Florida Gov. DeSantis Gives Coronavirus Update | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Florida Gov. DeSantis Gives Coronavirus Update | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  • only because the state has to pay the contract regardless unlike a 12% bridge loan to small business which is way to high rather than an sba loan at 3.75%. but no protection from landlords 60-90 days


  • The Governor of Florida is crook and un-American. No wonder the handling of the crisis have been a disaster. It's called having character and principles which the GOP pos doesn't have. How much money did he take from the Russians?

  • Only Americans have the capacity to put up with this level of incompetence. What about the workers that are to fix the roads and build the bridges? Are they immune to this virus?

  • Sam Valladares says:

    The city of Daytona Beach says there's no plans to test. VA won't test me until I prove that I've been in contact with someone who tested positive. How am I supposed to do that when no one's being tested?

  • He’s too young to be a governor.
    The way he has been reacted to national pandemic just make me so ?. Again, he is reading a paper instead of giving a speech

  • People in Florida need to stand up to this nonsense and fight back. Call Densantis and let him know how bad he is hurting our state. This is killing our economy and for what, only 900 people have gone to the hospital in the entire state of florida, out of 21 million people. Dont lay down and just take this we need to let our government know how bad they are hurting the people of this country and state.

  • ‘You gotto do what makes the most sense’ ??
    The balls on this guy ??
    You’re a month and a half behind the facts and any sense.
    All clusters popping up 3,5 weeks from now across the country can and will be laid at your feet.
    SOB ??

  • jackie fitzpatrick says:

    He's so full of crap ! He let Floridians get the virus , some who have died , and wanted President Trump to tell him what to do. Grow some balls and hope you never run for office again , in Florida , or any state . Your making like your a hero now and your our joke in Florida . You let us down ! Hope your family is embarrassed at your lack of concern for us in Florida . Your making excuses now . Shut up.

  • Can someone tell me where all the so called dead bodies that are piling up, where are they? I called many funeral homes in different states and got same response. They not busy with any so called virus. In fact most was excited I called cause they thought I had a body for them lol. I felt bad lol. Anyway where the f. Is all these so called dead hmmmm. Soylent green maybe? Lol. Seriously people where?

  • Well where were you a month ago when it really mattered? Too busy pocketing contributions from the grateful hotel and holiday industries, I expect. Florida has probably done more damage to the USA than any other single state. It also contains very large numbers of very vulnerable old people, many of whom won't be around to vote for you or President Virus when the time comes. You couldn't make this up.

  • I am so saddened that i need to find true leadership from New York and California governors how best to respect those all over the country and the world with distancing and helping others through creative means. The lack of reaction and failure to clearly see what's coming in florida… I pray for all of us daily and value not only those who are in the field but to those who have the strength and courage to do what's right despite the lack of direction. STAY HOME ?

  • Michelle Thurston says:

    let's spend $$$$ and time on the unemployment site and labor to handle the calls. YOu've had a year to get that fixed and ready for the influx of traffic on the site. Funny, Pres. Trump mentioned in his speech States working on their road. CAn we focus here on the people and not the blacktop please. P.s. Govenor, Please read your email today asking for help for the people!!!! I would say…. Add a 4th important…your dis functional website and operation.

  • 64,000 tested ÷ 21,500,000 population = .003 % tested. That's 3 people out of every 1,000. You've known about this for 3 months now. That's pathetic.

  • Why does he remind me of that Italian leader who asked Italians to hug chinese to show they are not racist nd in retrn half of italy is dead and still dying…This bafoon liberal leftist is a cancer.

    Goes to show leftists,liberals have no boundary be it USA,UK,India,Australia,NZ all these leftists are a cancer to free world

  • This was the April Fool lockdown all businesses remain open they considered pool cleaning inessential having a lawn mower essential they did not close down anything that was not close before I wonder how many lies has to be lost before they do the right thing

  • TwoPeas InA Bucket Fuk'it says:

    This Is An Update Of Deflection And Lies But He Did Talk About The Most Important Thing "ROAD WORK"

  • If I were governor, I would've shut down all the beaches and cancelled spring break. He's about 3 weeks late and a dollar short. Moron. I read somewhere that his top contributors have oceanfront property and they would have lost out on business if he would have shut down spring break. Makes you really ???????????

  • Alice - Waves of Life - says:

    There is more than just construction going on here people….while everyone is in their homes" thinking" they are safe ..there will be further future destruction going on with 5G on those roads and other locations…There will be a reset with this 5G thing and the impact on our health will be horrific..for some it will be alright for others not so much….Research it yourself! Good Luck to All.

  • what is the use of bringing a stay at home order now??? its already spread in Florida and all those dumbsters that were partying on the beaches in thousands have already dispersed all around the country… too late

  • Mitchell Simerly says:

    How can you expect people to respect stay at home orders when govt employees are being told to go to work to repair roads…

  • Churches? Really? That just undermines the entire stay at home order effort. We need to get serious and lock down “ALL” social gatherings!!!

  • He won't get my vote!! Should of took actions a lot sooner and what he calls essential workers!!!! while he remains in his house safe

  • You need to visit Jacksonville – people everywhere and stores like Babcock Furniture open to the public. Traffic has been like "season". People here do not understand what social distancing is. They do not even understand 6 feet away.

  • Where’s the info for the guidelines? He doesn’t even say what website to look for the guidelines of what’s essential

  • Why do you need ventilators for a flu? Every person I've heard who has talked about this after testing positive has said it's no big deal. Not that those people ever make the news. Gotta wonder where these statistics qualifying a pandemic are coming from.
    Call me crazy, but this seems much more like a fear based attack on freedom than a pandemic. I'm curious to see how long this gets drawn out before people wake up and see their freedoms being stolen. Already most Americans are cowering in their houses, how long until gun sales are shut down on a national level, it's already happened in some states, or gun turn ins start being asked for? GPS tracking of citizens has already been proposed, how long until it's implemented?

  • Now's the perfect time to fix street lights and potholes I'm going to take advantage of less civilians being on the streets for street cleaning and line painting. We also have huge areas along I-95 and the Turnpike that the grass needs to be cut so if you're going to breathe in a virus the air might as well smell good. I am doing everything in my power to make acquiring the virus as comfortable as possible. I hope you appreciate my efforts and remember me when voting time comes around.

  • Faith Strange says:

    Moron, totally over his brain capacity with this crisis. We are in this situation because you didn’t act. No leadership until forced to act because of deaths. Can’t wait to vote him out. “Tough medicine” DeSantis…you are brainless. You NEVER stressed anything except keep it open make money keep you special interest happy. ?God help Florida.

  • Inconsistency: The list of allowable exercises includes biking, but the state has closed the bike trails, I looked, today, at the Withlacoochee trail and the prairie trail off highway 200 west of Ocala and both are closed. I think bicycling is safe. Wife and I usually go as a pair, we don't congregate with anyone. penalize those who do group up. Bicycling is certainly safer than people going to church and even safer than going to Walmart or Publix.

  • Lester Musterman says:

    Putting any one two work right now is not safe.putting road workers out there can and will spread the virus.

  • At this point I don't know if he's stupid, just greedy or both. Those poor workers are going to get infected and then bring it home. He needs to use that money to be more prepared in case things get worst that they are. He needs to watch NY governor Cuomo briefings and learn how a governor is supposed to act.

  • Steve Kastner says:

    It took a lawyer to get DeSantis to shut the state down. The lawyer threaten to sue him if he did not shut down the state .

  • Republican Rick De Santis is the perfect example of why White Evangelical Christians are incapable of holding a responsible public office. They wrap their narrow minded religious views around responsible public policy and are often dangerously wrong. Narrow minded Religion and public policy are dangerous in any combination.

  • He has talked with président Trump at the White House said DeSantis . And the president who is a good adviser agreed..
    This is a hot spot ! "
    Of course it is a hot spot ! The more you wait the more people Will die !

  • Dear Gov; Please insure that you respect the civil liberties of US citizens by exhausting all lesser measures to contain the virus before you restrict freedom of association and due process. These lesser measures must minimally include OSHA regs for the full range of facilities and public transport that establishes the type of PPE necessary to prevent virus transmission directly between people and through intermediate physically exchanged materials. Where existing stocks of the necessary PPE and other mitigation equipment is unavailable, your state gov’t must directly invest in production of these items to preserve your authority in parens patriae. Without establishing these basic safety standards, no employer will want to accept liability for injury to employees and employees won’t want to risk death or illness to work. Neither will the public purchase anything unessential where it could harbor virus. Our economy will not recover without restoring confidence in our means of commerce.

  • If religious people are allowed to congregate then fine. They should register with his/her family. If they become ill, no treatment. You make your bed, you lie in it. There’s no free lunch.

  • What I see is YOU are like England,no care for people ,YOU polititions have no Clue ,just all the money now ,you never minded rent exploded here because owners are you

  • You're the typical and certified Republican Moron No.2 after the guy in the W.H., so pathetic and ridiculous, so incapable to be a governor of a state.

  • it seems few are not employed by essential services. should have permanent boycott on Hobby Lobby for the crap they just pulled!

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