100 thoughts on “Forensic Files – Season 7, Episode 37: Breaking the Mold”

  • and now insurance doesn’t even cover mold damage! going through this right now with my family. i feel for these sweet parents and their son. 🙁

  • My daughters family had to move out of their suburban home for a summer after toxic mold was discovered. There are companies now that treat the whole house and kill the mold. It’s a long expensive process, but it saves the house … and the people who live there. Their home is safe now. All the workers wore biohazard suits.

  • And Americans are worried that if the USA had universal health care they would lose their private insurance!!?? Haha 😂… I’d much rather have the government funded universal health care system in Canada than the American system. Insurance companies are in it for profit. That’s their number one priority. The Canadian health care system’s priority is to maintain the health of the population in the most efficient way possible

  • Now insurance companies are not allowed to prevent homeowners from mitigating damage and preventing mold. So there is some good news from this. What infuriates me, is that this couple wasn't asking to get a whole new floor and the insurance pay for it. All they wanted to do is tear out the wet flooring. That's it.

  • Courtney Shaine says:

    Oh It's heartbreaking that she passed away at only 55 after going through all of that, but the Good Lord's house is better than any mansion here on earth. Bless her husband and son. They'll be reunited.

  • lorenzo magazzeni says:

    I'm sorry, – back in NOLA – we lived (5 years) in a house infested by roaches, mouldy whatever – which is totally common in New Orleans, never got sick.

  • Michael Alando says:

    14:15 “Take nothing for the journey,” He told them, “no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no second tunic. 4Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that area. (Luke 9 vs 3)
    16:20 "Can [the house]..can anyone be saved?" (Luke 18 vs 26)

    26Those who heard this said, “Then who in the world can be saved?”
    27He replied, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.”
    28Peter said, “We’ve left our homes to follow you.”
    29“Yes,” Jesus replied, “and I assure you that everyone who has given up house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, 30will be repaid many times over in this life, and will have eternal life in the world to come.”

  • These people absolutely deserve every dollar of that settlement, I’m sure they would give every penny back if they could go back to the way they were prior to being poisoned by the mold. I pray they are well.

  • First of all, the home making with thin wood and paper products is a rotten practice in USA. Also, I will tell all my friends and relatives not to buy Farmer's insurance.

  • 21:17 I thought the narrator said that Melinda was very neat and kept her house immaculately! Looks like if she's not careful here mold will start growing.

  • Im an amateur Insurance adjuster. And I could finish property damages cases in less than a month. The Insurance company was obviously delaying it or they r just plain lazy. Now they got a taste of what shit taste like.

  • Fact check 101 Jones says:

    Love forensic files, all the ads & right in the middle of a sentence is fucked up . Thanks for ruining you tube google! Fuck off

  • Thank you for your information . I have had seen the same thing in my friend house in Canada. And I get sick, when I was In their. House.

  • cheers mate one of the better how to hold a pike videos. I have caught a few pike over the last year but have not had the bottle to put my fingers through the gills and hold the fish like you are supposed to . For 2 reasons really 1 i think i may damage the fish and 2 that i think its going to bite me. I often make a pigs ear out of taking the lure out of the mouth too. So i need these videos

  • Delia Weinberg says:

    It's bs insurance companies are so dam shady!They charge an insane amt of money for coverage but then when you file a claim they try to get out of paying any way they can.

  • I know some people are thinking WOW 32,000,000 million dollars… But it doesn't cover, as she said at the end of the film, the health trauma that my family has incurred… Lesson……. Your health is your wealth…

  • IBelieveInMiracles says:

    They deserved every penny. Stupid insurance company. So sad what they had to endure and still are. Permanent cognitive impairment.. so so sad.

  • Yikes, black mold is no joke. I remember as a kid living in a huge old house that had black mold in it, that we believe started growing after hurricane damage. Towards the end of our stay there, I couldn’t even be inside for long without my head hurting and I was so afraid to breathe in anything. My sister had bad sinus issues that in retrospect, was probably aggravated by the mold. I was so happy when my family moved. There are some people that can really develop a horrible sensitivity to mold and it’s severe. Look up if you are interested in a story about a woman who has battled severe mold sensitivity. She and her husband literally have to live out of a van and decontaminate everything or else she becomes very ill.

  • So… did they band the material that contains this known mold for use in building since it is a known that at one point or another a house is going to leak?

  • It's nice that you religious people think that God sent the man on the plane but could you please think first before relishing in this miracle? Is that the best that God could do? Or is God sadistic in letting them suffer first? Use your brains, people.

  • Everybody is happy that the looters got sick. Use your brains, people. Firstly, they're not stealing. Secondly why didn't someone post warning signs all over that house? Thirdly why wasn't that house donated to the fire department for the use of control fire and teaching techniques, cause that flipping thing should have been burnt down? Think of innocent grandma sitting on the sofa that was looted. Now she's going to get sick. Or children. Or visitors. Anyway why are they using material known to carry that mold for buildings when it is a given that a building will leak at some point or another? Ban that material. Who's in charge of that? That's who really should have got sued!

  • Wait a minute. So I re-watched the part about the mold and building materials. Experts found an additional 13 leaks in the house plus one roof leak. So the insurance company said, no to paying for the floor repair until they finished their investigation. Why was that house so leaky? And is that what the insurance company covered? Things that make you go, Hmmm?

  • Wow I never knew mold could do that, you think they would have designed some easy to use tests for the presence of mold by now. It sounds like its a very easy situation to get into

  • That insurance companies owners should be grateful this isn't my family. What they did can't be undone, so I'd make sure whatever repercussions I brought were ones that'd make them regret their actions for the rest of their life.

  • They only got $4m after appeals.
    See, you get a jury of 12 to decide what's right. Then you have a judge that can UNDO ALL OF IT without having to have a solid basis for that.
    When that kind of money is on the line, judges are easy to buy.
    If they're elected – contribute to their campaign.
    If they're not elected – give a high paying position to one of their family members. Their daughters husband, their sons wife, their nieces husband, etc etc.

  • Queen of King queenofking says:

    I hate insurance companies! Whether it's health, work comp, or what these poor people had to deal with! That's just messed up they left it go to that point! I had a 3 year battle with work comp! They delayed a simple microdiscectomy and I ended up having permanent nerve damage and a second surgery 12 days later to fuse my spine because they didn't want to have to pay for the surgery! I can't imagine how much my case cost at company but it also cost me something that will last for the rest of my life so I feel for those people because I'm sure that had long lasting health issues as well. These people play god with our lives all because of the money!😠

  • I’m just glad they were able to stick it to the insurance company, even though all the money in the world can’t give them back their lives the way it was

  • Can't help but think that it was nothing short of Devine intervention for her to be seated next to an expert in this field on that flight to Little Rock.

  • Tragic effects her son the mold, leave her husband brain damage and she died in 2013 from result in mold, the insurance company bec they appeal 32 million dollar judgement and they only paid 4 million dollars she looses 9 million dollars for the house and 2 million dollars in legal fees and the insurance company was at fault and never paid more than 4 million dollars and destroyed her family really tragic story

  • Divine intervention rhere on the plane. But why would they get reimbursement for 72 acres? when they xould just build a new jome on the property. eq the pond or environment wasn't conducive for habitation.

  • Insurance companies are reviled today, & with good reason, the way railroad companies were despised in the 19th century. One has to be pretty unconscionable to work within such an industry, particularly in the area of claims adjudication.

  • lorenzo magazzeni says:

    Better late than never. In such a mansion, there must have been domestic helpers. I sure don't believe that that sophisticated lady could keep the place spotless clean.

  • Um if you have the money to build that house but not the money to tear out the crap part? Fuck the insurance company do it yourself~best idea burn it down and start over 50 acres to the south.

  • how sad..they buy a lovely home only to find mold was killing them..sued the company and got millions in compensation… In 1999, she sued her insurer over mold damage in her 22-room Austin, Texas mansion. Their case started as a single claim for water damage and turned into a case about mold contamination in the entire house. They were one of the first cases to highlight the dangerous results of toxic mold and changed how normal indoor mold was viewed in America. She and her husband, Ron Allison, were awarded $32 million in 2001 as a result of a lawsuit against Farmers Insurance for mold damage. The award was later changed to $4 million. As a result of her case and the attention she received, Ballard founded Policyholders of America, a consumer advocate group and homeowner’s insurance information clearinghouse. In 2013, Ballard died at the age of 55…Ron still suffers today…cannot believe scum looted the home..hope they suffer for it….

  • Here on the "wet coast" we have what's called a "hygro-thermal zone". It runs from the Vancouver , BC area down the Interstate 5 all the way past Olympia to Portland. The building standards have to be different than in MOST other areas of North America due to "failure of the building envelope". You have BLACK MOLD because the "building envelope" has FAILED. This may be due to improper construction, contaminated building materials, and other issues WELL KNOWN to proper building inspectors. the MOLD is a symptom, not a cause.

  • Decibus Kalibos says:

    There are high school students that dumb, why do they not look into that? Alzheimer's is not that bad if you like meeting new people. Got to keep a positive attitude. People who keep a clean house, do they clean behind their walls base boards and the crawl space as well? How do you check for mold? Besides leaky pipes, or areas under bathtubs and sinks and other water sources, then the attic in case rain has been collecting somewhere, other cheap materials such as particle board plywood and sheet rock that can collect moisture just from the air and does not get adequate ventilation. Other than that I do not know. Then again this is not my field of expertise. Could tear it down and rebuild it. Why risk it? Why patch it up? Get the blue prints and rebuild. 32 mil and you did not tear it down, some one else's problem now, sound familiar sound like the reason you sued for? Nice pretending that you care trying to inform people when all you care about is yourself and your money and get mad at the insurance company for caring about themselves and their money. Could not pony up 2 mil to demolish the house , need all 32 of it even though you were only asking for 6.

  • There was Mold in one of my previous homes from when I was 6 to about 16, parents called the council (as we were in a council house at this point) and they painted over it. It came back time and time again, my mum painted over it. Eventually the council put some board over it, asif that would do much. I went through a phase where I was constantly coughing, and then got diagnosed with asthma. Moved house and somehow ended up being the person with Mold in their bedroom again.. here we go painting over it again. Now I am in student accommodation. WITH NO MOLD! (So far)

  • As horrifying as any murder episode !! I really feel for the family. You expect this kind of thing to happen in very poor countries with all the squalor – not the USA. What awful luck for the family.

  • Why didn’t you repair immediately by your won income you waited for insurance company to fix your house. This is suicidal, never ever depend on other be independent if you cannot at least don’t depend on other to fix your problem. When you laugh everybody helps you to laugh, they laugh with you even they don’t understand what you are saying but when you cry nobody helps you to cry you have to cry by yourself. World functions differently than you think so be independent. If this woman didn’t care about money she would have gone through this and those two father and son. Sad sad sad money is everything to this world

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