Foreign & Pak media Reaction on Chandrayaan 2 Successful Launch to Moon

Foreign & Pak media Reaction on Chandrayaan 2 Successful Launch to Moon

Nashawn for open industry mission chandrayaan-2 coca Miyabi sarahvani cardia jalaja 'has booze extra half a pack Nikita Robby cassava Ravana nahi kiya Gaza kata party Hawaii mr. kamatovik Palace economist Bugatti parts of our Arab hub jaunt but watching it thanks for joining us here on France 24 this hour I'm Jeannie godula in Paris we'll start first with this news out of India and the country's Space Agency says it has just launched an unmanned spacecraft to the far side of the Moon that successful launch coming a week after a technical snag delayed liftoff as de Lana de Souza reports long delay due to a few leaks I anticipate research organizations say they're ready to take a billion dreams to the moon the country plans on becoming the fourth in the world behind the United States Russia and China to land a lunar spacecraft dubbed a moon chariot in Hindi the chandrayaan-2 is built almost entirely in India at 140 million dollars it costs a fraction of similar missions by other countries the spacecraft's orbiters had to circle the moon imaging its surface and studying the atmosphere while the rover will carry out experiments while controlled by scientists in India the country's space program is the source of immense and national pride and the Prime Minister has outlined an ambitious plan to send a crewed mission to space in the next three years when we will have been independent for 75 years or even before then or a daughter of India will go to space Monday's launch comes over a decade after India's first mission orbited the moon and search for water back in 2008 welcome back to GMC India is about two reattempt the launch of its second lunar mission a week after it altered the ship door blast off due to a technical snag India Space Agency hopes the transient so that means moon vehicle 2 will be the first land on the little explored South Pole of the moon the mission will focus on the lunar surface searching for water and minerals and measuring and moon quakes well we do have some live pictures coming to us now from the status of Darwin Space Center industry having Cota Island the countdown for liftoff is underway it's just on your screens where you see shortly there's 200 igniting on the ground – – 18 seconds ma in the paddock here about trinket that's again back here I met with the Julia the only girl here after halted the spacecraft will be taking a billion dreams the moon now stronger than ever before that the cherry and Sue will be the first to land on the moon's South Pole was as a big mission with about 150 million the India Space Agency has been so far and India biddings become just the fourth nation Russia reports United States China to have learned big moments and a problem in India thousands of people have gathered there at the launch sites to witness this lots of people entering the trees school children as well there has been careful wondering what we can tell India launching roughly transient to it means moon vehicle to hoping first to land all the little explored because India has launched its most ambitious space mission yet New Delhi hopes the 145 million dollar Misha will be the first to land on the moon South Pole the country's space chief said that his agency had bounced back with flying colors after the first attempt was aborted our business reporter getting Srivastava star joins us now from the Delhi hey Nitin good to have you with us I was gonna ask you how much it cost what I just read so 145 million bucks what is what is India hope to get out of this well it has been been talking about doing research more research on the moon surface in terms of water in terms of minerals and also about moon quakes and that's what the whole mission is all about the Indian Space Agency has has obviously had this into way back in 2008 when that was the first Indian mission to moon of course the landing didn't take place but then the all-important discovery of finding water and moon surface happened then and this is this is a program which actually aims to take this forward because some people will be thinking about this India the country that lacks a lot of infrastructure company the country that has extreme poverty I think more than 700 million Indians don't have access to at all it really should they really be spending this sort of money on a space program well this is something which has always been debated over here in the last 30 40 50 years but there is another fact which which says that the indian space program has by a large being considered fairly successful in the last 40 50 years by Indians the reason being it's been a homegrown low-cost space research program suppose you compare it with the Nativity cost of the u.s. space program say it was a few billion dollars in the late 1960s and 70s this mission which costs India 150 max used mill million dollars this is much lesser and Indians been doing a lot of weather forecasting this space programs have been used for better missile technology so yes this is largely been seen as a success story of course there are some gray areas and there are issues which are of concern still in the short and sweet but we appreciate your time thanks very much so we'll talk thanks for joining us live from Delhi CW news coming to you live from Berlin India is after the moon as the chandrayaan-2 rocket successfully lifts off spacecraft have a warm welcome to you I'm Amrita Chima India has successfully launched an unmanned spacecraft to the far side of the loan the Chandrayaan due to cost from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre to chance from thousands of onlookers the launch had been delayed a week due to a technical glitch the chandrayaan-2 carries an orbiter Lander and rover if you travel for two months before the lander vikram touches down on the moon's surface net south phone a robotic rover dragon will then spend 14 days collecting a mineral and chemical samples for analysis the mission is a major step for India's efforts to become a space superpower up to now only the United States Russia and China have landed spacecraft on the journey now from Delhi is Rajesh very Pillai rajagopal and she's the head of the nuclear and space policy initiative at the observer Research Foundation that's a think tank based in the Indian capital welcome Rajesh very a big moment for India in its space program what did you feel when you searched on the rayon to lift off today now I think this has been an exciting moment not just for its row the Indian Space Research Organisation India as a whole but also for the whole world this has become such a prestigious moment because there has been a global attention ever since u.s. President Trump came into office he talked about going back to the moon there have been other countries such as India or Russia idea China and Japan who have been trying to go back to the moon the moon our mission China has undertaken a couple of aggressive measures there it landed on the far side of the Moon earlier this year in the beginning in June January three years ago it landed on the near side of the moon so there have been quite a bit of attention even with respect to the moon moon missions but also broader outer space itself has seen quite a bit of interest when can we expect the actual landing to take place and what are the trickiest parts of this mission so the landing itself is going to take place about 45 days from now so around this September 1st week September 6th or 7th is slated to the period when actually so we'll land it sir then we'll land there and then you have a trickiest or the terror hours of about when it can actually reenter the lunar orbit and I think that's going to be the most tricky part of the old mission this was a tricky mission in the first part the Chandrayaan splitter separates from the from the rocket itself that has happened now it can be parked in the what he called the Earth's parking orbit EPO there we do a couple of fishermen who is first for the next few weeks and before it gets onto the lunar orbit and I think that's going to be the next major mission that is a major milestone for the mission in a sense and of course landing the soft landing because even the landing is very tricky because even the landing the place where you land will be decided only as moments before it actually does the real landing so it's a very complex and very difficult mission and this is the most complex mission that India has undertaken for the first time landing on a non terrestrial surface so it's a big deal for India additionally just how significant is a successful launch for in this space program and it seems at this time women are playing a significant role on this omission that is something that has been particularly attractive about the issue the Indian Space Research Organisation has had a sizable number of women scientists who lead various projects and in this regard the post admission director mr. director as well as oh it seems we seem to have lost our connection to Delhi


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  • mahendra bairwa says:

    यह इसरो के वैज्ञानिकों के अथक प्रयासों का नतीजा हैं ना कि किन्ही
    प्रधानमंत्रियों का बादलों में मिसाइल छुपाने के ज्ञान का ।

  • ISRO : this chandrayaan 2 mission comes with a cost of 978 crore rupees.
    Pakistan: jhuth bol rhe h ye hindustani…
    Itne paise hote hi ni h…

  • rajalekshmi vr says:

    India was one of the Prosperous countries before British looted us. They divided us on the basis of religion for their profit.

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  • One day we will be super power In sha Allah. Hum pure world ko jooti pe rakh sakte hai bus sirf corruption khatam ho jaaye.

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    I always love to see this butt hurt BBC reporter , becomes so restless each time INDIA launches something .
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    Kyon andh bhakto kya khyal hai?

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    When we do it and others can't do it, that is how others show out their ego by questioning India's spending money on space program rather than on toilets. Instead they could have asked how we achieved it at an unbelievable cost and unquestionable success rate.

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