38 thoughts on “FFXIV: Moogle Treasure Trove Event”

  • I’m actually quite ticked about the ARR mounts.. I got all mine through hard work, taking me about 3 months ‘n finished all them + Heavensward about a week ago. Other than that.. it’s alright.

  • unfortunately I'm going to end up getting next to nothing from this. look, I don't know what SE is on, but the amount you need for stuff compared to what you get each run is actually a deterrent for me. I don't have the time time to sit and run something constantly to get the items, it's not worth my time. I'll use that time more productively and avoid the headache this would cause, considering Saturday is the only real day I can spend an extended period of time on the game

  • Well, honest opinion here as a returning player off a two year absence: Casual as fuck.

    The game I love is now casual. I used to look at players next to me in a raid and go "these guys fought to be here. They know what they are doing." When they dropped it was "Well that sucked," but if it wasn't repeated stupidity there was never a thought about it. Now I look at people and go "Did he just pay to be here?" Not to mention bots. Now they can just pay to be in New areas and since things like Guildwork doesn't work anymore and the only relief you had from constant RMT spam was to install Guildwork and muscle through to new areas they didn't bother to reach to, gotta say: It sucks. I mean, it is nice that items I missed out on are there for an event, but I remember the hell of some of those runs. I feel for the people who got them honestly and through effort. Hell, I went and grabbed the entire Odin set. That was a painful grind. Now I'm just looking at this like "Huh. Gonna just give it to people who are gonna run dungeons anyway…."

  • Katie Collins says:

    The diadem stuff is a win for me because no one does diadem anymore and I have been wanting it for so long so thank you SE

  • waaaa i just hope this doesn't end up stopping people from doing beast tribe quests…they are so fun and cute
    but since beast tribes quests allowances are still a thing…
    so heads up the direwolf one is the fastest easiest arr beast tribe mount to get

  • Snowman Saves Eorzea says:

    What annoys me is the Calofisteri. It is the only 24 man pet that isn't a 100% drop, which is clearly not intentional. Instead of fixing it, they put it here.

  • I am just getting dizzy on the fact how much I have to grind these dungeons and raids….
    I thought the grind ended but..

  • I just want the earring and the answers orchestration roll, anything more I manage to gain I'll probably spend on mount speed increases

  • Oh boy, that's gonna be a whole lot of runs for everything I want. 133 if I only do the raids. That's a bit over 4 a day, which.. maybe is just a bit under an 1.5hr per day for a month. Ouchy. I'm sooo going to hate the Crystal Tower after this.

  • I'm not a fan of this list, it looks so random. Most of the items are irritating and ridiculous. Especially the tribe mounts and the birds.

    Why not all Birds? I Mean ravana and Bismark are the easiest to obtain unsync.

    And yeah I'm a bit salty about the tribe mounts, I mean, look, we done days of days to farm them. Played their story and learned their lore. But now ppl get them for nothing, the don't even have to know the tribe.

    I can't stand ppl, saying "finally I can get the direwolf" because it's not dat much if work doing ixal…

    I would be more happy about a list with more new and hard to get stuff of dead contents for ppl who needs them, but this? No thanks.

  • pretty sure a nightmare mount would have been welcomed … even though I already have one I'm just thinking of others

  • Charles Lewis says:

    Yeahhhhhh….. this is like only worth doing for diadem stuff( which I alrdy have ) and beast tribes cause it's way faster. Everything else is easier doing another method and I'm not farming story stuff for earrings 😂 mega hard pass imo tbh

  • Meoni, will you be posting a video about the fashion report this week for Sea of Adventures? I really find your last week's video very helpful with the easiest 80 points.

  • LotsaGrumbling says: omg meoni can you comment on this new video for shadowbringers?!?!?! please please 🙂

  • Do we still get tomestones for FC Command Missions? Because I've already grinded through Tam-Tara for levels anyway, why stop now?

  • Crystal Goddess says:

    To be honest, I am actually annoyed with this event, those EX and beast tribe mounts in particular, since they should just be locked behind their respective content, I can understand putting the Pegasus mount there, it's from Diadem, which is basically dead these days.

    This whole event just feels like an attempt at making old content relevant again for veteran players.

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