Florida Football: Media Day Press Conference

Florida Football: Media Day Press Conference

all right how's everybody doing good excited to get get training camp going the I think you know as sisa this is the earliest we've ever open training camp here at Florida but would the early kick-off this year I think I've had one this early before I think a couple years ago the NSA allowed kind of with with their trying to tweak in the rules and gave you a little bit extra time where you could start training camp earlier we were able to do that which you know it was kind of funny when they did that I don't know it had anything to do with start early but I had to do a number of days I was the training camp that the players thought was the best training camp they ever had it was the least number of injuries it was the healthiest we ever were because we're able to give more days off but with NCA rules right now we you know they kind of scrunch it all in there so you got to really kind of scrunch it all in there and you they've decided for the players I guess to cut down on recovery time for the players by scrunching training camp together with having the the 25 practices in 29 days but we getting ready to to go like I said this is the hundred and fiftieth year of college football so it's a great honor for us to be involved in the game that kind of kicks off one hundred and fiftieth year of college football and then you get to do it you know in a in a game and it was going to be a great environment down in down in Orlando at Camping World Stadium and do it against to in-state rivals that don't always get to place I don't think you can have a more exciting start to the season but we got a long long time before we even start thinking about getting to that you know our mindset right now the big mindset for the team is changing from offseason again back into the football mindset we've talked about it kind of the beginning of the week with our guys to start transitioning their mindset from that hey I'm showing up to get a little bigger faster and stronger and get a great workout in to up showing up making sure that I'm learning the offense defense kicking schemes technique having great technique having great fundamentals and I'm to get out there on the field and see the work that our guys have put in you know I mean when I talk about that work it's not the work that they've put in with coach savage and his staff I know that works great but it's all the you know one of the big keys is all the extra work that our guys have put it all the extra things they do on their own and summer may have the opportunity to go out there and throw catch work technique fundamentals you know hit a slab what actually what more did they do on their own you know watch and film put in the extra time to get ready for this season so hopefully hopefully they've put in a lot of extra time and they're prepared they're ready to go when we get ready to have a great training camp questions then obviously the offensive line is I think a big concern and everybody's talking about it what if we will they be able to do it I mean when you look at the amount of time you were able to get those guys in a play here a play there how beneficial is that going to be for you well I think huge I think you know the concern I don't know it's the concern of numbers I think we're you know our depth is not great right now you know you get concerned in experience in depth those are the two big things on offensive line and I think our guys have put in time they've worked I think we have some pretty good offensive linemen they just haven't played a whole lot and that's a position obviously where when you look we get young really quick and when you do that when you have those depth concerns you got to go stay healthy so you know what they've they've put in a lot of work one of the things how we set up training camp a lot of guys get a lot of reps I think one thing John always does is move guys around so that you get used to playing with different guys you know and I know everybody gets okay who's running with the one huddle or this guys were running with the one offensive line to me we kind of rotate all that stuff on a daily basis some days this guy be with the ones we put these guys in with the twos mitchum mix and match obviously we'd love to say hey these five guys were healthy and they played the whole season we didn't have any any issues and guys got really comfortable playing next to each other and but that doesn't always happen so we got to have the guys get used to playing with different groups and different combinations on the line and that gets experience so we'll spend a lot of time with that in training camp of getting those guys comfortable playing you know with different little different combinations up front and getting that experience and in development and getting them ready to play yeah yep no was you know he's got a couple of things he's still working on but I know he wants to get back with the team he's on our training camp roster to report the camp when we report at 5 o'clock this afternoon and you know I mean I ever think that I've been told we're on track that he's gonna be set ready to practice tomorrow we did huh am i on I are the I did I past concussion protocol so I'm good to go so bump my head and had to go but they they did the tests on me and I guess I passed so they're gonna let me practice tomorrow no not I wasn't a guy just bumped my head and something wasn't a golf course injury so I was able to stay healthy on the course this summer had a decent summer too I'm catching I'm trying to catch Coach Spurrier on my hole-in-ones no you gotta yell ok here so what's the toughest opponent you've ever opened up with and how's that kind of changed your approach to camp well as a head coach ER and my coaching career I mean coaching career head coach I think when I was at Notre Dame one year we opened up with Nebraska they were number one in the country in the preseason polls and think we lost we lost that game in overtime if I'm not mistaken so they were pretty good Oklahoma State I started as head coach Mississippi State one year I think one of it is a it what it can lead to is a little more sense of urgency during training camp and I think the other that's a key component to it and then the other component of you know as we talk to transition and right now we're transitioning from offseason mode' mindset into football mindset at the back end of training camp you got it you got a transition from training camp mindset to game week mindset you know the practices everything you do is how you prepare the practices what you're doing is completely different when you get in season than training camp you know you're going from an install teach mode of learning the offense as a whole you know you're going out of practice you try to compartmentalize and install be doing scrimmage you know you're gonna have you know you might have a hundred and seventy five you know we got a hundred and ninety five two hundred plays and in training camp when you get into Game one you're gonna have seventy calls in that you're gonna focus on against that specific opponent instead of all of our plays on offense against all of our plays on defense all of our defensive calls against all the different formations we show you hone it into kind of a game week game plan so it's accelerating that when you're playing a big time game one is if you got to accelerate the transition period into game week where do you hope to see the most progress in the offensive line seems like the given but is there just a general kind of theme area you want to see the progress offensively obviously offensive line is a big one where you want to see progress quarterback I mean to me that's always the biggest one you know is your progress at the quarterback position especially coming back over the summer because those are the guys that I want to see have developed to put a lot of extra work in over the summer at that position that you know and that gets to the timing of routes you know say hey boy we should be able to go out there I should be able to put a blindfold on you and you know tell you who the receiver is and you can go throw that 10-yard out cut type a deal you know what I mean and that that's how in tune you are with those would with your receivers but the those are the big ones obviously you know defensively defensive line big want to make it sure we're taking all that the right steps with that that unit coming together to play play at the level we expect them to be you know I think line of scrimmage is huge for us where we take big steps forward dan last year team had such a chip on their shoulder trying to erase that memory of the four and eight season try to prove themselves to you how do you think the increased expectations and familiarity with you will affect this team well what I hope the familiarity helps a lot you know that we're able to get things done faster quicker smoother and progressed it at much quicker rate because they know what to expect didn't know what's about to come you know what our expectations of practice and what practice is like and limits question marks I certainly hope we still play with a chip on our shoulder you know I think we I hope we have that chip on our shoulder we look at last year and say boy there was a lot of great things happen last year and they're a bunch of things that weren't great and that you you look at that and say hey the you know they were there there are some things we needed to be a lot better at last year and we have that chip on our shoulder to kind of get that back you know there were you know in the three games that we didn't win last year then we have a chip on our shoulder about those three games because and they were all three very different reasons to keep a chip on your shoulder of you know on our performance and how we did not perform to our level of expectations in those games and so hopefully we keep that a little bit of a chip on our shoulder a little bit of an edge to us as a team you can't communications with your players over the summer but there seems to be among people a pervading spirit there was a good deal of leadership shown a stretching about six or seven guys what stories have drifted back to you about the extra work the extra days the work ethic well I think that I think the arrogance got back to me he's been been real positive with our guys you know what I mean and the positive of there's a couple aspects to it which is that the team getting along which is huge to me and by getting along a positive one are the things they do away from football together you know I think you know one of the great things you know if you're gonna have a successful team when you get in and you see when the teams together they do group activities you know whether it's hey we're all having a cookout pool party at someone's house when we have an off day or at this apartment complex which I know you know people like oh boy is that crazy or what you know sometimes you listen think of those terms but there's positive for the team bonding you know what I mean and how they get along and how they get together and their their desire to want to hang out with each other I think is huge and I think you know you've seen that grow of the team growing closer together that way then the other one you know I mean to me is I think they know what our expectations and I think their comfort within the system makes it easier for them to do the extra work you know that when the quarterbacks and receivers go out they know they know the offense now they know the passing game and they've been through it all for a year and so they know how to how hard they need to go work and then you look at the guys and you have guys like CJ Henderson who's just such a hard worker might not be the loudest most vocal guy in a leader but when you watch his work ethic is great taking the young DBS and showing them little extra things you know he's always something jumps out every time you do a workout every when the workouts over he's always working or practice over working an extra technique and pulling young guys along with them so I think that's real positive for us moving forward on the live TV I mean I might look like nervous here today it is co I mean it is flat cold in here right now like well it's coach is like shaking up they're fired up ready to go it was colder at SEC Media Day so we keep it had a full because I you gotta look at me I would've wore my suit can you talk about John greener and how you got him and how exactly the recruitment of him went yeah I think one of the things is here's a guy that he was in his last year at Louisville and and got injured and wasn't able to play you know and I think it was a guy that had a great year and was I think some of it came to attention of hey he's graduating he was he was graduating he was thinking I think about you know possibly leaving early to go to the NFL if he had had a great season being injured I think kind of got him to rethink that set him back but was one of the kind of a fresh start I think one of the big advantages we had in recruiting is early I think his early in his career he played for coach Grantham at Louisville for a year so he knew the system it wasn't coming into a foreign system he knew a system that he was actually recruited into to go play at and knew the system so I think we're a great fit and and you know to be honest with you I think in part of that mindset and for me that's something that's changing now over the last couple years which is that not just the grad transfer which he was but just the transfer as a whole mindset you know with the portal and all the guys that are moving around and kind of the number of guys that are transferring it it gives you a different thought you rethink how you view the transfers in college football and I think if you just leavin looking at our roster if you look at rosters around the country you know I want to say ten years ago you know you're looking at the transfer and you're kind of like questioning him why is it leaving you know like what did he did he get thrown out is he gotten in trouble you know what what's the purpose of of it you know I mean what's the baggage that's coming along with the transfer I think in today's light it's really changed guys are transferring because the transport it's a much more common thing so it's not kind of I think there are coaches eyes it's really changed how you view transfers so because any you look at our roster right now I mean you look at guys like you know like Jonathan you look at van and Craig Grimes and some of these other guys you know I know there's even a couple others on the Rob you know I mean you got Schuler I'm gonna keep missing some but there even some even before I got here right that transfer it in that are actually impact players but not just on our roster I think you look around the country and there's it's a more becoming more of a common thing so it's changing your perspective on how you look at guys how you view them how you recruit them so you know here is a guy that knew our system with Jonathan get back to him that new art that kind of was familiar within the system that Todd had recruited into the system had been productive you don't know how he's gonna come back off the injury but had been productive and especially in a huge need based position where we had a guy that plays his position to clear early to go to the NFL Draft you know so that that voided a roster spot within player development of somebody that you needed to come in and play right away so that's kind of how it all all got together hey Dan just to follow up on Noah banks since he's kind of a big deal for a team that has a bunch of first and second year guys otherwise and as far as depth goes what can you sort of like reason reasonably sort of expect from him because he's a guy who's missed so much time since last year I guess one of the things he and I sat down and you know and I think he knew we were we were a hunter sent behind him and so he went through all the spring was really uncertain and then you know he came and he came back a hundred percent all in I mean he it was you know it wasn't it was him saying I want to come back and play which was the mindset we needed to have ladies you know I think it got down to Coach okay I've missed a bunch of time I gotta get my body back right ready to go play and I said well you know one of the things that we did a great job with in the transition and making sure he's come from I said and say it hey I'm back with the team is he did he did individual workouts coach coach savage to get himself back in shape before he went back with the team and to make sure I was working out he was comfortable ready to go back and I think what he got back in shape with those individual workouts started feeling really comfortable he got back into the full team workouts and got ready to go so I you know it is great for us to have him back I know that one of the main reasons and we recruited them it is looking at a roster and knowing that you're gonna be in this situations he was gonna be a critical part of the team and getting him healthy being able to make sure he that he's healthy to contribute it is huge for us Dan you've coached a lot of great offenses over the years this wide receiver group getting a lot of hype going into the season where do they rank for you and what makes them special oh well you know what's really funny is it just shows how hard these guys have worked because this time last year with this same exact wide receive Kru everybody's like boy this is like the big weakness of the team and they're the worst ranked wide receiver group in the Southeastern Conference and now you're later all the exact same guys are getting hype of being this big group so it just shows how hardwood great Billy Gonzales done a great job with them coaching and how these guys have bought in and how hard they've worked I guess to get that hype we've had some pretty good receiving course through the years with some talented players so we got to see how these guys go the one thing I'm excited about it is you know that I think that that is pretty special is the depth that we bring in that that group and I think the other thing that makes it great is the confidence when you have the depth and you have confidence in that group you don't get into the point where say hey you got two to three really special wide receivers that you're just trying to get those two or three guys the ball when you have a depth and a group of talented guys that you have confidence in you can let the defense dictate who gets the ball you know you're not you we don't have to force feed the ball to certain people we can let the quarterback go through his reads and take what the defense gives because we're pretty confident in every one of them being able to go make plays out there so it it allows you to kind of run the offense more and the quarterbacks to run the offense and say hey if they're gonna give us this throw or give us this matchup we feel great with that matchup and if they're gonna try to double this one guy good we feel great with this guy over here and you know you're bracketing these two we'll go to the third option and I think that that makes life easier within running the offense they shut your mic off they didn't like your question hey Dan okay yes we have somebody in the back that can hit man yeah I don't know we asked you in Hoover about how much harder it is to go from 10 wins to 11 or 12 yeah heard to four to ten what as we sit here now what gives you confidence that you guys can make that jump from here up to here well I think the biggest one is the you you look at this roster and the fact that they're in year two in the program so they know kind of what to expect to come in I think we have some talented guys but I also have I think we have some guys that can look at last season and have the maturity to look and say hey we had 10 wins but we missed some opportunities last year where we could have been even better also though the maturity of saying hey we had 10 wins and we there were some some games that that you know we let get awful close that it could have been it could've very easily been an eighth win season last year seven win season and I so I think it's getting that understanding of how small that margin for error is and when you really understand that and understand how small the margin for error is that's how you get those wins that's why it is so difficult I mean that the the the you take a big leap from four wins I think the guys officer disappointed with being being on a four win team and you can take a big step get up to four to eight is probably easier but they can look and say hey that that step from four to eight was probably not as difficult but that eight got to ten because of the how we performed in these two games in the margin that could have been really close to eight but we found a way to get to 10 but that 10 also could have been 12 by about that much – you know in the little things in our approach and our mindset in our attitude and how we handle different games and so I think that maturity within the team gives you the opportunity to go do that again you got you got a couple guys wearing the number one this year I think you've talked about that ballers type thing what do those guys do to separate themselves and and earn that well I think the one thing to me is you know you want them with that the one of the most time-consuming annoying jobs of the head coach's jersey numbers right we have to wear egg number one if I open it up we might have up to seven to eight do it one of the things I want to petition the NCAA to is go back to the old days where you can be number one but you can be oh one right so we have single digits like there's one two three four five six seven eight nine and then there's oh one o 2 O 3 and so I can have twice as many guys have the 1 through 9 Jersey distinction I guess but no those both those guys to me they came asked for it you know I love to reward guys doing things kind of the right way you know and you look at it CJ came and asked me and obviously CJ's a guy that's done everything we've asked him to do does a great job within you know leadership I know he's not vocal but in his actions does a good job in leadership does a good job going to class taking care of his business doing things the right way and he's performed at an extremely high level on the field and the same thing with Katy everything you know we've asked him to do he does and has performed at a high level on the field right I mean I don't know someone what he averaged nine yards every time he touched the ball last year is that what it was 11 huh ten point nine I thought I was nine I was gonna say so if once every three plays we gave him the ball it was nine we only had to get one yard on the other two plays to get a first time so if I was a smarter coach but I guess anytime we need a first time we give them the ball in theory we should get a first down then huh yeah we might yeah well it's exciting things happen but uh but those two guys did it and you know one of the things I love to do with the players is put them I like if you do well I want to reward you you know I always tell guys that it you know hey if you're getting bad grades in school you're getting trouble you're missing workouts you're not doing things the right way you know I'm giving you jersey number 43 and put some high tops on you and you know I mean like a dual bar facemask right I mean I don't know I mean that's disrespecting number 43 woods I don't intend to put you know but the but I think that guys would do the right thing you love to reward them and they view that as a great reward and something that they want to do so I don't mind it you know I hate the hardest one for me is the game management with multiple guys in the same jersey you know and they when it's offense defense you don't think about it as a big deal but it wouldn't get to special teams that's when it becomes really kind of a pain for us and then keep it on the Tony do you have you just talked about not having to worry about touches but do you have a number in mind that you feel like you need to get him the ball no I you know what I think one of the things to spend time on is making sure you know you have to get it to plays and I think you know in your one you're kind of learning everybody but I think in here too you have a better understanding of players and guys that have earned the right to have get it to plays hey you know I mean whether you if you're a guy in our team we want to make sure we have enough in our offense to get you the ball not just him but other guys I don't think we put a set number on touches but we certainly want to carry enough get it to plays where hey like I said there's within our players especially at the receiver position without worrying who's getting the but you know like letting the defense we're gonna take what they give us but there's also guys we want to make sure we get them into the game and touch the ball so that we have get a two place to make sure these guys are getting their touches if the defense is trying to take someone away from you yeah yeah we ever get a to section on the flake off so we have it like hey here's the get it to plays and at a lot of times so it might do is it's get it to position you know hey we're calling this play is gonna get the ball to the X or the Z or the H and then the nice thing having veteran receivers they all know that position so if somebody's like I'm kind of not been part of the game I'm like hey get in it's you know you go play see this play and we're gonna get you the ball and it gets keep can keep everybody into the flow of the game there a lot of talk about the offensive line and the receiver group but tight end is such an important position in your offense you lose a couple guys last year where where are the tight ends it's a deep group but not not totally experienced there it's very similar to the offensive line I think the one hard thing you know Lucas missing a bunch of spring you know again with I love some some of the rules we look at some of the the rules that they put out well this rules in place for player safety and he gets hurt because of the rule because you can't have any you know he can't even put a spider pad on I'm like they can't have zero pads and it get falls and gets hurt because they are running around pretty fast going full-speed so you know that we end up suffering more injuries for the NCA rules that they try to put in to prevent injuries and put some kids in more danger but the forgot like him getting back he's put in a bunch of extra work in all the meetings and knowledge in the position and no I think Larry does a really good job with those guys like said we have a bunch of tight ends you know when you look at at that death and we have guys that play you know the great thing was to get Lucas to play last year you know when he came out of junior college as a 3 for 3 instead of a 3 for 2 were 3 for 2 you might think I'm really one a redshirt this guy last year so he has two great years having that year where he was able to get in games and get some experience he's played Kyle Pitts has played a bunch Kimora's gotten in games and played now they haven't been the guy but they've been in game so you know it is a big position for us for those guys to have to really take that next step forward to become the guy in games you know and then you look at what you know with with zip and Dante some of the younger guys Saldivar you know it's a welcome had a great spring force there there is some depth of that position guys have some game experience but not that experiences being the every down guy and that's really what you want to see that confidence that they can do that do you have an expectation for that group or are you kind of wait and see and see how far oh you see how they continue to grow you know and see how they continue to develop I mean I have we have high expectations is such a critical part of our our team and in within our scheme of creating mismatches on the field and when you look at the talent potential all those guys have you feel excited about it but we need to see them go take that talent potential in and translate it into performance you mentioned up the few times for some positions but how do you feel like overall depth behind the ones oh we're getting there you know we're getting there I think that's you know wouldn't you you come o in and I think the biggest one of us had taken the program over is that that is creating that depth you know sorry you always have you know you have a always a little bit of attrition when you take over a new program of guys that came and this you know I came to play in a different stuff style offense the program was different a little bit when I came so there's there's mother is always sometimes a little bit of attrition that you get into I think the new norm in college football which is gonna be really interesting with the transfer portal is is depth will be an issue for a lot of people moving forward I think until everybody gets into the adjustment of it and but overall I think our depth is good I don't think it's great yet but I think we're gonna get there within the next you know hopefully within the next two to three years we get where we feel really comfortable with our depth top to bottom what are some of the more intriguing position battles who think her is that something that maybe fans and media focus on more on coaches I think I think it is I think so you said I think a lot more people focus on it because mine is not really a position battle as far as it's a it's always a rep battle you know of how many reps are view earned to play you know I don't I don't like guys playing 70 plays just plays in a game you know I mean it wears you down I mean you're gonna be obviously if the more players we can rotate through the fresher and healthier we stay throughout the long part of this you know throughout the season as a whole so are my battles are all how many guys do we have that have earned rights to go play you know it's ahead I mean it's heck of a deal if you're three deep in a position hey that means everybody's got to play you know what maybe you know 25 to maybe maybe twenty somebody gets twenty five to thirty plays in a game is a lot you know maybe third you know especially guys that are better specialty more core guys cuz now hey you get your three deep at a position guys are getting thirty five plays in a game including our 40 plays in a game including offense or defense and special teams those are guys are gonna be pretty healthy and fresh throughout the course of the season and throughout the long haul of the season so I think that's a lot more that way for me then I I don't like I don't view it it's okay this guy's the starter this guy's the backup I view it is but how many starters can we have you know ideally you'd love to have at least you know 25 starters on offense at 25 starters on defense and they don't you can roll those 25 guys through and be comfortable I don't know if we'll get there but that's where I want to have a guys that you feel comfortable being starters you know what the great thing is I think well guys start to do it and see success that they're having I think they understand it you know what I mean and I think would if you even look at last year where you look at hey Jake Hyppolite who was I mean I can't tell you how many gate whether he started how many games or not but he was in that role as a rotating player and ends up being a draft pick in a Jordan scarlet who buys into that philosophy goes on and is an NFL draft pick and a P Ryan who buys in a philosophy and has a lot of success and so I think when you see the guys that really buy into you know that when the easiest thing is I think guys saw immediate success with it and the older guys believe in it and so the younger guys follow older guys hey I want to be like him you know younger guys come into program I want to be like this guy and you know and that guys tell them hey this is how you can be the most successful and I it gets it to be an easier buying it anything new the three freshmen are still trying to get into class Wilson Henderson marks yeah marks is reported to training camp Wilson is I mean that's that's that's not a surprise for us of that situation we you know we I think we had a lot of the information on it and we knew that that was going to be a process that we would not know a calendar or a timing on the process and to be honest with our expectations were it would happen at some time but it wasn't we weren't you know thinking it would happen immediately Henderson's finishing up he'll be here this weekend and he has a you know he has things to finish up just because of where his school calendar was and Dan anybody limited with the injuries to open camp or obviously David Reese you know unfortunately you know had the injury where he'll miss miss the season and you know one of the great deals about the new NCAA rule is I mean he'd be on the edge could possibly be on the edge for a bowl game I don't know I mean it'd be really I that that could be pushing it but what a great motivating factor that you know he wouldn't lose it you know he could could save a year because of injury and still have the opportunity and motivating to get himself healthy back to even play in a bowl game which would be fantastic you know a couple other guys have some little small tweaks that might limit them but not that you know that we expect have anything that would extend through the end of training camp you know there'll be guys with some limitations that were still coming back off of an injury I think you know if it got sprained this ankle last week that might be you know slowed down but nothing that would limit the extended training camp but everybody else we feel ready to go Dan you're a reasonably vocal last year that you weren't sure you had players that kind of knew how to lead I think you talked about CJ a little bit but how different you feel this year in terms of the guys uh I think will be better because I think one of the things that helps with leadership now is when you know what's going on you know so if when when you know what practice is gonna be like you know what training camps gonna be like you know what a game week routine is when you know all of those things as a player it's easier for you to step up as a leader because you're not trying to figure out what's gonna happen so I think there's gonna be a lot more comfort with guys that are in the program and there's you know when you look at guys like a CJ that everyone looks dude knows is a great player and then he knows that hey when he speaks the team's gonna respond to what he has to say you know Felipe now that is gonna played a bunch when he speaks it seems like all our quarterbacks I think our guys even all of them you know when you look at all three of the guys that they've played in games that they've everyone seen the work that they've put out that when those guys speak and they know the routine they know the offense now it's a little bit easier to lead you know the wide outs especially you got a veteran group of wide outs that they know that they've put in played made plays they know the offense know what to expect it's easier to step out front and a leader yeah a little bit more specific on depth with some of the departures this summer where's your comfort level out with the corner depth all right it's okay you know obviously with anything that's part of when we get to is staying healthy you know if we stay healthy I feel really comfortable with it you know what hurts is when you start having injuries that starts to become an issue and you know now you got to move guys around in the secondary one of the big things to me in the secondary I always like is guys that have multiple X ability back there you know you look at a trading you know when you go recruit a guy that can play Corner complain ickle possibly can play safety if we needed them to when you have guys in the secondary that can play you know we have really our 5 secondary spots 6 if we get into dime but really the five that you use with you have guys that have position flexibility it allows you to deal with depth issues if you need to but obviously you know if we if we do that then we're gonna have to start moving people and then we can't rotate as much if we stay healthy I feel okay with it and then Michael said that he would know what this team is gonna be this season by the end of fall camp when is that clear for you and what is it that stands out that kind of let you know I would think I think well there's gonna be a lot of different things that happen during the season but I think well have a night I didn't have a bet a much better idea of the type of team were gonna be sooner this year than we were last year because it was all a feeling out process so I think we'll have a good idea what type of team were gonna be at the end of fall camp but then also you know during the course of the year I mean we're gonna have to deal with different adversities during the season and that we're not going to be have to deal with in training camp you know that one you know I mean you have the the adversity of success how we're handling that the adversity of failure how we handle that at times last year we didn't handle either of those two things very well at times we did and so it's going to be how this team responds to that when good things happen to us can we keep the chip on our shoulder and the grind mentality to continue to work harder get better when bad things happen to us can we focus on getting back to work and making the things that we need to do to be better and do we have the the the the you know that belief in ourselves that we can be a great team you know we get put in a situation in the big game where we got to go make a play to win do we have the confidence and we expect to do that you know and as our guy said you know the margins like that the margin gets really tiny and do we have that mental toughness to handle this success the mental toughness to handle if you know the failure of things going back and the mental toughness to finish and the confidence in ourselves to make plays and to think that we can be a championship team a coach you obviously have a knack for calling ball plays I was just curious could you take us through a little bit of when you're on the field some of the things that are going through your mind as you begin a series yeah well one of the things we do is we're pretty fortunate have guys that have been around each other for a long time you know and you know so we get into a series we kind of look at things we want to do and you're always trying to look three to four moves ahead so here's you know you kind of have some of those pocket plays okay that here's things that we feel good about going into this series and then it's a play call you have the pocket one so if okay if these things are going well we've set them up for this if these things are going well we set them up for this if these things are going well we set them up for this and that's where I think we have had success is here's the things we want to do to set them up and let's see what happens well and then we're gonna at the right time call the play that we've set them up for the benefit also that we have is I think a coaching staff really good coaching staff offensively that have been around where guys aren't afraid to make inputs you know when hey we have him set up for this play I'm not always the one that calls them you know I mean you know we got a member I think the bowl game like you know we hate on fourth and one and we run the jet sweep to Coderre Stoney that was Brian Johnson called that play you know or uh and John Hevesi and Billy Gonzalez so call plays and I say hey hey I think we have you know we have them set up for this right now great call it and they'll let us live let me know that and I think it's the confidence those guys have and how we've worked together and their ability you know I think we have I mean I think we have five guys on our offensive staff that would be pretty comfortable calling the game and when you have that when you have to have those guys that have worked together and know that know the offense that well and that are comfortable around each other it's really easy to make those inputs not just between series with what we're gonna call but in the middle of a series if they think we have something they're not they're gonna step up and say we should run this right now and I think that that that helps us within our play calling how do you manage that with with the play Konkan play clock going on in the game with five different guys it is I think it's the confidence you know I mean like I said like if like if I'm in the game and Brian's like run this now I might call it so it's not like I'm trying to find the call or one like he knows hey let's run this right now I'm I call it so he knows it was in his mind what we should run at that moment and I just shut my mouth and he calls the play to signal it in and that's kind of how we do it which is I think in in manage on the play clock like you said it's the confidence in me and the coaching staff and each other when someone does that I mean I just call it that's how you'll hear me just call it and then he'll call the play and they signal it in instead of me trying to him say let's do this okay let me find it let me try to call it I might call it call the play you want to run right now and they call it and get signaled in and you know I might Trump it sometimes I say no I want to run this and I just call it but I think that how fast all that happens helps us out a lot the transfer portal has been a big talk all offseason but expecially quarterbacks what does it say about a gothic I asked who's who stayed here and even though he hasn't had a chance to start as honor his commitment and continues to work I think it says a lot about and not just him at all our quarterbacks you know if you look at I saw something about we're like right I mean 75 like Filipe in the class that he was in right I think how they're the same class they're the same class right but like of the top quarterback Santa Claus like 75% have already transferred and those both those guys are sticking it out doing it but they're also looking at the success they've had you know and how they're being developed and what they're able to do and by buying in and buying in long term and even Emory Jones his class there's been a bunch of transfers already and of sticking it out and understand okay there's a process to my development that's one of the things I share with quarterbacks I I think if you look and it runs like but you know when I talked to coach job you've done a great job of developing quarterbacks you know I hear that a whole bunch I've also done a great job of developing quarterbacks and but you don't always see all of them have huge success in year one within the program you know there's there's a development pattern to those guys and those guys I think have really bought in and understood like hey if I buy in under this program you know coaches does a great job of developing quarterbacks but it's not you know I like everybody I was joking like the magic dust I'm gonna spring come on you you just come play for me I don't sprinkle dust on you become a great quarterback there's a there's a process in developing you and that takes time and these guys I think I understand say hey if I buy into this program I'm gonna be developed to become a great quarterback and so it shows a lot of they're under one their maturity but also their character and wanting to become better understanding we're gonna get them better and their character of wanting to be part of a program and being all into what we're trying to do it shows a lot from them nan as we sit here today there's a lot we don't know about your team and you don't know about your team gonna be interesting to find out what it is but there are some boxes you could check if you really needed to like if I said physical conditioning right I'm not I'm probably not worried about that right I trust coach savage got him ready to go so quarterback position more experienced playing better etc are there other boxes you can check right now on things like that that you feel pretty confident will be a part I think well I mean the biggest one to me is I think that you can check is that we've know the players better this year than we did last year I think if there's one big one is you know the personalities of the guy and what you're dealing with you know what buttons that you can push and you know when I practice what I see from somebody and how they've translated that to games and where they need to improve and and I think if there's a biggest box to check for me it is us knowing each other a little bit better so hey I've seen I've you know like hey I've seen this before of how you practice but that didn't translate into a game so that's not good enough anymore I mean this is what I need to see from you and I think that's probably the biggest box is us knowing a lot more about the players that I feel comfortable with and knowing that the players know what to expect from the practice field and if I'm not getting that then we have a problem because there's not there shouldn't be a question there should be right from day one from the first period of the first practice they know they know what our practices should look like so those boxes should be checked and those are the two biggest ones how about the one on leadership big box we'll see we'll see when we get out there because to me I'm not concerned like I think our leadership and everything guy here is positive but so much as the leadership is what have they done away from us I think leadership box has been checked in the summer when they're working out with coach savage we asked him to take care of their business I want to see was the leadership there for them putting in the work they needed to put in on their own when nobody's around it's just the players and we'll see I have that that'll be a couple that'll be two weeks until I see whether that actually happened or not you know everyone I know after practicing one or but like hey did you see it I won't see it in practice one I'll know it in a couple of weeks thank you guys [Applause] she's like that my wife was watching some game show with that long thing Alec Baldwin the old-school microphones how's everyone doing what do you got what do I got Hey looking forward to the season new season semi obvious ease come in the second year looking forward to mean looking forward to the excitement of the team the excitement of the fans excitement the whole university obviously started the season off early in the 24th with Miami which is a obviously a big game to start with and different than started with I hate saying lesser opponent which is someone different than the per say the warm-up game so for us I'm to me I'm excited about I'm excited that I'll have four new starters so it's it's for me you know as many years you do it you're walking in to meet us there was a lot of obviously returning starters but just different and learning everybody's learning everything new so this year it's gonna be a little different obviously they know the system now it's just kids that haven't really started to have a lot of starts under their belt so it's gonna be a great opportunity for you know me to challenge has been a challenge since obviously whatever was January whatever after last year did knowing that you're gonna be replacement for starters to get start getting them ready back in January up until we get ready for August 24th the five of them left tackle the right tackle straight across no I mean there's not because I think to me obviously walking out of spring practice I felt good with the first five I think they still made no banks wasn't there in the spring but no was back so then it'll be good to have him back because he has some experience Chris has some experience you know in Richard garage has some experience from last year with a I think the greatest thing they did was changing that rule to play in four games so it got them a chance even the playing whether it was four or five snaps in the bowl game so just getting a bowl game to experience that type of stuff experience a little bit of Florida State game so I think you have the opportunity that's a big help than it was kid never seeing that me walking out there with Chris Richard and going you've never stepped on the field they've never seen filled that what's gonna happen that first time so I think the good thing is they've been on the field with hate Saints a lot of experience but at least the the shock of running out in that field from the sidelines for the first time which over the years you you know some of the great stories kidding six years ago he knew his backup redshirt freshman who was a backup and all mean all spring all cam news a backup that third play of the LSU game he goes down an ACL I turned I said go on he said me I said yeah you it goes right now yeah you got a play so I think for hit for those kids it's easier now again I have a five true freshmen that are here that were here in the spring for them in a spring that's gonna be that for them when they got to go in the game for that first time but to me a you know be in the stadium it skirmish in this state in the spring game you try to give that a little bit of experience of running out there by yourself with a crowd in with whatever it is twenty thirty forty thousand people in the stands so they get a little bit of that has to be I mean the center is always gonna be for me he's always been and always will be he's my quarterback he's gonna again he's the center of the whole thing so he has to he's gonna direct both sides you know he's got to keep both sides on the same page and I think it makes a very bright kid and Nick picked it up extremely well last year which put him in that position picking up the offense picking up a terminology accepting what I challenged him to to do and he did it and I think that's helping these kids obviously the spring and and he's done a great job in the off season not just with that part of it but just with he's been around here five years didn't have a lot of playing time early on but he's jumped into it and really embraced it then you see him even you know we walked out a meeting is the other day and the time limits we have we walked out of meetings after 45 minutes and then you know we had to go up to a staff meeting it came back down I think it was probably 45 minutes later they're all walking out of the meeting room my sin first question what do you guys doing you know but Nick was just like oh you know a couple of young guys wanted to go through the installation get ready for camp so we just stayed in there and kind of probably gave them their terms you know here's the I teach you here's what I say well they're gonna give you a little different way maybe teenager to teenager 18 year old 18 year old to explain it to them so the which will help those kids but just watching that leadership role of really him Brett and stone are the three that to me it really did a great job leading that was helping those young kids because there's a lot of them there's eight of them that are running around that don't have a lot of playing experience what kind of what I guess it relieves you because you have that but they're still for that he's got to make sure he's got them but it is it's I think what our success has always been it has been based on the center over all the years you know you know and not as it none that has to be a great player you can go back to 2006 I want to say Steve Russ there was the great bit never played it down in the NFL but was a great communicator a great leader and everyone listened to many said our own straight so it's me you go back and you win a championship and who was the senator Steve Russell you know I mean people in this room knew that to this point I'll remember marquees Pouncy after but Steve Russell was the center national championship year which he did a great job communicating and getting them all on the same page and we're functioning as one instead of five and I think that's a huge deal for that's a huge deal for me and it keeps everyone again just that sides not gonna hear that side he has to communicate between left and right I don't know if it's physical I think it's just his confidence with him you know trust in that and something he hadn't had to do that all of a sudden he realizes he's a better player it's building him confidence and it's getting him more of the things he wants to be an all-around player not just a one-dimensional player but a and it's gonna help us win games him not having to do you know we're not asking we're in ask him to run twenty five times a game but to me those maybe it's four or five six times a game that hey we're gonna have to go third and one hey the bowl game let's get the right checking you run yourself for a 40-yard play pull one of the runs and you sounded fifty are playing for him again like any kid I think it's it's exciting for him to realize I'm making big plays not just with my arm with my body in his and he's as talented kids I've ever been around ever on college football that he's utilizing everything he has yeah I think any time when you watch you know whether it was Jordan Jordan last year and Michael and Pierce when you have guys in the run game when you have guys putting in that hard work and they're taking the contact and they're getting those yards after contact it's for me putting to them and them understanding they're working hard we got to work harder and not just from the helped me to start but then as as they're going forward listen get over there and push that pile for two three more yards because they're working don't stand around and watch I think he's just playing me and playing as one at them again Nick's got a starter with the communication of it but them understanding and then having confidence in themselves you know because I'll be between stone and I think stones the one that's been stolen and Brett hey giving out Brett played two years ago but stone has has played sparingly over his time here is the biggest thing I think with all these guys just confidence in themselves you'll have confidence in yourself and then learn to communicate as a group and once you get the conference yourself can I have the conversation we're putting you out there we have the conference going to play just make sure you have it in yourself and guess what you're gonna have a bad play something stupid is gonna happen okay have quick amnesia and that thing and get back to the next play don't worry about it you can't dwell on the past move to me and that's gonna be with the young guys that's always the thing that they're worrying about what they did great you screwed it up okay you had a great play I'll get to hi don't get too low just keep playing next play keep working you know in the spring I kind of keeping the same side just so they're going the same way so they're learning so I give them a chance to learn it so they learn the scheme now as we go and I've always done is gonna be you have your first five and really after that is get eight ready which to me it's gonna be a cross training of that backed up tackle is gonna be possibly left or right okay that guards left to right and then obviously the center positions the center position but then it's also from that point on is you know look at this year the guys that have how it steps up because there's young guys the true freshmen that are involved starting bombs who need it might be you know the sixth and seventh guy are a right guard right tackle left guard left tackle so it's a if it's Richard garage is the backup left tackle but if some happens he goes in at left guard or left so just to me I looked at look at that more as we get through camp as we see through camp but how they gonna rotate who is you know they become a starter they become a starter to you know the depth charts the depth chart to start we got to go out there once twos and threes but to me they know the first thing is go in the job you're gonna win the job now and get ready for August 24th what's that yeah all right Nick every day you know listen there's guys behind you I mean you got to keep doing your job and what you're supposed to do to me does he have like I tell every walk into meetings is listen guys are one twos and threes Nikki started to hear Brett you started two years ago okay so you have a head start no doesn't mean sit back and all I got my job I say can I tell the young guys I don't care that he's a fifth year senior and he started last year your job to take his job no different last year coming here with with Nick was sitting there go I've ever really played okay so okay and then why don't you leave I say if you don't think if you don't think you can play then you don't need to be if you're not gonna compete so everything's me it's competition so to me a we got to get better by the guys behind it whether it's tanner whether it's Kingsley pushing him okay or whoever it's gonna be if there's someone else says there's five better and someone's gonna take his job and take it I said but it's only gonna make us better as a team is can make you better as individual and make us better as a group I think the biggest thing coming in last year coming between January and spring practice was just not knowing anything about any of them whether it was besides who would play do i watch on film but to me who they are in the weight room who they are as leaders who they are is when they're you so you go through the weight you go through the wig room in january/february you go through the offseason program with Nick in terms of who's pushing who's leading who's working okay so you kind of get a glimpse of who they are you don't really you see some of the talent part of it but you see okay who are these these are the guys that push themselves at work okay so at least I have that in my mind girl in the spring practice and then it comes to again who's changing the offense changing technique of what was taught to them who's buying into it who's learning it you know and then certain things happen like hey he wasn't there for the spring so it gives an opportunity for our guy to come up TJ McCoy got an injured I think early on in spring practice so it's okay that's what go I mean Nick you're going and then to me as you went through spring practice was they all had rep so when you evaluate who graded out in the spring is okay here's one two and three then you're gonna fall camp it's still open again that's me through fall camp I kind of rotated them all with even Nick Falana when he was there was okay you three you're only two shot with the ones because I'm know who to play who's the best one of the three so we're gonna keep giving competitions or the whole thing and then that's camp went on you know guy gets dinged up you don't lose your job but someone else gets a gets ahead of you farther that's what kind of Nick did teach you got banged up I think here and there and then Nick kept going and then we try to came back and it kind of he held his job and to me again I think the biggest thing he did it was starting to the conversation office he did an unbelievable job leading and speaking and communicating with that group that here's a new offense here's new terminology he's communicating out to the other guys so everyone's on the same page that's the biggest thing that started off obviously early on is okay we're communicator so they're gonna get better but we're communicating we're on the same page so like I tell them if all five of us grew up were right well five of us go the wrong with you in Arma be someone else in mind the wrong way we're all right and that's usually should work but if one guys going the other way I mean for us offensive line obviously for guys who have the greatest blocks in the world one screws up we're all goats so to me we have to be communicating work on the same page John have you ever been up against it like this Center in a season with an offensive line and it says a gator develops probably 2016 15 16 somewhere would the the year that forgot what year was have you ever played in the Orange Bowl that I think it's all 15 was I had lost three starters to run to the NFL and then I was three and not four of them but it was three of them then one and that lose his job and it was really for new starters but to me again it was early on we just should keep it a little bit simpler for them and to me the guys behind them got it accelerate that's the young guys to me right now it's not that it's the four new starters I think it's just it's overall the the number of young kids that are here I mean again there's there's eight kids that are a true freshman redshirt freshman so like the ones are the ones of seven or eight I don't really I'm not worried about it's obviously something stupid happens and with injuries or things like that that now you're going to guys that don't even have the experience of being here don't have all that no any bit of experience even practice of going to receives an approximate the season goes on that for high school kids coming in here it's a long season you know this to you this year is gonna be what three by weeks still it's a 16 week 15 week season that's their bodies get kind of battered by that you get circuit in October that that's where it's meet concerns you more in the end but to me or in the beginning where's all just a healthy through camp obviously we should be fine and then he's got to keep developing those young guys so it's a challenge more mental or physical both B's mentally the good thing is for them were here in the spring so the mental parts kind of there the mental part of the offense and no in the offense now the mental strain that's gonna be on them still the fundamentals and competing every down which I think going out of spring was high school kids and have to compete every down every player practice was they're always better than the kids our friend them in high school practice that competing every play not just I'm better than this kid naturally no and I think they learned that so it's going to be the mental part of being physical for practicing games and then just to me the physical part of surviving the length of the season it just minimizing things me just now that you can't you can game plan certain things but it just to me is don't have as many place different schemes that will put in which mean we've minimized that over the years we've kind of started bringing that all down to where it's not a lot of schemes then game plan wise in the past you might be hey let's put at least two different things is it I gotta realize by Tuesday afternoon that it's too much that we don't need to call this one that they understand so that would be the biggest thing for us is just minimizing as you get in the season some of the things that you might want to go overboard with that you've got to cut down and not run and say you know I live another day but run the thing that we know if we know it will be successful at it you look it at the end of the seasons all the time the indices you look at we ran this play three times it was awful we should just call that play three more times touches for us evaluate and beast me being smart with know what my guys can do and can't do yeah cuz I guess I don't know what it's not like haha you know imma get it in 25 years being at 19 been together in some form or some way is I guess I don't know what it's I mean I do when I don't because there's new guys that come in the room offensively you know we haven't we didn't lose anybody offensively this year so really to me like Larry was the Larry was the one guy coming in new to the system Bryan and played for us Brian had been assistant Billy a couple years ago at Mississippi State but it wasn't there but had been together prior to that 14 years 15 years now in coach not Gregg's men with us now 10 going on 11 I think it is so it's in front me so it's it's kind of one of those things it's weird that it's Larry probably the hardest for those guys is that we'll say hey you know remember 2006 we did this oh yeah and four guys in the room will be ok and write it down and go on and Larry's looking around going whoa I have no idea what they're talking about and she always had to remember to go back and tell them I listen Larry this is ok get it on film and show them it so we see it but I think it is and the great thing about having you know defensively the same thing David Turner's work to this year's on and off of Mississippi State so you know him but I think the biggest thing is for us offense we can go hey Todd what are they what do you think of this they said we're gonna try to do this bother you Todd come over and say hey would you they're doing this you know why they doing this so you can always bounce things off of both sides of the ball but then an offense it is I mean they say five guys it's not it's something you see I see Billy sees Brian sees that hey there goes let's run this you know South Carolina we ran the same play six times in a row and at that time you say five guys called the same play we ran to one play with the bunch formation to the right we ran it and five guys on the headset do it again god I think 12 yards five guys at headset do it again so that was at that point five guys called the same exact play the same exact time because any all you get used to the offense you know what our kids can do and you know so anybody can it's just again what you're seeing and the good thing is there's no egos in terms of that's that we're not doing that you know it might come up the next play but here's something we got to look at for the next series this series what we're in the middle of a series just saw something hey hit it again they can't adjust you know whether it's me was Billy where's Brian whether it's greg whether it's Larry anybody you mean everyone's everyone's got enough experience to no offense to say hey just do that again her hey let's run this hey take a shot hey let's run the reverse now so there's all everyone see someone different and on the game they were looking at different things so there's things that I'll see let's do it and Brian's look at maybe or more at the perimeter of Larry's looking at kind of a tight edge you know Billy's look at the perimeter hey take that shot we can beat the corner they substituted a corner for the safety zone take a shot now you know we can win one-on-one with van or Tyree or one of those deals so it's it's it's good to know each other so you're not again you're not caught up in each other there's the brotherly love terms and again there's arguments but that's that's part of the deal I do because it helps me go back to you know even going through you know you've started those meetings back in January February the kids there's things that and then when you bring it for freshmen that are now high school kids that are walking at too deep there's again like anything you you start assuming over the years and you have guys that come back you know the good thing is last year was the same thing ever I got to teach everybody everything new you know as you start going on years and years you start going okay those freshmen aren't gonna worry about it because I have returning starters so why I started saying things like kind of like you asked about our staff you say something those five six seven guys that have been in the room for two three years they already know what I'm talking about and there's the two kids in the back the freshman going I have no idea what he's talking about so for me it's everything has to be and again for me I have to teach the 15 different kids and teaching and me and a great teacher is is there's 15 kids my room that 15 kids learn differently so ever way I got a teacher if I gotta teach one thing 15 different ways so they all get it I have to do it that way so even for us I've been very repetitive through the offseason of keep hitting the same things over and over again but saying it may be a different way so someone else gets it and then the biggest things for the kids that speak up when they don't understand it you know if you don't understand something I'm saying if I'm talking Chinese to you listen you better ask because if you know you can't speak the language and that's my biggest thing to start with is we're all in this room gonna speak the same language not if you call it front odd okey three down it's the same thing so we're all speaking the same language nobody's confused yeah I think the biggest thing with playing Miami I'm an Oprah it's not you're not usually I say over the years you you play that first scene that you're superior to physically you know so you can get away with maybe screwing something up so I think just the attention to detail with the kids is getting on them early and again and not to put them in a panic session any early on we're still playing whether it is August 24th were playing a game so to me we won't worry about the emotions come August 22nd 23rd but between now and August at that time we got to get our jobs done and we got to be confident what we're doing again goes back to with young guys the biggest things that must be confident not playing just don't be confident Brett go back to it from an evening from playing a year to be an injury coming back okay confidence in what you're doing Chris place being confident what you're doing so it doesn't matter if it's Miami if it's the Steelers if it's whoever it might be Jacksonville University let's be confident what you're doing we'll be successful we got to figure out what they do good and we got to be able to combat that but first things first let's take care of our business and we'll worry about August 23rd 20 you know 24 so we play them we'll worry about them and we got to play them I guess go ahead Todd so much talk about Jabbar Zuniga CJ Henderson going into the season what makes each of those guys special well you start with CJ you know CJ from a skill standpoint has the the size the speed the physical skill set to to play the tough routes to play one-on-one to be able to play impress make plays on the ball you know you take that along with the guy that works his tail off you know you talk about a guy that's one of our hardest workers in the offseason and then you go out to the practice he's a guy that you'll see him stay after practice with Marco or Trey or you know the younger guys and not only work on his craft but kind of worked them a little bit too so he works at it he's got a lot of passion for the game and he can make plays and then when you get with zoo you know zoos the same way zoos a guy that gives us a lot of flexibility in a sense with his size and speed he's an effective guy on the edge as far as being a defensive end but you know last year he had four and a half sacks as an inside rusher and he gives you flexibility which this day and age with you know wanting to be multiple in playing situations and things like that he gives you a lot of flexibility with his skill set to be able to try to match the situation at hand what do you need to see from this defense during this camp in order to like feel good going into the opener yeah I think the biggest thing is is you always start back with day one from the standpoint of you know we got to understand that there's a certain amount of relentless efforts you got to have we're always going to talk about competitive toughness and and you know understanding that you have to compete every day you've got to be able to handle situations you know this day and age everybody works hard but it's really more about you know being able to take coaching being able to take the pressure at hand and execute being able to respond to adversity being able to take all those challenges go out and be productive I think that's that's real critical and and then the other thing is I always think that you kind of want to talk to them about you know stay above the line and well and what I mean is is like there are certain things does this kill you defensively you know you missed tackles or you give up explosive plays you don't play with the energy needed so and it's not you know this day of analytics you know it's not really analytics thing it's like hey stay above the line I mean we need to play a certain way to be good and when we get below the line we create we can create inconsistencies or give up things easy I mean you can play you know 10 plays great but if you bust 2 and give up 14 you're not doing really good so you know from a consistency standpoint that's important but really to me it's about everybody coming in and understanding last year was last year it's time for this year and I like the way our guys have taken ownership and the team I like our work ethic I like our confidence but we've still got to go out and continue to execute we got to develop guys that you know a few positions and put it all together how big a jump do you usually see from year one to year two and you're running your system and do you think that's applicable with this group even yeah my roster turnover in things like Tommy yeah I mean every year you're different meaning you know last year you know we were new you know we had a guy like Jack a polite you had Chauncey Gardiner well those guys are gone now we've added some freshmen we've added Jonathan Canard so you're always different so I think the biggest thing is a coach you're going to have certain core things you're always going to do but you always want to play the strengths of your players so I think you've always got to be working to tweak what you do and how do I get my best 11 players on the field because it's in the day defense is about making plays on the ball it's about handling blocks up front it's about you know then the day when you look at it don't let them run the ball and how do we make the quarterback play bad that's really what you try to do so it's about beating blocks it's about tackling the guy you know with the ball and being a win your one-on-one matchup so how do we win those one-on-one matchups and that's the biggest thing so you know we're gonna change our personnel and our team every year relative to who we have but you would hope that you would continue to improve as you move forward how much technical improvement have you seen both on film and since he got here from Jonathan Grenier from when you guys were together in Louisville yeah I mean he knew our system because he had been in it so from a mental standpoint that was more recall it wasn't a big thing you know from a technical standpoint he had a he had a decent foundation and it was really just as guys continue to grow it's about perfecting your craft you know that's what I always tell our guys is you know be an expert at your position you know it's it's a craft and that allows you to make you know plays and it's like I tell our guys you know learning a position learning creates opportunity and the opportunity is is to make place so as you develop and become an older guy like him it's about honing in on your craft so it was it was not a hard adjustment and he's done a good job there were times on his tape back in 2017 where he was playing a lot inside as well is that gonna be factored in and all are do you strictly seeing him outside buy ticket we'll see a lot of people focus on polite for the pass rush you guys put together last year but Johnson and Bashan were both pretty good as creative Blitzers that you use do you have guys that can kind of replicate some of that yes coach yet Adam Schuler transferring becomes a starter for you have you seen him evolve I know in high school he dealt with a lot of injuries transferred high schools so what has made him such a great fit here and that was kind of evolved as a player I think he's a guy that's accepted the grond meaning his fun if you go back and watch like scrimmage tape of last preseason watch maybe the early games last year he's really just trying to find himself because he basically came in and got rolling so now he's been with the best string staff in the country and coach savage and his staff and what they do he's been with him for a full year and he's been in our program for a year to watch himself he's a guy that works to improve his craft he was able to go into the offseason understanding you know these are the things I want to work on from spring practice standpoint and continue to develop himself at being a defensive lineman so what you've got is more a more seasoned mature guy that understands the system understands what we're looking for and has taken ownership and being a good player and he's just an older guy he's more seasoned so I think you'll see a lot a lot of production from him this year yeah I mean trey is a guy that gives you a lot of flexibility in the sense that because of his size he could play inside meaning he can play nickel safety because of his athletic ability you know he played out he played corner last year so what that does is it gives you the flexibility to move him around a little bit and then my whole thing is is how do you get your best players on the field well with Marco coming back and the void left by Chauncey it was who can move inside to get those three guys on the field at the same time so talking to Trey about it and letting him understand it really gives him more value moving forward in his career it gives our team an opportunity to get our best 11 on the field and his skill set at that position is something that will wool cater to and allow him to make plays and you know looking forward to watching him play they're really right yeah I think when you look Carrie Campbell up front you know David Rees is a guy one of the reasons I was excited about Jonathan Canard coming back is I knew that he had that kind of toughness so those are guys I like the attitude of our team as a whole so to answer your question ocj Henderson is a tough guy trade Dean's a tough guy I mean that we have some would I consider tough guys in the sense that they play the game the right way zoos a guy that that can do that so we have probably more this year than not I wouldn't say more we've developed guys or guys have shown that kind of toughness as we move forward in the program this year so I'm looking forward to those guys taking ownership and what we're doing and continue to play that way do you see with Jonathan a little bit of a fire having to sit out almost all of last year and and having to wait for it and excitement about getting to that I think that the answer is yes in the sense of I think you have a fire and it's also humbling in the sense that this sport can be taken away from you at any time don't take things for granted you know he's got really good leadership qualities he gives us position flexibility in a sense he can play buck our end so and I think that the players see that and I think he's one of the reasons excited me is you know you know every room every room has like for example at our outside backer room we have three new guys and you know really moon was a guy that was the only guy that really had quality snaps last year in that room now you get three new guys like that and then Jonathan comes in and has a work ethic that you you like and that can feed off into the young guys is yeah this is how to do it so I always think it's critical that it's important to get those kind of guys in each room to kind of bring the young guys along and I think he's done a really good job with that but I know he's excited get going to play at this level and you know get back on the field and make plays yeah because you know with the the grant you know the grad transfer thing and the transfers is because as you develop your team I've always thought it's important that you have guys just like we were talking about a minute ago with toughness like you have a guy in each room to make that room a quality room and as they move forward you know how what's the competitive toughness of that group you know and if that group can come along then it can bring another group along with it then all of a sudden your teams that way and if you get away from that it can be death by inches in a sense of you know one guy's late and nothing and then all of a sudden you got two guys late so it's always good to get a guy that understands the value of accountability and can breed that into the young guys this is how we need to prepare each weakest is how we need to work and he certainly does that yeah David raised kind of a coach on the field so to speak and that's nature of the position from one but is there anyone you see younger players kind of following those footsteps for the future because you know yeah I mean well I think that when you look Steiners a guy in the backend that that has done a good job same thing was Shaun those guys have tried to take ownership in the back end with what they do you know Houston's a guy that's backing up David that he's being told that to understand that hey you know you you kind of need to be understanding what the quarterback what David's doing because you know you're you're his backup or you're rotating with him to give us that but I'll be out like ventrell Miller and Bernie you know they're in that same room and I've kind of seen a difference in in those guys as far as encouragement or taking the bull by the horns a little bit and being a leader at Toms and and that's good so I would see those guys there being that guy maybe when David's not around you know as we do rotations is there anyone who surprised you this offseason with his it meant and focusers that kind of a remains to be seen now I think it's a little bit remains to be seen the one guy that's really impressed me is Brunson he was a guy that you know I think it's always important that you listen to other coaches because coach Knox is so last year Brunson was a guy that wasn't didn't get a lot of snaps on defense really didn't say a lot was kind of fill in his way both in our offseason program we first got here and through the spring and all that and as things move move sometimes you can get left but he kept working and Grondin and you know he showed up in special teams which guys that play on special teams always indicate to me they can probably play on defense we got to continue to work with them and I think he's made the biggest jump since we've been here from being a guy that wasn't quite with it I mean what I mean by with it is is wasn't was it maybe keeping up and kind of got left a little bit but he kept working hard and he he got into special teams and make him plays and now he's a part of our rotation with our inside backers and he's a guy that we're gonna count on to give us some snaps at some point this year so that's probably a name and a lot of you haven't heard about that I'm excited to see what he can do in training camp because that would give us some snaps that have been left with Vosges on you know leaving and that kind of thing you know we only we talked to you since the spring game mm-hmm that was probably a good thing but yeah yeah I mean the deck obviously stacked against the defense that they've like bad in practice but okay but yeah but do you take anything away from that the safeties oh yeah I mean you take away how do guys play I mean you know how do they play individually I think that you know spring games are a little bit like your scrimmages because you try to look at things you try to get guys reps so sometimes you're gonna have guys playing with guys that may not play as quickly and you can't look at the whole you got to look at the individual and understand that how is this guy doing because when we put that together that's when the whole needs to become complete sometimes in spring game and scrimmages trying to get guys reps and matchups and those kind of things you you kind of got to be careful about looking at the whole sometimes because you're trying to to work certain guys in and protect certain guys to make sure they're healthy for the season so it's really about getting the individuals play you know get their play and how do they play their position is there have been any sort of tempering and bringing back Marco or is he he's ready to go looking forward to watch him I know he's chomping at the bit to get out there he's really excited he's worked extremely hard to get back really excited to get him they'll be a part of our you know our secondary and our team so I'm really looking forward to him being out there and with some of the departures this summer where is your comfort level with that corner depth yeah I mean this time last year we were really in the same situation and Trey Dean came along I mean every year you're going to have to develop guys at certain positions so what we're going to do is we're going to have the flexibility to play the best guys so with the guys that have come in you know at corner this year we're gonna roll those guys let them compete and find ways to get them a part of what we're doing and you know communicate with them as far as what they understand what they know and try to bring them along but you know that's gonna be every year anymore with the way college football is you're always gonna have young guys at certain positions and you're gonna have to develop them so no one's gonna feel sorry for us so we've got to make the best of it and find ways to make it work without using the next man up how much of a loss was it to lose Marco and it's so early last year yeah I mean you know always say that injury creates depth and what I mean is is sometimes as a coach like you we wouldn't have played tre Dean as much last year as we did without the injury but now what happens is when I guy goes down and forced you to play somebody else then when that other player comes back now you have more depth because it's forced you to play another guy so in that in that sense Trey's a guy that's had a lot of snaps we understand what he can do and the flexibility has we probably wouldn't have had that comfort level with him if not for the injury to Marco's so I think that I've always been a guy that injury creates depth and the guy when he gets back it just allows you to have someone that has a few more snaps how do you feel about your the interior of the defensive on your defensive tackles do you like the depth and the experience you know there yeah I mean I think that we have guys in the sense of you look at sure and carry that that played last year outside of that there's a lot of guys battling for snaps I mean we had the flexibility that you know with with Conliffe and TJ and Dunlap those guys were all in there last year they're going to compete to see how they can do and be a part of what we're doing but also you know Zach Taylor and lucre guys that have have worked their strengths you know have added a little bit of mass there's nothing that says they can't play in there either so I think you're always looking to find ways to get your best players on the field and if we've got to move someone in there then we'll do it and those two would be the best candidate to do that Zach Carter and Liu Kang cream.you how much further along has he come from like last year in like the mental side of things and handling emotion understanding the defense that's where stuff I think a lot I think that he's he's a guy that is way ahead of where he was last year the thing with him is he still has room to grow and develop and as long as he continues to take you know the coaching of you know David Reese ahead of him showing him what to do and Coach Robinson and myself and and understand and you know consistency in play is real critical he has the tools to be a really good player and and we're going to continue to work to develop that to get that out of him but I like what he's done in the offseason and look forward to seeing him you know play this year and continue improve because he's a good player almost everybody's running like 11 personnel now and the huh and they're spreading the field different and how does that change your philosophy and as far as how does that change how you rotate people in and out because it the game is always constant change with personnel and the offensive side yeah so it used to be when you start at day one you started with base meaning you went with everything against to wide receiver sets so you had your base package with you know your three-four and all that kind of stuff nowadays with the three wide looks you actually start with nickel as your base because you play that you know eighty-five to ninety percent of the time so that's one change and then the other change is you know we say we're three four we're a three-four defense but in reality we play as much for down as three down so I think that gets into you want to be flexible and have ways to give different looks you know I think anytime you can get in and out of those looks it's just a matter of trying to make the offense work you know offenses are really good now they got ways to create space for runners you know points go up and things like that so how can we give them a little confusion to try to put them behind the sticks or to win a possession to give us the chance to get the lead because defensively any time you can play with the lead it's a lot more fun and other teams become a little more predictable so that that's probably the biggest changes is is when you start with nickel now and then you know we're really a multiple defense just like we were talking about we have ways that you know we can play four down or three down we can play with multiple outside linebackers play in other positions we can play with multiple corners and and really trying to be multiple in what you do just to create a little bit of confusion in the offense all right thank you yep


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