28 thoughts on “Following Survivors: Aiman- BBC News”

  • eric lovelace says:

    Lets not pretend that the bbc is even remotely British anymore. This channel just clearly doesn't belong to us Brits anymore. It has become a foreign propaganda operation. I think that the bbc poll tax should now be classed as yet more misspent foreign aid. I know that we will be winning again once the bbc is back under full British control – until that time we are nothing more than an occupied nation who can't even control its own national broadcasting station. Sorry but Britain has clearly fallen.

  • The Crusader says:

    This week..31 muslims were charged with trafficking and molesting British Children in Huddersfield just like they did in Telford Rochdale Rotherham Leeds Aylesbury Oxford Bristol Newcastle….

    100 cars torched in Sweden by Islamic thug's..

    14 year old child raped by an Islamic immigrant in Germany…

    Terrorist attack in London by Islamic jihadi…

    Man killed in Chemnitz by Islamic immigrants

    Month of August 2500 dead and another 3000 dead due to Islamic Terrorism…

  • Cheap propaganda. More than 3 million Islamic Afghan Arab Pakistan African Muslim men under 30 that invaded Europe illegally with the support of Zionists Soros and globalists Antiwhites

  • Pepe TheFrog says:

    Hey BBC why are you not reporting about Mourtala Madou, beheadeding his one-year-old daughter at Jungfernstieg station in Germany on April 12th 2018?

  • If you ppl don't want refugees stop bombing tre country..Stop supporting the NATO u have killed 1 million ppl in Iraq, 1/2 million in Syria.. U goons why do u killed tre parents..Who made them flee tre land..

  • Super Hans âś… says:

    BBC propaganda. When will you learn that nobody cares? I stopped paying the license fee and hundreds are cancelling them per day. The BBC is living on borrowed time and you only have yourselves to blame.

  • They wouldn’t take this dangerous route if we did close the borders properly, saving lives. We could redirect resources used on housing migrants to fighting IS. How many have to die from the diversity ideology?

  • If they were really only seeking safety, they would have stopped at the first safe country, and not needing to be smuggled farther, no accident would have occurred.

  • Skyla Edwards says:

    LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA first sentence is, “Migrant children grow so fast.” Hahahahaha well when you start as a 24 year old 12 year old then yeah I can see that. Hahahahahaha anyone else remember the “children” with beards seeking asylum? 1:22 in and I am already outrageously amused.



    Multiculturalism has never worked in the history of mankind and it will never work in the present or future. A country can simply not thrive with various different racial groups trying to gain power. When the native majority becomes disenfranchised they will turn to extreme measures to protect their interests and homeland. I don't think it requires a great deal of logic to work this out.

    Marrakesh Declaration 2018

    Frankfurt School

    Barcelona Agreement 1995


    Barbara Lerner Spectre

    Barbara Roche

    Emanuel Celler

    Anthony Lester

    Check out Stephen Smith’s: EurAfrica.

    Watch Europa: the last battle on YouTube.

  • Bob Mitchell says:

    Nice people but world would be a better place if they were making a difference in their country for their people. 🤔.

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