Flawless sun cream without sticky hands – BBC News

Flawless sun cream without sticky hands – BBC News

this is no ordinary Sun cream spray my
body and the droplets have been electrically charged to give me a
flawless coating Here I am putting on Sun cream by hand in front of a UV
camera the Sun cream absorbs UV light so it shows up black here and makes it easy
to see if I’ve missed a bit could electrically-charged spray offer better
protection so here’s how it works on the spray bottle there are two metal pads
and when you squeeze them it puts an electric charge into your body the
droplets it sprays are attracted to your skin it’s a bit like when your hair is
attracted to a balloon with static electricity the company that’s made this
is called wagner now they’re a German company known for their industrial
sprayers so they’re more used to coating car parts but somebody at the company
has said well hang on why don’t we try this technology on people and it works
the prototype sprays factor 6 in factor 10 Sun cream so it doesn’t look as dark
on camera but when I pull back my top I was really surprised it did give me a
smooth coating of Sun cream there are still a few problems to iron out with
the prototype one of them is that after using it if you touch anyone you give
them quite a nasty static shock and the second one is too you’re not really
supposed to use it on your face the company did warn me that those
statically charged particles will stick everywhere on your skin they find their
way up your nose they go into your ears they find their way into your eyes even
if you’ve got your eyes closed so not good for use on the face now it’s not
just for Sun cream the company also plans to offer things like body oil
though you can appreciate the applications where this might be useful
as with the Sun cream or perhaps with a spray tan we’re getting an even coating
is absolutely crucial


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