Fix Wi-fi connected but no internet access on Android Phone and Tablets

Fix Wi-fi connected but no internet access on Android Phone and Tablets

hey guys the garden welcome to another vlog tech tips we look at the issue we're basically on Android which would be a phone or tablet you're basically connected to Wi-Fi but you're unable to browse the Internet so basically your Wi-Fi is connected and you have no internet access sorry so the first notes on demonstrate you as you can see I'm connected to the Wi-Fi network here and I'll just turn this on I'll go into Wi-Fi as you can see there is a d-link network and for some reason it's connected what it's saying I could connect alright so as you can see there I'm connected but later on when I go to browse for example I'll use a simple web browser such as this one right here and if I try to go to a web site as you can see there it says web page not available so and on this network everything else is browsing but the phone won't connect as you are seen here so basically you're going to show you to fix this but first I want to try that is a tablet or phone is to go into your settings right I'm just demonstrating o26 the problem of users and it has worked in most cases and once you're in here does go to date and time once around a bit a time that is going to set the date to the correct date make sure it's set all right in case it's the automatic times that are giving you the issue if an actually that turn that off are actually set it manually so it will keep the time correctly sort of set the date and make sure you save time and make sure both are correct and in most cases after doing that you're browsing should return and you'll be able to browse may sound simple but for most people that is the issue second thing for other people is given a chair this is a second method you know going to settings once you're in settings guides you can look for backup I reset my just a reset I'm going to go into reset and do not worry no letter to delete anything off your phone so basically Tina do guys is you're going to reset network settings notice this is different from factory reset factory set will delete your data but we're just going to use our network settings I'm gonna go ahead and target as you see here it says only gonna use data pertaining to our Wi-Fi settings cellular data bluetooth so basically won't move anything of importance once you do a reset guys um come back if it's a phone problem you should now start be able to browse if you don't have this option you might have to buck up and what a factory said what I do not advise you want to do this as a last resort so guys you can only attempt this one of the lashes are the factory set in case you don't have network release it what I advise you is network resettle is much simple right and last for this the last step will need to go to my computer which I'll show you how to actually log into your router and we'll take it from there as coach in some settings or modify some settings hey guys we're back and I'm on the desktop so I suggest that you connect to the Wi-Fi that you're currently on you're going to use internet explorer at work as it works this and once a in internet explorer and connected to the d-link router they ping able to type in if it's a d-link router for other routers advisor you look at the back of the road as I'm going to show you on screen here the information should be beer also to actually log in right so it might be 192 168 dot one dot one and one C as you can see I'm going to the million router as with the phone from before and of course make sure they pass or the means of admin and of course again the parser is going to be blank for your it's going to be different the information should be on the buck off your rota varies according to row so start so once you log in guys going to look for your wireless sitting again your automobile a little bit different so that once it does explore and look around we can see our min wireless sitting on the setup and as again guys years might be setup event a stop I knew you know what you are doing are you might just need to adjust a single setting so let's look our own and familiarize ourselves with D I'm setting even a go on money one which is this set of optional as you can see I'm just demonstrating an SEC I'm on the right page for a while and what you're going to do here guys is if I look for the right setting as you can see there's a bunch of settings and the one we're looking for is the 802 11 mode and of course as you can see is right here and I want to do is change this from the default settings to a 211 B you'll have to need to set that our if you are not going to use the equal of means it will SG setting Sigma set it to either channel either DG or the B channel as your senior as I'm showing right one of these will allow your phone to both because what that mean is that with the other options it will not allow your Android phone and sometimes your tablets or those especially your phone you need to set it on Andy's mode either either a less than G or either less be near of the test both so you're just going to simply select one and of course your security mode together you sit if not this is the first epoch simply rotate and go ahead and run luxury option of setting your security mode all right so once you have done that make sure you save your settings that's very important for settings ability to quicken it's going to show you that it's going to take a few seconds 40 seconds to be sick so guys remember after this you can actually ignore this window are closed it out and then of course you can try connecting again with your phone and it should work harder so color from black tech tips another set of quick fixes if you liked this video please give us a thumbs up not remember to subscribe and check these their icons carbon block basic same way until next time bye


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