28 thoughts on “Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the new Li-Fi Internet | Harald Haas”

  • Shahroz Mirza says:

    A minor problem with the light can stop or currept the data …
    And i think We can use this instead of infrared and can make Wonderful things my idea is he should make it at a nano scale and sell it to cell phone companies…
    but can not use it over wifi … its just a start he can think more ideas of its use…

  • Ultimate Spider-man says:

    i was hopping someone to decoder dicifer the ray of the sun into data i am sure their is a message in it

  • suryakant mahto says:

    We are already using this tech in simple household devices like TV's remote controller etc.
    Remote controller uses an IR LED that transmits unique frequency infrared flashes(invisible with naked eyes) for every unique buttons which then can recieved by a reciever (transistor) and decoded and used as information

    Also it's not practical to use it for continuous connection as required for internet connection due to need of LOS for transmission

  • You want to know how i do it? Get an uno and have this 5v solar panel connect to the input terminal n its output signal connect to the play command on the computer for play and pause operation. Can't believe people actually believe this is real. He should have had the video signal went black when he cover the solar cell

  • This technology may not usefull for us but ….it will be very usefull for
    Astronouts and space stations nasa will be able to send data to space stations and space station aswell

  • we might use optical cable where their is no line of sight but then it will be wired instead of wireless comm…

  • Patrick Baptist says:

    @4:50, lol everyone clapping away….. While this prob does work, it doesn't PROVE it does, this would be something so easy to fake, even my cheap self could pull this off LOL.

  • Alinoor Abdi says:

    i have already invited EL-FI Electric Fidelity.. transferring and receiving data through electric cable.. it work like this tv, desktop, radio all they access through socket. any portable devices like phone, laptop will access through small wireless box plugin in any socket area to access data.. this system require app to run in your device in order to pay pills… if your interested my ideas contact me

  • diliup gabadamudalige says:

    when one reads the comments below it can be seen how difficult it is for people to break out of conventional belief. 😀 😀

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