100 thoughts on “Fox News Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Smear DEBUNKED”

  • Shows how stupid you turks are. The people are not killing our world. All the scientists are saying our temperature only rose 0.1 percent since the 80s. Idiots. Democrats only are making this fake green house gasses bullshit so they can tax the shit out of everyone. Idiots i swear

  • TYHC – T_he Y_oung H_ead C_hoppers …These Turks are 100% Muslim-ISIS Head Choppers….TRUST ME !!!!! 4th Century…Goat-Fuh-King Rag Heads !!!!!!!

  • My Prediction….AOC announces she is a Lesbian….And makes the formal announcement that she has "Muff Dived"…….. Ana Kasparian's ……..Pink Taco !!!!!!!!!!

  • YT decided to become Trump and call CNN fake news. Yet you fail to report on the nuclear technology Trump is selling to Saudi. THAT was at the heart of Russia collusion

  • Wonder what 100% means in TYT land?
    "…meeting 100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources…" Not 80%, 90% or even 99%. Jet fuel is not "clean, renewable or zero-emission" therefore, in order to meet the stated goals of the plan, jet fuel would necessarily need to be abandoned. This isn't controversial. The plan is either sloppy in definition or seeks to abolish commercial air travel.


    It's a well-known fact that Trump supporters don't like to research or pay attention to actual facts, but I know I'm just wasting my breath because you will just attack me too. SO BRING IT

  • Fox News…Best Comedy Show on Tv…The comedians may be really dumb and stupid but they sure are funny…Sometimes I laugh at their fictional drama scenarios of Fake news that they make up and when they literally stretch their lies to the point that, yeah I admit it, I start drinking alcohol. 😛

  • so when has socialism worked and why does all these believers and lovers of it think it will work in this country if that's their platform for winning 2020 they need a reality check they might as well give up now history of socialism in other countries has not gone well for them apparently the dems and the extreme left have not learned anything from the past and the present when a government try's to force citizens to give up their freedoms and obey their socialist leaders agenda there would be civil war there's way to many Americans who will fight to keep this country free of dumbass ideas they might think they have a large base who believes this shit but they do not have the whole country behind them it is what it is.

  • I'd watch this show more often if Ana just played herself, as opposed to trying to sound like everyone else who does these scripted happy-go-monologues. Maybe it's the pace that makes her sound like an Ana robot. Maybe it's the tone. Not quite sure.

  • Yoga Camino Hacia La Luz — Heidi Delatierra says:

    I really like this video and all of the logical information Ana Kasparian shares!! Thanks Ana & TYT

  • the fox segment that ana rips is just an inane morning show. people don't watch it for precisely accurate "news" — they watch it for entertainment. when they say train tracks to Hawaii they are just making light of the proposal, which to be fair was not perfectly rolled out. the segment's comments are meant as a joke. Fox tends to play 'devil's advocate' to democrat's ideas and proposals because they cater to an audience which expects it. that's the target audience for their media 'business'. similarly, those who watch ana are just being entertained (hence the hamster meme). also, people who watch fox will watch fox and those who like ana will watch ana. though to be fair, tyt gets a ton of 'free' content from fox — not sure about the reverse.

  • There is some truth to their statements. It is hypocritical of AOC to promote a green deal when she flies around in a private jet. Why doesn't Eluzabeth Warren give her wealth to the poor if she believes in wealth redistribution?

  • Hi Ana I seen one of your clips well a lot of them lol I wish I had smoked one as I was looking back on trump's campaign videos just wondering what you think about this one lol why can't people see right through him?

  • For one the high speed rail proposal has many issues. Cost for one, getting the funding for that cost, how much is it really needed, and how efficient is it really? Who wants to take a train and then still have to find a way to get 60-70 miles to where you need to go? The problem with a train is that it would have to hit every major city in order for it to be efficient. Why take a train when it's easier to take your car and you are MUCH MUCH more flexible in where you can go and when you can do it. Why would you want to take a two day ride at least from coast to coast, when you can fly there in a fraction of the time and within the same day?

    What's the cost? Hundreds of millions, billions, hundreds of billions? How much material would that take? What about state to state issues and regulations? Is it really worth it in the end, and how often would it really be used? How much would it cost to upkeep and who would be paying for that upkeep?

    I mean come on, that's just one single aspect of this so called Green New Deal, and that alone is something that would easily take more than 10 years to produce, and likely at least 5 if not more to plan out.

    Ambitious isn't the word, as it implies a possibility. More like fictitious…….

  • -Universal Healthcare, medicare-for-all
    -Free college
    -A sweeping new 'Deal' that calls for the gentrification of the ENTIRE country
    – Nationwide High speed rail system
    -Free Universal Childcare

    On top of everything else we already pay for… quick question, seeing as simple math will tell you that raising taxes on the wealthy won't be enough for all of this……….how does this work again exactly?

  • Greedy little FOX NEWS, doesnt like to share. They think every Americans will be millionare soon. This is why people hates arrogants Americans, brag about shit they never going to have.

  • Are You kidding me,,it isn't just FOX,,its CNN and MSNBC dogging my girl too…..They all want an ESTABLISHMENT democrat who is very right leaning like Hillary (don't even argue with that shit)………Bernie and AOC are the only 2 non corrupt true leftists running as democrats, if she runs and she should. BTW,,Bill Gates just spent 15 billion bucks on forcing GMOs on small farmers,,,WTF is that shit ???? WE have issues,,,Fox is the only right leaning news,,why waste time on them , we have environmental,climate and clean food /water issues,,,a small media outlet is not an issue since we have 90% of the ESTABLISHMENT media,,yeah,,the establishment we have so bad but disregard when its on our side..

  • Alexandra Ocasio is a Socialist…. she is trying to PUSH Socialism packaged up in a New GREEN Deal so people focus on the Environmental part of the DEAL and not on the worker wages or how she calls it living wages. I don't TRUST her at all. I mean there were 102 women elected in the House 2018 but she pays the media or makes the noise so no one pays attention to any of the other women plans but her. and she calls her self the Boss ? there is something very wrong in her Policy that eventually everyone will see

  • If Japan can make a nation wide high speed passenger railway system, so can we. Yes, the United States is considerably larger, but why is size an impediment? It’s simply a matter of priorities, and who doesn’t want the United States to have the biggest and best railway system? Why do these people hate america? Why do they think Americans are too lazy to achieve it? Don’t they believe that America is the greatest nation on Eartb

  • Richard Amuir says:

    I understand that Warren once slapped a donkey's ass.
    There might be some film footage out there.
    Hey PETA bitches
    Where the F. are you?

  • TYT gets a hard on every time Fox News talks about Alexandria Cortez. I feel like the people at TYT don’t even have sex, they just jerk off to AOC videos.

  • Even Fox News has more credibility than The Young Turks. The idea that humans are causing climate change is an Ashkenazi Jewish conspiracy theory.

  • You are out of line. The Green New Deal is unattainable in 10 years with a cost that close to 100 trillion. It cant be done in 10 years………. Fox News Doesn't smear. We dont care about Warren's wealth. We care about Socialism………. You need to move to Venezuela.

  • I have no doubt that Bernie would ride a high-speed rail if they were available…too bad we never invested in that infrastructure.

  • WHAT WHAT, Senator Elizabeth Warren is richer than Mr. Grabembythepussie!!!!! Heard that from a guy who heard it from a guy. Who new!!!!

  • Wow. She got her bf a gig paying 6k for 2 months of work? that's 3k/ mth or 36k a year, or a very very….. normal or low salary…

  • AOC is controlled by Justice Democrats… and they are using her as a puppet to get money out of elections! OOOH NOOOO! Paying her boyfriend a moderate wage for work done, HOW DARE SHE!

  • Maritime Retro Massacre says:

    democrats need to smarten up and start smearing the republicans and spend more time just publicizing all the shitty things they constantly do. I'd like to see as many anti Mitch McConnell tirades as I do AOC ones. Fight fire with fire. There's so much ammo to be used on the republicans, use it.

  • Williams Williams says:

    Republicans REALLY lost it on the cow fart point. They laughed their asses off. Notice this propagandist left out all the other points in the aoc doctrine? How diahonest of her. Expect more….

  • The funny thing about this video is that Fox literally has had to say nothing to make these Democrats look stupid. Don't interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes. Listening to this bag of shit chick honestly makes you lose brain cells. This channel is funded by frauds and liked by morons. Enjoy losing next year….again.

  • Alexander Kennedy says:

    The reprobate communist news channel disgusting. This is like watching a Nazi progander hope trump shuts you're nazi communist propogander machine why are you covering AOC theiving ways why has she not come forward to clearly state her position your all pondlife and you all be drained soon including you fuckers.

  • Rider's Road says:

    The initial green new deal, was insane. There was a lot of errors and it wasn't thoroughly thought out. The train to Hawaii thing, wasn't actually that unbelievable, just very very expensive, itd have to be built under the ocean, either in the water or under the sea bed. Again very very expensive.

  • CNN is INVENTING ''facts'' :–NOT Fox–; ALL OTHER CHANNELS ARE THE new ''Left''s VOICE btw… as we ALL CAN SEE

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