FLANDERS – Rapha Race Radio Episode 01

FLANDERS – Rapha Race Radio Episode 01

Bike racing is mad. It’s a sport as beautiful as it is ugly, as boring as it is exciting, as pure as it tainted, and that’s why we love it This year we’re going to follow professional cycling In the most unprofessional way possible Welcome to Flanders I’m Stuart I’m Harry This is Rapha Race Radio These cobblestones shook, rattled and rolled the peloton on Sunday, with Niki Terpstra and Anna van der Breggen going double Dutch at Flanders In the men’s race, QuickStep wiped the floors with the opposition In Terpstra, Stybar, Lampaert, Gilbert, four potential winners So the Wolfpack could afford to wait before pouncing Baby-faced assassins Mads Pedersen and Wout van Aert ushered in a new generation of rouleurs while elder statesman Vincenzo Nibali came 25th, and animated the race He’s a pure climber, who won the sprinter’s monument and now he’s smashing the cobbles. He’ll make a believer of us all In the end, Terpstra clipped away, following a shark attack before leaving Nibali floundering in his wake As usual, Sagan couldn’t manage to get anyone to work with him To pull Niki back Look at this photograph That’s Terpstra’s second Monument win. In the women’s race, it was once, twice, three times Dutch ladies on the podium, with Anna van der Breggen doing something we all dream of doing: Winning solo with no one else around. Amy Pieters came second and Annemiek van Vleuten came third sprinting with a dislocated shoulder
that she’d had to put back in mid race. So, that’s it for Flanders. That’s the
wrap. Watch racing, go roadside. We’re in Oudenaarde, it’s the morning of the race. The
riders are signing on over here. Kitty and I are going to get into the CANYON//SRAM team car And I’m going to head to the climbs to soak up the atmosphere. To the cobbles! So we’re in the team car with Beth from CANYON//SRAM and we’re gonna try and see the race as many times as we possibly can “Do you know what you’re doing?” I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. We did it! Look at this girl, she’s crushed it! Go, go, go Second part of the race Beth’s gone “She’s like a lightning bolt,” My ankle went there I’m probably going to give it to the wrong rider The woman are faster than the men We’re now heading to the 11th time to see the race and we’ve got about three minutes
to make it before they get there I argued with that guy, he was like “I’m trying to take a photo,” And I went, “Uh, this is more important.” So we’re just heading to the finish now Thank you I’ve made it to the Kwaremont, one of the iconic climbs in cycling 2.2km of cobbles that the riders have to go up three times and here they come. Going to the Tour of Flanders is something every bike fan should do but we can’t all be in the heated team car so here’s a few tips that I’ve picked up to make sure that you make the most of the experience. Don’t be afraid to get muddy Or take shortcuts to get to the best vantage point Talk to the other fans, you’ll probably get free beer But don’t drink too much If you do, don’t stray too far from the toilets Don’t pay €95 for the VIP tent The race is over here Just enjoy the freebies, and wave the Lion of Flanders And most importantly of all, don’t forget to enjoy it And now to the Musette of Regret This is a musette, the bag cyclists keep their lunch in But this musette is not any musette, this is the Musette of Regret where we’ll be putting something deplorable about the sport of cycling in here Ankle socks, salbutamol inhalers really just anything that gets sand in
our bibs. You might have noticed that we’re starting the season only just now at the Tour of Flanders And that’s not because we couldn’t afford to travel outside of the EU No, it’s because, apart from the Strade Bianche… TIESJ BENOOT the races up until now have all been pretty much pointless How about those races in the
desert? Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi Just endless straight roads through
sandstorms with more camels than fans all paid for by Mr. Sheikh with his
money money shake money money money How are we supposed to understand a
sport with a calendar that’s as confusing as Sean Kelly’s use of the word of
“bonification”? Somebody give us a calendar that makes sense Let’s start by ditching the desert races Hi guys, it’s Eurosport’s Juan Antonio
Flecha here I’ve been a professional cyclist for over 14 years and I’ll be
joining Rapha Race Radio to tell you one more story at the races that the team
will be at and for the next episode they’ll be doing Paris-Roubaix which has been my favourite and I even ended up being on the podium three times in my career. However, my first time there wasn’t that successful because I actually crashed even before the race started I was so excited and distracted by the
fact of looking around and seeing all the big names and legends, I hit a sign and
had a very embarrassing crash. In spite of all that, I finished the race and I ended up falling in love with Paris-Roubaix So one more thing for you guys: Watch it on Sunday, because you might end up falling in love with Paris-Roubaix. Cheers,
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