Fed up Fox host Shep Smith TEARS into Trump on national TV for lying

Fed up Fox host Shep Smith TEARS into Trump on national TV for lying

President Trump, again, talking about background
checks for gun buyers. But the message has again changed. Remember calls escalated after the domestic
terror attack in El Paso and the mass murder that followed in Dayton. The President said at the time, we need strong
background checks, now, something new. First listen to him yesterday. People don’t realize, we have very strong
background checks right now. You go in to buy a gun, you have to sign up. There are a lot of background checks that
have been approved over the years. So I’ll have to see what it is but Congress
is meeting bipartisan, a lot of people want to see something happen. But just remember this, big mental problem
and we do have a lot of background checks right now. That’s new– we already have strong background
checks. So he was right, we need them, but now we
already have them. That is a new wrinkle in the history of “no
change.” Listen to what he said days after the shootings
in El Paso and Dayton. We have tremendous support for really common
sense sensible important background checks. There’s been no President that feels more
strongly about the second amendment then I do. However, we need meaningful background checks
so that sick people don’t get guns. So after first saying we need strong background
checks, now the President says we already have them, new to the pattern. Remember after the slaughter of innocent children
at Parkland in Florida it was, mass shooting happens, call for change erupt, President
Trump says we need change, phone call from the NRA, nothing happens. But in this case, a new step along the road
to sameness. This is Fox News’ Shep Smith taking Trump
to task for, as usual and as expected, bowing to the NRA in the aftermath of the El Paso
and Dayton shootings that shook the country only a couple weeks ago. And we knew this would be the GOP’s strategy
all along. We knew it when Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell refused to reconvene the Senate to take action after more than 30 people were
killed in two high profile shootings in just a 13-hour span. We knew it when Trump qualified his support
for gun safety reforms by promising to bring the gun lobby to the table, as well, tweeting
that there are serious discussions taking place on meaningful background checks, but
ALSO that he’s been speaking to the NRA so their “very strong views can be fully
represented and respected.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer put it
as clearly as it gets, tweeting, “We’ve seen this movie before. Trump, feeling public pressure in the immediately
aftermath of a horrible shooting, talks about doing something meaningful to address gun
violence, but inevitably, he backtracks in response to pressure from the NRA & the hard-right. The way forward is for McConnell to put the
bipartisan House-passed universal background checks bill on the Senate floor for a vote
immediately.” He’s referencing HR8, the Bipartisan Universal
Background Checks Act of 2019, which passed the House SIX MONTHS AGO and has been languishing
in the Senate ever since. The same Senate, mind you, where McConnell
has likened himself the “grim reaper,” which in this case, is a pretty accurate description. Now, in Trump’s desperation to pander to
his base and start to move away from any semblance of meaningful action, he claims that we ALREADY
have strong background checks. But that’s not true. Because while gun sales through federal firearms
licensed dealers have to go through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System,
or NICS, in most states, private sellers don’t. So if you’re looking to circumvent having
a background check, you simply …don’t go the route where background checks are mandated. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure
that out. He goes on to pivot to mental health. And that accomplishes two things: 1) it takes
all the blame off of guns. And this is a right wing talking point, that
it takes a PERSON to pull the trigger— And we’re looking at different things, and
I have to tell you it is a mental problem and I’ve said it a hundred times, it’s not
the gun that pulls the trigger, it’s the person. But while a PERSON pulls the trigger, that
same PERSON wouldn’t be able to slaughter 9 people in 30 seconds as was the case in
Dayton if it wasn’t for the gun. The Las Vegas shooter wouldn’t have been
able to mow down more than 500 people in less than 10 minutes if it wasn’t for guns. And please, give me a break if you think he’d
have been able to do even a fraction of that with a knife. And 2) it uses mental health as a scapegoat,
which is especially ironic considering that Trump made it easier for the mentally ill
to buy guns when he rolled back an Obama-era rule precluding them from doing just that. It’s much easier for Trump to blame something
so vague as “mental health” than something specific, like guns, which could be regulated
if half of our government wasn’t completely beholden to their campaign donations. And look, I can go on and on as to how Trump
never intended to act on gun violence, how his “solutions” are hypocritical, but
that would be granting him the benefit of the doubt that he’s acting in good faith,
and he’s not. He knows that if he waits out the clocks,
the pressure won’t be as great as it was in the immediate aftermath of the shootings. Because ultimately, Trump’s not beholden
to regular people, he’s beholden to financial interests. He was the single biggest recipient of gun
lobby contributions by more than double the second biggest recipient during the last election. Why anyone would think that a man whose entire
persona revolves around money wouldn’t be driven solely by money is beyond me. The craziest part is that this isn’t even
a partisan issue. A staggering 89% of Americans support background
checks for gun purchases, and that’s including at gun shows and even private sales. This could be a huge – and easy – win
for Trump, a move that 9 in 10 Americans support. But instead, it goes to show just how bought
and paid for Trump is when it comes to the same special interests he vowed to fight before
coming into office. So while Trump will inevitably bow down to
the NRA, know that he’s doing so in the face of everyone, from the 89% of Americans
from both sides of the aisle to anchors on his favorite network who KNOW that—
We have tremendous support for really common sense sensible important background checks.


100 thoughts on “Fed up Fox host Shep Smith TEARS into Trump on national TV for lying”

  • It’s going to take a Democrat President and majority democratic congress to ever do anything. Republicans never will. They will obstruct any legislation that would try to do something to save lives from gun violence. If your a common sense citizen, I don’t see how you can support republicans at the National level. Governors are different, they are much more common sense like John Kasich. But, every time there is a republican president common sense goes out the window, and electing a democratic president is how you bring back normalcy. Same thing happened when Bush was president, same thing now with trump.

  • 🙄 Trump says so much & yet he still don't ever say nothin at all. 😕
    😵 ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble, blah, blah, BLAHHHHH!! 😳

  • Trump makes it so easy for anyone to beat him in 2020. All you need for your campaign are videos of Trump speaking. Video evidence of him either saying one thing and doing another or him just flip flopping in what he says. You can't say it's a lie or fake news when it's video evidence, even though there is video evidence of Trump doing that as well.
    Mental heath checks are needed for anyone buying a gun, anyone supporting Donald Trump and anyone running for President of the United States. We need to stop living in a world based on INSANITY, and start living in a world based on "humanity".

  • Trump and the Republican party doesn't care about NONE of them people that got killed in Ohio, Texas and California. If they cared they would change the gun laws. Sandy hook elementary school, parkland school the laws haven't changed. Moscow Mitch is holding America hostage. Trump rolled back giving guns to people with mental health issues. Most senotors gets money for the NRA. They will never go against the NRA. Poor people wake up. They don't care. Vote them out.

  • Trump would like to help save innocent American lives but he took 30 million dollars from the NRA. You can see the bind he is in. After all, Trump is an ethical moral man. He made a deal with the NRA and accepted their money. He can't go back on his word. So American lives lost is the price Trump willingly pays. Isn't it nice to finally have a president with ethics and morality? After all, a deal is a deal!

  • Republicans approach media like they did in the fifties, when citizens just listened to what they were told without question. "People don't realize…"

    We are very much aware of what's actually going on, and republicans can't run from it. We can look anything up and do our own research, this isn't the fifties anymore. The only way they can combat this would be going after free speech, independent media, and censoring the internet to suppress anything but their own agenda.


  • Brian. You are an excellent speaker. Please watch the entire series: Oliver Stones untold story of the United States.
    Perhaps it will influence some of your comments.
    Keeping Assault military weapons in Americans hands is a strategy. These weapons are in the hands of exactly who they are designed to be.
    There has been a design of what America is to be for over 100 years. The plan has not changed.

  • Shine baby shine says:

    Bruh, the NRA gave Trump just $800,000 and that was enough for him to turn on the American people? Lmao I could see if they were pumping billions into him but our lives aren’t even worth a million in the Repubs eyes. Pure greed.

  • Truth To Power says:

    Why 400 asswipes would thumb down this video is why we have a decomposing orange mental midget in the White House! Let’s hope they can run for cover when a mass shooting comes to a shopping mall, church, concert hall, school, etc. near them!!🙄

  • dan hemmerling says:

    Background checks work, only if the person applying for a gun is sane and rational at that time. After getting the license you are never checked again. I can picture people ringing gun owners constantly and asking how they are feeling.

  • Bleak Solipsism says:

    Amazing. If I lie to receive food stamps the right wants to hang me and throw me in the sea. Trump lies to everyone to become the president and the same people defend him like a mama bear. This goes beyond stupidity, it's tribalism at its apex.

  • It's almost as if Trump would rather please the citizens who voted him into the Presidency rather than doing whatever the reactionary Democrats want him to do. And that's not fair! Whenever a crime committed a shiny new law should be written, and Democrats know that.

  • Tenita Mitchell says:

    Who the fuck talks like that "big mental problems". Yeah the "big mental problem" is the one standing there waving his arms like he's on fire, the Orange Nippled Sasquach!!!

  • I can't wait to see Trump's and Kelly Ann face when they loose the election .this is the worst administration ever .let's take a quick look .you have a president that degrades and puts down everyone and anyone who is against him .like he did coming out of a hospital we're 30 people were killed and hurt tweeting as he's coming out of the hospital tweeting about Biden and the mayor and the senator of the state it happened in and then makes a commercial an election commercial about it. You got Kelly ann yelling at reporters mocking and laughing at federal law saying arrest me arrest me when are you going to arrest me laughing. Any other administration would have fired her that day. You have Trump saying and fighting with reporters saying the FBI director never said he can be tried in court after presidency and said that was fake news and liberal. Even though every newscast showed the FBI director saying that he could be charged . You got Jay sekulow as his lawyer supposably Christian defending him as his attorney about not showing his taxes income tax return . I guess when you pay someone $500 an hour and you're a Republican to find tax loopholes. Christian values get thrown right out the window . You got his supposedly great tax cut that really hurt the middle class I have talked to many many many people it has hurt . After all the shootings trump Says about the NRA immediate Swift changes are coming and changes like you've never seen and then all the sudden it's mental illness are we already have strict gun laws now. lies again to everyone at least George Bush ripped up his NRA license .oh and about his tax return he said he would show it if Obama proved he was a American citizen .well Obama did .he will loose Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida,Nevada especially after what he said about John McCain and the military comment , just saying that about John McCain was totally disrespectful and continued to speak about him for 30 days after he died. Has the vice president lying look what happened in about Mexico saying that the people down there that were being held were in air conditioning, eating good food, and playing cards and then when the vice president saw the conditions of the place he said it was a democratic conspiracy how? Or when he called the two Indian men that were in world war II Pocahontas . Then for him to say he's done more for the blacks than any president ever is an absolute lie he is no Abraham Lincoln or Lyndon Johnson. Then to make those people in Pennsylvania have to come and see him at work or they would lose pay or have to use vacation time it's totally wrong and then he says whether you hate me or love me you have to vote for me or you'll lose your 401k and pension . He has to use scare tactics for votes because he knows he's 12% points down and growing down more nationally and 4% to 6% in even some Republican states .he has claimed bankruptcy four times I didn't even know that was legal. then for him to look up to the sky and say he's the chosen one and then make the comment about Jewish people that if they vote Democrat there not true to this country and there stupid. In fact it's the other way around it's about voting someone out of office like this. It's funny Trump talks about liberal and socialism and his base how it's so bad but the same people like Trump that talk about socialism they don't want to lose their social security they don't want to lose their pensions they don't want to have to worry about workman's comp if they get hurt they are all socialistic programs. why wouldn't you want protection if you work full time to know you always would have health insurance and nobody can take your home you work so hard for if you get sick or death in your family . In 10 months we can vote him out I truly believe he'll be lucky if he gets 199 electoral votes and he will definitely lose the popular vote . I can't wait to see their faces when they lose the election. The founding fathers warned us about an administration like this. Remember to vote

  • president trump is saying we need stronger backround checks for mental illness that is something he has said all along. stop blaming the gun and look at the reason. guns do not shoot without someone behind them using the gun. do you want private people to be without guns and just give them to the criminals do you actually think they would not have access to guns? if you do you are not thinking correctly they will always have access to guns and if more citiznes carried guns with permits those killings would not happen. do you actually think people would not use pipe bombs ect if they really want to commit these crimes wake up!

  • ViciousAlienKlown says:

    Disney now owns Fox so it won't be just bad woke movies like Dark Phoenix, Fox's news division will sound like the rest of the Fake News media.


  • Patrick Pittman says:

    This is just a repeat of Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, Orlando, El Paso, Dayton. and the list gets longer everyday that nothing is done. Why is it that the president has to consult with the terrorist group known as the NRA? Why are they so important and the people who get killed aren’t?

  • Why no one in the US media on the sane side of the argument has ever called out the very obvious false dichotomy that is continuously and deliberately being pushed by the right is beyond me.

  • When the second amendment was passes their was no revolvers, semi or automatic weapons. You had cannons but by the time you reloaded it was too late plus you couldn't carry it. Gun violence is the attempt to take away first amendment rights. Plus constitution says you have the right to liberty and pursuit of happiness without infringement on others. States should all 50 pass gun laws. Have to have state license to own gun and insurance plus gunsafe. Who is paying the medical bills for gun violence. Have mandatory gun class weed out nut jobs and political morons. Would prefer it in high schools.

  • if we had good background checks, we wouldn't have all these shootings!!!!!!! Trump isn't a rocket scientist because he's too damn dumb to figure out those "good" gun laws are not working.

  • If people are the problem and guns don't pull the trigger, then only let animals and other guns own guns.
    … except ducks ,of course.
    Never give a gun to ducks.

  • Shepard is one of the FEW Fox anchors with the courage to call Trump out on is crap..everyone else at Fox is too busy kissing Trumps @$$

  • funny how conservatives and Fox always want to ask about a shooters "mental illness" when its some crazy YT guy but yet NEVER ask the mental illness question when a black youth kills another black youth??

  • All the anti-gun people are calling President Trump crazy. Shepard Smith, seriously did you just get offered a job at CNN? It sounds lke you are trying to impress the left-wing fake news organizations. Anyone can get a gun just like they can get illegal drugs.

  • Brian Tyler Cohen, you are just stupid and know nothing aout guns. Seriously, you should just shut up because your mouth should have an adult diaper taped over it.

  • McConnell needs to come under more public pressure.
    If he isn't corrupt then what motivates him to continuously stymie the democratic process?

  • Don’t let Trump ban violent video games. IT’S A SLIPPERY SLOPE!!!! If violent games are banned, soon they will be coming after your Monopoly board.

  • That was incredibly annoying how you tricked me into watching your skillfully mussed-up hair by making me think I was watching the news story and then, a couple minutes in and "BOOM!" … mussed hair and Ill fitting suit jackets wrapped around a big ball of deceit and annoyance, galore! … Just be real, please.

  • Yes a man with mental problems got a gum and killed what 30 people?? But the media never brings to light the 100’s that are being killed by guns in Baltimore or Chicago or St. Louis! Look those stats up and then ask yourself, why doesn’t the media talk about that. Why don’t they rally against gun violence in those city’s..

  • That's so typical of Fake Trump to talk in circles about background checks for guns. He doesn't have a clue. We need 100% background checks everytime, but that is not happening. He just rambles on & on, with NO common sense… Blah, blah, blah, blah….

  • John Przybycien says:

    What makes me laugh, is that Trump's supporters claim that they voted for him because he represented a change in the status quo. I'm a blue collar worker who has worked for a few major league corporations in my lifetime, and treating people like corporate numbers, doesn't work. You can't run America like we are goods, we are diverse, have individual needs etc. Let me ask any Trump supporter, how he is "different", than any other high ranking government official, he's a rich, ex CEO (at least in the White House), who is financially supported by the oil lobbyists, the NRA, etc., and the top 1%. He's unprofessional, politically, he's obnoxious (as we can attest from thousands of tweets and vids, he's egotistical, and thinks because we're Americans, that we have a right to walk all over people…oh..did I mention arrogant? But those qualities are why some of his supporters, voted for him. But, we're supposed to be BETTER than the rest of the world, isn't that the message that we're taught, about capitalism and AMERICAN democracy? That we police the world, because we are the land of the free, and stand above rest? Resorting to the mentality level of a high school kid, purposely being spiteful because of a comment about you, is not the mentality needed to run the country, the president has to be above that. So, read the description again, and tell me how his behavior is any different than a lower ranking "two-bit" politician. I'm not a liberal, I'm fed up. Different than the status quo…..wake up, Americans, it was funny on his reality show, but this is our lives and future, that he's fucking with. Stop wearing horse blinders, and only watching one news, channel, and reading everything in nature, from the perspective of your political party. That's not democracy, it's a shame.

  • Donald Trump claims he was named “Man Of The Year” in Michigan five years ago. Never happened. Michigan doesn’t even give a “Man Of The Year” award. Donald Trump has a framed Time Magazine cover with his photo in the center hanging on a wall at Mara Lago. It’s a photoshopped fake. Donald Trump claims to be president of the United States. Never happened. He’s been a fake president since the day he took office. Everything Trump does is fake. Trump himself is a fake, just like his followers’ favorite fetish, god and baby jesus. The only thing that’s real in Trump World is the stupidity of his base, and Trump’s base is good for only one thing – kissing Trump’s ass.

  • Heres a stupid idea from ireland but why can't all the semi automatic guns be locked away in shooting ranges where people have to be members and they can keep the smaller guns and rifles locked in gun safes at home aswell as the background checks

  • Strong to whom, you are more about Money, and sick people will guns means nothing to him…….. NRA are scared by the movement of Man I g owning guns harder. Criminals will find a way to find guns but One step is better than none. I am proud of to live where guns are harder to get hand on kids are safer at schools. Also we have chairs and milk crates to bring down a man that can answer to his crime, not give the families answers for the grave.

  • Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS says:

    Mitch McConnell and the GOP are enablers of the Russian FSB (formerly called the KGB) and in my book are TRAITORS selling out the American people!!!

  • Why does the USA still feel the need for owning so many guns in private households for 'protection'. The second amendment gives anyone and everyone the right to own firearms, not the right to kill people. It was put in place in a completely different historical context, before police forces were created, laws were put in place and there was a need to protect property and family. The USA is stuck in the past and unable to go forward, reform gun laws and change political donation rules for election in order to avoid being beholden to associations such as the NRA and other dangerous far-right groups. Wake-up America this is not 1776 anymore!!

  • I see a common thread umong the young men who commit these shootings,video games! When i was young i was taught to shoot and hunt,i knew what happens when you pull the trigger. The movie Generation Kill is named so because the military trains with games and noticed that the soldiers in Iraq performed very well,my generation had the same weqpons and did not turn them on the people!

  • Are the NRA threatening to kill people, is that why they change their mind. Make you wonder why these guys always change their tone.

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