Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

China – third century BC – a story is told of a merchant trying to sell a spear and a shield. When a customer asks how good his spear is, the merchant tells him that his spear could pierce any shield. The customer then asks how good the merchants shield is, and he responds that it can defend from all spear attacks. The customer then asks one final question. What would happen if he were to take the merchant spear and strike the shield? The merchant had no answer. This story originated the Chinese word for contradiction ‘maodun’, literally translated spear shield So what does happen when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Let’s find out.(ROLL THE INTRO) Hello Internet Welcome to Film Theory, the show where brains always defeat brawn.(ya sure?) The show where sometimes maybe brains can in theory be preferable to strength? You know one of the biggest challenges with entertainment?(what) It constantly has to one-up itself in order to stay new fresh and exciting(that’s true). The first time The Matrix showed the world bullet-time No, one had ever seen anything like it, but nowadays it’s all old hats that first big team up in the Avengers Iconic cinema, but then Marvel couldn’t just do it again. It already had been done. It had to evolve to stay fresh (MORE!!!!) So they did more heroes than they had him fight each other and then again an infinity war they one-up Themselves yet again by mixing the powers in really cool ways We can’t just watch people in capes kick and punch each other anymore The standard has been raised for audiences time and time again(MORE HEROES PLS). The reason I bring this up is because Escalation is hard at a certain point you hit a ceiling and it’s really hard to go backwards if the fate of the world is on the line for a given movie, Well, it’s hard to go back to stories where the fate of the city is on the line and after the fate of the world where do you go the fate of the galaxy then you’re just Stuck quite honestly the same holds true for superheroes and their powers Superman’s biggest weakness as a character. It isn’t Kryptonite, It’s that he’s too strong So today I wanted a bit too of superhero fiction’s most Escalated creations against each other to see which one comes out on top, the immovable object or the unstoppable force. In our first corner at five foot nine weighing 154 pounds We have the guy whose greatest curse is that he wins every fight with a single punch a character whose very existence Is meant to parody overpowered anime superheroes and the guy who shows us just how important it is to never skip leg day Ladies and gentlemen, I’m of course talking about a baldy who is far from basic, One Punch Man Saitama!!! How strong is Saitama? Insanely strong. Mechanical beings, mutated warriors, monsters, walls, buildings, swords, meteors. With a single punch Saitama is able to bring each and every one down his only weakness is boredom (and mosquitoes) In the second corner It’s our immovable object the strongest material in all the Marvel film-iverse the alien metal behind Captain America’s Impenetrable shield and Black Panther’s suit. Able to protect our favorite heroes from being nice shot or dismembered but watch out for those snaps It’s the most indestructible metal that Marvel has the rights to put up on screen Vibranium KSI and Logan Paul eat your hearts out This is the biggest fight on YouTube and I’m not even gonna make it pay ten bucks for it. So Let’s get ready to theorize To Figure out who wins the battle between vibranium defensive abilities and saitama’s offensive power We first need to figure out just how strong each one truly is. So let’s start with vibranium What makes this intergalactic metal so perfect for a match like this isn’t how strong or durable it is But because it has the ability to absorb kinetic energy for those of you unfamiliar, In physics, kinetic energy is basically movement energy. All moving things have kinetic energy which means that when Saitama goes to punch it the vibranium should be able to absorb most if not all of the force of Saitama’s punch storing that impact within the bonds of the material calculating the kinetic energy of an object is pretty easy All it is is one-half mass times velocity squared So is it possible to measure the limits of how much kinetic energy a given amount of vibranium can handle? well We see multiple examples throughout the Marvel film verse of vibranium durability in Captain America the Winter Soldier Captain America uses his vibranium shield to easily deflect bullets in black panther We see vibranium deflect multiple machine-gun bullets It reflects energy blasts from Iron Man and Civil War and can cushion fall spot without question the greatest feat of vibranium strength We see in the movies happens in the Avengers when Captain America uses his shield to repel Thor’s hammer Mjolnir Which is some serious power because as stated in Thor, Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a Dying star and star matter is massive. According to Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter quote Neil deGrasse Tyson If Thor’s hammer is made of neutron star matter as implied by legend that it weighs as much as a herd of 300 billion Elephants, that’s clearly Neil deGrasse Tyson nailed it now I can already hear the angry internet commenters typing furiously that Odin said Thor’s hammer was forged in a dying star Not from a dying star and yeah in the comics Thor’s hammer isn’t constructed from star matter But instead out of an enchanted metal called Uru However in the Marvel film verse it all might just be one in the same You see this is how Thor describes the material his hammer is made out of in Thor Ragnarok. He was made from this special metal from the heart of a dying star It was made from this special metal From the heart of a star and then again in Avengers infinity war we see the construction of Thor’s replacement hammer-axe Stormbreaker and it seems like the heat of the star is used more to heat this mystery metal rather than fill the mold “How do we make it? Awaken the heart of a dying star” We even know what type of star it is Nidavellir’s forge harnesses the blazing power of a neutron star Long story short at best uru and neutron star material in the movies are one in the same and at worst Marvel Universe just can’t keep it all straight regardless per National Geographic a single sugar cube of a neutron star has a mass of 100 million tons. So even if Thor’s hammer isn’t made of star material well It’s still gonna give us one massive estimate for how much kinetic energy that hammer generates and how much vibranium can actually withstand So the mass of an object is equal to its density times its volume The density of a neutron star is on average approximately 10^17 kilograms per cubic meter and per the one-to-one Marvel licensed replica, The dimensions of Thor’s hammer are eight and a half inches in height five and a half inches in width And five and a half inches in length Which makes the volume of the hammer to be? 250 seven point one to five cubic inches or .004213523831 cubic meters which means that the mass of Thor’s hammer is equal to 10^17 times 0.004 all that mess or 421 Trillion three hundred and fifty two billion three hundred and eighty three million one hundred thousand kilograms Or if you’re in America nine hundred and twenty eight Trillion nine hundred and twenty-two billion nine hundred ninety five million five hundred and fifty two thousand one hundred fifty one pounds Holy Odin, that is a ton of weight. It’s actually a lot more than a ton of weight that is seventy-one thousand times the weight of the Great Pyramid at Giza eight Thousand times the weight of the entire Great Wall of China Which is assumed to be the heaviest man-made structure in the world at one hundred and sixteen billion pounds Fun Facts But we can’t actually confirm that since, you know can’t really pick up the thing and throw it onto a scale So let’s say hypothetically speaking that Thor can wield his hammer at least as fast as an ace pitcher 100 miles per hour or 45 meters per second. That would mean that the energy required to deflect Thor’s hammer is 426 quadrillion 619 trillion two hundred and eighty seven billion eight hundred and eighty eight million seven hundred fifty thousand joules to put that into Context that is more than twice as much energy as the largest nuclear weapon ever tested on planet Earth Nothing ever devised on planet earth could ever take vibranium down But then what about something that was devised in anime one punch man has done a lot of training for this fight 100 pushups 100 sit-ups and 100 squats Then a 10 kilometer run! And while that training regime might not sound like a lot (which is kind of the joke guys) Saitama seems to possess a seemingly limitless amount of physical strength unlike vibranium The mass of Saitama is a fairly standard 70 kilograms So when it comes to kinetic energy, it’s not his weight. That’s doing the damage. It’s his speed you see all those squats and 10k runs over the last three years have given him a velocity that is off the Charts when Saitama fights the alien invader Lord Boros. He gets knocked to the moon This is no big deal because Saitama easily jumps from the moon right back to earth in less than 19 seconds the distance from the earth to the moon is on average two hundred thirty eight thousand six hundred six miles or 384,000 kilometers which means to travel from the moon to the earth in 19 seconds or less saitama’s average Velocity per second would have had to have been Twenty million two hundred ten thousand five hundred meters per second or twelve million five hundred fifty eight thousand two hundred Twenty two miles per second. That is sixty seven times the speed of light which means that when it comes to kinetic energy Saitama is exerting at least one-half times 70 kilograms times twenty Million two hundred and ten thousand five hundred squared one hundred and forty-two quadrillion 962 trillion five hundred and eight billion 587 million five hundred Thousand joules of kinetic energy or about a third of what vibranium withstood when hit with Thor’s hammer So at the outset it would seem that vibranium actually trumps one punch man. It’s about three times stronger than the fastest We see him go in the anime, but it’s important to remember that Saitama is lazy He almost never uses his full strength in battle And even though the moon jump is the fastest that we see a move it’s not his greatest feat of strength For that we need to examine when he punches through a planet killing meteor on its way to earth in Episode 7 We see Saitama stop a meteor that’s described as a level 9 on the Torino scale Now that might seem like it’s something that’s just made up for the anime but it’s not the Torino scale is a real method of categorizing the impact hazard of space objects based on one their probability of hitting earth and to the kinetic energy and Diameter of the asteroid and it gives me great happiness to report that currently There are no space objects rated non zero on the Torino scale. It would appear that are at the safe For now But a level 9 meteor is serious business to give you some context a level 10 is like the impact that killed off the dinosaurs and sent earth into an Ice Age level nine impacts Which do severe regional damage happen once every ten thousand to a hundred thousand years and knowing it’s a level nine tells us that the diameter of this asteroid is between a hundred meters and one kilometer So to approximate the mass of this animes killer asteroid I compared it to 101 955 Bennu an actual planet killing asteroid floating around in space right now that fits right into the size range as such we can say that one punch man’s asteroid has a rough mass of 78 billion kilograms or 171 billion 960 million five hundred sixty-four thousand five hundred four pounds the weight of ten Thousand Eiffel Towers meteors tend to enter Earth’s atmosphere at speeds between 20 and 72 kilometers a second So if saitama’s asteroid is traveling at the max speed of 72 Kilometers a second. This would mean that the kinetic energy needed to at the very least stop this asteroid is when f jeomsun 202 quintillion 176 quadrillion joules that is 473 times what we calculated for vibranium which means that in the battle between Saitama and vibranium one punch man surges ahead if something that he would be well he wouldn’t really care about all that much and remember all of this is Saitama without even breaking a sweat Vibranium on the other hand has shown some cracks in its literal armor in Avengers age of Ultron Thor wasn’t the only one having strange visions it’s easy to forget Tony Stark’s hallucination where he saw Captain America’s shield Broken and all the Avengers dead amongst the rubble and well, yeah That was just a mind trick brought about by the Scarlet Witch It could be a sign of things to come and Avengers for I mean in the comics a number of people both good and bad Have shown themselves able to destroy Captain America shield Including the man that’s currently on everyone’s mind Thanos in the comics infinity Wars based on after that infamous snap Earth’s Surviving heroes launched a final desperate attack against mad dad Thanos still equipped with all six Infinity stones It doesn’t go that well for them. In fact, pretty much everyone dies in a last-ditch effort Captain America The Last Man Standing Battles Thanos head-on, but with one swift punch Thanos shatters caps shield And that is how we’re able to test the upper limits of vibranium Now you might be asking how we could possibly calculate the energy output of all six Infinity stones But the thing is we don’t have to at the beginning of this battle in the comics in an effort to impress mistress death Thanos turns off all the other powers except for the Power Stone even though throughout the battle He’s still doing reality bending tricks But whatever so we know that Thanos is punch infused with the Power Stone is one of the few forces Able to break through the limits of vibranium that still leaves us with the challenge of solving its potential energy But infinity war gives us exactly the information that we need during the climactic battle against Thanos on Titan We see him use the power stone to destroy one of the planets moons and then rain the shards back down onto Titan’s surface fragmenting a moon like that is certainly powerful but notice that it doesn’t blow up the moon in one go but rather it has to dismantle it in one continuous wave across the planets all of that tells us is that the energy required to blow up a moon is ultimately greater than what the Gauntlet can deliver in one punch because it has to dismantle the moon in parts rather than travel all at one time From there believe it or not It’s actually relatively simple to calculate the energy needed to blow apart a planet or moon Basically, all you need to do is have enough energy to overcome the gravitational binding energy That’s pulling all that matter into the shape of the moon. I could probably go more in-depth into that in a future episode Anyway, the gravitational binding energy of a uniform sphere is equal to 3 GM squared over 5r Where G is the gravitational constant M is the mass of the sphere and R is its radius So I’m just gonna use our moon as a stand-in for the one that Thanos destroys here to get about two point zero seven times 10 to the 29th joules of energy that is one billion times what Saitama had to deliver in order to destroy that asteroid and that’s Honestly where the battle sits right now do I think one punch man should win this matchup? Yeah Absolutely the fact that we haven’t seen Saitama break a sweat doing any of these Extreme feats tells me that he could punch a moon and very easily destroy it in one punch However, based purely on the feats of strength that we’ve seen in both franchises Vibranium has shown itself able to handle kinetic energy input far beyond what we’ve seen Saitama delivered So is that it vibranium wins at least until one punch man season two sometime in 2019? well, not quite one last twist based on the first law of Thermodynamics energy cannot be created or destroyed It has to be released somehow vibranium like we discussed typically stores and releases the energy in a controlled way It’s one of black panther’s most useful skills However, as we saw when Mjolnir hit Captain America shield vibranium can indeed withstand all that energy But it can’t quite absorb all that energy resulting in a shockwave that flattened the forest a hundred feet in either direction So imagine what happens if Saitama pushes the vibranium shield with the same force He used on that meteor or a force equal to Thanos destroying the moon The vibranium would be unable to store all of that energy releasing an even greater shockwave on the low-end Saitama’s punch is almost 474 times more powerful than mjolnir’s hit. The damage would be Unspeakable everything and anyone within nine miles of that impact would be totally decimated Thus in a battle between Saitama and vibranium. The ultimate loser would be us but Hey, that’s just a theory a film theory and Hey if you enjoyed this episode and haven’t seen one punch, man. Well check it out It’s available on Netflix and Verve right now. And while you’re checking out stuff on the Internet check out my friends over on wisecrack They helped us by collaborating on the research for this episode and they’re just awesome guys They have their main channel wisecrack, which if you’ve watched this channel for a while You’ve heard me mentioned before but they also have a dedicated new channel to film analysis called Earthling cinema. I watch a lot of film analysis videos and these are always way more fun than your average Directorial review or tweety tweety film school breakdowns those have their place certainly and I totally binge-watched those but earthling cinema Analyzes movies from the perspective of an alien who shows up after humans have gone extinct. No joke It’s very outsider’s perspective on what makes movies great and they just posted a new episode about spider-man homecoming which was pretty awesome as a movie the episode talks about everything from how spider-man homecoming relates to the tropes of classic 80s movies all the way to it’s parallels with Birdman all through the perspective of an alien with incredible eyebrows you should definitely give this new channel a shot by clicking the box on the right or the link in the Description and leaving a comment letting him know that the theorists were here something that’ll stand out Something that reflects the fact that you know what I’m just gosh darn hungry as I write this episode Turkey go to their Channel and comment Turkey Why are they commenting Turkey and we’ll all know the secret and we’ll just laugh to ourselves at our little insider joke So that’s it one punch the link you see on screen and comment on the video Turkey It’ll be our confusing little secret now if you’ll excuse me I need to go make myself a sandwich and catch up on another anime. That’s currently running Hmmm… What could it be?


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