Fox News discusses the success of 4ocean

Fox News discusses the success of 4ocean

Every single year on top of those nearly
six trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans, an additional 16 million pounds
of plastic are added to the Atlantic and Pacific every year, but 2 Florida guys
with a great idea – simply these little bracelets are now cleaning up all the
plastic in the Atlantic and Pacific, or at least as much as they can. They
celebrated a major milestone today – their one millionth pound of plastic removal
from the oceans in just two years. The extent of the global problem stunned
Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper on a surf trip to Bali where the local fishermen
had to plow through seas of plastic just to get out to clear water. Well now they
are 4Ocean employees. One of the hardest things was convincing a local
who’s always looked at plastic as trash – they throw it in the ocean – and explain
to them that we’re gonna pay them to collect plastic instead of fish. The 4Ocean members also free dive underwater where they bring up all the trash they
find including car batteries, bottles, and tons of fishing line. In just two years
they’re up to 180 employees, close to a hundred boats, and it all works thanks to
the internet. We can reach anybody anywhere in the world. So that works well for, A, spreading our message, but for also, B, this is the first time anyone anywhere
in the world can actively clean the ocean. And again all this plastic removed
is all boiled down to these $20 bracelets. You buy a $20 bracelet, it equals
one pound of plastic removed from our oceans and the guys say that’s the
genius of their company.


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