Fox News Defends Goldman Sachs Fraud!

Fox News Defends Goldman Sachs Fraud!

carl levin’s committee he’s a democrats are
for michigan is investigating performance about that in actually doing a very good job rare committee in congress that’s actually getting
to the nitty gritty and with it dot is the building evidence in the
building at their paper trail of the things the bankers actually dead now
they have the authority do that so they’ve collected emails now the oversized people thought they were
cute and when asked pay wanted to send your emails
over because we give you tarp money et cetera we want to see what kind of deals you made that is set over twenty million pages six september the democrat but we’ve got a
lot of brighton bubbly trouble the papers around the reinvited but
you know what i love this committee found it anyway uh… they’ve got these devastating quotes
from uh… goldman sachs so first off uh… the main argument that uh… goma sats
was making when they got charged by the s_e_c_ with fraud was although you don’t have said
on that particular do we actually lost money so no pour us we were trying to make a lot
of money which has happened and get on the wrong side of that deal well here’s a key mailed directly c_e_o_ above on the sex like fine he says we lost money then made more than we lost
because of the shorts the shorter when they bet against all the
securities that they set up which they knew weren’t jock order more coaches chief financial
officer david b air he says uh… he talks about it fair trade with amy
fifty million dollars betting against uh… those terrible mortgages which they
knew to be terribly says tells you what might be happening to people
who don’t have the big short tell everybody short everything bet against the market but against the mortgages
they don’t do they set up a lot of those mortgages i denotes car so clear quote number three one staffer reported
the good news that wipe out the one security in the imminent collapse of another method
goldman would make billion dollars from a bet begins instruments
if had set up in seoul he’s saying good this mission that we put together collapsed allies activities you put it together because they’ve got a guesstimate five billion
dollars now quote number four key bussell mob all
night long here it is go the sex executive donald mullen in a separate series of emails in october
two thousand seven he spends will be here on the question of
are they make money or losing money on these riches is quote sounds like roommate serious money and he’s not kidding there was a five billion
for before and get all of this in a fourth email employees noted to the bank would make
serious money as i just explained betting against the thirty two billion dollars of
more good bet mortgage-backed securities there were downgraded by credit ratings agencies thirty two billion dollars thrusday setup
goldman did than they bet against them the loser credit rating the crater angola makes five billion dollars
you understand how the scam works now and somebody lost that five billion dollars okay and goldman note all along you could tell
from the internally mix so now though we’ve got actual investigation great job guess
what the who serves in the republican there’s really squeeze hill we know perpetrator friends what are you going the
is is highly inappropriate accident investigation highly inappropriate here’s brokers all fox’s
who’s just livid about this could number four and the democrats were started in two separate
entities they wouldn’t be we’ll be seeing emails and what is that about that was when we decide
that senate banking committee but the fact that he will be used private email from goldman sachs out of the
fact that it was a if it was like anything that a lot of that’s what i said earlier the
students are december eleventh authorize left releasing of the provide for
this investigation investigators for the committee per cent of the grass appears to be serious
about the condition than in these emails that are simply they say embarrassing it’s an outrage actually with
them this is the now and this is not safe as to where that any e-mail sent anywhere at some point if u three years later effective it look a
barristers which is executive is testifying tuesday and i say this is no federal government’s
expected blood wi-fi certified used in the water barris took him on the spot and they’ve
been these these emails with the court issue here’s a picture of the rule of law and this
notion that this bill increases executive authority discretion so much that it as opposed
to other ways of fixing the financial crisis for the bankruptcy code unlike that it’s fair
to increase the authorities discretion of the big of of of the government in washington this much that the court action to develop
the court dispute over the bill professor of politics attended the only reason you got
this like the skills if you’re interested in bilking people as he sat answer ridiculous it’s not ridiculous when you read the emails
of the court here is not the will be for the emails if the concept of the emails on the
emails reveal that they’re saying that people at goldman
sachs aside you know what we’re going to make money the
well investors are losing money if that were going to have to win forty-three anything
of that is the outrage in case you missed it and that’s why i public outrage over the
behavior by these wall street tightens over the top and i might add uh… you know i have my view
the comment that i had ever had that in general and as you know if you’re if he’s a public
official i mean people even education transparent let’s say his emails his staff when the discuss whether they were very small
black find enough always embarrassing your best friend lord
blackwood but that is a fair wilma sax known he just happens to be reported trade outside
of their you know out of their expect popular priorities
that by strong at the white people five billion dollars its own bharati you know please could you stop and uh… embarrassing
them when they’ve stolen taxpayer money i mean that defense of goldman sachs was hole larry s they got those emails perfectly legal aid
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in squalid patient remember goldman sachs that trust with fraud but that’s exactly what you’re supposed to
be doing going to have emails but of course foxnews
can’t have it brokers like babbitt please please leave goldman sachs reliable
whatever happened to accept a global body and prevent fraud and that you know if you know the date you
know it harder but the e-mails back instead we should be investigating the guys who are investigating that’s fox news in a nutshell for right there


100 thoughts on “Fox News Defends Goldman Sachs Fraud!”

  • Sure Bill…you can see Levin's emails. As long as we can see every communication to and from Ken Starr during his witch hunt…oops, I mean very serious investigations.

  • David Katzevich says:

    @tehant1liberal ….. you do realize the Goldman Sachs gave the government the emails, right? And not only that, but it says illegal search and seizure without a warrent or probable cause, and there is certainly probable cause to suspect goldman acted illegally, in any case, so it would have been a joke to obtain a warrent. It is you who doesn't know anything about the constitution. But then again, you are a stupid troll, and I shout stop feeding you.

  • Seán O'Nilbud says:

    @tehant1liberal You are a fucking brain dead idiot. I'd pity you but you really need to be exterminated you fucking dunce.

  • @MustacheVerra You see, the Zionist quickly realized the Jews were not gonna leave their homes, families, jobs etc.. to follow a groups of right wing nuts who heard from a guy who heard from a guy… who hear from Moses, who heard voices in the desert. Of course they were not gonna come. So they st force Hitler to send 50 000 Jews to build Israel and them sacrifice the others for the greater good. Meaning, to scared the Jews into supporting them. But 1 Jew eventually found out…

  • DarkwingScooter says:

    @blairesteven I am no Republican and I think that 'climate gate' was a legit scandal.

    When you are paid from the public purse you do not get to withhold source data for studies which have a vast impact on public policy.

    If you are working privately it would be one thing, but science is all about revealing data. If you do not show your work you are doing politics. E-mails on public matter on the public purse are matters of public concern.

    And they were not stolen either, they were leaked.

  • @comics4komix It's you who should go back to the 1930s. The Nazi died 60 years you freaking idiot. Well, except for those in Israel, Because that's what the Zionist really are, a bunch of racist Jewish supremacist. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound when you call someone a Nazi? When it is Israel that has been involve in the biggest racist campaign in modern history and still is today. And that is the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

    see next post…

  • @MustacheVerra Did you know the Palestinians where Semite? The reality is that the real anti-Semite are in Israel. The Zionist who are mostly white Caucasian, have been involve in an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinians for the last 60+ years. You call me a Nazi? I never kicked anybody out of their homes to then give that house to Jews, the Israeli do that. And they do that everyday defying international law.

    Racism is a huge problem in Israel. And it is a the government level.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    Lets see: This stuff was released legally.

    They take a couple of emails from the climategate thing, and deliberately misinterpret them, and go orgasmic with "GOTCHA", even though there was no proof of any kind of fraud… But then, when people commit deliberate fraud on behalf of rich people it's OK.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    @tehant1liberal So it is ok for FOX to do it with the climategate stuff, and go through all THEIR emails and do everything they could to misinterpret them, but it is not OK to go through emails when there is billion dollar fraud happening (which you, as an American taxpayer paid for)… The American constitution forbids ILLEGAL search and seizure. Not ALL search and seizure.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    @thesightbeyondsight They are exactly the same lies as gentile lies… No difference, they are covering up fraud.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    @Tyrtamus Because what they are saying is not information, it is rage against the liberals, the progressives, the muslims, well everything that is not extreme rightwing pseudochristian, libertarian, Republican, antiscientific, and reactionary.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    @narezul The money comes from pension plans, banks, insurance funds, investment funds, but once AIG and Goldman Sachs and all those others failed, it came from the US taxpayer.

  • Why is William Kristol allowed camera time and a microphone ? The guy is dead wrong whenever he opens his pie-hole ! I mean always wrong. It's downright scary. You'd think by random chance he'd be right once in a while.

  • I really hope Goldman Sachs gets in deep trouble. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist but I think they did have a hand in causing the Great Depression and the latest Housing Crisis.

  • oh come on. this is truly bias propaganda. Goldman Sachs hasnt been proved guilty of fraud so why is everyone so ignorantly throwing around statements of fraud. this guy isnt even a proffesional journalist for this exact reason

  • @tehant1liberal Goldman ceased to be a purely private entity the millisecond they accepted a federal bailout. But hey what are a few facts here and there, right? Reality has a liberal bias after all…

  • @joepglass Use a search engine like Google for "legal complaint". A complaint is the term of art in the law for a legal document which gives notice of and initiates a legal proceeding. There are civil complaints and there are criminal complaints. A criminal complaint will normally contain a number listing of the charges and the basis for the allegations.

  • @joepglass : The SEC can refer the case to the Justice Department along with their evidence if they believe criminal charges are warranted.

  • @Mike222222222 You are ignorant of this subject, and it is embarassingly blatant… why don't you learn about it, then make informed comments? Do you not care that you sound so stupid?

  • homegrown shaolin says:

    @dangerouslytalented that part i knew so essentially am i to understand theyre betting against us to get money from us….never thought of it like that. im tired of being upset i mean its way passed outrageousness its passed a point of action and nothing happens we all just say thats the way it is or something equally dumb the modern fuedal era

  • @Crickett2814 Hey body, do you work for Israel? Or AIPAC maybe? Cause we know there's lots of you on the web who pretend to be average Joe but are in fact looking out for Israel's interest… Or let's just call them propagandist if you will… To me, you sound like one. 😉

  • @Mike222222222 a friend an institutional broker and partner – he said 50% of the industry is made up of criminals more than once. Crime is par for the course…common practice if you will.

  • @Mike222222222
    Dont worry we will hang the banksters, and kill the New world order , all of it´s member´s will be hanged in time and the supportors of the banking cartel will have the same faith,

    We need a purge in our socity´ , the definiation of a purge is :
    To rid a nation of people considered undesirable.

  • @Wtfgames you got some things mixed up. you do that very ofton. just keep the corps out of washington and you're good.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    @MrSTANDFORAMERICA Where did he say this? Can you give us all a source for this quote? Because I can't find it anywhere. Not even a sentence fragment of it on google. Can you give us all a direct quote?

  • Last night, Shawn Hannity was so upset about the way congress treated these Goldman execs. Of course that's no surprise but still shocking to see it. Fox News tends to ignore the wrongdoings by Goldman and focus on how they are treated. I don't think Goldman really gave a **it about their clients so why should the execs be treated any differently.

  • dangerouslytalented says:

    @mikeg7212 … except when the Democrats don't do something about it, when they turn around and say that Goldman Sachs are their biggest contributors.

    They ALWAYS find a way to attack, a reason to complain. They are a bunch of pussy little crybabies, and they get paid a lot to be pussy little crybabies complaining about everything.

  • @DarkwingScooter

    The e-mails were hacked from a server, compared to e-mails obtained in an investigation. Look up the two independent reviews of so called climate gate. Both which have found that there was no significant wrong doing by any of the scientists.

    You might be no republican, but you sure tow the line…

  • homegrown shaolin says:

    @Mike222222222 um selling shitty stock that was known to be a future failure and then personally betting on that stock that you just sold to people to fail which would make you money….explain how thats not right douchebag instead of trying to make yourself feel special online

  • @MWcrazyhorse
    Do you know me on youtube?

    I do belvie in death pentality and that most if not all politcans and bankers in usa and if the world desercive to be killed and should be killed and would be killed if i had the power to do that.

  • @humaner I am so tired of people saying that Gramm's bill deregulated banks. The Gramm Leach Bliley Act of 1999 Replaced The Glass Steagall Act and took down the wall letting banks into commercial, investment and insurance. But not only were all the regulations of commercial, investment, and insurance intact and all the banks had to abide by them, The new bill increased regulations in all three areas. So how can you replace a bill with an even bigger more regulated one and call it DEREGULATION?

  • @humaner If you were so worried about "Corporate Profits To CEO's" then why just blame the Republicans? Weren't the Democrats also responsible for passing the bailout bill that allowed the very ones that caused the meldown to make even bigger corporate profits? Isn't it this Democratic administration that have appointed a dozen executives from the largest banking firms into financial advisors?

  • @Mike222222222 goldman sacks gives money to "winners" period. and you would have been insane to think there would not have been a dem. POTUS after 8 years of G.W. Bush. how was it you didnt know? stop skipping your meds.

  • What Goldman & Sachs did seems bad on the surface. In reality it isn't. People need to understand that the companies that bought these stocks knew exactly what they were. They had 100's of experts/employees advising them them to buy. I can't say if there was fraud or not but just because Goldman & Sachs thought they would fail doesn't mean they committed fraud

  • DarkwingScooter says:

    @blairesteven You mean to say I don't tow the democrat line.

    Communications on the public purse are public domain. There can be no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    Imagine you were working for Goldman and sent an e-mail around of the CEO as an ass on the company server during company time. Do you think the "theft" line would sell. In fact that has already been legally tested in Britain I think. It doesn't.

  • Government steals money from citizens, gives it to criminal banks, banks use it illegally, government blames banks….

    The banks wouldn't have gotten the people's money if the govt. wouldn't have forced the taxpayers to bail them out!

    The banks are guilty, but the government is to blame.

  • Climategate


    ".. For the record, I do believe that the proxy data do show unusually
    warm conditions in recent decades. I am not sure that this unusual warming
    is so clear in the summer responsive data. I believe that the recent warmth
    was probably matched about 1000 years ago. I do not believe that global
    mean annual temperatures have simply cooled progressively over thousands of
    years as Mike appears to.."

    ww w. eastangliaemails. com/emails. php?eid=136&filename=938018124 . txt

  • This is reason #1 for the so-called racist tea partiers. Any sane "average day republican" knows Goldman Sachs is corrupt as hell.. Yet, the Neo-con monopoly on the radio says other wise.. They probably could have picked a better name for the movement.. 🙂 The Zionist Neo-cons an Zionist Neo-Marxists are the enemy…

  • @cat22203 Thats funny. The Bush Family is from New Hampshire. George W wasn't even born in Texas. He did graduate at UT. He graduated at Yale. Listen to his family he is the only one that has a "Texas accent". Maybe you should read more.

  • Why does anyone continue to respond to the dissembling rhetoric that passes for discussion on American television? Ignore Bill Cristol. Ignore Britt Hume. Remain oblivious to Michael Steel. Forget about Sarah Palin. Rush who? Ignore Fox News & all their ilk and they will cease to matter.

  • I love how Levin is so outraged that Goldman Sachs took "the people's money" when his govt. forced GS to take it even when GS had an insurance policy to prevent being beholden to the FED.
    typical politician. this is all a show trial so dems can gain points acting like the good guy.

    CROOK VS. CROOK. whos the worse offender?

  • @jpg8700 so dems can look like the good guy? it looks like america is a fucking mess and about to get real fucking bloody in the decades to come. that's what it looks like.

  • Bill must be worried that he won't get his monthly cut of the action from Goldman. No call boy services this month Billy!!! You can see the fear in his eyes!

  • @vashcat
    How about for a start we put the heads of Blankfein & Fabrice on the horns of the Bull on Wall Street?

  • @ecwaufisxtreme
    Yes we can lock Palin in the room with these Goldman Sacks executives and the sound of her annoying "fargo" voice will cause them to poke out their own ear drums!!!

  • @Asymmatrix
    It all started with Bush and the treasurysec. Paulson's gun to the head of Washington to bail out his banker buddies. To buy so-called toxic mortgages, which they never did!!

  • @gixxerfan33
    Good point. And so does Warren Buffett. This entire allegation against GS is all about politicians finding a scapegoat. Goldman made a net loss on the housing bubble and they have survived because they made a smaller loss than the other investment banks.

  • I've respected TYT before, but this is really over the top. Do your homework and make sure you understand the transactions and the role of a market maker before the next time you start making bigoted allegations.

  • Junk Bonds, Vodoo Economic's now what? Just how long will the Government let those richest bankers keep getting away with this shit?

  • @mb7668 Goldman did not design the security to fail. ACA selected and approved the portfolio. Paulson then shorted it. ACA did not design the security to fail as they insured it. Goldman does not have to reveal their position on the security to their clients. The clients wanted risk in the housing sector and they got it (this was before the housing crash). What they did may be unethical, but not illegal.

  • @mb7668 No. Goldman hired ACA to put the Abacus security together. ACA then issured the security which implies (unless ACA is stupid), that they did not design it to fail. Further evidence that Goldman did not initially believe it would fail is the fact that Goldman lost money on Abacus. They also lost money on Timberwolf, which is what the senate hearings were about. This took place before the housing collapse.

  • @mb7668 The SEC charge claims that Paulson and Co. helped ACA pick some of the securities, however, ACA had the final say and approved them. ACA is an independent expert and what Paulson thought about the securitiy does not matter. ACA picked securities that they thought best to succeed or else they wouldn't have insured it.

  • @mb7668 The question posed in the SEC complaint is whether Goldman had to disclose that Paulson helped pick the securities, or whether the fact that ACA approved them is enough. Regardless of whether the SEC complaint is valid, Goldman did not hire ACA to design the security with the intention for it to be shorted.

  • @McDPolo That doesn't mean Greed is good. One could argue that murder and hatred drive society, but that doesn't excuse the fact that they're wrong.

  • FREE country NOT a RACIST or COMMUNIST country. What is happening to us? where are our values, our human rights, we are doing the exact same thing to immigrants as Hitler did in World War 2, who are we to treat human beings this way, to take away there children to put them in camps…. would you like to be treated this way? WHAT HAPPENED TO WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!

  • "…embarrassing…"
    "You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…"

    If it's something controversial enough to be used as solid evidence against you in a public trial, YES it's going to be made public. No crap. I didn't see any e-mails about how many hookers the company hired for 20 years, or how much they spent on toilet paper now did I?

  • The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of '02 was necessary reform to regulate and avoid shady, creative accounting. I'm not sure why any further reform was needed in '08. Maybe because Obama said so, and since a lot of leftie lemmings and sycophants parrot whatever Obama says, it's no surprise that reform for reform's sake was implemented. The economy will not rebound from this, ever.

  • What fraud? Sure the emails were a bit embarrassing, but someone has to bet against a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) for it to actually be a CDO. These are big banks that invested in these securities, not mom and pop banks or small time individuals. The investors had the right to counter the original deal (and often did) or they could have said no and walked away. No one should need to hold an investor's hand. Listen to Warren Buffet, don't invest in what you don't understand.

  • Did you hear the part at 4:35 where he wanted to say "big government" but then just said government? This is what happens when people in the talking points prep room go on for too long and forget they were trying to look like the NON-republican shill.

  • This guys just proved his lack of information and education. The Mortgage backed securities that were sold to investors and packed by Goldman sachs and other large investment firm where not rated by them but out side rating companies. They did not force anyone to buy them. Goldman was slow compared to other more intelligent companies and firms that bet against the sub prime mortgages that these securities were made out of. All the investment firms did was try and protect their losses

  • Ugh why do people still listen to Bill Krystol? I don't think he's ever been right about anything. He should have been canned a long time ago.

  • @drbayoms I don't know or want capitalism to work non regulated. I disagree with the whole capitalistic point of view on many levels. I just haven't figured out a better solution yet. We pay our basket ball players millions, our investment firm CEO's 65 million, and our teachers 20 thousand. Is our desires in the wrong place? Our demand sure is. But who's fault is it? The Media? No, it can't be… my favorite shows don't tell me how to dress or what type of people I'm attracted to…

  • Big financial institutions who have more economic power than the state need regulating more strictly. Risk tolerances are being set far too high. Greenspan proved beyond a doubt that the invisible hand does not rectify every situation, markets are imperfect. Even Friedman realises it. Hardcore capitalists like hardcore communists need a reality check. Trading financial derivatives is all well and good until the insiders artificially manipulate prices and make a profit on a loss.

  • @flinchus This is one area where even Ron Paul want Regulations… so much that he wants to take away all of their UN-NATURAL power…

  • watching this clip and others i get the feeling that the anchor here chris wallace is the least vile person on fox news. the way he laughs at 5:07 is priceless.

  • It's nothing new to me about how these cocksuckers on wall street act. Their is an old English story about it. That when the victor eats too much of its own apple and doesn't share it on what is owed with his companions, then he eats his self. LLCOVKY859

  • They didnt 'make' $5 billion, that money came from somewhere, it came from investors and customers who's money was put into this company with the intention of failing so that the guys who made it could bet against it, thats fucking robbery

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