Female Candidates Fight to Break the Airtime Glass Ceiling | The Daily Show

Female Candidates Fight to Break the Airtime Glass Ceiling | The Daily Show

We’re now just 544 days away from the 2020
presidential election. And there are now
21 Democratic candidates -in this primary race,
which is insane. -(laughter) Look at all those faces, huh? Look at all of those faces! Who do you pick or choose? One up side, though, is there
are also more women running than ever before. Yeah. (cheers and applause) Ah, you… you might want
to save your applause, because, unfortunately, they’re
facing some unique challenges. You see this incredible surge
of women across the country, and yet, the political coverage
of this historic record number of women running for president
is wildly skewed. And, uh, there’s been studies
that are showing, not only
that the coverage has been lower in terms
of the numbers of hours, the just pure face time and
discussion of female candidates, but when they are covered, they are covered
in negative terms. That’s right. It turns out
women aren’t getting as much media coverage
as their male counterparts. The question is… why? To help us find out,
we’re joined by our senior
gender issues correspondent Desi Lydic, everybody! -(cheers and applause)
-Welcome back, Desi. So, Desi, I have to ask.
What do you think about female candidates getting
less coverage than the males? Well, I’m offended, Trevor,
not just as a woman, but as a person…
who enjoys camera time. (laughter) Y-Yeah, Desi, and-and you know
what’s really messed up is… Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Camera, stay on me. Stay on me. Nice try, Trevor. And female candidates aren’t
just getting less camera time. When they do get coverage,
people talk about ’em like this. Kamala Harris–
she’s running for president. She does what she does.
She’s snitty. She did her little thing. That’s Kirsten Gillibrand. She reminds me of a wafer. You know, you put it
in your mouth. It’s odorless, it’s colorless, and then you think to yourself,
“What did I just eat?” Senator Harris has California
and South Carolina advantages. She’s very attractive. Elizabeth Warren is a scold. WOMAN: Elizabeth Warren has
a likability problem. Kamala. She wouldn’t even answer
any of their questions. Instead, she just acted like
she is… beautiful, uh, which… is how
she handles everything. Do you think she’s beautiful? MAN:
Look at those pipes, Mooch. ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI:
Yeah, it’s not doing it for me. -No? -I just got
to be honest with you, yeah. I mean,
she’s… she’s… not gonna make the next Jane Fonda
fitness, uh, video. -(audience groaning)
-Ooh! Scaramucci with the burn! I think he’s just mad that
she lasted longer in the gym than he did in the White House. (laughter,
cheers and applause) Yeah. You know what? You know, instead
of mocking female candidates based on their looks, Scaramucci should be out
looking for his neck. (laughter, groaning) But, you know, it’s always been
like this for female candidates. Like when
Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm ran in 1972,
this is how the news covered it. ANNOUNCER:
This is the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. A new hat–
rather, a bonnet– was tossed into the Democratic
presidential race today, that of Mrs. Shirley Chisholm. That’s right, she threw
her bonnet into the race, which is offensive
and also makes no sense. Trevor, have you ever tried
to throw a bonnet? -I can’t say that I have.
-Well, I have, and it is not easy. I do a lot of Handmaid’s Tale
cosplay on the weekend, so… You know, and once Chisholm
was running, it only got worse. The press focused on her height,
her weight, her shoes. They even said she was playing
“vaginal politics.” Which makes it sound like women
just vote with our vaginas. We don’t. I mean,
I can hold a pencil with mine and certainly fill out
a ballot, but I make my decisions,
not her. Yes, I know you’re hungry.
We’re almost done. (laughter) Look, there is
just something about… a woman running for president
that brings all the sexism to the surface. And I don’t have to remind you what happened
in the 2008 election. But I will anyway. Men won’t vote
for Hillary Clinton because she reminds them
of their nagging wives. Is there somebody in your life whose voice just sticks
in your ear like an ice pick? Well, Hillary Clinton
has a voice like that. It makes me…
makes me envy the deaf! She’s also shrill and angry, and she needs to lighten up
a little bit. When Hillary Clinton speaks,
men hear, “Take out the garbage!” There’s just something about her that feels castrating,
overbearing and scary. ‘Cause I have often said… when she comes on television,
I involuntarily cross my legs. Okay. First of all, that was horrendous. But also, castrating? Crossing your legs? Tucker, what’s going on
with your balls? (laughter) Are they just a set
of Fabergé eggs? Are you scared you’ll lose them
and they’ll go into hiding with Scaramucci’s neck? And by the way,
calling Hillary a nagging wife is also offensive to wives. ‘Cause wives are awesome. -(whooping, applause_
-Look, we plan parties, we dry your
fantasy football tears, and not to mention,
all those birthday BJs. That’s when you get him Bon Jovi
tickets for his birthday. -Men love that.
-Oh. Oh, wow. I should give my brother a
birthday BJ, then. That’s dope. -(laughter) -Uh, so-so,
Desi, um, if this has… always been–
he loves Bon Jovi. -Well, yeah, but…
-No, um, if this has always been the trend, then it doesn’t seem
like it’s gonna get much better -for 2020.
-Well, okay, actually, there is one big difference
that gives me hope. See, in 2008, Hillary was
the only woman running, so she had to carry the weight
of all the sexism, but now there’s at least
five women, so they can share it. There’s safety in numbers. I mean, that’s why we go to
the bathroom together at bars. And now… it’s how
we’ll run for president. -Desi Lydic, everybody!
-(cheering, applause) Don’t forget, don’t forget… Desi has
a really funny new special exploring gender equality
around the world. It’s called Abroad,
and it premieres Monday night at 11:00 on Comedy Central. One more time–
Desi Lydic, everybody!


100 thoughts on “Female Candidates Fight to Break the Airtime Glass Ceiling | The Daily Show”

  • cheyenne vickrey says:

    Ok truth they need the small weak minded to believe its real so young dumb impressional women will fire eachother up and go vote

  • Padraig Murphy says:

    You know what helps it not be about sexism? Not labeling them as female candidates instead of just simply "candidates." So good job Daily Show, you're not as bad as Fox News on the issue, but you certainly aren't doing anything to help the issue by continuing to refer to them as female candidates over general candidates.

  • Padraig Murphy says:

    Who cares who the best female candidate is. All we should care about is who the best candidate is period. Regardless of gender. All you're doing by constantly identifying the gender is fueling the fire. Daily Show, you are just as guilty of this.

  • So you do a segment about female candidates not getting coverage and you don’t even mention Tulsi Gabbard?
    Ignore her like the rest of the media?

  • There are 21 candidates. It`s impossible to give everybody a lot of camera time. The media has 3/4 favorites like Mayor Pete or Joe Biden. These women are just not as charismatic/convenient/likeable like the favorites. Has not a whole lot to do with the fact that they are women.
    Oh but please exclude Fox News from this, they are always special (sexist)

  • Men are not for GENDER EQUALITY. they wanna keep their " superiority"💪. there is a war. not only with SEXES but also with races, religions, political parties… commercial brands and so on

  • Wooooo yeah Desi, loved the documentary. My consolidations on being ranked just above Zimbabwe in woman's rights…

    No but in all seriousness, your a couple places away from cutting…. XD love to you America.

  • America is known as a place of freedom, and where women have freedom and right, but its sad that does not extend to a woman running for president, both India and Pakistan have both not good track records when it comes to the treatment of women, BUT both countries have had a female head of state, and even my country Trinidad and Tobago has had a female Prime Minister, notably not part of a 'dynasty' like India and Pakistan's prime ministers were. This is something America has to change.

  • Capuc!ne Chaussonpassion says:

    Ok so there's like 40 pple running and we should be happy because 4-5 of them are women ? It's so far from being close to enough…

  • Im not American, and I agree 95% with the statements. But I genuenly don't see how "nagging wife" is sexist. What's the difference between mocking Trump with beeing a horrible/cheating husband and claiming that Hillary is like a nagging wife. (İt sounds to me like a personal attack, not a sexist one)

  • I so wish the men candidates would disappear (instead of coming on like hordes) and let us focus on the 5 women (4 of whom are quite terrific). I've had it with the men.

  • I know we just got done watching a clip about sexism and focusing on women's looks but I still have to say that if Desi's vagina is complaining that it's hungry I would be totally cool with helping her feed it XD

  • What is life is the question ??? – shoots himself in the head with a civil war pistol …. (I don’t know why a civil war pistol)

  • Mr. Carter The Preacher says:

    She is so right. But I think you women run the world. Especially black women, because they worked harder than whites to build this country. I thank you women

  • If there is a female version of Bernie, I would vote for her. In fact, if there is a dog version of Bernie, I would vote for the good boy.

  • Desi's segments are great. Took me a little bit to get used to her humor/role initially but now I love it. 🙂

  • To answer ur question why its because bernie is really the only person we should be getting behind pleaae don't try to divide the people behind bernie because thats how trump won last time

  • Oh so the Democratic Party is gunna try woman, black, trans, disabled, politics….. ya no one cares about that, it’s a losing strategy.
    (Tulsi Gabbard 2020 is getting no news coverage just like Ron Paul never did)

  • Calla Antoinette says:

    I don't like Hilary. But the annoying conservatives making it about her sex is immature. She's obviously not a total bitch. She stood by her husband after he cheated.

  • Jesus give us a break. Fox News talks shit about every dem candidate. They’re even harsher on the men! Lol it’s not sexism, it’s partisanship.

  • 'vaginal politics'😲…wtf?! I even think it's the opposite… As an attractive woman you can manipulate many men easily… just my opinion 🤷‍♀️

  • Clive Nyathi says:

    But they don't sell tickets . News coverage is a business and if you cannot bring the money home then go to Facebook and make it work .

  • Monty Parata says:

    AOC will be president one day I hope. Buttigieg or Byden in 2020. Don't think Bernie or Warren will get in, nor any republican. Who agrees?

  • Deedee Mireya says:

    It doesn’t matter how many woman they are, right now is the moment to beat trump and they are making a mistake , they will divide the voters and trump will win :/

  • Did that newsreporter just compare one of those candidates as a wafer , white people have the weirdest metaphors

  • "there are 5 women running for president so they can share the sexism." lol. i believe it's supposed to be a joke but it's actually true. if the number of women would be as high as the one for men, you (probably) wouldn't even know or hear about the sexism

  • Carlos Zenteno says:

    Good topic and good intentions.
    Using only FOX news clips, I am sure we can find clips from those A%*&%*^&%OLES saying

    bad things of anbody.
    I am sure there is more on this topic without using Fox News.
    Who are these guys?
    Michael Bennet, Steve Bullock, Julián Castro, John Delaney, Mike Gravel, John Hickenlooper, Jay Inslee, Seth Moulton, Wayne Messam, Tim Ryan, Swalwell, Andrew Yang
    Not even covered by Fox.

  • its not sexism if no one gives a shit about you while you have a twat (these females are even bigger nonames than the Dem. male candidates… wharever u say about hickenlooper and bootyjudge, they surely have some names on them)

  • btw all these niggas runnin well acknowledging no one wants to vote for them, they just counting on that "against trump" vote.

  • Ok real quick Trevor, count the number of men, and then count the number of women and tell me which gender has more people running?

  • for start give your job to a woman…this is stupid…who says if a man can do it a woman can do too!
    there are some works only women are good at and the opposite…you people are really out of your mind…i`m not talking about politics…women can do it too…the point is who`s better at…i think women are better in politics

  • Mariana Bandarra says:

    It really bothers me that the daily show refuses to acknowledge Marianne Williamson as a candidate. Even when singling out the women running they just kept her out. What is that about?

  • Why is this surprising to anyone?
    It is definitely SAD because Liz Warren is absolutely one of the most qualified candidates.

  • It is awful that women are still judged in our culture by their appearance and not how well they can do their job. No one cares if you find them attractive. It's not your place to sexualize people just because they are in the public eye.

  • MSM has been great at not criticizing Tulsi for being a women. Not lying about her to make her seem like a Putin loving, LGBT hating, Dictatorial praising maniac… Well that's another story

  • Trevor seems like a mix of OJ Simpson combined with Bill Cosby. Double threat-you never see him coming! It's gonna take a long long time before he will get caught! He plays the game better that Ted Bundy,I have a feeling he can play almost every human being. PS. I'm just joking:)!….Ds.

  • Peter Poertner says:

    The debate was covered on a liberal media channel, moderated by liberal commentators, and you're complaining (on a liberal channel) that women aren't covered enough because of sexism?  So your argument here is that YOU and the LIBERAL media are sexist?  I think we have found the problem.

  • Makaveli chuckling says:

    So you'll got a record number of women running. . .

    But still ain't happy?


    Women I tell you. . .

  • OriginalTharios says:

    Yeah…that's only maybe 20% of the problem here.

    The other 80% is that only two of the women candidates are worth anything…and only barely. Tulsi is a flip-flopper when it comes to her record, and she has no fight in her.

    Warren's sole focus is on beating down Wall Street because they apparently kicked her out long ago..and that's what started her crusade when she joined the federal agency tasked with keeping them in check. She's been wishy-washy on M4A, and doesn't really have any genuinely progressive policies otherwise.

    And that's it. Harris is the only one putting up a challenge…and her policies and positions are absolute garbage, and mostly lies. The rest don't even earn a mention.

    This isn't a sexism problem…it's a "there aren't any worthwhile women running for office" problem.

  • Smh women are expected to look like a model but none of the men are ever attractive in ANY way. Smh certainly not trump.

  • They’re probably getting less camera time because the last one who ran basically handed our country to essentially adolf hitler, they’re probably taking less risks just so they could get someone better than hitler.

  • Infinity Fazal says:

    Lets all get it straight people… I’m not a sexiest but the job of being a president is dangerous… Do you think Hillary Clinton would have been able to cross those lines in Korea?. Having a women as a president is grate and all and I’m all for it… just not now… could you imagine a woman trying to talk a sexist country into not building nuclear weapons? No because that would make things way worse.

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