Fox 11 News Coverage of Scientology Press Conference

Fox 11 News Coverage of Scientology Press Conference

the Church of Scientology is coming under fire from six former members they claimed they were mentally and physically abused and forced to work around the clock cousin here as soon as live at Scientology headquarters in Hollywood Susan well Christine today's news conference comes on the second anniversary of what you may remember is the global protest against the Church of Scientology that was by the group Anonymous today there were allegations of exploitation of forced abortions and physical abuse six former members told their tales of abuse by the Church of Scientology among them mark Headley who says he was with the church for 15 years a part of the see organization what he calls a paramilitary force I mean $1,100 for the entire year of the year 2000 that's how much money I was paid for working 100 hours a week every week of the year but Church spokesman Tommy Davis calls see a religious organization full of happy volunteers members of the organization our volunteers are dedicating their lives to the religion and that they're not expecting him in a minimum wage or anything like that and it's you know much less also expected to work 100 hours a week you know the staff of the church works isn't work as long as they want to work to get their job done after I escaped the see organization in 2005 has started my life over I received a bill from Scientology for over 150 thousand dollars for the for the courses that I did while I was there the character the way he characterizes the church the church's religious order and the thousands of dedicated staff who love what they do who voluntarily and women who do what they do that he is a liar well there was also a woman there who says that she joins the church at age 12 was married and pregnant at 16 and was forced to have an abortion Davis says absolutely not that is not true David also goes on to say that these six former members they lose a lot of credibility by associating with this group Anonymous he calls them a hate group meantime those six former members really stand by theirs reporting live in Hollywood Susan Haruna Fox 11 News


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  • It's called a freeloader dept. Sea Org & non sea org staff. I remember no pay or at best $0.35 for the month.

  • 01:12 as long as they WANT to work or as long as they HAVE to work to get the job done. Man this thing is dying a rapid death.

  • Usual half-baked version from the mainstream-media.  They wouldn't know a story if it moved in with them and started to share the rent. 

  • @1:10 — Tommy Davis is not a good liar. When asked why Sea Org members are forced for work 100 hour weeks, he stumbles and stutters and says that they "choose" to do it "voluntarily" because they love serving their "church" so much. And of course anyone who disagrees with their cult tactics is a LIAR. Uh huh.

  • @mackiesyotub mr. rinder for years had the same appearences on camera , denying all alegations of abuse until he himself had enough of the pounding he got over the years from miscaviage. That is why I wrote that I cant wait until tommy davis hits the fan. (if you really want to know the scoop you have to watch all of you tube)

  • saw rinder going down and I'm eagerly waiting for this guy to hit the fan…mind you , once they come out of that tube I sort of feel sorry for them because they're just like you and me again….

  • Well Tommy Davis is right when he say there are members who willing are working because they are dedicated to scientology, thats not untrue.

  • Ha! Damn right about Sea Org not expecting minimum wage…more like a slap in the face or gut check by their midget leader, "Slappy" Miscavige.

  • 1:07-1:16
    Reporter: "But are you also expected to work 100 hours a week?"
    Tommy Davis: "Umm…uh…tsss…y'know…mmm, blurgh **mental short circuit** Staff of the church work as long as they want to work to get their job done"

    I think the general public is smart enough to figure out who's got the credibility issues.

  • James Kinnear says:

    Look at the Catholic Church, they at least have eventually taken responsibility for past indiscretions and have apologized to those victims.
    I can't see Scientology ever apologizing.

  • @4aworldofpain
    Just like every religion…
    No really you prove them wrong they just reply
    "Nope you are lying and that did not happen!"
    while plugging their ears.

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