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  • They have never developed a successful Corona virus Vaxxine. And given that this thing has mutated already(within weeks), even if one is developed that works it won't work on the new mutations.

  • Christopher W. Sanders says:

    So big pharma profits from ordinary people who aren't able to work during this Communist China made virus?

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  • phillip kalaveras says:

    People are starting to ask what the justification is for this response to the virus. A congressman on the radio was just asked that question and said, "what makes this virus so dangerous is most people who get it do not show any symptoms at all so they can spread it without knowing it". Can you see how preposterous that excuse is? In a way, it is an admission that they are destroying America for no good reason other than to get rid of the President. This is going to backfire on them so bad there will be no more Democrat Party after November.

  • Angelo Proetti says:

    think about one year less than a week the world is upside down in 6 months we might not have a doctor to give us a medication and then 6 months more ?

  • Is it a double blind experiment (i.e. half of the number of people secretly won't be given the vaccine but a panacea) ?

  • Chicken Little Syndrome says:

    The U.S. needs more tests. More testing means more information. More testing likely means a reduced death rate which will reduce panic.

    South Korea has tested more than 140,000 people for the new coronavirus and confirmed more than 6,000 cases. Its fatality rate is around 0.6%. This suggests that, as many health experts have predicted, the virus' fatality rate seems to decrease as more cases are reported. That's because more widespread testing leads more mild cases to be included in the count The US, by contrast, has tested around 1,500 people. The country has 221 confirmed cases and 12 deaths, suggesting a death rate of 5%. The US' testing capacity has been limited."

    "The US and South Korea announced their first cases of the coronavirus on the same day: January 20. More than six weeks later, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tested around 1,500 people for the virus. South Korea, meanwhile, has tested about 140,000.

    The nation is capable of conducting as many as 10,000 tests per day and has built drive-thru testing clinics that can detect coronavirus cases in just 10 minutes. Officials say the clinics can reduce testing time by a third.

    This quick response has allowed South Korea to detect more than 6,000 coronavirus patients, around 35 of whom have died. That means the country's death rate is around 0.6%. 

    The death rate is a calculation of the number of known deaths out of the total number of confirmed cases. Because the disease caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19, progresses over a period of weeks — and because these numbers are constantly changing — it is not static and very likely to continue changing. It is not a reflection of the likelihood that any given person will die if infected.

    The World Health Organization estimated on Tuesday that the global fatality rate for the coronavirus is around 3.4%. Some health experts predict that this rate will decrease as the number of cases rises. South Korea offers solid evidence for that prediction so far.

    Widespread testing could mean a lower death rate because the majority of coronavirus cases — around 80% — are considered mild. But the cases reported first are often those with the most severe symptoms, since those people go to the hospital. Milder cases, on the other hand, could go uncounted or get reported later on.

    "If indeed we discover that there are far more cases that are actually being reported, and that one of the primary reasons for this is that we're just not detecting asymptomatic or mild or moderately symptomatic cases that don't end up seeking healthcare, then our estimates for the case fatality rate will likely decrease," Lauren Ancel Meyers, an epidemiologist at the University of Texas at Austin, told Business Insider.

    Mild cases, she added, "may not make it onto the radar of public health agencies."

    In the US, people without severe symptoms haven't been tested because of limited availability, which may explain why the nation's death rate so far is high: more than 5%. 

    That's higher than the death rate in China — nearly 4% — where the outbreak started.

    Many mild cases could go undetected

    People under age 40 have just a 0.2% risk of dying from the virus, early research has shown. The majority of severe cases are among elderly patients or those with preexisting health problems.

    "Most people who get infected won't even know they have it," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a press briefing on Wednesday. A day later, he added: "The facts do not merit the level of anxiety that we are seeing."

    But until Wednesday, the CDC had only tested people who had recent exposure to a confirmed patient, had travelled to a country with an outbreak, or required hospitalization. This has made it difficult for doctors and health officials to test or diagnose many patients with mild cases, which likely explains the US' high death rate.

    "There's another whole cohort that is either asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic," Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in a February 6 briefing. "We're going to see a diminution in the overall death rate.""

    "If you look at the dynamics of how outbreak curves go, you just need to take a look at China and take a look at South Korea right now,” the health official added. “With China, they went to their peak, and they’re coming down right now. There were, just a day or so ago, 11 new cases in China, which is miniscule compared to where it was.”

    "South Korea, meanwhile, is “starting to flatten,” Fauci said, adding that the change in the trend occurred over about a month and a half in both countries."

    "International organizations should prioritize reducing economic impacts of epidemics and pandemics. Much of the economic harm resulting from a pandemic is likely to be due to counterproductive behavior of individuals, companies, and countries. For example, actions that lead to disruption of travel and trade or that change consumer behavior can greatly damage economies. In addition to other response activities, an increase in and reassessment of pandemic financial support will certainly be needed in a severe pandemic as many sectors of society may need financial support during or after a severe pandemic, including healthcare institutions, essential businesses, and national governments Furthermore, the ways in which these existing funds can now be used are limited. The International Health Regulations prioritize both minimizing public health risks and avoiding unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade. But there will also be a need to identify critical nodes of the banking system and global and national economies that are too essential to fail – there are some that are likely to need emergency international financial support as well. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, regional development banks, national governments, foundations, and others should explore ways to increase the amount and availability of funds in a pandemic and ensure that they can be flexibly used where needed."

  • In the beginning, U.S did such a great job at cutting anyone coming from china wuhan area where virus is said to have originated so that they could at least delay the arrival of wuhan virus for a period of time while other countries such as japan or South Korea if not canada right away started to see the number of infected go up since other countries did nothing about chienese tourists coming in at least at the beginning stage unlike U.S.

    It was also wise to impose travel ban on all Europe as soon as 'WHO' officially announced that epic center of virus shifted from china to whole europe nations except if government had 100% made sure that all Americans can come back home from europe any time in the year, there would have been no cluster of passengers in the U.S airport who mistook U.S ban on whole europe for ban on Americans, which led to Americans coming back home all at once in a hurry panickly when they didnt really have to.
    U.S is also the one of the few countries to actively and quickly test the real effect of corona virus vaccine on actual human being with the intent to save citizen, the moment U.S realized epidemic can get worse while other nations are busy playing blame-game like in iran with no actual attempt to see how vaccine works on human.

    By employing the drive- through style testing, the time spent to test people for coronavirus is being reduced quite extensively at that, meaning the less it takes, the more can get tested, which also helps government officials to warp the head around where exactly hot- spot is except we dont have sufficient amount of kit for testing yet.

    Unlike south korea, at least U.S did not send off or export mask, sanitazier if not biosafetysuit to other countries that is desperately needed during coronavirus spread by putting limit to the numbers of masks, respiratory equip that gets exported and also by saying No to mainland chienese trying to buy off as many 3M masks as possible for the sake of trying the best to offer every U.S citizen at least one N95 mask if not more.
    One thing that is alarming and disappointing is that kit for getting people tested for the coronavirus is not being distributed as well as it should be due to the lack of equip ,but there is nothing government can do but to just try to produce more because this problem of lack of equip only shows how reliant U.S med- supply- chain has become on mainland china over the past 10 years. Had U.S grown less reliant on china for actually producing test kit for virus, there would have been no need to worry about how to manufacture massive amounts of test kit within U.S soil now.

    Keep up the great work. Way to go!

  • If it doesn't work after one year then what is the plan B ?. Furthermore, the second outbreak start this November (about seven months from now) is going to exponentially on top of the first one. Imaging…..

  • visalapol nutavej says:

    Testing is the key! Thailand created rapid COVID-19 test for cheap $15 (just like pregnency test).

  • Beatriz Martinez says:

    I'm 71, I never take the flu vaccine and I never get sick. My best friend she took it every year and every year she get sick at least 3 ti.e a year. Anybody can explain this ?
    I'm eating lots of ginger. Go read about. Is a fantastic natural medicine.
    My sister is clean of any drugs from the drug store = pharmacy 😊

  • America is a big nation sleeping on the imports from China there must be more 100000 corona infected population to test negative all it takes 2 months at this pace.

  • IIA Target Analyst says:

    Fact of the matter is…..

    USA govt attempting to cripple citizentry by wipe out citizentry opportunities? Why? Is it to offer those that engage in abuse fraud and waste activity a instant bail out?

    Mean while citizentry is expected to isolate self lose many opportunities to get ahead….

    USA govt has a long history force citizentry to heavy rely on it to make citizentry accept its (unwelcome unwanted as ridiculously priced Services ) As more And more citizentry behave self sufficient, the govt see's citizentry self sufficiency as a major threat to its precious existence, it thinks it is.

    Of late, USA govt officials behave as if citizentry choose for themselves avoid govt interfrence (its over priced unwanted Services) is criminal thus a punishable offense.

    What else USA govt Officials been up to?

    USA dedicated render
    China (and other nations in competition for 5G) feel as be helpless as hopeless. An adrupt stop prevent active participantion in race to 5G finish line via flaunt Conovirus-19 as invasive human pandemic that came when least expect it, out of nowhere really, no cure but govt try to contain it series of step by step mandates

    As a Target Analyst ..
    [Target Analyst a new (Woman paved as lead intelligence field ) tested at Armed Forces as proved effective and effecient net CID/FBI 3 year inquiry. I the founder of Target Analyst feel its a duty to heavy vett anything (USA) Government does as token of respect to citizentry. IIA has citizentry back. Armed Forces will forever be faithful to American citizens. Count on it.
    SIFT FIND ROOT is the activity Target Analyst engage in heavy vett data. Debunk questionable assumptions]

    USA govt assumption has been debunked.

    Citizentry unaware for information witheld from them, there is such a thing as bats suffering. Infected bats (that suffer from Histoplasmosis fungus) urine as poo drop where? Mostly to soil as ground water. As means of transfer to humans is vast.

    There are over 300 fruits as 500 plants that are pollinated by bats as to mention bats distributor of seeds which other critters consume such as turkeys, chickens wild game pheasants. Humans consume these birds. You get the picture.

    Histoplasmosis a fungi is not new, nor has it just came out of nowhere like a phantom of the night.

    What are the chances USA govt Officials force citizentry, no choice, play Russian roulette, with it?

    Cornovirus-19 is in actuality Histoplasmosis fungi. Disease of bats. Both cornovirus-19 and Histoplasmosis have identical onset, as outcome (if not timely treated) Symptoms.

    Histoplasmosis fungi can be treated with antifungal medication thus its not a pandemic for humans unlike bats. There is no treatment for bats. As no one has made effort to medicate or vaccinate bats And so transmission from bats to humans continues (see, USA govt Russian roulette games)

  • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 says:

    Hopefully the initial results will prove successful, and it can be Mass produced and distributed to the population for injection, usually when most People are Vaccinated the Disease drops out of sight, of course the ignorant anti vaccine conspiracy theorists will hinder the eradication of the Virus. Vaccines have saved Millions from horrible deaths from terrible diseases since the first one was developed. The Polio, Smallpox, lots of examples of the positive impact on the World, of the Science of Immunology.

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  • Next week’s headline: First Person To Test COVID-19 Vaccine Found Dead. This vaccine is going through without any animal trials and/or normal medical protocols. And, as usual, the vaccine makers, pharmaceutical companies and medical personnel cannot be held liable for any adverse side effects, reactions or death resulting from the vaccine. Sign me up…not!

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  • Real question is: what sane person would sign themselves up for something like this? Who are they really testing this 'new' vaccine on without lying to them about the potential threat of what it may cause without it being scientifically tested?

  • Dianne Hargitai says:

    Why a year? Gotta be a way to accelerate the process. If the virus accelerates, we need to, too-eh, Dr. Fauci?


  • Dems worst nightmare is we get this thing under control, the economy doesn't detonate, and the Golden Golem of Greatness wins reelection. I've thought this buffoon was finished a millions times over. Maybe he is.

  • IIA Target Analyst says:

    Does NBC Employees respect those that served Armed Forces right to freely express oneself? You know veterans carry on be apart of something greater than oneself?

  • We Want The Coronavirus Vaccine To Come To Canada Once Our Isolation in Our Homes For Two Whole Weeks is Officially Over

  • How much are they getting paid to be a puppet ,a guinee pig,,wow what if that ruins there inside or brain damage anything!!😖😖😖😖

  • Is this a hoax to calm the agitated people?! Remember guys, this may be half truth to calm people's nerve after all that has happen! Now is the time to wait-and-see but at the meantime what is being done is more important; if you disregard this present situation I'm afraid not many will be able to see the success of this vaccine. Take precautions!

  • Under NO circumstances will I accept any vaccination. I learned about that when I got the flu every year. When I STOPPED allowing any vaccination I NEVER got any kind of flu for 50 years. And if I do, I refuse all drugs and use herbs proven to work without side effects. In other words, how God made it instead of man.

  • Only one person to test?! Must be kidding! You need to test at least 2 person. First person; who is not infected to test the effectiveness of immunity, and the second person who has been infected; to test for any side effects! Hope this is not a hoax!!

  • Don't make the world fool. When you people made the virus you made the vaccine at the same time. Its not 6 month process to make a vaccine. Trump puppy did a cold war with China. For his nonsense whole world is suffering. We shouldn't blame China. The master mind behind the scene is USA and trump. Now USA gonna earn money from the vaccine. A game to control the world. The world is not fool.

  • One thing about us humans is that we will survive whatever is thrown at us. We are the cockroaches of the milkyway

  • Ramario Jackson says:

    Everything that's happened is increasingly according to bible prophecy, Revelation to be exact. If knowledge is not all truth , all power ? God is the truth even the Word..
    Luke 4:4 King James Version (KJV)
    4 And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

  • Do u people not get that he just said we are a year away from a vaccine those individuals need to be watched for a year after 65 days it's going to get worse before it gets better if u think its 8not ur in denial wake up !

  • That was quick. About a week ago they said there wouldn't be a vaccine for another year. "Oh, we meant the totally-developed vaccine." Uh-huh. Entertain this: they've had a vaccine all along & they've already planned a release date. Also: there is more than one version of the vaccine. What version will most of us be given? Hey, Dr. Fauci: how many nanobots can you fit into a flu vaccine? I smell Black Ops. I smell New World Odor.

  • nikki scissorhands says:

    So, the chinese said vitamin c straight into the sick peoples IVs will turn them around in a day or two. Why are we not doing this?? Too many people dying who shouldnt have to. Also Remdesivir and that anti malaria drug. Start giving it to everyone! Let's save our people!

  • The answer: millions of nanobots in one injection. Designed to attach, specifically, to any organ you like once in the circulation. The brain, perhaps? Would that amuse you? How many of us will be delusional then? They virus they released a century ago killed 19 year-olds in 24 hours. (The lungs filling-up with water). So, they're letting us off easy this time.

  • Hmm…this is too fast to develop vaccine…we haven't heard anything about testing on the animals first yet from the US government…and now they already develop the vaccine? I hope this is NOT fake…

  • Ballsacksaswinging says:

    Oh didn’t trump say we’re close and all the left news organizations were talking crap and trying to make trump look bad!? Haha another win for the right! Losers. If you just support the president once and while it wouldn’t make you look bad. Losers.

  • There is a reason why Coronavirus vaccines have not been approved in the past and it’s not for a lack of effort to develop one. Past studies on Coronavirus development show that while these vaccines do elicit antibodies against Coronavirus, these antibodies are not protective. Instead, wild Coronavirus infectivity and severity is enhanced by the presence of the vaccine antibodies, similar to that of the Dengue Virus vaccine. It is also known that Coronavirus antibody dependent enhancement occurs with antibodies elicited from the flu vaccine. Coincidentally, seniors not only receive high titer flu shots, but those 65+ also have the highest uptake of flu vaccine across all age groups. In the US those seniors represent ~60% of all flu vaccine uptake.

    Testing a Coronavirus in humans knowing this defect in Coronavirus development thus far is beyond barbaric. Scientists need to solve the issues with antibody dependent enhancement of Coronavirus in animal models before they start injecting people.

  • Explore Everthings says:

    Another talking and talking, people are dying, maybe whoever died will die. WTH, maybe people who never make it to summer will just died

  • Anyone attempting to inject anything forcefully into my body is gonna get dealt with. To the death…I repeat….to the death.

  • Anyone attempting to inject anything forcefully into my body is gonna get dealt with. To the death…I repeat….to the death.

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