Foreign Media Mourned A Dreaded Terrorist | NewsX

Foreign Media Mourned A Dreaded Terrorist | NewsX

washington post has been in the news because
of the headline that they posted for abu bakr albaghdadi. the dreaded isis chief who was
killed in a us operation in northwest syria, a region where the isis has been active for
many years. washington post, which never shies away from controversy, decided to call baghdadi
an austere religious scholar. their obituary read: abu bakr al baghdadi,
austere religious scholar at the helm of islamic state, dies at 48. that really doesn’t sound
like one of the most dreaded terrorists in the world has been killed. it doesn’t end
there though. in the article itself, the washington post writer says things like ‘mr. baghdadi
maintained a canny pragmatism’, ‘acquaintances would remember him as a shy, nearsighted youth
who liked soccer but prefered to spend his free time at the local mosque’. when one reads
this article, it really doesnt sound like the mastermind behind hundreds of terror attacks
across the world . 6754 number of people have died in terrorist
attacks linked to the isis since 2014. 6754. that’s the price people have paid. the group
has been designated as a terrorist organisation by the united nations, as well as by the european
union and many individual states, baghdadi was a specially designated global terrorist
by the united states. genocide of yazidis in iraq, sex slavery, organised rape, floggings,
systemic executions, terrorists activities and massacres, all under the command of this
one man. in 2011, a reward of $10 million was offered for baghdadi by the us state department.
this amount was increased to $25 million in 2017,for information or intelligence on his
whereabouts to enable capture, dead or alive. how can this man be described as an austere
religious scholar in a major global publications headline? there’s been major outrage online
against washington post, they took down the original headline along with the tweet and
changed it to “abu bakr al-baghdadi, islamic chief “terrorist-in-chief”, dies at 48. kristine coratti kelly, vice president, communications
general manager, washington post live, tweeted that the “headline should never have read
that way”. well certainly it shouldn’t have ever been written that way, and the fact
that it was written that way just adds to the washinton posts’ history of being highly
insensitive in its coverage of sensitive matters. by calling abu bakr al baghdadi a young boy
interested in soccer who grew up to become an austere religious scholar normalises a
globally dreaded terrorist, and that’s a slippery slope. it gives out the message that
he was just another young boy gone rogue. eulogising terrorists is a terrible policy
adopted by the publication, regardless of the fact that it later changed the headline.
once you normalise a man like baghdadi, you inadvertently provide a side of this man that
truly shouldn’t matter, unless someone was writing a detailed biography of baghdadi to
ascertain what led to him becoming the beast that he did. secondly, by giving baghdadi
a human side that the majority of the world can related to, you downplay the magnitude
of baghdadi’s contribution to growth and spread of terrorism in world. and that’s
a great dissevice to the thousands of people who’ve died in the hundreds of attacks that
have been carried out by the isis. it is extremely insensitive towards to those who’ve escaped
the brutalities of the isis regime, and to the families of the 6,754 people who’ve
been killed in isis terror attacks. and washington posts headline stems from its
long standing confusion between certain terms- it seems like washintonpost can’t differentiate
between the words, rebel, militant and terrorist. while covering articles on terror attacks
in india, washinton post has always used the term militant and not terrorist. by defition,
militants are those who use violence for a political or social cause. so washington post
believes that the jem, hizbul and let terrorists in the valley are working for a social and
political cause of azadi. for a second let’s entertain that explanation. several people
and publications use this criteria to differentiate. if a person or group uses violence to attack
forces or military, then its militancy, and if civilians are targetted, then it’s a
terror attack. even by this logic, washington post’s decision to call terrorists on indian
soil militants makes absolutely no sense. innocent civilians along with forces have
been the target , so washington post, please explain to us the logic behind your editorial
position. and it actually got worse recently. there
was a terror attack in kashmir where an apple truck driver was killed in broad day light
by terrorists in the valley. washinton post carried an assocaited press story, which called
the terrorists rebels. that’s insanity. they are not militants, and they’re certainly
not rebels. so stop providing justifications for terror attacks by calling them militants.
your denial emboldens the terrorists, and nothing else. this hypocrisy of the washington post needed
to be called out, and by once again putting up an outrageous headline, they seem to have
garnered the world’s attention, and rightly so. washington post holds itself to really
high standards of journalism, it’s a pulitzer prize winning publication, one of the leading
in the world. when a publication like that decides to eulogise a terrorist, its setting
the worst kind of precedence in a world where millions of people are now being brainwashed
online to join extremist propaganda. in world where young people are being recruited through
social media, where they have access to extremist ideology, the last thing we need is normalisation
of terrorists . at the cost of repeating myself, i’ll say it again, because this needs to
be understood. there needs to be zero tolerance for this kind of propaganda, you cannot make
a hero out of a terrorist. who is writing these headlines, who is writing these articles,
and most importantly, whose okaying all of this. they all need to be pulled up, and a
clear explanation must be demanded from the washintonpost about what action has been taken
by these elements within the publication who are resorting to this level of reportage.
washington post may have apologised for this one article, but several other apologies are
pending. . if washington post can’t figure out the difference between a terrorist and
a militant and a rebel, then it’s time we tell them what the difference is.


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  • Liberal, communist what is your plan……..when chuslam come for you…as it will come for sure…divided Hindu..Sikh..Buddisht..Jews will fall ……….in front of these rabbis Virus chuslam…….what is your plan Liberal…???? to run to another planet …???

  • Liberal, communist what is your plan……..when chuslam come for you…as it will come for sure…divided Hindu..Sikh..Buddisht..Jews will fall ……….in front of these rabbis Virus chuslam…….what is your plan Liberal…???? to run to another planet …???

  • Washington Post maaa kiii Boosraa… Pakisstanii piigs who works in Washing-powder-nirma… Teeriii maaa kiii 😂😂😂😂🐷🐷🐷👈👈👈

  • Sukruth N S sukruth narayana swamy says:

    Washington Post has to be banned for posting such statements over evil inhumane terrorists and anti-India propaganda, Fake anti-India News since Abrogation of Article 370

  • It is not just washington post buy many other news papers and media who have sympathy for terrorists , rapists and islamists , this is what the world has become now , just as u.k. prepares to become islamic so do these media.

  • Follow The Bakri says:

    Washington post is funded by Moslem countries, they have to Mourn for there leader
    Even this media will cry Oink our leader is dead ?

  • Samething…in the process of hating Trump they started hating humanity…NDTV and Modi in Indian scenario…just masses should close these media houses.

  • How many dalits are oppressed & dalit's girls & women raped till now since Vedic period by high caste just isis did in Iraq & Syria in three yrs ? Forced to suicide just junior low caste lady doctor in Mumbai.

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