100 thoughts on “Fox News asks Ohio voters about the Hunter Biden scandal”

  • JOE will have stoke before he get elect, why we have less jobs in America because Bill, Obama has ship it away… now Biden is follow those steps… DO THEY REALLY HELP AMERICAN PEOPLES? think about that?

  • They need to give up. It’s over for the Democrats. They’ve lied and broke so many rules out of desperation it’s out of control

  • Kenneth Goforth says:

    all those people that work for youtube and none have anything better to do than unsubscribe me from certain channels?

  • The Bongino rule. Wait to see if it is real. Dan, I back you 100%.. Smart man, a Patriot.. I will count on you for the truth. Will tune in tomorrow.

  • Bettyjane Cecile says:

    Why does Biden get a pass the corrupt dems covered it up now that they have a new Ukraine president against corruption let it come out

  • The real news is : trump commited impeachable offenses, again. And the GOP are covering up. With the help of fox real propaganda network.

  • My only question is if it was soooo bad that Trump asked an important question regarding Biden in an "election" what about shadow impeachment that will be going on during the actual election how does that jibe with election law

  • who paid the price for the Biden's dealings??? American workers??? look at what was happening at the time, who paid the price????

  • Man … after all that's happened to date there's still dummies who dont have a clue about the deep state .. lazy dopey snowflakes .. and they're all adults … pathetic man .

  • Michelle Obama responses to why no whites at the weekly black only parties….she responded
    That disappeared from all Google searches

  • What Biden scandal? Did somebody produce any actual evidence? I didn't hear any so far.
    Is this like the whole Obama birther conspiracy again?

  • the people who act like what Joe Biden did Democrats like he didn't do anything the same people who think Hillary still innocent and didn't do anything these are your people who are out here cheating on their taxes they're not paying their fair share they're under Pain any employees they have they're stealing money somehow in their life only corruption stays in a corrupt way democratic supporters most of them are corrupt people in their personal life I've worked for many Democrats they're cheap and they never want to pay their way and they are greedy and they will cheat a lie just to save $10 even though the person worked hard or they owe it these are your people who support Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton that's why they're like well it's no big deal because they're Crooks 2

  • Hard to believe there were two women that really think that it's okay to be financially beholden to a foreign country when you're an elected official in our country. Really women, i know I expect better.

  • It is not just a political process it is a trial it’s not supposed to be behind closed doors where the opposition has not run down

  • Biden's son isn't the only one doing it. They're all doing it. Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Bernie apparently it's not against the law. Someone expected them to have a conscience. Money shouldn't be in government, they're being bought off everywhere. How do you think they leave millionaires making under $200K/year????

  • Gotta love Democrat voters. When Clinton is caught screwing a 20 year old internal in the Oval Office they say it's no big deal. Trump makes a phone call to another world leader and they lose their minds.


  • There is no Biden scandal. It is a lie Trump tried to get the Ukrainian government to tell for him. When got caught he turned to his ol’ faithful, the fever swamp at Fox. So now Fox peddles the insidious lies for Benedict Donald. What a bunch of asswipes.

  • I dont even like making comments on Sean Hannity vids anymore if there ever was propaganda machine this is the epitome of it Trumptards please stop listening to this idiot Sean this is not factual news its opinion only commentary nothing is based on facts

  • And if Captain Kangaroo was running he would be the front runner by far and the dancing bear could be the VP and that would be much better than any of the democrats running now .

  • The "do-nothing democrats" have 250 bills sitting on McConnell's desk, waiting for approval! Seems like the Tiny Hands crowd is holding things up.

  • my gosh, WE THE PEOPLE have to watch this michael moose on TV screen again after 8 years of yapping like a wide mouth orangutan?

  • So fox misinforms and then ask the audience about the misinformation they provided them. What is the scandal? Btw Trump kids are literally making money off the office now. Notice no specifics in the answers.

  • Calmly Conservative says:

    If Trump did the same thing as an elected government official MSM and leftists would crucify him.
    They hate Trump more than they care about the US.

  • Yet a second whistleblower has come forth to confirm the allegations that President Trump is using his office to undermine democratic institutions by eliciting foreign governments to support him in sabotaging Joe Biden.  It’s time this stops!  Republicans Collins, Sasse, Romney, and former Republican Amash have all spoken out against this President.  President Trump’s withdrew American Troops from Syria and even former Republicans for Trump are turning against him!  Let’s get crystal clear, real and truthful.  Putin, the Communist/KGB Officer, Authoritarian, and Oligarch and President Trump, Authoritarian, Oligarch, Demagogue are in fact undermining democratic institutions.  Trump is undermining the values/principles of the USA.   They are in fact the swamp and deep state!  His former Attorney Cohen of 10 years testified (who is now in Federal Prison) before Congress that this President is a liar, cheat, conman, bully, and racist.  A predator. Trump said Cohen is “A Rat”!  Truth and reality can reflect what one says about others. Putin and Trump are co-conspirators undermining democratic institutions. The talking heads of the Murdock crew “mob”, just reinforce the venom with their propaganda. It’s time for Republicans to take charge, empower themselves and spearhead impeachment of this President. Remember “fear” has a meaning of “Face Everything and Rise”.  The democrats are but a diversion and distraction used by President Trump and his swamp/deep state!

  • Once the high power see Joe Biden and Hunter as a lost cause one if not both with “commit” Suicide if you know what I’m tryin to say.

  • Happy Golden-Mountain says:

    Binden.. And shiff… Biden and shiff.. Biden and shiff….. It's on week 4 now. Is there… No other news…. At all…. Trump does the exact same thing… Sure its illegal if you say so. But… It's not news now, is it? and the cnn thing
    .. You mean to say that cnn is biased? No.. Waaayyy.. What scientist discovered that. again entrapment and secret footage proved What we already know… AGAIN, NOT NEWS. We want guillani aired on fox. We need his wisdom to guide us on which American assets to buy next.

    We want guillani.

    We want Mr trumps lawyer voice to be heard… Don't you?

    We want to hear his defense.

  • Hannity your a liar
    I pity the dumb idiots that listen to you, how about discuss the damage Trump has caused by pulling troops from Syria

  • Today, Fruitty Rudy Guliani ADMITTED he made a half a million dollars from Igor & Lev, his newly arrested friends. But for a few weeks now, all of the blather out of the White House is
    how "crooked" the Bidens are. This BS strangely started when polls showed Biden beating the pants off of Trump. Such a coincidence! And China didn't give Biden 1 and a half BILLION dollars. That's already been revealed as bunk. Lying ani't gonna work this time! Biden showed up with 4 MILLION dollars of money from US investors, 10% of it his own money. Trump's sunk this time. It took 2+ years of lying to confuse the facts and stop Mueller. This time, Trump doesn't have the luxury of time.
    The case is moving too quickly!

  • LOL, if any of Trump's kids and in-laws would be near the white house if he wasn't giving them jobs. Funny how Ivanka got a bunch of Chinese Trademarks after Trump was elected.
    Jared and his business deals. His family needs to be investigated. Trump himself is making money at his resorts and hotels with foreign dignitaries and officials using them.
    He is worse than any politician.

  • The truth is, American voters are not STUPID! Any politician from whatever stripe that thinks that is out of touch with the people and probably out of touch with reality…..Can you say "SOCIOPATH?" Anyone???

  • Why would anyone elect a president named michelle obama ? This is a guy people! He's got the shoulders of a linebacker, and a face like a freight train. No more community activist communists, please ….

  • The news and democrats are using the Trump Ukraine false narrative to distract from the real issue of Biden collusion with China and Ukraine. The facts are that Joe Biden influenced China to give favorable treatment to his son and prevented Ukraine from investigating Hunter Biden in a quid pro quo scandal. Biden explicitly said in a public news setting he would not give funding to Ukraine if they didn't fire the investigator of Hunter and China dealings. That's the real collusion folks and abuse of power of VP Biden and pay for play during the Obama administration. Obama knew what was going on and is guilty by association and omission.

  • Wake up people Hannity is feeding you propaganda for one reason only. He gets paid a shitload and Fox makes money of your stupidity.

  • They were just on live TV wanting more taxes, more laws, illegal impeachment, and taking our guns, ,,,, This is not the american way that things are done, they should be saying,” no high taxes, less government, no more freebies, and our constitutional rights to be protected”. why is it that the American people ( all American people) are not seeing the big picture here? I can’t think of one person that wants to give the government more of their paychecks and more of our youth ( killed in unnecessary wars) , can they not see the corruption, and the lies that these deep state players are telling, or do they just think it’s ok for them to continue with these lies and corruption?
    God is in control , always has been and alway will be, but we are all responsible for our actions, each person has to see the log in their on eye before pointing out the splinter in their brothers eye. Time will take care of all this because God will only put up with so much before he says “ENOUGH”….and the lights will go out and there will be no more!
    Good night and god bless this country and our brothers and sisters in Christ….everyone of you!

  • I ordinarily wouldn't have an issue with Hunter IF it wasn't exactly the same tactic the House is using as a ploy to impeach Trump. You do everything possible for your kids and traditionally this is expected in politics. Right, no. Done every day, yes. Now I DO have an EXTREME problem with the patronage, payola, corruption and believe it's well worth following the absurd amounts of money to figure out where they landed after the dust settled in a Clinton style "pay for play" scheme and start passing out orange jump suits. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…

  • Since when did Hunter Biden decide to run for president ? He’s a private citizen for fucks sake. Sean Insanity should focus of the trump crime family and all the back door corrupt deals being done. Treasonous fake president trump should be executed.

  • You should ask the conservative party "what happened to passing healthcare reform" Trump said it was going to be easy and that all of our heads would be spinning. No one cares about this circus clown news. Pass healthcare reform already!!

  • Michele Obama running for President? What a joke the Demos are desperate! I just can't wait until the next year's Presidential election! Trump 2020!!!!

  • Brave Sir Robin says:

    I did 10 years as a Nuclear operator in the Navy with an honorable discharge. Hunter Biden couldn't finish. I nor has anyone I've ever known from the military or anyone in my entire life get offered deals like Hunter Biden. I wonder if the kickback through Biden's son was indirectly our tax dollars being stolen. If you can link our tax dollars to their pockets you'll have a story then.

  • What is this like the 20th story about Biden's son? Still nothing on the mess trump created in Syria huh? Thats FOX "news" for you.

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