Fox News EPIC SPIN of Preaching Teacher Story

Fox News EPIC SPIN of Preaching Teacher Story

Fox News’s epically speak yes spinning
this preaching teacher story this is so amazing gay get ready for absurdity ladies and gentlemen pay Theo’s has a
write up about this there’s a high school teacher in
Missouri named Glenn pope was a math teacher and as a math teacher she led christian devotional prayers in her classroom every single Friday
morning in these prayers were announced over the loudspeaker so that students would kinda be implicitly encouraged to attend both
these things are legal the leading a devotional prayers in
public school as as well as the public encourage major
sanctioning up attendance by the school now there’s more to this the prayer sessions
weren’t part have any kinda extracurricular clubs where it did might
be more acceptable legally and the teacher’s husband Michael would
attend these devotional prayer meetings
furthermore Pope told her math students that quote
God will punish them if they are not good and she would have
religious literature all over her desk during the school day so the American Humanist Association
correctly sent a warning letter to the school several months ago the district ignored the letter so now
the American Humanist Association filed a lawsuit against the district all makes perfect senseless so how is Aaron balanced Fox News and specifically our buddy Todd Starnes covering the
story they say the American Humanist
Association wants the judge to and all religious activity as at the
school as well as awarded monetary damages to
the quote offended students according to the
lawsuit this is an over-the-top attack on
Christianity and it is just unbelievable then again what do you expect from a bunch of
humanist who don’t believe in anything that really matters first the mall it is against the
law it is against the light doesn’t matter
if anyone is offended or not this is against the law but secondly Louis would we be seeing the same editorial
from Fox News is Todd Starnes if it had been a Muslim teacher leading
Muslim prayers every Friday the way that this teacher
did and having it announced over this day over the loudspeaker the
teacher would have been fired immediately but here the teacher glen
pope was given attentively way to preach what she
wanted the school now is going to have to defend its actions and if it is
determined that they violated the law they’re gonna have to pay the price for
this it’s ridiculous that Fox News is taking this as an opportunity to criticize this as part of the the war
against Christianity yeah well they know how to keep your
audience happy and it were a Muslim teacher if it were a Jewish teacher if it were II shinto
buddhist David baby baby baby doll be brought to
the gallows what would happen what would be the reaction from Fox News is primary viewers their constituents if box just
used up and honest headline like for example American Humanist Association demands
that’s cool stop breaking the law %uh I wonder what
the reaction would be because that’s way closer the factual reality here then this is
another secular attack on Christianity it’s a
public school David that’s a headline that everyone
would scare point for you yeah that wouldn’t get too many clicks
on Fox News you’re probably right


42 thoughts on “Fox News EPIC SPIN of Preaching Teacher Story”

  • "What do you expect from a bunch of humanists who don't believe in anything that really matters?"

    Umm, they believe in humanity, that kinda really matters.

  • The religious herd  are salivating for the destruction of mankind…..compared to that nothing they do or say really surprise's me..

  • Fresh atheist meat thrown to the christian lions. 
    (for those that don't know Eric yet .. what follows is a F%$%K^%iING joke)
    I was thinking today while reading about all the reality shows and ideas for new ones.
    I have read that in the old days the Best Show In Town was booking a stadium and some lions …. and throwing in some christians for Fun .. Frolic … and Mayhem! 
    It was a very popular show in those days 🙂
    Now being a conservative myself and knowing the definition of conservative …. I would like to bring back these fun old times we use to have. 
    I don't think we will have trouble getting the show together … lions will work for food … all my christian friends are always telling me about how they are persecuted .. here is their chance to prove it !!!!! 
    I'll pitch it to Fox 🙂  After all .. They might actually do it … and they have a list of prospective guest stars. (their viewers)

    Till then,
    May you all be blessed by the Big and the Little Tea Pot and the Holy Scone.  

  • You want to keep doing that Mrs. Pope? Apply for a teaching position at a Christian school. Do not use my tax $'s to indoctrinate children in "any" religion.

  • Yet a few months ago WE ALL REMEMBER how much FOX HATED the idea that Yoga was being taught in schools for being a religious practice...

    Christianity Taught in Schools= Teaching Religion (No FOX outrage)
    Yoga Taught in school = Teaching Exercise (FOX outrage)

  • Aesithair Runekafi says:

    Next Period, class, we will begin with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. So make sure you have your Athames.
    Said no teacher ever.

  • What Mr.Belox fails to realize in this society overrun by Christian sentiment is that I despite the idea of all religions being taught in school. If it were a Muslim trying to spread their backwater bullshit from a thousand years ago or Christians spreading their backwater bullshit from two thousand, or the Jews spreading their backwater bulllshit from 4 thousand years ago or the Buddhist etc etc etc. Worst of all is this modern pseudoscientific new age woo woo, but that's just my opinion.

  • All I can say is, from that photo that you show of her, is that she looks like a smug self-satisfied bitch. Harry Potter fans might think of Dolores Umbridge.

  • Teach: Go fuck yourself.
    Faux 'News': Go fuck yourself.
    Christianity: Jump off a cliff.
    People who think the teacher should be commended for breaking the law, and are dumb enough to think this is an attack on your beliefs: There is no hope for you..

  • Tide goes in, tide goes out….nobody knows how that happens – Bill O'Reilly explaining to David Silverman why he believes in Yahweh/Jesus.

  • Really this stuff again what part of separation of church and state don't these people get keep you're religion in the church and in your private lives and out of the public owned domain. Really how hard is this to understand.

  • Christians have been catered to at the expense of everyone else for so long that they see it as perfectly normal treatment. So when steps are taken to stop giving Christians deferential treatment and instead give them the same treatment as non-Christians, they see it as persecution. They'll just have to learn that the definition of "fair" is not "unfair in Christians' favor."

  • arrogant biased school + ignorant old cow = preacher teacher and laws broken. no surprise fox support it (they are arrogant biased ignorant and old)

  • If this 'preacher teacher' is breaking the law then fire her then we wouldn't have had to be subjected to her 'benign smile' visage on screen.I mean really…does everything need this level of saturation media attention? To reiterate…she contravened LAW…let the relevant 'due process' take its course & lets put an end to it.

  • if this woman was a Muslim talking about the Qur'an and Muhammad instead of god faux news would go INSANE i can just imagine bill o Reilly screaming about how Muslims are taking over and glen beck breaking down into a sobbing mess shouting through tears THINK OF THE CHILDREN OH GOD WONT SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN

  • Joe E Dangerously says:

    This happened at my high school. I complained about it and they made her stop but she kept doing it. I complained again and got it on tape so she finally did stop but no disciplinary action was taken and a LOT of people hated me for it. They said I was a dick and I should mind my own business. I'm in the goddamned class and it's not my business? Fuck off.

  • As a leftist and an atheist I have no problem with teachers preaching in school. Above all I am an anti-authoritarian, so the notion that teachers need to be strictly controlled because of their status as government employees or because of the influence they might have on young minds by virtue of their "position of authority" is even more repugnant to me than Christian dogma. Anybody who doesn't like what she is saying is free to plug their ears, tell her to fuck herself, or better yet – rebut her!

  • VanguardSupreme says:

    I don't care that some lousy woman is urging students to pray over the PA. I don't care that the Humanist Association is suing the school district. I don't care how the lawsuit goes. Atheism will win the day sooner or later, so these little swipes to enforce secularism are just a turn off more than anything. Christendom didn't die in Western Europe because people went around litigating against every religious action made in public. If anything it makes these people dig in their heels and try to teach their kids more inane shit. 

    I'm a hearts-and-minds kind of guy, and to be Nietzschean about it, this is just ressentiment enacted on the one side that engenders ressentiment on the other.

  • So much of todays so called "christanity" is false, unbiblical and should be silenced, especially anyone connected to the NAR 

  • Muslims should also be shut down, hinduism, all of them, esp. Catholism, God will bring them down all of the false before long, and God does not need the hands of men to do what he plans on doing.

  • disposablefreedom says:

    Preaching and teacher, should never be used in the same sentence..
     It's like saying " Welcome to Biology, today we're going learn which rib made Eve, and why she's a bitch for making us eat that damn apple."
    "Open your creationist text books to Genesis Chapter one."  INSANITY! 

  • I'm just as pissed off about the comment that Humanists don't believe in anything that matters. Humanist believe in empiricism. You know, the stuff that really matters. Facts.

  • philosophicalreason says:

    I would want the bible read over the PA system from cover to cover…kids would than be throwing their bibles out by the time they got home.

  • When i was in middle school we had school prayers every morning. Lol it sucked. Even when i got to high school we still had prayer at school assemblies and stuff

  • Fire her! The classroom is not a church! This is exactly why there is separation of church and state. Too bad this much effort isn't put into doing something about all the child abuse coming from the church.

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