100 thoughts on “First excerpts of Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker transcripts released”

  • It looks like a silent Quid Pro Quo, that's what Democrats said. Nancy proclaims that the investigation is already gotten therefore she doesn't need to bring whistleblower to testify.

  • The GOP depends on their followers not reading nor understanding the Constitution, and believing everything they are told to think, on faux news.

  • If GOP thinks any of that is acceptable for leader of free world, they are severely, SEVERELY impaired. Never had the judgement needed for the people's congress in the first place

  • Also, calling Bill Barr "transparent" is laughable. He released a highly editorialized summary of the report which left out very important details that will probably be included in the current investigation and that misled a large portion of voters. Mueller specifically stated that Trump wasn't free of guilt, and Barr's summary implied that he was.

  • Giovanni Clarke says:

    So what I would like to know is what the fallout from this will be because from all accounts this shouldn't just be an impeachment inquiry but there should be serious criminal prosecutions stemming from this. Gordon Sondland, Pompeo, Giuliani, Volker and a host of other people need to be facing prosecution. THEY LITERALLY PUT AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY AND SECURITY INTO THE HANDS OF A EVERY DAY MAN… all so he could look out for his clients best interest. I can honestly say that Rudy was a criminal from the jump. He played the long con from the 80s touting himself as some do-good pinnacle of justice, but in reality, almost everyone that he has ever been connected to is a criminal! There is no way that in the years that he ran SDNY Donald Trump's jacket never came across his desk! Just think about it! Trump has been dirty for YEARS! Come on people!

  • Drain the SWAMP ! Drain the SWAMP ! Drain the SWAMP ! Drain the SWAMP !

    Lock him up ! Lock him up ! Lock him up ! Lock him up ! Lock him up ! Lock him up !

    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊vote ALL DEMOCRAT IN 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

  • Can we investigate Biden already. He wasn’t a political rival he gave a speech facing a wall yesterday. President needs to fight corruption and fight the dems. No one will side with the Dems because no one wants a shitty dem president

  • Trent Montgomery says:

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  • I'm getting a bit confused. First, there was allegation of corruption that happened during Biden's era as VP. Then a hold back of funds so the corruption can be investigated. It seems to me holding back funds is a bigger issue than the alleged corruption that should be investigated. I'm still confused

  • nebulous stargate says:

    I can't wait till trump and fox news calls Sonland a never trumper deep state agent🤣🤣🤣let's see how they're going to spin this one.

  • Sondland knows exactly how deep he was in the shite and is trying to make his involvement less illegal. He was involved in removing the ambassador long before the infamous phone call so was well aware that his actions and those of Rudy were not in the interest of the country and purely for the personal benefit of the president.

  • Jeremiah Stinnett says:

    Trump didn’t care about the corruption investigation. He pushed for a public announcement just so joe Bidens name could be dragged through the mud.

  • Sondland was good with trump until he realized he would be the only one holding the bag of dirty laundry. It's funny how potential criminal charges can clear ones conscience and motivate someone to tell the truth especially when the truth can be backed up by eleven other witnesses!

  • Good summary from the reporter – but the Giuliani influence is 'insidious' not 'insiduous' … S'matter of fact, I had to look it up because she said it so convincingly. Nice work CNN…keep the those Washington bastards honest.

  • If you are wondering where we are, we went from "there was nothing" to "there was something but it's not illegal".
    See you later in 1 or 2 months when we will reach "it was illegal but the president has immunity".

  • Its amazing how much pain the US is willing to go through for one person… Trump.
    Ever heard of sacrifice one for the many… This situation is easily fixed by removing less than 5 people.

  • A mix of trump and giuliani right there is a scenario for disaster two sociopathic old conmen scheming to pull their latest scam on the American and Ukranian people with no thought to the life death consequences…..I hate those two ugly old white men, well sorta white trump is more orange and giuliani greenish looking….
    Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump, giuliani, and the rest of the cowardly gop thugs!

  • From Granada Spain and once a American citizen here we all know that American conservatives are racist devils and to stupid to vote for racism and giving welfare to the rich!

  • Talk about endangering US security? Guiliani has NO security clearance!! Trump should not only be removed, but sent to jail along with Pence, Barr, Pompeo and Guiliani

  • Who cares? Who can take a one-sided, anti-American process seriously? We know the Democrat plan, that they intend to drag this out until election day. Totally evil and corrupt.

  • Dominion Faith Ministries says:

    Trump's presidency has tested the character of many American career politicians. It is also going to test the integrity of the American Constitution/legal system that allows three coequal branches of government to allow checks and balances on the power of the executive branch.

  • Everyone seems to keep glossing over the requests to have Ukraine announce investigations of Biden publicly. It's one thing to ask them to investigate corruption behind the scenes. It's a whole other unicorn of a different flavor to demand them to make a public announcement, which could then be used against a political opponent.

  • conference Justice says:

    The same two key witnesses worked under the Obama administration that knew of Ukraine connections with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and John Kerry when they were in the white house and Obama knew of it and aloud it to happen . Those to key witnesses that you're talking about fake news CNN .

  • 1) Did not ask to investigate Biden
    2) Did NOT ask for quid pro quo
    3) ACTUALLY DID ask for quid pro quo
    4) The quid pro quo wasn’t illegal
    5) Quid pro quo WAS illegal
    6) OK it was illegal… So What
    7) Republicans don’t care if it was an illegal quid pro quo bribe

  • You would think that all these BEST millionaires could certainly afford cosmetic surgery!!! They are the ugliest bunch I've come across

  • Judd: Cartels lashing out at US citizens because we're securing the border

    Trump 2020

  • Ohh noo, they have a transcript that proves Trump wanted a corruption probe into the Ukraine interference of the 2016 election. The Hooooorrrrooorrrr

  • Leaked Audio Of ABC News Sparks Cry Of Epstein COVER UP, Story Implicates MORE Journalists
    Clinton for prison – 2019

  • It's ironic that Trump's executive mandate and election promise to investigate corruption is being turned around on him and now they accuse him of the exact thing Joe Biden did and what Trump wanted investigated in the first place. What a looney bin world we live in. And the corrupt, lying media disgusts me to the core of my being. As do the leftist bots in the comment fields in full force out tonight.

  • Looks like a big nothing burger. Just impeach him already so the senate can strike it down and we can get on to Trump winning the election in 2020

  • The Republicans are a party of lies they don't care about American only filling their pockets with money off the hard working Americans dirty bastards they keep crying about close doors hearings but remember Benghazi when they had close door hearings and that was ok but when the Democrats do it they break down the door and Force their way in a cause Havoc to try to stop the process that's the way it is with them I can do whatever I want the Democrats have to walk the line straight up just like the lady had to resign other day it's bullshit time to fight back and let them know we're not going to take it anymore

  • Adorable Deplorable says:


  • Now the republicans must make a choice. Are they going to allow the president to break the law? Because if you let one man operate above the law, or give him the ability to make and break laws as he sees fit, we no longer have a republic, we have king.

  • Russiaplicans : Democrats are running the investigation in secret.
    Reporters : but you are allowed to attend the proceedings.
    Russiaplicans : yes but if we attend the proceedings then how we are going to Complain and please our Orange clown Leader and his base

  • There's something big we're not being told by either side. That's why the dog & pony show. Pipeline; drilling contract; international merger.. Something…

    Biden Lied – Emails Show Burisma Executives Leveraging Hunter Biden Membership as Pressure on U.S. State Dept. For Assistance in Removing Ukraine Corruption Probe.

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