Flashback || S02 E02 || The Sotari Brothers 2 || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Flashback || S02 E02 || The Sotari Brothers 2 || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Hey, Shoban!
What should our viewers do to be notified? Simple brother, you see that ‘Bell icon’ below?
You ought to click on that to be notified. What could be more important than the demonstration?
– It’s their sister’s first day in the office. Are you still a kid to bring your family
along with you on your first day? Didn’t she take chocolate
from you, today as well? Wondering about this new flat?
And why is Sai with us? A lot happened in the last month. Oh-No! Why did they make that character leave?
Where will he go now? Why disturb me
when I’m binge-watching movies? Sai, bro.
What are you doing here at this hour? Bro, I told you earlier that I’m gonna
crash at your place till I find a room. I’m not questioning your purpose,
all I’m saying is this is the wrong time. The movie was on a nice emotional note,
your arrival has spoiled the mood. Sorry for disturbing you. I’ll wait here,
you finish watching it & then I’ll come inside. Bro, chill!
Come in. Now tell me, what happened, Sai?
– In 2017, while I was taking coaching in Ameerpet I was staying at Mahalkalamma hostel.
Given my OCD, are you wondering how could I? Given my budget,
I can only stay at a hostel. Those days were hell.
Everyone had an unhygienic lifestyle. I was on the verge of being sick
’cause of the unhygienic environment. I meet someone. He’s Shoban Sotari.
I thought I wouldn’t ever find such a friend. But in 2018, I met Ravi Sotari,
the elder Sotari brother. Though he didn’t practice neat habits,
his heart was pure. Both of them treated me like family.
Though the younger one got deviated a bit for money & love. But the elder Sotari always treated me the same.
In fact, he treated me better than his brother. I always wished
that we three shall live together forever. But with arrival of Supraja Sotari.. I realised, family is family.
Friends are friends. Both can never be together. Sorry, bro.
For making you emotional. Climax is heart wrenching emotional, bro.
– Climax? – Yeah. Didn’t you listen to what I was saying?
– The movie is very engaging, bro. Why is it on mute? It’s a technique.
I watch visuals without sound. Later, I’ll listen to the audio without visuals.
– But you won’t hear my pain. Sorry, bro. Tell me, please.
– I won’t. Please, tell me bro.
– I won’t. – Please, bro. Fine. In 2017,
at Ameerpet, while I was taking coaching Sai! Sai!
You shall always live with us, Sai. Ravi Sotari, I want to live with you guys.
But.. But what?
You’re living with us, that’s all. Ravi Sotari, please understand. Okay, Sai.
I won’t talk to you again. Cutif. Ravi Sotari! Sai, if you won’t live us,
I won’t talk to you ever again. Ravi Sotari! Bro, are you sketching me? As if you’re Kate Winslet.
You were sleep talking, I was noting it down. Was I talking in my sleep?
– In fact, you were shouting. Crying.
Begging. Pleadding.
– Ravi Sotari. ‘Was I dreaming?’
Hey, Shoban! ‘What’s with him?’
Why sleep with a pillow over your head? ’cause you were bawling for Sai.
– Did Sai call back? ‘Where’s my phone?’ Why did he leave without saying anything?
– Where is gonna stay if our sister is here? He left ’cause he knew
we were hesitating to ask him to leave. He left for us. And our sister.
Sis? Sis? Sis! Brother, where’s sis?
– I don’t know. – Sis! Sis! Sis!
Sis! Brother, I can’t find her. ‘Where did she go?’ Had ‘Hide & Seek’ been conducted
at the Olympics, she would have won gold. Brother!
– Sis, where were you? You went to buy them.
You could have informed us. What will you have for breakfast?
– Only one piece? Would that be sufficient?
– She is asking us to eat out. Had it been Sai,
we’d have cooked that for me. Brad Pitt, bro.
– Yes, bro. There isn’t anything in the kitchen to cook.
– Am I not too busy to be cooking, bro? Then how, bro? Go, answer the door. Bro.
– Yes, bro. You’re the only guy
I’ve seen ordering tea & biscuits. Come,
get seated. Sis, we’re leaving for the office.
Will you stay home or would you go out? If you wish to go somewhere..
Where are the keys? Oh, you already took it.
Bye, sister. Let’s go, brother.
– Bye. Sai’s bike key. Why is it here?
Didn’t he keep it? Looks like he didn’t take it.
– Should we use the bike then? No. How will he do his job without a bike?
He might have forgotten it yesterday. He’ll come back for the key.
He needs it more than we do. Let’s leave the keys on the bike & go.
He might hesitate to ask us. Fine. Bye, sister.
– Let’s go. Bro, it’s a David Fincher film. Observe
the camera movement. – Is it, bro? I’ll go now, bro. Bro, watch the taking of this shoot.
– Please, bro. I’m getting late. Bro, but you don’t have a bike.
How will you manage? – That.. TiskoPo?
– Are you Sai? Yeah, it’s me.
– Please share the OTP. 2121.
– ‘Why is he crying?’ Sai! – Sai?
– Where are you going? Sai, change your name immideatly. Ravi Sotari. Oh-No! Don’t be upset, Ravi Sotari. Ravi Sotari, have one.
– No thanks. Then take two.
– Please leave me alone. Brother, this is my office, why here?
– Sai, bro! Namaste. Why aren’t you coming to the office?
– My.. – Why come on this bike? Where’s your bike?
– I’m here to talk about it. Is boss in there?
– Yeah. Sir, rating! Hey!
– Who’s he? He’s our TiskoPo’s highly rated employe. Why does he look like he lost something? Did you lose your bike?
– It’s there but consider it lost. What do you mean?
– It’s Sotari’s bike. They gave it to me.
Now Sotaris aren’t around nor the bike. How will you work without a bike, Sai?
– Sir, please don’t fire me. Give me a week, I’ll manage something.
– Why would I fire you? You’re our best employee. Since you don’t have a bike,
I got an idea. What’s it, sir?
– I’ll tell you. Just like I started TiskoPo app
for bikeless people, I’ve got a similar innovative idea. What is that, sir? Please tell me.
– VadukoPo.(UseMe & Go) VadukoPo?
– Yes, VadukoPo. In our busy life,
it’s hard to do household chores. Though we’ve washing machine to wash clothes,
we’re lazy to take them out & dry. Lazy to clean untensils & bathrooms. After coming back home after office,
people are lazy to turn on the fan switch as well. But such lazyness is our strength. For all such people,
‘VadukoPo’ Perfect idea, sir. My friends
Sotari brothers were the same. Lazy people. Sotaris. There are subdivisions as well. Like
ThomesiPo(Dishwash & Go) AaresiPo(Dry clothes & Go) OodichesiPo( Sweep & Go) AadinchiPo(Play & Go) Tell mom to rate me 5 starts, okay? We even have..
SwitchesiPo(TurnOnTheSwitch & Go) SwitchesiPo? Sir, fan or light?
– Fan. Sir, any specific speed?
– 3. Oh, no-no! 2.
– Okay. Sir, is that good?
– Yeah. Sir, rating?
– My phone’s there, rate yourself. Sorry, sir. For that, you’ve to book
from ‘RatingichokoPo’. Who’s it?
Isn’t my idea amazing? It’s innovatively, dirty. Dirty?
– Me & this kind of work. Sai, considering your OCD, I find you
suited for this work. Hence, I selected you. Noone is gonna maintain
your standard of cleanliness. So.. Do you think you have any other option?
If you need a job, you must do this. If you want, I’ll double your salary. Then consider me in. Ravi, is everything okay?
– Nothing’s bothering me. It’s okay, you can tell me.
– Shoban! ‘Why is he calling me?’ What happened, brother?
– You tell him what happened. Is that why you called me?
The thing is Bharat How can I live there
with Sotari sister is around, Jaiyetri? So, I’m leaving.
– Sai had to leave. Sorry, Ravi Sotari.
I tried to convince him but he didn’t oblige. Why are you apologising?
If he doesn’t want to live with us, let it be. He isn’t even my childhood friend. Brother,
please don’t cry. Yes, Supraja.
– Who’s crying? Ravi Sotari, he’s missing Sai.
– Do you know where Sai is? Heard that he’s living with Brad Pitt.
– Isn’t he the landlord? Can we meet him? What for?
– I’ll tell you once we meet him. One more thing,
don’t tell Shoban or Ravi about it. Fine. Shoban, I’ll be back soon.
– Where are you going? I got important work.
– ‘Important work?’ Bye, Ravi Sotari.
– Bye. Sai, bro.
Answer the door. Sai, bro.
Unprofessional movie watchers. Jaiyetri, bro. What brings you here?
And who’s this? Supraja Sotari.
– Supraja Sotari? You mean Sotaris’s sister? Yeah. Is Sai in here?
– Supraja Sotari. You come in.
Sai! Sai! Sai!
Sai! Sai! Supraja, what are you doing here?
– Sai, let’s go home. Let’s go back to our home.
– Supraja.. – Sai you were all living together happly.
You had to part away ’cause of me. Ravi brother is missing you alot. It’s true, Sai. Ravi Sotari is hurt
cause you have left without informing. He’s being dull
while working in the office as well. Our boss has become dull cause Ravi Sotari is dull.
Since the boss’s being dull his wife is being dull too. And since his wife is dull.. Without Sotari brothers, I’m feeling dull as well.
You may ask bro about it. Supraja Sotari. Why is he staring at me?
– ‘That’s how he’s.” Sai, I can’t see my brother in that state.
Please come back. But wouldn’t it be an inconvenience for you?
– I have an idea. For that,
I need your help. Supraja Sotari. Brother, brother. Yeah.
What do think, Brad Pitt? Did you see, brother?
Activa wasn’t there. Sai. – Ravi Sotari!
– Hey! Shoban, what’s he doing here?
– Ravi Sotari. – Sai, how you been? Why bother? I left
’cause I didn’t what to be an inconvenience. What incovinance?
Why come back now? Leave. I’m sorry, Ravi Sotari.
From now on, I’ll never leave you. Dude, wouldn’t my sister be uncomfortable?
– If he’s here, I’ll be uncomfortable as well. Ravi Sotari.
– What now? Ravi Sotari, Sai missed you
as much as you missed him. He’s here for you.
Why sulk? He’s here, fine.
But how is he gonna live here? You sister has planed everything.
Brad Pitt. I thought there is only comedy side in Sotaris’s life.
Now, I got a good emotion scene. Brad Pitt.
– I’ve got a 2 BHK flat. You all can stay in it.
– 2 BHK? Look bros, 2 BHK flat.
I usually use it for story discussion. How do you find it?
– Very expensive. You gave me a product worth crores.
How little is this in comparison. Consider it my gift. Shoban, can I share your sister’s room? We both can then live in the same house. Sai, sir. Would you like to live with us
or would you find it inconvenient? Ravi Sotari, stop making fun of me. Didn’t you feel like meeting us
at least when you came & took the bike? Which bike? Our Active.
TiskoPo Active. When did I take it?
– Didn’t you? ‘I can continue the story.’
– What are you saying? For you, I left
the key on the bike at the parking. Who else would take it? Did we loss it? ‘I got a story.’ That’s the thing.
And so, we’re all in our new flat. Sai has a new bike too.
– Hey, Shoban. – Yeah. Haven’t you slept, yet?
– Okay, okay. Bye. All over the world, to fight the coronavirus,
the government, doctors, medical staff and everyother department, be it transport.
To each & everyone on behalf of our ‘Wirally’ team & us.
A salute. And let’s follow what goverment asked us. Also.. – Maintain basic hygiene, like
washing your hands at least for 20 seconds. From time to time.
– Stay home. Don’t go out. Stay safe. And don’t panic.
– And don’t panic. If you like this video,
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