Fleischer: Mulvaney made a ‘terrible mistake’ by contradicting Trump


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  • Fox is too afraid to air the entire press conference . LOL.
    What a shame for journalists working on this network!

    Also, only trump offered US lives and soldiers for sale (Saudi Arabia) in his press conference on October 16th.

    So sad for the USA 🇺🇸

    I hope the great USA 🇺🇸 will recover after this “president”

  • No one will defend this mess and im glad democrats are not taking trumps Bluff on having a vote for impeachment proceedings

  • I’m not sure what all this fuss is about.
    Trump is corrupt, just like Hillary, and the Bush family and so many other big politicians.
    He ain’t draining no swamp, he is part of the swamp.
    But none of this matters because nobody in the ultra-rich power-elite 1% is ever held accountable.
    Hey, you can like Trump, support him, vote for him, that’s fine, but my God don’t be a fool to think he isn’t actually part of the swamp.
    He isn’t being removed.

  • I thought the democrats wanted election interference investigated and eliminated. Maybe that was as long as we stayed on Russia's tail and didnt get too close to the dog…Ukraine.

  • I don't care how smart Mulvaney is. He's a moron for throwing statements like that to a bunch of dishonest reporters hell bent on impeaching Trump no matter what.


  • If the impeachment goes thru, its Giuliani that is gonna take most of the blame. President Trump is a rookie politician, and cannot be expected to know all the intricate rules concerning diplomacy and whatnot. That is why he got Giuliani to guide him. Its Giuliani's task to tell what the President of USA can or cannot do in any given situation. And if he did not stop Trump with Ukraine, knowing full well Trump was going to break the law, well, it is his fault, not Trump's.
    Oh, Giuliani is gonna go down. And he knows it. Thats why he aint smiling any more. He is trying to figure how to save himself from prison. Unfortunately, the only way to save himself from prison is if he sells out Trump entirely, serving him well cooked to the democrats. And i just bet that's what he plans to do. So, watch out, Trump!

  • First there was no Quid Pro Quo. Everyone saw the transcript and so asking Mulvaney if there was a quid pro quo is irrelevant. Does Mulvaney have a version of the transcript no one else saw? The press are looking for something to bark about and Mulvaney is like a squirrel that ran into their yard.

    Second, it doesn't matter if there was a quid pro quo. There is nothing wrong with holding back military aid to a country if the Commander in Chief believes that country is corrupt! That makes perfect sense! In the Democrats warped view of the world, we need to hand over American tax payer money to every corrupt country in the world. They loved Obama because he sent pallets full of cash to Iran in the middle of the night, despite them being the leading sponsor of terror in the world.

  • these extremely well paid grown adults obsessing through multiple industries and sectors of political influence control and instruction, struggling hourly to persuade their pathetic revoked 3rd grade gotcha games and guilt reversal routines. i guess when we examine most of the press, print especially, we have a collective climate of experts that are just not credible. quite simply, they are not acceptable to the nations obligations.

  • If Mulvaney made a "terrible mistake" in contradicting Trump, then Trump must've made alot of terrible mistakes in contradicting himself over and over again.


  • Christopher Goodman says:

    Look the guy just told the truth that’s it good bad or ugly he got up there and he told her how it was
    Now if you wanna believe that orange liar well that’s on you

  • God made him confess and whatever terrible Trump try to cover will be revealed. He needs to be removed from office right away. He was a different guy before he won last election where I voted for him. I will not vote for him next year. We need transparency in the White House.

  • Earlier this week, pro Publica got their hands on some of Donald Trump's business, a tax documents from the state and city of New York. And what they found in this bombshell report that they have put out is that it really looks like the president committed both tax fraud and bank fraud. And here is what those documents from the Trump organization itself tell us. They tell us that on at least four different properties in New York city, the president under reported occupancy to the tax authorities buddy over reported occupancy of those buildings to the banks that he was trying to get money from. That ladies and gentlemen is fraud. That is tax fraud and that is bank fraud. That is what this organization led by Donald Trump was very obviously engaged in. Now, ProPublica did speak to some real estate lawyers who said, yes, there are plenty of circumstances where somebody would under-report occupancy to the IRS and over reported to banks, and that's not even necessarily illegal depending on the circumstances, but according to ProPublica, they couldn't find any of those specific legal circumstances in these numbers, and the numbers were so wildly different in what they reported to tax authorities versus what they reported to banks, that it's pretty obvious that this was intentional and not some kind of error. So here's what, what matters here. Here's what this is about. Donald Trump and these four buildings in New York, he would go to the banks and say, yes, I've got 90% occupancy in this building. Things are selling like hotcakes. People want them, just give me some money, loan me some money so I can do more great things. We'll sell the remaining 10% everybody wins. The bank says, wow, these numbers look great. Yeah, sure, absolutely you qualify for this loan. Then he goes and he tells the tax authorities in the state, the property tax authorities and he says, listen, I've only got 70% occupancy in this building. So 30% of it is not being used. That goes to waste. I get to write all that off. You know, my poor me, I can't, I can't sell anything in this building. Everything's awful there. And the tax authority say, Oh wow, this is poor you. Yes you can. You can write all these things often. Sorry, hope you start selling more bud. Best of luck to you. That's fraud. That is fraud and that is pretty much the hallmark of Donald Trump's entire career. But this is a big story and this is a big story that not enough people are paying attention to. You know, the entire time the president has been president and we've had all of these different investigations happening. The one thing we have always come back to here is saying, we've got to look at the financial records. We got to look at the tax returns, and we've got to pay a little bit more attention to what's happening in the state of New York, because if you want to pop Trump on a crime, that's pretty easy to prove. Go to the banks. That's where Trump seems to be committing most of his, at least according to his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, who did testify before Congress, that Donald Trump was doing this exact thing. That's a big deal. That's bad news for the president of the United States. But luckily these prosecutors and investigators up there in the state of New York are not hindered by Congress and rules and procedures that they have to go through that make it a little cumbersome to conduct an investigation. In New York it's just straight through, and that is exactly what they're doing so that they can

  • This is what diplomacy and negotiation with foreign nations looks like . When you get into office we'll be putting YOU under a microscope now.
    Next democrat president will be impeached and investigated and stabbed in the back by REPUBLICAN leaning CIA operatives and REPUBLICAN leaning FBI agents.
    And I will have no problem with unending legal ATTACKS against ANY idiot leftists in office. Blame yourselves morons. You started it.

  • Mistake??? What's wrong with just telling the truth?? That's what happens when you tell lies….the stories don't match and you make a "mistake".

  • .MICK: "Hey, Mister President, I got an idea. Why don't we up our image, and do those Press Conferences again? I could do it, sir…I could walk ALL OVER 'em."
    DONNY: "Good thinking, Mick. We need to hit 'em with a new diversion."
    MICK: "Oh, don't worry about that, sir. I got something you won't BELEIVE!"
    DONNY: "That's my boy, Mickey! Only the best people, huh? Go do your worst."

    Meanwhile, back at the impeachment inquiry…..

  • Federico Barrio Linares says:

    spin what words? Mulvaney described the definition of quid pro quo explaining what trump did.. withholding the money for military armament to defend against Russia so Ukraine would start a investigation on his news political opponent and or his old political opponent..
    How stupid they think their supporters are to tell them repeatedly, no quid pro quo..

  • gerrit siesling says:

    Who is spinning. Next line of defensoives lies. Must say: you are creative, listen to what the testemonies are. NO REASON for impeachment. Treason!

  • Can someone explain where the "treason" is? Even if Trump did withhold money (our money) to GIVE to a foreign govt, before making sure it wasn't going to a den of corruption, where is the crime?? Everyone should be applauding and thanking Trump for looking out for we the people. I don't want a single cent going to anyone that's corrupt. And just because Joe Biden is a political candidate, he's automatically immune to questioning or investigation?? Please, someone with some reason answer without name calling or acting like a fool. I just want a hardcore factual reasonable answer.

  • John3:16 Pitbull says:

    Mulvaney trying to normalize illegal actions. Sorry, doesn't work that way in American. No self-respecting person would sully themselves by working for Dirty Donny.

  • International Harvester says:

    China Is Leasing an Entire Pacific Island. Its Residents Are Shocked.

    What could Beijing want with Tulagi, where Allied forces fought a bloody battle with Japan in World War II? Some fear military ambitions.

  • what crimes are the republicans in chat charging the democrats over? For holding the impeachment inquiry? that's not a crime

  • Liers he did not contradicted trump
    They’re on the same page
    Mulvaney is not a good lier
    So he should have come out and lie?
    And you consider yourself Americans?
    You should be ashamed

  • Its been revealed this week that Donald & his goons have broken 2 laws and Fox is still telling their viewers that its a witch hunt. That's reckless.

  • He told THE TRUTH and that is not too common with the trump administration. So according to you, telling the truth is going too far??????? Go F yourself you idiot!!!!!!!!

  • "What you just described is a Quid Pro Quo"

    "We do that all the time! Get over it."

    Fox just skipped the most important part! D:

  • Patricia Campbell says:

    Even if Trump is not impeached, he will still go down in history as the worst President ever.
    He has lost the trust of most Americans. And will be voted out of office.

  • The definition of Democrats is Bully ! They want to silence and
    do away with anyone that says things they don't agree with . EVEN IF THE DEMOCRATS DID THE THING THEY falsely accuse others of = bullies . ……. All false accusers , liars , and bullies will have to be removed from the face of the earth before the 1000 years of peace can begin .

  • MTSINAI-JabalAl-Lawz-28°39′15″N 35°18′21″E says:

    What has happened here Soros made Mulvaney an offer he couldn't refuse. So he threw fake news chum for everyone to say Ah Ha! Well this is Mulvaney saying something the president didnt say but the media will ride it for all they can.

  • I understood where he was coming from out of the context the statement was in. It was clear that the money wasn't released until it was verified that it was going to be used for what it was intended for and using "Biden" as a pointer, NOT a target, when asking about investigations. I can also see where and how these legal mouthpiece slimeballs come up with their agenda oriented spin from. It's was an unfortunate use of verbiage and should have been stated differently. The "get used to it", although completely accurate and IS how things happen, has a tendency of throwing the proverbial gauntlet down in an "officiallly" represented confrontational posture dumping thousands of gallons of gasoline on a 5-Alarm fire already blazing. He is no diplomat and no politician for sure.

  • America made a 'terrible mistake' electing Trump. (FIFY)

    Bad week for Dotard….
    Stable genius gets punked by Turkey, 
    owned by Pelosi, 
    clowned by Mattis, 
    and outed by his own administration.

    Meanwhile, Fox is running HILLARY articles to distract and sedate it's followers… talk about ISSUES. SMH. Seriously couldn't make this stuff up. Bring it on Trumptards, the era of Red-Hats is quickly going the way of the dinosaur… History will NOT be kind, lololol

  • How much more will it take for the Republicans to do the right thing and remove Trump from office. He is incompetent and a threat to national and world security.

  • John Michael Saraceno says:

    Easy, stop all foreign aid, you can't buy loyalty, there will be back stabbers…but there was a signed treaty for joint corruption investigations.

  • Anthony Muratalla says:

    The senate needs to do its job in this mess…Graham wanted Republicans to sign a loyalty agreement to trump….that in itself should be obstructing justice, destroying the integrity of the legal process

  • He is NOT SAYING ANYTHING NEW: President says he will not help Ukraine, financially, if they don’t help in the 2016 election corruption IN WHICH the Bidens are implicated!

  • Mike Mulvaney seemed incompetent when he first acted as press secretary — like way over his head — so it's not a shock that he would not be clear in his thinking on even a major topic. He's an amateur, is trying to compensate for his insecurity as press secretary, but was dumb and unprofessional. Has Trump said: "You're fired!" — any minute now.

  • I love that leftists think all conservatives are lying all the time until one says something that fits their fake narrative.

  • As General Mattis said: "I think the only person in the military that Mr. Trump doesn't think is overrated is Colonel Sanders."

  • National security is undermined by MSM. Presidential elections undermined by MSM. Democrats are obviously above the law.

  • More bs. For one thing, if people would pay attention Mulvaney did not contradict Trump. He SAID the money was contingent on Ukraine and 2016 corruption. Fleischer lied his whole tenure and used it to parlay a career.

  • Try to look at the facts, they prove you guys at Fox wrong just about every time. Trump broke the law and should be removed and prosecuted. No amount of spin can change the facts.

  • Bunch of "neon" trolls trying to spin what Mulvaney said into some new revelation fake narrative … President Trump already told America that he had concerns over interference in the 2016 election that came out of Ukraine and corruption from within their government …

  • Scrolling down this comment section brought a tear to my eye. Figured I'd see a bunch of conservatives denying, denying, denying. What do I see instead? A bunch of patriots standing up to a president who blatantly broke the law 🙂 USA!!

  • No Quid pro quo; Yes Quid pro quo; up is down, black is white, war is peace…what a sh*t storm. Also, how's that cease fire going?

  • Trump could molest these dumb MAGA chuds daughters and they would still support him and lick his Aids infested ballsack.

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