5 thoughts on “FNN: Top stories and headlines”

  • Charles Householder says:

    dismiss Titus woman she's a real freaking idiot do we have people like this in our government everywhere this is an embarrassment I'm 54 years old I ain't ever seen such mockery of our country I mean shameful people that black guy that was up in all miss miss miss he's a freaking idiot they Don't Care about kids only hours a bunch of idiots can't you American people wake up and see this s*** this is crazy this is crazy the devil's in America for f**** sugar

  • Charles Householder says:

    Sing sing like this investigation is I don't know like a brainwashing b***** listen to these people how they act at the questions they asked don't it seem like it's like a brainwashing to Nilsson I mean think about it watch this investigation and put your mind it wouldn't make me f**** go crazy I would jump up and strangle these b**** punch these f**** idiots out and run over with the with I don't know I change my f**** pants people freaking idiots I wish somebody like in the movies he's gangster shows where somebody kicks in the doors 30 f**** arm guys comes in there then you can take these assholes out something just like a movie I love to see a movie like that

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