Fox Judge gives Trump terrible news about his tax returns

Fox Judge gives Trump terrible news about his tax returns

The United States Court of Appeals for the
2nd Circuit – that’s right below the Supreme Court – ruled that there’s no broad immunity
for the president for behavior that he engaged in before he was in the White House. This subpoena is for his tax returns and the
Trump Organization corporate records from 2015 and 2016. It also ruled that since the subpoena’s
not to him, it’s to his accountants, it doesn’t require him to do anything that
might be disruptive to his job as president. All this is pretty much consistent with what
a trial judge ruled when the president sought to throw out the subpoena. What happens next will probably be an application
to a single justice of the Supreme Court to stay, to stop the effect of this decision,
until the Court can decide— Who is this justice? That’ll be Justice Ginsburg because she
is assigned by geography to hear appeals from federal courts coming from this circuit, the
second circuit. Why, if I’m a US sitting president, why
am I not immune from prosecution? Ah, great question. This does not address prosecution. This addresses investigation. No one is immune from the government investigating
their behavior. In this case, the behavior being investigating
occurred before he was president. That’s what caused the court to say there’s
no immunity. The court expressly did not rule – DID NOT
RULE – on whether a sitting president can be prosecuted by a state court. The answer to that is he probably cannot but
that’s a guess from me. So they request from the accountants– I have
30 seconds here: Ginsburg does what and what happens after that? So if she stays the effect of the decision,
then the Court has all the time it wants to decide whether or not to hear the appeal. If she doesn’t stay the effect of the decision,
I would imagine the president would then appeal to the entire court asking for a stay. If no stay is issued, then the subpoena’s
going to be complied with. Remember, it’s not a subpoena to him, he
can’t physically stop it. So it’s November 2019—
Yes. How’s this play out time table-wise? If the Supreme Court were to hear this, I
think they would hear it on an emergency basis, meaning before Christmas. This is Fox News’ senior judicial analyst
Andrew Napolitano delivering yet another blow to the White House as he explains the implications
of Trump’s latest loss in the judicial system. Trump had previously sued the Manhattan DA’s
office to block a subpoena it sent to his accounting firm, Mazars USA, for 8 years of
his tax returns. And in case you haven’t heard the argument
that Trump’s lawyers made in court, his private attorney William Consovoy argued that
a sitting president has “absolute immunity from criminal process of any kind,” that
he cannot be prosecuted or even investigated while in office, even for shooting someone
on the streets of Manhattan. And this assertion came in response to Trump’s
own statement from 2016, in which he said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue
and not lose any voters. And so obviously, Trump’s lawyers decided
that they’d ACTUALLY try and argue this defense, that Trump could indeed kill someone
in broad daylight and not only could he not be prosecuted for murder, but that police
wouldn’t even be allowed to INVESTIGATE him. This might be a good time to remind you that
Trump ran on a platform of “law and order.” And I know you’re not gonna believe this,
but somehow this defense didn’t hold up. US District Judge Victor Marrero not only
dismissed the lawsuit brought on by Trump but called his assertion of temporary presidential
immunity “repugnant to the nation’s fundamental structure and constitutional values.” He went on to say that such a position “would
constitute an overreach of executive power.” And I know what you’re thinking – Donald
Trump? Overreaching his executive power? Never. Trump’s team appealed that decision only
to find that the 2nd US Court of Appeals, in a unanimous 3-0 ruling, upheld the district
court’s decision ordering Trump’s tax returns to be released pursuant to the Manhattan
DA’s subpoena. At this point, the ONLY institution that could
still stop Trump’s taxes from being released is the Supreme Court. And you have to admit that there’s some
poetic justice in Justice Ginsburg being responsible for deciding whether or not to issue a stay
on the ruling, given that the White House has been falling over itself the bury the
85-year-old liberal justice despite the fact that she’s still very much alive. The Trump administration reportedly began
preparing to replace Ginsburg after she simply missed oral arguments one time at the beginning
of this year. Imagine missing work on Monday and your boss
plans a candlelight vigil in your memory that same day. With all of that said, that’s not to say
that Justice Ginsburg won’t rule fairly because, unlike the entirety of this administration,
there are still some vestiges of the federal government that value, you know, our democracy. And I know Republicans, in their desperation
to protect Trump from any and all accountability, will claim that the release of his tax returns
is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt, but there’s serious significance in allowing
the release of Trump’s tax returns. In this specific instance, the Manhattan DA
is investigating Trump’s role in illegal hush money payments for his affairs. And keep in mind, while this might seem minor
compared to the REST of Trump’s crimes, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Michael Cohen is literally in prison for his
role in this scheme. And not only did Cohen administer those hush
money payments, but Trump reimbursed him, meaning Trump made undisclosed contributions
to his own campaign AND because the payments were disguised as legal fees, Trump very likely
deducted them on his tax returns as a business expense, which is tax fraud. But the only way to find that out is, you
guessed it, by seeing his tax returns. But beyond that, knowing where Trump’s financial
interests lie is also a matter of national security. It might help explain things like, for example,
why he might’ve completely rolled over for the Turks and allowed them unfettered access
to attack our allies, the Kurds, and whether it just might have anything to do with the
fact that Trump owns property in Istanbul. Knowing where Trump has financial interests
might be helpful so we have a little advance notice when we’re suddenly going to let
the people guarding the ISIS prison cells be subject to attack by a hostile foreign
power. And so now, our attention will now turn to
the Supreme Court, where the justices will have to decide whether to shield a president
who believes that he has the right to commit crimes uninhibited while he’s in office,
or if our laws and national security supersede Trump’s superiority complex.


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  • Oh please, trump is hiding so much corruption. Fox entertainment cult channel except for a very few report nothing but propaganda and brainwash their stupid, very stupid viewers. This idiot has the nerve to ask why a sitting president can’t be immune. What a flipping moron. Fire that dimwit! Trump is hiding EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE IN HIS LIFE HAS CORRUPTION ATTACHED.

  • What bunch of dishonest jerks here. (Am no trumper) but a bit honesty goes a long way, Hillary get 140 millions for a deal with Russia , Obama on an open microphone sends message to Putin, (it's on video) Biden fires the guy (ukranian prosecutor)bc investigations included his son( all on video) so you jerks ,brainwashed with dirty water, look at things for what they are ,making up stuff, bc presumed intent, and self developed standards , it shouldn't be how all these things be handled, do y'all have any bit of brains,smh!.

  • Trump is running scared, his tax returns will prove 2 things:
    1) he’s NOT a billionaire
    2) he’s been paid by Russia

    Problem is his supporters won’t give a shit anyway, they will still believe everything he says!

  • Drumpf says something and suddenly it automatically becomes law. at least by his supporters standards. i would think that Nixon would have loved that kind of power

  • Bulls**t ….no person should have immunity to prosecution or investigation from the law. Not our President nor a Judge….nobody should have immunity due to status. If OUR President can then WE can. WE ARE HIS BOSS! Why do they deserve immunity over the next person, citizen of America when they have committed a crime. That's sickening! Didn't we investigate other Presidents?

  • All of Trump's lies, conspiracy theories and obstructive behaviour have been screaming guilty for 3 years now. I mean it's so obvious.

  • Hmmmm! I’m thinking that there just may be a good chance that Trump could get away without having to show his tax returns ever. He has so far proven he is above the law. If he gets to get a second term, you ain’t seen noth’n yet.😳😬🤭☹️

  • Christopher Granning says:

    I'm guessing the tax returns are destroyed along with all records pertaining to them like what Duetche Bank did with their records

  • Brian, if there's any moment I wished u were reading my comment, it would be now…as I think u should cover this. I just saw this segment btwn Inghram and Lindsay where he was complaining about why the whistle blower would possibly only answer written questions, and that if a republican tried that, it would be criticized

    To which, for some reason, Ingraham actually followed up by reminding him that Trump did the same thing during the Mueller report. His "brilliant" defense was that Trump is the President, so that's a different issue. Just another display of the flip flop and twisting Republicans have to do to defend this President

  • Wow who'da thought I'd be getting some good news today from Fox News out of all the outlets! I never watch them, but maybe they're beginning to see the True Light of Day of who Trump really is as a con-man

  • Evan Dipasquale says:

    Trump not releasing his tax returns like so many presidents that came before was the first serious red flag for me. It leaves to many things up for debate, like idk is he on Putin's payroll. I'd like to think he's not but I'm naive and I'd like to know for sure because trump passing up money like his annual salary means he's planning on making in back elsewhere ten fold.

  • Trump is the bestest president in the history of the US. Vote him again in 2020 i wanna see this reality TV government for four more years. Uneducated republicans and lazy to vote democrats deserve this dick.

  • Napolitano continues to urinate in the corridors of the Fox Studios. It's amazing they haven't fired him. I guess it's because the other two, Bonnie and Clyde are under investigation for their ties to Rudolph the Red and Donald the Bedwetter.

  • Judge Nap is not a good guy, he is just a guy who a few months ago figured out who is going to win and jumped teams. Before his ' aha Trump is going to lose moment' he sounded like a typical politician making excuses for Trump. This is what needs to happen to the rest of the GOP, they are never going to suddenly have morals or do the right thing, the best we can hope for is they see the writing on the wall and jump ship just to save themselves.

  • Congress needs to pass legislation mandating that presidential nominees of any political party must disclose the last 7 years of tax returns, and if elected, must divest him- or herself completely from any financial interests (no blind trusts that your spouse or children are still in charge of). Ditto for the Supreme Court. We currently have so many opportunities for conflicts of interest.

  • "Why if I'm a US sitting president, am I not immune to prosecution?"
    -Uhhhh….because you're not above the law. Isn't that obvious?

  • What’s the big deal about him not showing his taxes. Again I say I don’t care if You are democrat or republican if we have to report our taxes so should he.

  • Investment Drone says:

    These fox new people are absolutely disgusting. He asks "Why, if I'm a US sitting president, whey am I not immune from prosecution?." Suppose a President has killed someone; you want him to be protected from prosecution and still be president? Damn Fox news p*igs.

  • Give it up for Trump for being the biggest Transparent person ever!!! Nothing to hide here!!!! Oh he still blocking people from getting documents from him!!! Impeach his orange racist crooked ass now!!

  • conniving womanizing narcissist says:

    It seems to me the judiciary is the only system of our government that actually works anymore .Ofcourse Trump bringing lawsuits are merely a tactic to delay things against him, he knows he has no legal standing.

  • Gotta love the judge. He always makes idiots out of the Fox talking heads. Wasn't Capone taken down for tax evasion? Oh the irony.

  • If the president is untouchable than the next president should put a bullet in trumps skull to save all the tax payers money that is about to be spent on trumps prison food

  • Adetunde Babs’s says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the screw on Trump is getting tighter. Even Fox News is starting to turn against Trump.

  • Impeach the President,
    by The Honeydrippers

  • Regardless of whether or not he is prosecuted, the point is, who made up these self-serving rules, that exempt a president from being accountable for criminal behaviour? America /Americans love to pride themselves on their constitution, but maybe its time to change a lot of the rules.

  • The bottomless Pinocchio,lies through his teeth every freakin day,mr bigmouth before the elections as soon as they finish his audit I will show my taxes.what a dumbass.

  • Hmmm… Since this is an alleged witch hunt are witches exempt from showing tax returns! This may be his attorneys defense – the Proctor vs president of Salem your honor.

  • damian mccarney says:

    Trump…what a vile individual. It's one of two things…he's either very rich but likes hundreds of others he's paying almost no tax or more likely he's rich yes, but he's got nothing like he'd have us believe. Doesn't really matter, the idiots will stick back their guy

  • People, America is greater than any one man and we are a better nation, when we uphold the truth, let vote to make a stronger statement that America is not as stupid as he thinks.

  • Trumps reluctance to provide his tax returns has less to do with the fact that it will show he has much less net worth/income; it has much more to do with the many people doing business with him who will realize he has not been reporting income. He will not leave office due to Ukraine; It will be income tax evasion. That’s my bet anyway.

  • Brian you are brilliant. I love the clear and concise explanation of everything that is going on so that people can understand without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you so much.

  • Let there be no doubt, Justice RBG will rule fair. Either way it goes. She is a wonderful woman of integrity and honor. Thank you Brian.✌️

  • Buddy could we just hear the news instead of you taking your spin on it? A find it annoying when I’m listen then you interrupt it.

  • The taxes he is trying g to keep from the public is that money he claimed to give to the University, charity, his businesses, and his employees he claimed to have helped citizenship and their family. He is trying to cover this up because they will find out he took that money and did not give what he claimed, and not a billionaire. That's why he is fighting so hard to keep it from getting out to the public.

  • real estate conspiracy says:

    Lock him up… Why must me follow the rules and laws, when he hasnt bothered to even acknowledge any laws, ever…

  • Brian, Great observations. Let me suggest that you consider the DEMOCRACY song, of Leonard Cohen (1992)
    He prophetically, sang, "Democracy is coming to the USA."
    Here is an animated version, with Trump. Please consider the words and the DEMOCRACY focus, now.
    My hope is that Democrats will, indeed, focus more a a new DEMOCRACY, in the 2020 campaign. Thanks H

  • Brian, Great observations. Let me suggest that you consider the DEMOCRACY song, of Leonard Cohen (1992)
    He prophetically, sang, "Democracy is coming to the USA."
    Here is an animated version, with Trump. Please consider the words and the DEMOCRACY focus, now.
    My hope is that Democrats will, indeed, focus more a a new DEMOCRACY, in the 2020 campaign. Thanks H

  • Relaxation Station says:

    Much like dedicated Nazis, staunch Trump supporters have completely unwittingly been convinced that The Hideously Corrupt Trump Presidency, and the entertwined Global Populist Movement, is a last stand of sorts for the white race.

    These subtle and covert white supremacists have been convinced that the world has become far too diverse and they have been made to believe that a global economy is a proposition in which they are losing so they dream of taking the world backward to an imaginary time when whites supposedly had all of the social, economic and industrial advantages as opposed to forward to a time when everyone on earth is able to put all of our heads together to solve the world's greatest challenges!

    And they secretly dream and covertly scheme to bring all of the white races global military, industrial and economic resources together to make one grand push to accomplish white global conquest before other races are able to achieve the same levels of military, industrial and economic capabilities. Hence, the sudden obsession with having major political and economic ties to Russia who adopted these global white supremacist ideals from Nazi Germany when Russia successfully invaded and conquered Nazi Germany and captured, meticulously analyzed and inevitably adopted Nazi Germany's ideals as its own.

    White Supremacist ideologies are invariably hollow and likewise invariably sell to woefully inconsiderate and unthinking people.

    The ideology that is often referred to as "White Genocide," which would far more accurately be described as "White Self-genocide" is an excellent example of this.

    The halfbaked, completely nitwit ideology of White Genocide asserts the idea that, the white race has a zero birthrate which mathematically projects the white birthrate to be so low that the white race is mathematically theorized to eventually cease to exist and it is further theorized that everytime that, invariably, a white woman has a child with a non-white, idyllically a black man, then she is theoretically committing genocide against the white race because she has become a participant in a totally non-existent Negro Plot to completely eliminate the white race.

    Now of course, being astoundingly hideous and totally inconceivable inconsiderate none of these White Genocide Propagandists have even remotely considered the fact that white women in particular and white people in general by far spend exponentially more money on birth control, medical self-sterilization (in the form of tube ties and hysterectomies) and by far spend more money globally on adopting, all too often kidnapped and / human trafficked, non-white children as opposed to birthing their own white children and exponentially more money on idiotic ideas like Other-hood (as opposed to motherhood) parenting like becoming cat and dog moms and dads instead of birthing and raising white children of their own, than non-white people ever thought of…

    These modern self-sterilization and alternative parenting and family trends are in fact by far do exponentially more to lower the white birthrate than white women having children, whom could easily become white again in a second generation, with men of other races, not to mention legions of white women absolutely refusing to have white children at all, which is something that white people are wholly and solely doing to themselves as a race.

    Let us remember that, even though Hitler was able to convince several generations of so-called Aryans to proudly die completely needlessly as Nazis, even Hitler himself and the entire Nazi Propaganda Machine was not able to successfully convince white people to breed and birth the military fodder that was projected to have been needed to fight an infinite war for global conquest… Simply because, mass-human reproduction is just not a white thing, not even a totally government assisted and financed white supremacist thing.

    This is in fact what Trump and his influencer and covert financier underworld Russia has over President Trump and his GOP Cultists!

  • UK newspapers were reporting that Erdogan blackmailed Trump, because he has recordings of Kushener Ok-ing Khashoggi arrest to MBS.

  • trump’s role in abandoning the Kurds and tipping off the the Turkish president of their vulnerability might be the lowest thing he’s done.. and that is saying a lot. It’s not a reach to call trump a war criminal.

  • I think you have the absolute best reporting, Brian. I watch a lot of different people, and you always stick to the actual facts. Keep being great!

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