Fox News CAUGHT Framing Antifa

Fox News CAUGHT Framing Antifa

>>Wing demonstrators.>>They’re not counter protesters, okay?>>Mm-hm.>>You’ve been in the media a long time. Other outlets do this, it’s called gaslighting. Tell a lie, tell a lie confidently, and isolate
people from the truth, and you can get people to believe anything.>>Fox and Friends decided to gaslit Americans,
or gaslight Americans, I should say, during their coverage of Antifa and Proud Boys clashing
this past weekend in Portland. Now, let me be clear that relatively speaking,
these protests were not as violent as previous protests, however there were a few instances
of violence. Luckily no one seems to have gotten hurt or
killed. But there was video that was edited, I believe
intentionally, to make it appear as though Antifa were the aggressors in one instance
of violence during the weekend. So let me go ahead and show you that video
and then I’ll fill in the blanks.>>We talked about on Friday there were gonna
be protests in Portland and that happened over the weekend. The mayor of Portland said it was the worst
case scenario has been avoided because o one died. That’s at least Andy Noe I was watching an
interview with him. He said that’s how the mayor decides that
it’s peaceful because there weren’t any deaths. However there look at this, look at this video. There were six people that that had injuries. There were there was concrete that was thrown. Apparently there were metal and wooden poles
that were confiscated by police, bear spray and shields were confiscated. What do you think?>>Well let me get this straight. Your standard for success is hey, well, nobody
died.>>Yeah.>>I mean is that for real?>>But what did you make of the coverage regarding
Antifa versus the right-wing demonstrators.>>They’re not counter protesters, okay? You’ve been in the media a long time. Other outlets do this, it’s called gas lighting. Tell a lie, tell a lie confidently, and isolate
people from the truth, and you can get people to believe anything. Antifa are not counter-protestors. It is an anti-first amendment, that’s what
it stands for. They tell you it stands for anti-fascism,
it really stands for anti-first amendment. They are an anti-first amendment ultra-violent
terror group that wants to silence people’s free speech.>>So let me be clear about something. That video was intentionally edited to make
it appear as though Antifa were the aggressors. That was not the case if you look at the full
video which we’re about to show you. In fact, there have been a widely circulated
claims, including those made by reporters at the scene, that those riding in the shuttle
bus were Proud Boys. It appears that they’re actually members of
the American Guard, a group the Anti-Defamation League labels a white supremacist organization. So I just wanna be clear about the parties
involved. It wasn’t the Proud Boys, it was the American
Guard, but they’re also a white nationalist organization. They’re the ones in the bus. But who started this scuffle or this violent
attack? It was actually the individuals in the bus,
and you’re about to see that in the next video, take a look.>>Pull them out. Pull them out.>>He’s got a hammer. Hey, no hammers. Sorry, my language. He threw a hammer.>>So you keep seeing this video of members
of Antifa using a hammer, right? And you think when if you look at edited video
that hammer belonged to them. They’re the ones who used it. But, if you watch the full video, which we
just showed you, the hammer was from an individual on the bus. He was using it and then he threw it. At that point someone from Antifa grabbed
the hammer and then threw it back.>>I wonder if they brought the hammer cuz
they thought they were Thor. Cuz these white nationalists are incredibly
dangerous. They’re also incredibly stupid. Like yeah, let’s bring a hammer, it’ll be
really cool. Anyway, so Proud Boys would claim that they’re
not white nationalists so that’s why part of the reason we’re making the distinction. Also because it’s important to get the story
right, it’s not them. And so I love the projection that Bongo Bongo
or whatever his name is makes, okay? He’s like, yeah, it’s gaslighting when you
tell a lie on purpose. That’s what a lot of the other stations do. Now let’s show the fake video pretending that
Antifa brought the hammer. Okay, and that they were the violent ones. And by the way, don’t tell people that the
other side is filled with white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazis were also on the right wing side
of that parade. Donald Trump tweeting throughout the weekend. The Antifa, the anti-fascist should be called
an organization of terror, right? How about the neo-Nazis? No, they’re fine. Okay, no mention of them at all from Donald
Trump. Fox News, I can’t believe the anti-fascists,
how about the fascists? No, no, they’re fine, they’re okay. Poor, poor fascist. They were set upon by these guys who are anti-fascist. Why didn’t they just let the fascists run
the city?>>Yeah.>>Oops.>>While Fox News is airing this edited video
that doesn’t give you the full context of what went down. I’m also incredibly curious whether Fox did
any coverage of those protesters who were nearly run over and killed by a prison guard
in Rhode Island who tried to run over them. Did they do any coverage of that?>>Well, actually they did, and they blamed
it on the protesters>>That was on Fox Business. Lou Dobbs claimed that the protestors who
were sitting on the ground when the trucks started to attempt to run them over were the
aggressors. That they’re the ones who committed assault. He literary said that hitting someone’s car
is a form of assault.>>Yeah.>>Right, okay, anyway, so-
>>So can I just say, look, my long held position on Antifa has been one of concern, okay? So I’m worried that sometimes, the milk shaking,
I don’t like that stuff, okay? Because it allows the right wing to equate
massacres that the right-wing does, the right-wing groups do with throwing milkshakes. And I don’t agree with what they did to Andy
Noe and the list goes on, right?>>By the way they used that edited video
from Andy Noe. So that’s one other thing that you should
keep in mind->>Yeah, it doesn’t justify hitting Andy Noe,
but he loves doing it in the videos. He’s a piece of crap. And there’s no need to make him a martyr by
hitting him just point out what a piece of crap he is, okay? Anyway, but I do have to say as these fascists
wanna basically take control of the streets, and as they are encouraged by the current
leader of the country, and as they do mass shooting after mass shooting. It is important and good to have some young
folks on the left going not on our watch. So we’re drawing a line and you wanna protest,
I hope that the line is if we want a protest, Have at it, Hoss, it’s a free country. You wanna do anything violent? You wanna bring a hammer? Okay no, not on our watch. Okay, so-
>>So, you’re right, I mean, I have mixed feelings about Antifa because whenever they
use violence, the left loses its moral high ground. Even though the level of violence is not the
equivalent of what we’ve seen on the right-wing. But why give them an argument that they can
use against the left? Don’t carry out violence. However, there have been cases, many cases,
where Antifa has used the right strategy. And that certainly happened over the weekend. Because they severely outnumbered, or I should
say significantly outnumbered, the Proud Boys protesters, right?.>>Mm-hm.>>So showing up in solidarity, showing up
in large numbers, and showing that hate will not stand in Portland, I think is important. But don’t be the instigators of violence,
don’t use violence. And I get it, It’s hard. I remember when we were in Miami, Florida
for the debates. We had non violence training, because we knew
there were gonna be agitators there. We knew there were gonna be people who were
gonna try to get under our skin. And you guys know me, okay? I know me, I know that you know if I get provoked,
things will happen. But there was a lot of power in restraint,
and there was a lot of power in allowing these individuals to look like complete and utter
lunatics, while we were doing our thing.>>Yeah, look, we love to fight back at the
Young Turks, nobody mistakes that. But we do at rhetorically and politically
and I’m going to get to the best part in a sec. But if you get dragged in the mud with them
physically, then the media and the rest of the country goes, both sides are crazy, right? Whereas if they’re just screaming like spoiled
children, slash lunatics that they are, they just look like weirdos and whereas you’re
doing a legitimate political movement. So be smart about it both for moral reasons
but also strategic reasons which gets to the most important point. Look, so those guys in the streets in Charlottesville,
Portland etc., the right wing. There were some in Portland, and I like that
some people are standing their ground and saying, look, we’re not gonna let you cross
the line of physicality and violence. But the more important thing that the right
wing did, and the fascists did, was they captured the government in the name of Donald Trump. So Donald Trump came in and won for the fascists. That’s why, when they chanted in Charlottesville
the Jews will not replace us, Trump said there was very fine people on that side. That’s the fascists winning, and I can go
on and on about his attacks, whole scale, on Muslims, Latinos, gay people and the list
goes on and on and on. That is the fascist winning and capturing
the government. Well, we can do likewise. So let’s get a progressive to win the presidency
and capture the government, then the full might and force of the United States government
is on our side. That is a much wiser strategically, politically
and for everything that you wanna accomplish. Now this video will trigger the right-wing. They’ll be like, did you hear that the leftist
want to capture the government, god damn right I do, okay? You capture the government, why can’t we? No, no, of course, the right wing should always
roll and white nationalists like Donald Trump being president is normal. Well, unfortunately, it is normal. There’s been a lot of white nationalist presidents. Well, there’s no reason why there can’t be
a left wing, an actual progressive president. Now that happens very rarely. And what it does though, guys like FDR have
been very, very strong. And strong on behalf of all of the American
people. And so we can do that, it’s called a democracy. You know how you capture a government? You vote. And so get out there and act politically,
and kick their ass politically, so that then all of a sudden, and you might say you might
be a little skeptical. Hey, listen, there’s a lot of issues with
the cops, there’s a lot of issues with the military, etc. But they would be working for the commander
in chief, and that would mean progressives are in charge. And that is a very scary thought for the right-wing
and that’s a very scary thought for the establishment and to which I say, fantastic. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone who actually
cared about the American people was in charge? Let’s go make that happen.


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  • Antifa is one of the most dangerous home grown terrorist groups in america, if it wasnt 90% p**$$/=$ they would do alot more damage but antifa is filled with libtarted emo kids not tough guys, still in groups they rile eachother up and eventually will cause some serious damage

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    Get a fuckin dayjob, Casper. Why aren't you working in a diner? Cenk, why aren't you wearing a tie? These people aren't just throwing milkshakes all the time. There have been a number of videos over the years proving they agitate people and act out when no one else is being violent. Yeah, there are those few instances where the right just wants to fight them, but that's hardly the norm and you fuckers know it because you're the ones gaslighting.

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    There were blacks, Cubans, gays in the proud boys group.
    Anyone who disagrees with u are "White Nazism"

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    Almost 1/3 dislikes on this video. I don’t understand why? However, didn’t Cenk Uygur’s cousin just make horrific comments about a man who served his county? He said some SUPER messed up stuff. Cenk Uygur’s cousin also said America deserved 9/11. I really hope to live in a world where people report on the news. No bias, no super weird opinions that are mainstream. I hope the real news makes a return. I really encourage people to check out Tim Pool.

  • ANTIFA the new KKK with color mask. 🤔🤣😂🤣😒😒 Sorry I have actually seen the footage from people their. ANTIFA are terrorist.

  • Nobody dies at a protest in Portland. We've had a lot more practice than most cities. What happened last Saturday was a model to which every other city should observe and take notes from. We did it right. It could have been another Charleston, but instead we severely inconvenienced them. Watching the march across the Hawthorne Bridge and then seeing them get lost on the East Bank Esplanade was hilarious. The counter protesters were from here and knew the lay of the land, the Proud Boys did not.

    Just one correction. There were only about two dozen real hardcore Antifas there. The rest of us were just counter protesters and activists who are not with Antifa, although the majority of us sympathize the Antifa cause, most of us are not members, and i for one do not endorse some of their methods.

    I was worried, but things went way better than I thought they were. Although, the city is out about $3mil for this one, and the Proud Boys didn't get a permit. Here in Oregon we really believe in he 1st amendment, so i don't think the city is going to sue the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer into oblivion, but damn I wish we could. It kinda sucks having to pay for someone else's attempted hate crime.

  • Hey young turks: ANTIFA was allways the one who was violent, allways! You are deliberately blind to this! ANTIFA MEMBER ALLMOST STABBED US VET THERE!! And you wont talk nothing? Coward's & liar's are you!and proud boy's arent white nationalist's!

  • The level of violence isn't equivalent what we see on the right wing??
    Are you grazy? MAGA people wont beat anyone, they are nice to different view's too but go to left rally and you'll see they are full of hate and they are literally ready to kill MAGA supporter's… Is that right? Jeesus you guy's…. You and you'r SHITTY show!

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    Antifa is a left wing terrorist group!!! They claim to be anti fascist but in fact are the most fascist people out there it computes TYT supports them disgraceful!!!!!!!!!

  • I love how Ana says Antifa didn't start it, proceeds to segway into the video, and the very first second of the video, some guy outside the bus in a light green shirt charges the bus door, holds it open and throws a punch at someone inside the bus. Antifa didn't start this? Really? Do you even watch the stuff you put out?

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    If you watch the entire video, it shows the Antifa blocking traffic , stopping the buses , throwing chunks of concrete at the buses and attacking the buses. The Young Turks aren't know for factual reporting

  • America is burning. How is the country going to be civil after Trump? How are we going to fight fascism and bigotry without violence. The last time this happened across the pond and it took 50 million lives and a world war to show the world that fascism and bigotry should not be tolerated. History makes me very concerned that Peace is still far away.

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    What about the briefcase with the concrete blocks that they threw at the bus? You’re all a bunch of money hungry thugs that propagate bullshit to get views. See look, I was suckered in to watch your bullshit.

  • Treat people the way you want to be treated that's the Golden Rule

    If Nazis, white supremacist groups or right-wing groups want to walk around and use violence as a tool return the favor

    you can't run from them forever you're going to have to fight back eventually

    As long as antifa isn't walking around targeting innocent people then I have no problem with them fighting back

    it's self-defense

  • There's no such thing as power in Restraint. The philosophy is very flawed

    If somebody puts their hands on you

    you have a right to put your hands back on them

    The first person to throw the punch is the aggressor you have a right to defend yourselves

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    proud boys came from out of state just to drain resources on the city sounds like both sides are stupid yet y'all trying to take sides.

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