men don't keep me up at night. But that doesn't mean that I don't think about the crappy world that will be pasted down to my children thanks to unthinking, uncaring, people such as yourself. Go watch some sports and forget about it.

  • @verstwo2 where in the world did you read humans are responsible for up to 1/2 of the CO2 in the atmosphere?? that makes no sense whatsoever. Volcanoes put more in the atomosphere than people, animas put together. the oceans put by far more CO2 into the atmosphere than people. (oceans absorb CO2 when it's cool and extract it when it's hot) you don't know what I've read, so assumptions like that are bad. it's better to ask ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  • @gee100 There has been a climb in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere of about 280 ppm in 1850 to 389 ppm today, mainly due to human activities during and after the industrial revolution, which began in 1850.
    not half, but not 'trace' amounts either. Sorry for making assumptions but I'm used to receiving talking points from deniers.

  • @pennjersey83 – That has nothing to do with the question of whether anamorphic climate change is real or not. Individual actions do not have a measurable effect, it is the cumulative actions of society that have the effect. It isn't one car on the highway that negatively effects the environment it is millions upon million everyday with little to no alternative. Laugh all you like, but when you're paying out the nose for gas, the electric company will be paying me to drive my electric vehicle.

  • GLOBAL WARMING DOES NOT MEAN THE EARTH TURNS INTO A GIANT OVEN! Climate change, means overall weather patterns will shift globally. When (and they will) the oceans warm, currents will shift, thus changing the weather around that particular region. Bottom line is, it will snow more in warm areas, rain more in dry areas, less rain in tropical areas, cold/hot climates will change, etc. In 20+ years the global climate will shift. It's retarded to think the entire world just gets hot… dumb asses.

  • In fact research shows that global warming very likely will accelerate an ice age on the northern pole of earth (I'm not sure what it says about the southern thought..)

  • @gee100 A video that explains why you're wrong about volcanoes and CO2.

  • Charles Sugar says:


    but i can't seem to find these four very important numbers…maybe someone can help?

    What % of the IR radiation spectrum can CO2 molecule absorb?
    What % of the IR radiation spectrum can nitrogen molecule absorb?
    What % of the IR radiation spectrum can oxygen molecule absorb?
    What % of the IR radiation spectrum can methane molecule absorb?

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @Bullpuma CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas. You realize that don't you? CO2 isn't the only harmful emission

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @2110kop The Greenhouse Effect keeps are planet warm, without it we wouldn't survive. The problem is that we humans have increased the amount of Greenhouse Gasses in the atmosphere and as a result more heat is being trapped. What we need to do is reduce these excessive admissions and try to return the level of Greenhouse Gasses to a stable level.

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @MrLittletomdj No they are very simple. They are simply wrong. Every respectable scientist agrees that Global Warming is real. There is no refuting that fact. You've just bought into the lies put forward by Faux News

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @mrchiefofsinners You have no idea what you are talking about. Scientists don't bring political ideologies into their findings. And your basically saying ALL scientists are Communists. Because ALL REAL SCIENTISTS know that Climate Change is real. Faux News may put forward different opinions, but they are ALL wrong. You're reasoning is actively dangerous to the survival of humanity.

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @MrLittletomdj First, that first theory does not substantially explain the cause of global warming but it could possible augment. Second, the idea that IPCC responded to the whims of lobbyists is totally unsubstantiated. Thirdly, The Medieval Warm period is totally irrelevant to the crisis at hand. Fourthly, CO2 isn't the only negative emission in the atmosphere, and even a slight increase in CO2 could create problems. Fifthly, 30 scientists out of hundreds, ones who aren't at all credible

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @TheManMostMysterious Actually I take that first one back. It can even augment because solar activity, in terms of heat from the sun has decreased while the Earth's temperature has increased

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @MrLittletomdj People who acknowledge global warming advocate renewable energy sources! WE KNOW THAT THERE IS A DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN OUR USE OF FOSSIL FUELS AND EMMISION OF GREENHOUSE GASSES AND RISING GLOBAL TEMPERATURES! You obviously are tragically misinformed. Basic science confirms the truth behind Global Warming. All you're doing is throwing a Red Herring, in the form of you rant on Corporations, in attempt to distract others from the irrefutable facts.

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @MrLittletomdj Now you are committing what is known as an ad hominem fallacy in which instead of providing evidence to support your claims you resort to attacks on me instead. This shows just how narrow-minded and fallacious your argument is.

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @MrLittletomdj You just don't like the implications of the facts. So what if I write in all caps? That means nothing at all, it just means that wished to put greater emphasis on those statements. However, instead of presenting evidence you have resorted to directly insulting me. So when you make ad hominem remarks and through in your Red Herring about Corporations, then I'm well within my rights to condescend you. What I'm not surprised with is that you can't at all spell (surprized?)

  • TheManMostMysterious says:

    @MrLittletomdj actually its not. I didn't mean to type "in". And I never said that those are not problems either. But Global Warming could very well cause the extinction of humanity. An out of control greenhouse effect has occurred before and it resulted in a shutdown of the Great Ocean Conveyer and in turned kill 90% of all life on the plante. Granted this was millions of years ago. And if you can only resort to coarse language to prove your point, it shows how unintelligent you really are.

  • This young turk guy is a flaming liberal commie. Hey, morons, there is no climate change other than natural cooling and warming cycles. Ever hear of the ice age?

  • @teddy516 Here in eastern Canada is getting warmer AND colder, and in the past 10 years, in 8 of them we have set records for both warmest days in summer AND coldest days in winter, along with more frequent storms that typically occur once in a few years.

  • @redasscd actually at the core it is that the climate gets hotter globally. Thus affecting ice caps making the sea rise thus shifiting the balance in the climate causing drastic changes to weather patterns.


  • @cupmyplums There should be a movie about what happens when we run out. I have it all written in my head the main character is stranded 30 miles from home because he/she commutes and all Buses and Taxis are shutdown. also most 9-11 and Fire Department would be shutdown so there's mass looting going on. I really think alot of people would spend $8 to see it.!

  • Global warming will stop if we pay a carbon tax to Al Gore? Wake up and follow the money. This scam was a heavily financed and Ingenious propaganda piece that will impoverish and perhaps exterminate what the Malthusian greens call the useless eaters.

  • Xavier Spade says:

    You also get a sense here of the Socialist-liberal/Globalist agenda.
    Fact: Temperatures do not rise following a rise in CO2. CO2 rises following a rise in temperatures.
    The Earth was warmer in the 1500s than it is now.
    The UN and Rothschild family (wealthiest family in the world bar none) desperately want everyone to pay taxes for CO2 emissions (what you exhale and what plants breathe in) so that THEY can get even wealthier.
    Wake Up! Pollution is man-made. Climate-change is NOT.

  • Franklin MacGillacuddy says:

    Fact: Temperatures have repeatedly and unequivocally been shown to rise as a result of CO2 emissions. This is scientifically established fact.
    Fact: the Medieval warming period was a tiny blip on the climate-change map compared to the change we are experiencing today. The arctic didnt defrost during that spell. Climate change was predicted for decades; why is it so hard for some people to accept? Open your eyes.

  • Trueantitheist says:

    Of course that's all that matters in this pathetic materialistic era we live in, who cares if the world fry's as long as we get our green paper.

  • Try the " 50 to 1 " project on TophersUnpopularView channel, especially the interview with David Evens. Also " Watermelons " by James Delingpole is interesting. Also " Punch-drunk on Co2…dizzy from spin " by Peter Sullivan. Also " An appeal to reason " by Nigel Lawson. Also Bishop-hill blog. CO2 is essential for photosynthesis. 1990 IPCC FAR Impacts assessment ch 2.6.2 says that increased level of CO2 in atmosphere increases crop yields. See also Burt Rutan on climate change

  • Its also heating our planet and changing the Eco system for the worse. It may be beneficial at first but in the log run its going to cause more harm then good.

  • No one doubts climate change.ย  What is unreasonable is the belief that mankind can prevent climate change.ย  If mankind suddenly disappeared, the climate would change as erratically as it had when humans were sparse and primitive.ย  The climate fanatics have kept moving the goalposts, much like crackpots who have been predicting the end of the world in every generations.ย  Some of these climate extremists call for prison or even execution of those who disagree with them.ย  These zealots have inherited the spirit of medieval inquisitions and witch hunts.

  • If all the hundreds of nuclear bomb test done during the 50s and 60s didn't screw up the atmosphere, nothing will.ย 

  • Norsang Kelsang says:

    Pierce has been more accurate than the Met office for 15 years in a row. The young Turk should stick to politics. Pierce uses solar activity to make his assessments (imagine that), and has more brains in his index finger than the Turk has in his cranium.

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