27 thoughts on “Food Network Subliminal Advertising?”

  • Sigh , I'm going to offer an alternative explanation than just "food network is allowing subliminal advertising." When networks line up commercials and shows, it has to be put on a queue. These things are controlled by computers, however, with computers errors can occur. Assuming this is digital, these channels would en-queue both the TV stream and the commercial streams. When errors occur, they could send out frames of the ads instead of the video but was quickly corrected.

    My current hypothesis is that at the time, it was en-queuing the Mcdonalds ad. Since modern processors are faster when reading data from back to front, it was encoding the back, while heading forward, this will be important later. When it was queuing it, instead of displaying the correct frame of the show, the computer could of sent the first encoded frame of the Mcdonalds ad, which remember, is encoded back to front. That's why out of nowhere, you see a Mcdonalds ad in the middle of a show. From looking at the comments, this seems to be an issue that happens from time to time, so it isn't just going to be some bitflip like with TTC Upwarp, but still something that could happen with a poorly managed, messy, barely functioning mess of computers dasy chained together in order to produce what you see on screen.

    That's not even including the possibility that could be a separate channel that bled over due to interference from external sources that happened to be playing a Mcdonalds ad but due to something somewhere fucking up, it ended up displaying the incorrect frame. I would blame the TV for this one, especially if it's recording something.


  • Alexa Bella Muerte says:

    iron chef did this in Mexico too. but instead it played a tiny clip of the milk brand LALA, and the milk pouring into a cup. creepy.

  • The Bad Apple says:

    I've caught a few of these myself before, I pointed them out to my brother and he said he didn't even notice them.

  • Keira Churchill says:

    That one frame of video gave them 1.3 million views on YouTube and people talking about their brand when some muppet recorded it and posted a video.  Money well spent, it seems.  On the other hand, a technical glitch caused by someone fiddling with the upcoming advert queue could explain it too.  Either way, it's a win for McDonalds, so they won't be moaning.

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