Finding Creepy Stories in Newspapers

Finding Creepy Stories in Newspapers

Here on Family History Fanatics we love
to have fun, so since it’s Halloween let’s get creepy and let’s explore
newspapers for some really lovely gems. Happy Halloween y’all, this is Alvina, I’m
Mistress of the darkest little archive you’ve ever seen and today we’re gonna
talk about creepy finds in newspapers. Now newspapers give us a glimpse into
the past and how much Halloween has changed let’s check out this little
nugget. “Halloween Halloween night of merrymaking, old and young joining the
fun, cabbage stealing homeward fleeing, neighbors chasing with the gun.” Yeah I
don’t think the little yung’uns would like to be chased with a gun these days would
they. Now newspapers like to help us remember some of our creepy
superstitions and in this one it’s just not the black cat that crossed your road,
take a look. Isn’t it funny that if the cat sneezes
when a bride enters her house she may not have a happily ever after, and beware of
those wrens you kill one and you might just drop dead. But I especially love the
one about the dogs they’re supposed to be a man’s best friend but it looks like
a dog can predict some serious calamities. Now it’s time to start
looking for some creepy things in newspapers and Devon Noel Lee who
typically does these types of things she has a video about doing keyword research,
so let’s do some keyword research and see what we can find.
Creepy was the three-legged Irish stool the basis of our modern chair that’s not
really creepy is it let’s try again. Creepy it has something to do with
kidney disease, well that’s a little better but you know we Halloween lovers
need to get a little bit more *spooky noises*. So we turned to our
Family History Fanatics fans over on Facebook and YouTube and y’all shared
some amazing finds. Now the first one is from Linda’s Family of Nnutz, ain’t that great,
and she has a blog post you wanna read about voices in the wind isn’t that kinda creepy, for sure. Didn’t have any newspapers so I turned to another
viewer from FamGenealogy you’ll be able to find links to these two blog posts in
our description. Now FamGenealogy she has a post you definitely want to read
about the mysterious origins of an Irish man who went a little creepy and crazy.
Now that blog was by Renee Schmidt and she found some wonderful nuggets. One of
them was about a wedding. At this wedding the bride, who had been married a
few times before, she wanted to have the guest listen to a song that was a
favorite of one of her previous husbands and it was called Hark From the Tomb.
*Spooky noises* that’s nice and creepy. But Renee sent me on a hunt she shared a story about
being buried alive and so I went to and found quite a few
stories ohhh are you ready to be chilled. The first one is about a little girl who
wasn’t feeling too well so the physician came to visit and told the family what
to do overnight. He went to go visit another patient and
on his way back to check on the first woman young lady that was in this
article he met the Undertaker, who was getting a box, a casket, ready for the
first girl a Miss Maud Wallace. And Maude Wallace was probably very thankful
for that physician because he hustled his little self over to the home and told the
family don’t you dare put her in that box cuz she’s still alive. Well thank you very
much that’s a little scary don’t you think. Our next story comes from down
under in Australia. It appears that some family had to relocate their beloved
deceased and when they did they moved the casket it turns out a black
ribbon was well preserved inside. *Spooky Noises* that’s kind of cool. Have you ever seen
some movies where people pop up out of the casket to try to scare people well
this one wasn’t just a practical joke. It appears that on the way to the funeral
as people are carrying the coffin in the procession some noises started to
come out of the box and started to make people a little worried. Well thankfully
they put the Box down to find out what was inside and the person who they
thought was dead wasn’t so dead. I’m so glad she didn’t quite make it to the
ground before people started realizing she was still alive and kicking but I’m
sure those who attended that funeral didn’t forget that creepy sounds anytime
soon. Now we gonna talk about people who have a kind of a creepy job which I
definitely love and that is grave robbers. Yeah, I said it grave robbers and
this gem is just delightful. It appears that some grave robbers dug up the
body of a woman who had some treasures buried with her they didn’t get
treasures they got a surprise of their life.
The woman sat up and said “What’s going on.” and scared them senseless so
senseless they were admitted into an asylum but I’m sure that woman was
glad she got dug up. Now this last story’s sad but creepy
thanks to Rene she found it. Well apparently a little boy died but inside
of him he had a mouse. Now mice creep most women out but to find one inside the body of
your child who you thought had diarrhea and had something else going on inside. I’m
sure that was kinda gross. Well happy Halloween y’all and we hope that you
will take some time to dig into newspapers to not only find your
relatives but to appease your morbidly strange curiosity for the creepy. As a
reminder go ahead and hit that subscribe button for more family history fun
because if it isn’t fun you’re doing it wrong.
And we hope you’ll check out some of our latest videos with some other strange
characters like Bambi and Phil.


3 thoughts on “Finding Creepy Stories in Newspapers”

  • Really cute, girl! Looks like I have competition in the ‘vamp’ department. Lol!
    I found a creepy story in a book on ancestry one time about a girl who had been poisoned by the young man who had been romantically involved with her. Although there was some suspicion that the boy’s father, who was a doctor, had been involved. So, the little book, or paper – whatever it was- seemed like the records of a hearing?
    I meant to save the link because I didn’t have time finish it but of course I didn’t save it. Now I can’t find it again. I guess I’ll never know how the creepy story ended!

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