FilterCopy | News Darshan: Region Harijan – 25 Sep 2015

FilterCopy | News Darshan: Region Harijan – 25 Sep 2015

Hello and Welcome to News
Darshan with Agni Aunt where irrelevant news and
irreverent opinions go hand in hand with handsomely heavy handed
wholesome entertainment. Just like our Mainstream Media. My dear! Fret not after reading
my love letter. Odisha and West Bengal have been
fighting over the origin of Rasgulla.What’s up folks? No work in hand?A Rasgulla bursts somewhere O M G ! and embraces a Jalebi. It would have been more delicious
had they been quarelling over Subhash Chandra Bose – whose
files recently got declassified, and who wanted to ally with Hitler. Crazy Nazi Passion Whose most famous quote
has been misappropiated by sanitary napkin companies. Your country is free. Sing along! Who is perhaps the only person who contributed to a State’s Pride by being Anonymous, Missing, InvisibleInvisible Man!and Secret. What is the secret hidden
in the foggy whereabouts ? Secret! Secret! Supposedly Congress did
surveillance on the Bose family. Everyone does it dude! LikeSahebSay what you may, but don’t stop
me from stalking you. You can run but you cannot hide. Now let’s take a U turn
like governments do, & look to the West – the Patels. “Patel” ? F*** you! F***ing Shiva handed this guy a million
dollars, told him “Sign the deal!” He wouldn’t sign. And the God Vishnu
too into the – F*** you, John! Hardik Patel wants reservation. I hope he realizes that 6 out of 24 – i.e 25% of Gujarati ministers
including the CM are – Patels! Don’t ridicule what I say,
Don’t disbelieve my truths. I swear on your head, May be he should have made his
demands to the Raje government which has 68% reservations
for non general categories; which is only 18% more than the
Supreme court approved limit! What more do you want! Let it go To top it, the Gujarat HC rejected a PIL that challenged the curfew on whatsapp
and mobile Internet services. I offer my Love in return sweetheart Without the internet, please manage with
your 90 days whatsapp history. Government wants to do the same too! How will a naked man bathe and rinse ? Thank God for Justice VM Kanade, or else Government would’ve deemed
even silly criticism as “sedition”. And now we can say with confidence – that we WILL meet you next week, untill then – LIKE “Brothers & Sisters” COMMENT “Brothers & Sisters” SHARE “Brothers & Sisters” and SUBSCRIBE to FilterCopy Dear Mr Modi, be careful
else the nerves will blast.


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