Fed up Geraldo CLASHES with Fox co-host over Trump

Fed up Geraldo CLASHES with Fox co-host over Trump

It’s not an anti-immigration issue, it’s an
anti-illegal immigration issue. I think he should double down on this. I think the people are tired of this. I think it’s gone beyond an illegal immigration
issue, my brother, I think what you have now is a feeling of almost xenophobic feeling
that all immigrants are bad unless they come with hefty checkbooks. Who said that? We didn’t say that, you said that. I heard the Cuccinelli, Ken Cuccinelli, saying
that now send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses with your 401K —
That’s not legislation– But I mean you can’t have such harshness. Why are we being so hard? What’s hard about
In a nation of immigrants why are we being so harsh? See my wife’s a very smart person–
Isn’t your wife an immigrant? She’s an immigrant but she just followed the
rules, it’s not complicated, it may be laborious it may cost money but we have rule Geraldo. There’s nothing xenophobic about asking people
to come here the legal way, I think that’s a made-up talking point. I think that the problem now is that legal/illegals
are getting mushed together and now there’s a–
But not by Trump, by you. No, when the president’s minions go out
and say we want these people to be able to take care of themselves, what he does is,
my dad Cruz Rivera, came from Puerto Rico 1940, he’s a citizen because Puerto Rico is
an American colony, he comes as a citizen he’s penniless, he knows nobody. By the time he was finished he had a suburban
home and college educated children, that’s the American dream. Nobody’s suggesting your dad’s the problem
though. No, my dad is the solution, my dad is the
answer. See you’re conflating the two. Trump’s point is that people who come here
illegally in violation of the law are the issue, not people who come here legally. Why this harshness, why? I just think, that if you make immigration
us and them as the Presidents tone in New Hampshire yesterday seemed to indicate. The good Americans and the bad others are
going to come from other places and they come overwhelm us, and we use military analogies
and invasion and so forth, when you do that, you really dim, I think, the mystique of America
that makes us great, I don’t like it. Now Geraldo, he did say, if you are seeking
asylum and you’re in danger then, yes, we will let you in even if you don’t have– even
if we have to put you on welfare. We’ll take care of you. I hate scapegoating, I think what you have
now is immigrants being scapegoated. No, I entirely disagree, Geraldo. We have taken in millions of people. We are the most compassionate country on earth. Facts and data have to matter, you can’t just
say compassion and act like that’s a legislative solution to our problem. It doesn’t mean anything outside of facts
and data. The president’s legacy will be forever marred
by the fact that children were taken from their parents. This is Fox News’ Dan Bongino carrying water
for Trump amid his LEAST popular policy, which, mind you, is no small feat in this administration. And he does so with so little humanity and
compassion that even his co-host, Geraldo Rivera, has to push back. And right off the bat, Bongino claims that
this has nothing to do with legal immigrants, that he’s talking solely about illegal immigrants. But he’s being purposefully deceptive, because
this administration has in many cases made it impossible to emigrate legally. They’ve used tactics like metering, which
limits the number of asylum seekers who are allowed to make claims each day. They’ve enacted a “remain in Mexico”
policy, forcing asylum seekers to stay in the same type of dangerous areas that they
might have been escaping in the first place. They’ve implemented zero tolerance measures
like child separation as an intimidation tactic to curb ALL immigration. And that’s not even counting Trump’s rhetoric,
in which he decidedly does NOT make the nuanced distinction between legal immigrants and illegal
immigrants while fear mongering about caravans, while calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists,
while tweeting about infestations. Trump has purposefully sought to blur those
lines and obfuscate that distinction, making it easy for his mouthpieces to always claim
that, “of course we’re referring to undocumented immigrants” when, in reality, the implication
is that Trump is referencing ALL immigrants. Bongino goes on to invoke the Statue of Liberty
controversy. And he’s taking his cues from Trump’s
acting Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli, who landed himself
in hot water only days ago for saying this– Would you also agree that Emma Lazerus’
words etched on the Statue of Liberty give me your tired, your poor are also part of
the American ethos? They certainly are. Give me your tired and your poor who can stand
on their own two feet. And who will not become a public charge. And even in the aftermath of an absolute deluge
of bad press following this statement about the sonnet, Bongino goes right on to defend
it, claiming that it’s just a poem and holds no weight. As if the fact that those words have been
THE bedrock principle defining the United States for more than a century aren’t enough
for the guy. But my absolute favorite part is how Bongino,
and Republicans in general, become such staunch defenders of the rules. These guys turn into straight police officers
when they’re fear mongering about immigration, but not a word about the fact that Trump obstructed
justice on 10 separate occasions. Not a word about the fact that his campaign
coordinated with Russians who sought to help Trump win the election. Not a word about emoluments clause violations,
about the White House refusing to comply with subpoenas, about Ivanka Trump using her private
email to conduct government business. And look, we could go on and on, but what’s
blatantly obvious here is that Bongino and these Fox hosts aren’t acting in good faith. Their grandstanding about their devotion to
the rule of law is nothing more than a thin veneer to cover up for Trump’s racist policies. So they can clutch their pearls and condemn
all the brown people who they say break the law, but if they were truly interested in
lawfulness, they’d point their attention to the white guy in the Oval Office first.


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  • We are the most companionate country on Earth…????…yeah, and the most war mongering colonialistic too! Most companionate…what bullshit.

  • Beer Boots And Barbecue says:

    Stop acting like the small taxes you pay could end world hunger !! 1 blue collar workers taxes couldn’t fill a pothole Foreigners just want America to fail just like their country’s did especially Mexico . It’s plain and simple To real Americans but to people from other country’s is the hardest thing for them to come to the conclusion that their country was a shithole .

  • NEWS FLASH fox news!!! going to a legal port of entry to claim assylum IS LEGAL!!!! The same way your ancestors came in through Ellis Islanto do the exact same thing!

  • Some People in America do not consider Puerto Ricans as citizens. http://theconversation.com/are-puerto-ricans-really-american-citizens-73723

  • What about trump's in-laws whom definitely got a special gold pass to expedite citizenship because of trump while the rest will have to go through the long queues and suffer!

  • Trump is doing exactly what Clintin, Bush and Obama did.
    Only difference is that he has twitter, while the previous did all this quietly.

  • There was no controversy in this video.
    Gerardo gave an example of a citizen moving from one state to another.
    Completely unrelated to the issue.

  • Since June 2016, it has been known that Jared Kushner was involved in getting the services of Cambridge Analytica .
    A UK company….not Russian.
    They were solely responsible for Trump's victory.
    It has been admitted by the Cambridge Analytica top brass, and has been testified and documented in UK courts.
    UK did it.

  • good ol Heraldo is even coming out of the woodwork to cash in on Americas dilemma The government is obviously failed and should not continue to cram lies and laws down our throats. All these different politicians we see committing obvious offenses but still getting paid and keeping their jobs how was that possible?¿

  • Is it just me, or did everyone else was hoping Rivera was going to co-cock that dumbass. Or for the millennials, “bitch slap”

    I’ve seen with my own eyes thousands of Dollars wired out of the country to El Salvador every week via western union, in my opinion that’s why we had the recession 13 years ago, millions of dollars being filtered out via western union to countries and that money will never recirculate through the states, I hate trump with a passion, but since high school (graduates 02’) with my own eyes have seen 4 thousand cash sent to el Salvador and never understood it, now I do , once again, fuck trump. Born and raised in Ft Meyers FL 33903 Lee County, fuck trump and fuck the money being wired out by illegals, how do you fix that, I have no clue, but fuck trump

  • TheDeadlyAvenger says:

    Except the Trump administration are now targeting legal immigration. Fucks and Friends need to stop spreading lies.

    And in order to get a Green Card you need a Sponsor, in case you can’t pay your way.

    So this change was not needed.

    These fools don’t even know the process.

  • This law bs has to stop, there are degrees, border violation is a misdemeanor, Oranges other violations are all way more major offenses so Repubtards stop muddying the waters, either uphold laws properly or don't, you don't get to pick and choose your favorite laws, dimwits.

  • Sandra Mcccarrick says:

    Dan… trump will turn on you as fast as he has turned on children … wake up he cares nothing for you trump references ALL immigrants. Trump breaks all the rules! You can break the rules to help people !

  • Seeking LEGAL ASYLUM is not coming illegally or the wrong way. Why is Fox News so evil? Why is Trump such a piece of shit? Republicans are trash. Period.

  • Hypocrites! They say it’s not about race, IT IS ABOUT RACE! Pls read NYTIMES “ project 1619” slavery has shaped American economy and health care system and most of current administration talking points are the same ones plantation owners used to justify cruelty towards former slaves after emancipation, history repeating itself.

  • Problem is government don't allow immigrants to go to legal borders and give them no other option but to cross illegally.

  • If people want to see how xenophobic the Republicans are, when Obama mentioned that perhaps it would be good for Americans to learn a second language, Spanish being the logical choice, the xenophobes went apoplectic. Pero para mí, hablar una segunda lengua me hace mis experiencias que acabo de tener en Europa mucho más agradable y interesante. Le di a la gente allí una elección, español o inglés. Why limit yourself in your education by some ephemeral ideology that someone else conjured up?

  • Trump is such a bald narcissistic cunt.  He has never had to work one day in his life, and yet he employs illegals and pays them almost nothing.   Where do you manufacture your asshole ties, Donald?  Is that China, you fuckface.

  • Pamela Cassise says:

    Well, Geraldo is right. It is an anti-immigration issue, even the legal way. Trump doesn't want any colored, must have good credit, and a job to transfer from!!!!!!!!!! Who is the idiot sitting next to Geraldo?

  • I'm done with geraldo. Sold out skank. Please now hes saying something? Really!!!! please. sleep forever along with fraud Fox n entire racist cult 30% uneducated voters.and their DUMP President.

  • Those immigrants are so ingrained in our lives already, that trying to get rid of them would be like cutting an arm off! Do you like eating vegetables and fruit? Immigrants pick those! You like having things built? Immigrants build those! You like your dishes washed at your favorite restaurants? Immigrants washed those! Do you like your pools cleaned, yards manicured, ditches dug, houses cleaned, grandparents taken care of etc…. We can't get rid of immigrants, they do everything! Everything Americans don't want to do!

  • Chris Schicker says:

    They are also changing "asylum" to a more narrow definition of political oppression, but nothing "economic" related.

  • "It [citizenship] may be laborious, it may cost money, BUT…." (0:45) ??? This guy needs to be more thoughtful about where he puts his "but." Most people who leave the countries of their familiar do so to seek economic opportunity or to escape oppression. Time and money are often luxuries they don't have; otherwise, they would stay put. We go from pushing Native Americans off their land and enslaving Africans for the benefit of growing opportunity for Euro immigrants, but fear a few food stamps for new immigrants?

  • Geraldo, you have said some stupid shit in the past, but you are right on target this time! Thank you for exposing these other fox morons for their brown nosing corporate whore bullshit!

  • Don't these Fox-holes tune into anything besides Limbaugh and Breitbart? They-like most republicans- totally miss the point. Why all the lies? Oops, I forgot who their guru is. Why all the counterfeit scandal and outrage? Wouldn't it be great if Karma worked instantaneously? These ne'er-do-wells would be stricken with ailments and misfortune before our very eyes. Daily.

  • colin thompson says:

    Canada – Canadians are now realizing that an emphasis on wealthy immigrants is buying citizenship. Their allegiance remains money not nationality. They distort markets making goods and services unaffordable for the majority. And often work and live in different countries.

  • Y'all pheomelaninated people will still continue to die out. You're a racist, evil and murderous savage people, who's time is finally coming to its end.

  • Most compassionate country on earth? ROTFLMAO. Throwing children in cages and seperaing them from your family does not demonstrate compassion. Being a war mongering country is not compassion

    “It costs money” to immigrate meaning if you are or and running to escape a brutal regime America does not want you.

  • What in the hell happened here ? Heraldo has been that guy that everybody said would pick rush limbaugh and hannity over his own mother.even support them after the crappy way he handled puerto rico.NOW HE WANTS TO SPEAK HUMANITY AND BROTHERHOOD. Better late than never i guess. Good to see he can acknowledge he isnt irish or something. I did not think it was possible. I guess even for folks like geraldo,its starting to be to damned much.

  • Barbara Meadows says:

    Someone tell me what is the answer to this awful mess. Someone tell me what is a good reform. I can't stand the moron in chief, how are we gong to get a rational answer.

  • Geraldo=Saying Something 'True', doesn't magically forgive him for saying Everything Wrong
    in supporting Trump. Trump has been the exact same racist pile of shit. So have his minions

  • It doesn't just take Money and Hard Work to come here legally, it also takes a LOT of luck and So Much TIME! It could take up to 20 years to get a resident visa. These anti-immigrant morons love to state, incorrectly, that illegal immigrants just don't want to put in the leg work to come here. As if you just have to fill out a form and send a check to get here legally. Such assholery.

  • There are people locked in cages that have come legally seeking asylum! Trump in trash and so are the majority of folks at fox!!!!!

  • Would you please do a segment on the tRumps 2020 republican challenger Bill Weld. I haven heard much especially from my progressive news folks and would be interested in your take.

  • The inbred euro filth are in fear of becoming a minority, so their terrorism is just only beginning…and their terrorism doesn't just stop at mass shootings either.


  • Trump is hate tweeting Fox News, its just a matter of time before Fox turns in Trump. The Trump Presidency has no bills ratified, alls he is doing is unwinding everything Obama

  • Cynthia Drangus Lady says:

    There are literally children dying in cages and these fucking scumbags are saying the policies being enforced are for ppl following the laws of asylum. Fuck them all.

  • Not everyone has the money or time to get into the US legally. also many of the people coming in illegally used to come in legally do their jobs, they then would pay taxes and leave. But now during the age of "war on drugs" people have been forced to either stay against their will and settle or cross illegally for the same economic appourtunities they used to have access to. Not to mention the affects it has had on the nations we secluded and deemed as enemies by association of immigration policy only forcing even more people to settle in the US. We caused the issue why not fix it and stop calling others villains and rapists when clearly our ignorance on how to deal with certain issues is one of the main components of the issue.

  • Gerry Laarakker says:

    Canada, not the US has taken in more asylum seekers than any other country in the world!! So stop bragging about the US.

  • Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName says:

    Mexicans get taxation without representation. Better believe they’re paying sales tax when they buy and Social Security taxes when they work. Crew bosses know they’re illegal and can pocket that money with impunity. See, The Grapes of Wrath and look for YouTube’s about Cesar Chavez.

  • Well, it's been entertaining attempting to have a discussion in here, but it's really time to stop. This is futile and as someone said, "a waste of time."

  • If iam a WEALTHY IMMIGRANT am not going to tbe US to work and then
    who's going to do the jobs that the US CITIZENS dont want to DO.

  • Happy that he is speaking out. I happen to hate the fact that overall he is a right wing shill however, Geraldo will always be held in high esteem for one important expose he did (and did it with distinction) I speak of Willowbrook and how his expose changed forever the way the state takes care of the "least of our breathren" I worked 22 years in mental health and DD's and have seen the changes not only for the important work of serving but somewhat selfish reasons because the pay scale went up as they searched for better qualified workers-so, no matter, I respect him.

  • Freedom TruthHonor says:

    The wealthy elite assholes are using an old divide and conquer strategy.
    The tactic is simple but dangerous , turn people against each other .
    go to the poor whites and tell them " hey do you know why you are poor? It's because that poor brown immigrant took your job " .those poor whites will turn against the poor immigrants, meanwhile , the fat cats keeps getting fatter .

  • Ramone DeCurta says:

    Coming legally is one thing; coming under the specter of a law that requires every immigrant to eschew social services is another. Plus, immigrants who come with money commit crimes every day.

  • Ramone DeCurta says:

    Tired and poor people CAN’T completely stand on their own two feet, and this country has never expected them too, until now! They bring value to this country; everybody should understand that.

    Diversity is supposed to be our strength.

  • I don't understand what the term "come here illegally" means. From what I understand most of the detainees are at legal crossing points awaiting processing.
    Talk about conflating.

  • get all the fucking illegal americans out of mexico!!!! there are millions of those fuckers who dont pay taxes!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost Black Project says:

    Trump wants legal immigration? ?
    Maybe only from countries like Norway where most people are whites!
    He's just a racist ?!

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