Former Clinton White House official gives Trump advice on impeachment


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  • Who's the host I've never seen her before ,I double checked to make sure the station was actually FOX it was more like CNN ,why did she not ask about the difference between the rules and proper procedures for Clinton against the closed door kangaroo court Schiff is operating ,what's going on at FOX ,we're not asking for biased like the MSM just facts and hold guests to telling the truth ,not the socialist democratic propaganda talking points.

  • ….this McFarty does not know the dirfference between aversion and deceit…My advice to MacFarty and the rest of the luciferian swamp globabalist cabal…rottenchild ueros and even the DEVIL HIMSELF INCLUDING c_a/mi6/mossad can't help you anymore…just give up and plead guilty…save your family and friends and yes…you have always wanted to save your world…now is your opportunuty…GOD RULES SUPREME,,,,AMEN

  • I know I'm just a l pea-on but, if Nancy an shizt were to take advice from me it would be to get a bigger -ill-do because the one that they are using to try and truck Americans with is too small and hasn't been clean since she last used it on pencil prick.
    I had some thought police ? take-out some of my thoughts so adjust yours for meanings.

  • This guy seems legit, at least he is not a Communist. I would take exception with his 'hearing' comment at the end.
    A 'Hearing' is a legal term only viable in a courtroom. The 'Intelligence' committee by Constitution is not where this 'Investigation' into impeachment has any legal standing.

  • History will not be kind to Trump's legacy. Trying to be carefully stated, this old man hasn't any good advice for Trump, who has never listened to advice in his life.

  • Let's face it. The Clinton impeachment, and the Trump impeachment, were both very partisan. Neither should have happened. Clinton did lie under oath, which is a crime, but nothing that the average American cared about. The impeachment of Trump, is just like the Russian Collusion hoax was set up to try to find a crime,band so is this impeachment. This sort of thing must be stopped.

  • Indeterminate Determinate says:

    if Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws – he would make a Trump.

    And a remorseful Doctor Frankenstein would clutch out big clumpfuls of hair and scream in anguish:

    ‘My God… what… have… I… created?

    If being an idiot was a TV show, Trump would be the boxed set."

  • This guy's a shill. Difference between Clinton and Trump is that Clinton broke the law. As of yet there is no documented crime to even be investigated. This has always been nothing but a perpetual accusation-in-search-of-a-crime partisan witch hunt. And it is despicable.

  • More Americans now support Trump's Impeachment and removal from office than those that would let him stay. (NBC/WSJ poll October 30)

  • College example: Let's say a college student in his 3rd year committed a state crime or broken a serious "expelle worthy" college rule. There is proof. Should the college or state not arrest him or expelle him from school simply because he is in his 3rd yr and only has 1 more yr to go?

    Supervisor example:
    You have a supervisor, CEO, or Regional director that has been verbally and emotional cruel and abusive to the staff on a weekly basis. He is know for pitting staff members against each other, sends out frequent negative memos ( i.e Twitter), encourages staff members who are his friends to fight ppl in the parking lot after work and to harass those that oppose him. He tells people of one race that they are not welcomed and that they should quit or refuses to give them raises etc. Work becomes very streefull and starts to impact your health, safety, and well being. After being asked many times to stop and/or called out he continues with bad behavior. So, should the board members remove this person from their position or allow them to stay in leadership role? Would you want a supervisor like this or would you make complaints to try to have him fired?

    Well these can compare to Trump situation with exception that Trump situatio is worst than these because he is the Pres of the US and is supposed to represent ever citizens not just those that sing his praises.
    He deserves to be impeached.

  • 'Impeaching over a phone call', no! Over holding up money to Ukraine to influence the Democratic process. That's what it is, not a 'phone call'.

  • Im going to give advice to the UN Godly, trying to play God. WOR 188.4

    Resisting God.-Since there is no power but of God, ‘he that resisteth the power withstandeth the ordinance of God; and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment.” This is a warning against rebellion and insurrection. It is God who removes kings as well as sets them up. Therefore whoever presumes to remove a king is assuming God’s prerogative. It is as though he knew better than God when the government should be altered. Unless those who rise up against any earthly government can show a direct revelation to them from heaven appointing them to that work, they are setting themselves against God, by seeking to overthrow his order. They are putting themselves ahead of God.

  • 5 Core Principles of Journalism:

    1 truth and accuracy

    2 independence

    3 fairness and impartiality

    4 humanity

    5 accountability

    THE LAME/MAINSTREAM MEDIA NETWORKS in my opinion, have none

  • The question everyone was waiting for her to ask was this. “Is the way the Democrats handing the impeachment proceedings fair compared to how the republicans handled Clinton’s impeachment?”

    You would think these journalists would have some common sense of what questions to ask. Jesus imagine if an attorney didn’t know what questions to ask the witnesses.

  • Hilarious how Republicans always have to say, but what about Clinton and Obama and …….
    Take a close look at "your divisive president" and start worrying about the end of your political party. Cause its over for you.

  • If the dems want to impeach Trump, then we need to follow duemprocess, but arresting Clinton and Obama NOW.
    We can come up with the charges later.

  • Your Big Head Cousin says:

    Dont give Trump advice, hes a very stable genius and he has it all figured out. He doesnt have a war room bc hes knows better than anyone else. I think it was a master stroke for him to offer to read his confes…er, i mean the "transcript" to the people in his own voice. I mean who besides Trump would offer to do something like that?

  • Yeah Don, take this Dems advice … do the good ole Dem shuffle and distract everybody from the real problems by getting yourself an unpaid intern and showing her how to suck your d**k. You will definitely get away with that and your problems will be over don't y know. It worked for Slick Willie, and you heard that direct from the guy who was advising him!

  • Crew TheAftermath says:

    even when asked to give advice to trump it was not a straight answer, i mean really. was he avoiding getting involved or avoiding in assisting trump?

  • With you there, but how did all these people get dumbed down SO MUCH that reality and truth doesn't even matter anymore
    just fantasy conspiracy. As Well as believing what any educated or sane person could see to be dishonesty and deceit,
    It really is scary when you seriously think about it.

  • Clinton should have been put out of white house look what he did to america !
    Stole trillions fired on afgan hospital..amped up anti american rhetoric and enslaved thousands with easily aquired cocaine..heroin.

  • Nixon renounced the presidency before the impeachment began because federal charges were certain to be waiting after the trial….That is my advice to that orange sack of crud.

  • The orange clown we call president is an imbecile. Cannot wait until this moron is impeached and then indicted by the Senate.

  • Mr. President, print transcripts for every Presidential phone call since Bush senior to yourself. Let's see what every President has had to do for the safety of our nation. Republican or Democrat.

  • both impeachments were a waste of time,and only stunted and stalled Clinton's and now Trump's presidency,while useful bills for the benefit of the population could have been passed

  • If Trump is innocent be open and transparent instead of obstructing justice. The evidence of crimes against the constitution is undisputed.

  • Yes, Trump should be Impeached, EXTORTION is a crime! ?
    An honest man who is still supporting Trump NOW..sadly is no longer an Honest man. ?

  • Robert Bradford says:

    Nixon was not impeached, Johnson was but was found innocent in the Senate, articles were started for Nixon but not completed as he resigned first

  • FollowTheLaw Damit says:



  • Go ahead and impeach him you stupid fucks. Were gonna vote him in again anyways. I can't believe dems are willing to increase his approval by doing this.

  • Of course it's partisan. Everyone (including the Democrats, and the rest of the world) can clearly see that Trump is a corrupt conman, especially given the calibre of those testfying against him. Everyone except the Rebublicans who want to hold on to their seats and power no matter what laws are broken or what the constitution says…. and the blind base and the rabid evangelicals of course.

  • Can't give advice on something our President hasn't done! Bill clinton should have been thrown out of office for perjury!

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