Fox News Democratic Town Hall | Summary

Fox News Democratic Town Hall | Summary

>>Summary of the Town hall that Fox news
did with the Democrats, first, Bernie Sanders agreed to this so Hillary Clinton was like,
I’m not going to go. Wait, it’s the day before the Michigan boating fell Bernie Sanders is
going to get an hour? I’m coming, so give me half of his time. I thought Fox news was
softer on Bernie Sanders that Hillary Clinton, for a number of reasons. One question he got
was soft as almost anything Anderson Cooper asked the Republicans, they said you at least
usually on honesty and trustworthy over Senator Clinton. How to answer for the fact that you
are super honest?>>That is one way to look at it, the other
way is to attempt to set a trap when he implied that she is not trustworthy, which a lot of
you look at the angry with him for. That could have hurt him.
>>Yeah, but in the words of Bill O’Reilly, not buying it. And they put up the numbers,
ninety-two ñ six, whatever, these giant lead and then when they went to Hillary Clinton,
the batter her aunt Lydia and emails. Not only are those tougher questions, but it does
not allow her to get out any of her messaging to Democratic primary voters, which she is
desperate to do, because that is what any candidate would want to do and they did not
give her that opportunity.>>I really believe that Fox news does not
believe that Bernie Sanders is unelectable candidate. I think they would rather have
him be the Democratic nominee said a Republican will have an easier time getting elected.
That is my theory behind why they are so easy on him, but at the same time, for the answer
that you gave about all maybe they frame the question that way for that Bernie will attack
her, at this point I think everyone, including Fox news knows that Bernie Sanders does not
attack. Then he almost doesn’t adapt to a fault. In some ways it has helped his campaign,
in some ways it has hurt his campaign, but he would never take the bait in a situation
like that. Grace he is not likely to do that, even though he is trailing in some of the
polls at this week would be the time to do that. When you get to the substance of their
answers, Bernie Sanders ended up having a lot more applause lines and he ended up getting
his message out a lot better. Hillary Clinton rallied at the end when she got back onto
her talking points, and I don’t mean that in a derisive way, I mean that she was smart
and she got her message out. She even got a tough question from the audience about her
criminal justice reform, but redirected that in a way that was well done in her case. It
was a short town hall, I think Sanders got his message out a little bit better. When
our viewers says, “Bernie Sanders goes first again, he must be the worst coin flip caller
ever.” Almost all the time in these Town hall meetings,
Hillary Clinton went last.>>I believe we say almost always, because
we don’t want to discount the possibility that we’re missing one, but I’ve never seen
him go after her. Normally it probably does not matter, because what you’re supposed to
do with Town hall forums is that the person is in a place where they cannot hear or see
what the person said in the first portion, and I have no ñ no doubt aware that it is
the case for most of them, but there was that time in the round Town hall with a asked about
Chavez, where she referred to something he had said in the previous part. So in some
cases it might be that she is getting a competitive advantage, because she didn’t respond directly
to the things that he says.>>It’s also competitive advantage to collapse
because people will remember that more, the first reporting was that she won six out of
six coin tosses, the second report with six out of eight, which led to a .2 percentage
went for. I assume she is lucky, and certainly Fox news has no reason to favor her and certainly
their questions did not favor a. Overall, not bad, some people got information out of


100 thoughts on “Fox News Democratic Town Hall | Summary”

  • Johan Melander says:

    "Fox News would like Bernie to win" – so do I, cause I think he's the better candidate in terms of policy!!!s

  • EVERYONE IN MICHIGAN! Please get out and vote for Bernie, the higher the turnout, the better our chances of winning are! Your vote matters greatly and in fact it might be one of the most important elections of our lifetime, so please, make it count!

  • Fox is insanely bias so Im curious that maybe is there anything//way that Bernie would benefit fox beside being 'easy' vs the Republican?

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton says:

    As much as I support Sanders I don't think he can stump Trump 🙁 Uncle Don bought himself the presidency.

  • These young people think they know how this world works because of an article they read honestly you should not be able to vote until 50 years old so you actually know how the world works and how economics works for all you bernie supporters😂😂

  • Muhammad Abdul Qaadir says:

    Sanders always comes across as too soft, nice and weak. Not very appealing. Trump will chew him out.

  • Derren Kostens says:


  • walksinbeauty says:

    In this case Bernie going first helped him as he was quick witted, engaging and real. Hilary nearly put me to sleep in comparison with her waffle and flat voice. I tuned out listening to her. Bernie I remember.

  • YouTubeExplorer says:

    Hillary going last every time is even MORE proof of how rigged the bullshit media and election process are.

  • Presidential Candidates private sell your $10,000 used car:
    Bernie: We are going to advertise the car for $12,500!
    Drumpf: I'll sue you if you offer me less than $150,000
    Hillary: We have to sell the car now, lets ask $5,000

  • Maybe Fox news is being nice to Bernie because they too are tired of the middle class being screwed. Tired of the Rich having all the money and power and also want a political Revolution………..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA.

  • Well, as my republican father would say, "I might not agree with everything he says, but to his credit Bernie is a very honest candidate"

  • Emery Kennedy says:

    Obama is a Great President, TYT. President Obama didn't cave on the Stimulus, you all or nothing Democrats!!!in which the stimulus stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall nor Dodd Frank in which you "all or nothing whiny babies" also belittle. You act like hed didn't do jack squat. From what he had to deal with it was a miracle. He didn't cave on Obamacare during the 15 day government shut down and all of this despite never having a "REAL" SUPER MAJORITY and a gerrymandered congress. Keep in mind that Obama kept fluctuating from 58 to 60 seats in congress thanks to old democrats who kept getting sick and or dying. Despite Republicans gerrymandering the 2010 elections and the fact that Obama never had a majority in Congress, Obama still got healthcare reform passed something that Presidents from the 50’s to Bill Clinton couldn’t pass, killed Osama Bin laden, Obama's stimulus stopped the 800,000 job lost a month free fall which added 70 months straight of consecutive job growth 14 million jobs created in all, Wall Street reform, Student Loan reform, Credit Card reform, Fair Act Reform, Raised Taxes on the Rich on Jan 2013, Ordered 65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they paid back all bailout money. Within his first week, he signed an Executive Order ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse. Oversaw the creation of more jobs in 2010 alone than Bush did in his whole eight years. Libya was France and Lebanon's(a Muslim country) idea, yet you put it all on President Obama. The goal wasn't to bring down an evil dictator. The goal was to stop him from killing his own people after he lied to the U.N. People were getting raped and killed even after Khadafi told the U.N that he would stop and not march on the city. When it was made clear that he wasn't stoping the U,N. If the U.N Army is not allowed to that, then what are they useful for?! It was the Muslims in Libya that killed him. France was the first to strike Libya. Forget Cornel West for you agreeing that he is a secret Republican. Obama's stimulus have given black farmers the money that was owed to them. If it wasn’t for Obama when he was a State senator in Chicago, there wouldn’t be any cameras in the Chicago police department’s interrogation rooms. Innocent black men would still be sent to death row if wasn’t for Obama. President Obama also been tackling these unfair racist sentencing and even freed some people. You should really read the book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do” by Robert Draper. We got divided government which means sometimes you have to compromise. And I am a Bernie Supporter.

  • Edward Bernayse666 says:

    i'll call it a tie. they were sot on bernie which doesn't help and they were hard on hillary which didn't sway anyone. no movement in the polls is what i'm predicting and so i'll call it a tie.

  • I agree with what the panel said, but Hillary has more legitimate issues to answer for. It is fair to ask about emails and it is fair to ask about speech transcripts. Bernie had no problem discussing his paid speeches but Hillary want to claim the "GOP exemption".

  • I think Bernie going first can be an advantage given that the town halls and debates are late enough as it is and are often on weekdays and Sundays which means that you're more likely to be more awake during the first portion. I almost always fall asleep before the second half

  • if i was roger ailes, i would lob softballs at hillary, make her the nominee and try to beat her in the general election, no republican stands a chance against Sanders

  • DISCO-INFERNO-70 says:

    I don't know why any Democrat would give Fox News any legitimacy by allowing themselves to be questioned by them.
    They are NOT a legitimate News organization, and should simply REFUSE to be part of anything related to them.

  • Xavier foster says:

    Hillary has far more weak points then Bernie. His authenticity is far too bright, and Bernie's conviction is strong. If Hillary wins the nomination, she will be pummeled endlessly and lose.

  • Salvatore Servodio says:

    fox was easy because their conservative rep. isn't agreeing with the real conservatives that control the Democratic party.. helping Sanders was a a way of the Republicans to show their might against the Democratic establishment

  • Has John not noticed that the band with their name at the top plays last? If Hillary gets to be the headliner to Bernie's opening act, a soundproof room doesn't fix it. Especially if it isn't.

  • marisa faizul says:

    I am flabbergasted… Fox delivers Karma and Hillary finally knows what it is like for Bernie on her Clintonite Networks…

  • Angel Santiago says:

    Nahh they where not softer on Bernie. They just don't have that much shit on him than her and since the media has been so unfair to him there isn't that much new they can ask or say. In Hillary's case they just started with asking the thought questions like 3 days ago. This hardness on Hillary should have started 3 to 4 months ago and thats why many Bernie supporters are pissed with the MSM.

  • Zeeshaan Ahmad says:

    It's not that Fox News wants Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee…if he was ahead, they would be hard on him and soft on Hilary Clinton.  It's that they want open warfare in the Democratic party on the level that the Republicans are currently facing.  They want to encourage personal attacks, and they see the Sanders crowd as energetic reactionaries capable of doing so, much like Trump's.  If they can persuade Sanders and his supporters to personally attack Clinton and her supporters on levels that cross polite discourse, they probably feel they can rupture the Democratic party to a level where anything can happen – Bernie Sanders can go independent, or Democratic voters are disgusted and stay home, or the Democratic establishment starts really laying the whip or revising the nomination process rules.

  • Law Office of SR says:

    how about they were 'easy' on Sanders because there is nothing in his record that they can use, the only thing is his use of "socialism" and they did ask a question about it, if I recall correctly.

  • Why can't someone just ask Hillary for once "Secretary Clinton, recently when asked about 250 thousand dollar payments made to you for giving speeches to Goldman Sachs, you responded "I don't know, that's what they offered." How can someone who makes 250 thousand dollars an hour from one of the major culprits of the Wall Street crash, possibly understand the needs of people who make 50 thousand dollars a year; the same amount you made in 12 minutes?"

  • Perhaps Hillary always goes last because it is impossible for her to be on time for a meeting. I have friends like that. Imagine a war room that has to stop and backtrack through strategic decisions to catch her up before continuing an assault. She is a logistic nightmare.

  • Geoff Gershon says:

    VERY interesting that TYT seems to be rolling with the folks at Fox News in situations like this…'s ALL about ideological purity now huh guys? 🙂

  • Emery Kennedy says:

    It was the Muslims that started the mass commercial slave trade of Africans in which the Americans got 13 million slaves and Arab nations got 20 million and the fact is Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations even now in 2016 are currently enslaving millions of black people. Proof, SPREAD IT AROUND Scroll down in the links I provided to see Racist Arabs Rant as they thumbs each other up. Scroll down through this Saudi Arabia video posted on youtube and check out the comments section as racist Arabs drob N Word like crazy proof,

  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC at it again, Michigan Mayor nearly kicked out of the Michigan debate for voicing support for Bernie Sanders, The Hill broke the story:

  • +The Young Turks Have you guys talked about the phone banks for Bernie 2016? Phone banking is an incredibly useful tool, for a candidate's supporters to engage in. I recommend every Bernie supporter that sees this comment at least click the link and read the premise. We can not let Hillary win the Primaries. We are the people, we are the 99%, let us use our numbers to our advantage.

  • I think Sanders won for the simple fact that he was able to level with the people and show hes an honest and trustworthy guy. Hillary didnt do that, she spent her time trying to indirectly answer the questions, giving long and to the general public confusing statements.

  • Stephanie Aguilar says:

    I think Sanders prefers going first though. He has in the past, at least once, won the coin flip and decided to go first. I forgot which debate or town hall, but the moderator did point it out.I would think there might be some fear that viewers will tune out after Clinton's and miss his portion. I definitely tune out a bit after Sanders haha

  • I disagree FOX is trying to get Bernie nominated because they think he is less electable. They are not illiterate, they can read the polls as well as we can. What I think is, they have a long history of disliking Hillary Clinton, they have had tons of bad press on her and they were finally given a chance to confront her. There are no scandals to press Bernie on. Bernie is a socialist, true, but he is honest, genuine and principled. Everybody including conservatives can respect that.
    Also, I think many conservatives hate Trump so much, they would rather see a democrat in a white house.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    I recall that in one of the town hall events (I believe it was the most recent South Carolina one) it was announced by the moderator that Bernie requested to go first, and Hillary did not object, so there was no coin toss. (I don't know if all of them were like that.)

  • Please – all you people in MICHIGAN – get out and vote on Tuesday. Vote for Bernie Sanders – it's really important!

  • Of coarse bernie can't win coin tosses, he wants to get money out of politics, so money wants to get him out of politics.

  • Sanders always goes first and Clinton second by mutual agreement. I suspect Sanders' campaign worries that if Clinton goes first, a lot of viewers will stop watching after Clinton and not see Sanders. Whereas, Clinton likes to go last because it offers a strategic advantage.

  • No real adult should be voting for bernie, thats just said. College hippies, ill take it. I mean hippies have been notoriously retarded, throwing shit at war heroes etc….

  • Fox was easy on Sanders because it's easy to be easy on Sanders. Dude has a track record politicians wish they could buy.

  • Sigmund Fraud says:

    I thought it would be a competitive advantage to go last as well, but then I thought about how a normal person would act. Normal people don't stay up all night (when these are you usually held) to watch these town halls and debates, so they might watch of bit of the beginning, get bored or tired, and then quit watching before Hillary gets on. Just a little observation I made about the way some of my friends act.

  • I am from the UK, and I was told that the Democrats always boycott Fox News for debates, so why has this changed?

  • George Jackson says:

    I asked the second question to him. I enforced it for him that he is more honest than Hillary. Plus I included I am a Trump supporter. I did like how he told me I may disagree with him. But they cut my mic off lol

  • I was happy with Fox's job. There was of course a right wing spin on the questions, but it was even-handed if not favoring Sanders in some ways, and it is almost refreshing to not watch the gross bias towards Hillary.

  • Luthir Fontaine says:

    Reading these comments kind of makes me scared. Lot of people on here apparently want to turn the democrats into the republicans with their crazy reliance on litmus test. Listen on the strengths of the Dems is that its a big tent party, demanding that everyone have a prefect progressive rating is just going to kill the party (please see rep 2016).

    Do I like Sanders, of course whats not to like. However I'm not going to throw Hilary under the bus for a couple of mistakes or some media bias. I wont do the Republicans work for them. In addition come November if shes the front runner, as a Dem living in Ohio, Ill support her 110%.

  • I expect Michigan to go badly. Even if he outperforms the polls, to be, say, 10 points off, is brutal.

    He needs Michigan, Ohio and Florida. Sadly, he's trailing badly in all of them. Should people get out there and vote? Yes. It's not over until it's over. But in real terms, I don't see how it's going to happen for him at this point.

  • Zarion Wildclaw says:

    I know why they were nicer to Sanders. Sanders actually gave them respect by agreeing to attend. Clinton didn't see it as worth her time.

  • TheGnarlyDoug says:

    9X% of Democrat voters get that Sanders has integrity and is trustworthy and that Hillary is not? Yet Hillary is winning? That is proof that a lot of Democrats don't care about honesty and integrity.

  • Dont call me Surely says:

    Dumbocrats are being played again. No hope and change this time though like with Barry. Just two old ass whiteys promising the world for free. This is classic. You can't make this shit up. I just hope the history books reflect how ignorant and easily fooled the Dumbos were during this time in US.

  • Anna thinks the party that brought us gerrymandered districts and voter suppression wants to fix it so Bernie is the candidate for the Dems? Shocking!

  • Lysa Crawford says:

    I totally agree with Ana! The Republicans don't see Bernie as a threat so they think they don't need to make the effort. Who knows, hopefully that'll backfire.

  • stormy weather says:

    Yeah, vote for Bernie, both parties ruined a great republic and formed democracy, Now Bernie fans want to ruin our nation further by voting in a Socialist. Fools. Ya wanna know how screwed we really are? There's a socialist debating Hillary and NONE of the candidates are allowed to bash his being a socialist. Trump won't even talgainst it.

  • they think they will beat bernie in the general, therefore they want him to win. simple as that.
    edit* ana nailed it

  • I always watched the first person in the town halls and skip the rest, so I always saw Bernie Sanders but not Hillary and O'Malley.

  • Bernard Kovalchik says:

    The National polls all show Bernie beats Hillary head to head against the Nuthead GOP candidates. The establishment does not want Bernie and underestimates his power with "we the people".

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