82 thoughts on “Federal Prosecutors Investigating Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Dealings: Report | NBC Nightly News”

  • if it ain't foreign it's borin! says:

    I'VE GOT POPCORN FOR ALL. trumps incarceration day must be a national holiday. Enjoy your weekend everyone

  • Took over 5 years to finally investigate Biden…
    Didn't take power abusing idiots in USA 5 minutes to take action with their hate filled witch hunts… after ignoring 'leaks' about Biden for years. Hmmm
    Anyway, Ukraine is finally doing the REAL job you're paying your 'justice' system to do.. not pursue and confirm fiction.. but investigate where the real issues begin.

  • "Well, I don't know. I haven't spoken to, Rudy. I spoke to him yesterday, briefly….ahhh… he's a very good attorney…he has been my attorney, yeah, sure."

    This is exactly how convicts answer questions. You say both, thinking no one can accuse you of lying. Trump should never agree to speak under oath. He doesn't have what it takes to keep from ratting himself out. His attorneys have good reason to keep him off the stand. He's too unstable.

  • CarmineFragione says:

    Both men arrested are in fact American Citizens and were American Citizens at the time they made donations to various PAC funds to help Trump. So the Media is lying to pose them as foreigners, they are not foreigners, and so the entire story is a fraud.

  • Rudy, Rudy, Rudy everything you say may be used against you in a Crourt of Law.Finally you learned to shut the F up. I hope your bank accounts and taxes are all very clean because someone is looking at them with a microscope and yoh know how they got Al Capone right. I hope Mr. MAGA CRIME in Chief didnt make you believe you were also above the law…you are not..

  • It's unconstitutional to not cooperate with an impeachment no matter how much you may disagree with it. You can't just block someone from impeaching you by refusing to subpoenas lol

  • It figures that Republicans would vote in droves for a nest of incompetent wannabe mob guys. Christians think this guy's boss is the second coming of Christ. Our problem isn't politics. It is insanity parading as the GOP.

  • Funny how they never investigate democrats, eh? It must be great for the democrats to own FBI, CIA, NSA and pretty much every federal thingummy in the USA.
    But the real fun thing is that even with all these corrupt people working for them, the dems will still lose!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Emilio Amaranto says:

    mayor rudy took down the mob for only one reason so the elites would have more power .he/s for the rich never did any think for the middle class or for the poor he only cared for the rich in new york there no more street money its all in the hands of the elite

  • Haujean Contactee says:

    NBC news is a deep state agency of filth and lies and it's going down with the rest of the criminals like Biden, Clinton, Bush, etc.

  • Hahahahahahaha…
    Trump: he "HAS BEEN" my attorney (past tense!!!).
    Tomorrow he'll say,,,"I don't know anybody named Rudy"….
    Hahahahahahaha …

  • I cant believe your now trashing Giuliani. Why dont you ass4 trash those who really committed crimes like biden and his son. How about john kerry. Im not for either party but at least go after those who really have committed crimes

  • NBC=FAKE NEWS….If you have a working brain,try using it,don't be part of the ultra left echo chamber.They don't care about you or real Americans.

  • Giuliani was always a thug, his record in NYC wasn't law and order, it was police riots, police murder of minorities, persecution of the homeless, and grandstanding after 9/11. He's always been scum and he still is. I'm glad he came back from obscurity to finally get what he has deserved for so long.

  • don't worry trump, you are still the central figure : they are after rudy in order to catch you 🙂 … one more problem : your clients will think that your hotels are soft targets for kurd fighters infuriated by your betrayal; so, your clients will leave, you'll lose money, unless you fix the problem

  • Bring it loosers, Illuminatti deepthroater Buzzard fuzz Todd was a bust today. You puppets need to just keep taking it up the yin-yang because you're losers in every other category. No bigger fool than those with the mark of the beast

  • Haujean Contactee says:

    Biden fully admitted to treason against this nation at the CFR conference which is something that the globalist corporate media isn't telling you about. He will be arrested and prosecuted for this along with his criminal son and company. He and his ilk deserve the death penalty.

  • Rudy working for Trump, and Pompeo and Trump get the US ambassador to Ukraine fired because the US State Dept's anti-corruption policy was hampering Rudy's two 'business partners' efforts to play the system to personally enrich themselves. The Zelinskiy/Trump phone call where Trump asks for a 'favor' is only the tip of a big corrupt iceberg. Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, AND Pence were all in on this little scam, trying to use the influence of the US State Dept. to personally profit. Last time this kind of thing happened was with Oliver North during the Reagan presidency, but North was using the State Dept to further what he perceived as US National interests. He was wrong. In this case with Rudy, Trump and Pompeo…they are using US State Dept influence to enrich themselves….they aren't working to advance US policy, they were trying to get a little richer.

  • Sherri Greeydelinarez says:

    Trump cussing is giving a finger to all those that Claim he is a Christian!! 😎 You will know them by their Fruits! Need baskets for Deplorables the fruit is Rotten! 😎

  • If impeachment does happen, not likely but just say if then what? The Democrats behavior for the last 3 years is unecceptable, they have done nothing but divide this country, when Americans are killing each other and this will happen you have no one to blame but yourselves, all for what? You don't think about the other half of America

  • You left wing traitors are all hang your necks. The flies are going to lay eggs in all of your orifices and the maggots are going to eat you.

  • Another complete con job. Fake news. They mentioned nothing about what Guiliani did. They might try to tie him to parking tickets of those 2 guys. By the way those 2 guys….. are Americans not foreigners. It’s con job.

  • Rlinda mcfarlane says:


  • Lol Uh You might need to look to the Bidens if you want a story of corruption, drug use, money laundering and extortion, look no further. Over here (whistling with two fingers in my mouth) guys this ones a
    slam dunk. Hello? 👋

  • WHAT A LOAD OF ABSOLUTE CONTORTION OF FACTS< in other words BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a disgusting excuse for a news channel – if you want actual facts in actual context watch this

  • It's clear to see the garbage coming from MSNBC / latenight clown shows is nothing but a propaganda machine for the Marxist Media. Quid Pro Joe already admitted to the CFR
    ( ) of a SHAKE DOWN of the Ukrainian President. He is even joking about it ( 1:41 on video link above). The American people have woken up to the traitors involved in the previous administration and you can't hide the MASSIVE pay-to-play schemes anymore. To continue down this path goes beyond freedom of speech that Misguided/Malevolent/Marxist Socialist Media ,MSM, THEY are just as complicit and are now implicating themselves of seditious HIGH TREASON ( ) as these political criminals on the LEFT for promoting this false narrative in an attempted COUP of the duly elected president of the United States of America. You can smell the desperation of the left and it smells like panic/treason (Arrests coming 120,000+ sealed indictments nation-wide). NEXT False Narrative is on SYRIA about President Trump and Syria, but real story is Clintons (HRC) history on the Syrian conflict- HRC (deep state puppet) did not want peace in Syria. It wanted endless conflict with the goal of overthrowing Bassar al-Assad , , to open the way for a natural gas pipeline–Iraq–Syria_pipeline nothing to see here.

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