Flat Earth on BBC news –  15th Nov 2017

Flat Earth on BBC news – 15th Nov 2017

how do I feel about this wars deception now it’s just kind of funny to me to me hey this is Satan’s greatest lie destruction I got a dog with his mouth [Music] [Music] when you’re watching videos at home it’s just you in the screen and it’s lonely I came here because I needed to see what flat earth people looked like and I was not disappointed they look normal very few people overweight about 30% of them are cigarette smokers and only forum that I met are from around here nobody likes this uncomfortable feeling of being this tiny ball flying through space you know this vast endless universe so as far what’s underneath this I know could be could be this thickness it doesn’t even have to be that thick because we can only drill down eight miles heck this is only 50 miles thick we don’t know so it could be this sort of dimension don’t take my word for it I could be a mental patient recently released from an institution once I decided that I had to go with it being flat based on my what my gut feeling and common sense evidence then I was looking around to see who was making a working model of the Flat Earth and I couldn’t find him anywhere I guess I was the chosen one or the the calling because I had the skills to do this I just put some ice in here because the Sun is it goes around pretty much keeps this area melted well I’ve watched over 50 hours of video I went down to the seashore down in New Jersey and I did my own testing till you take a straight edge and you go from one end and you follow the horizon of the ocean I can you go straight edge just to the other end and it’s it’s flat [Music] you


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