Fed up Fox host demolishes Trump’s claim about the wall

Fed up Fox host demolishes Trump’s claim about the wall

The President has made border security a mainstay
of his message, dating back to the campaign with “build that wall” and Mexico will pay
for it, though that last promise is long gone. So far, despite the President’s claims to
the contrary, there is no new wall. Existing barriers have been replaced with
new ones, same span not new place. The total of repaired barrier is about 60
miles along that two thousand-mile border and in some cases with a new wall system,
as Customs and Border Protection calls it– tech and new lighting, that sort of thing
but not in new areas. Also yesterday the Pentagon approved another
twenty miles of wall for Arizona and California. Still it seems the President wants more progress
on his promise. An hour ago, he tweeted that, the wall is
going up very fast despite obstruction by Democrats and today, the Washington Post reports,
the President is telling his aides to use imminent domain to seize private land and
ignore environmental laws. And that he told senior aides that if he doesn’t
get it done it would be embarrassing. And when staffers explained that some of his
requests would require them to break then law, the paper reports he responded that is
anybody gets in trouble quote, “Don’t worry, I’ll pardon you.” The post reports that one official told Washington
Post that the President was joking and just moments ago the President tweeted that the
report is, as he put it, fake news. But the President also said in the tweet that
the wall is going up rapidly. It is not. As we just reported, there is no new wall
only replacement of walls which were in need of repair or upgrade. Those are the facts. This is Fox News’ Shep Smith blowing a hole
in Trump’s daily refrain that he’s building miles and miles of wall on the southern border. Trump has taken to Twitter on a constant basis,
touting photos of videos of quote “new” wall, which is decidedly untrue given that,
as Shep explains, every mile of wall that’s been put up, which so far is about 60 miles,
has only replaced existing stretches of infrastructure. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from going
all in to promote the construction of his wall, real or otherwise. So desperate is he to use the wall as a political
prop in time for Election Day that he’s overtly demanding his officials seize land
by eminent domain, promising to pardon them should they get in trouble. I feel like this is a good time to remind
people about the platform on which Trump ran— I am the law and order candidate. Because nothing say law and order like, “do
whatever I say and then I’ll make the punishment disappear.” This might also be a good time to remind people
about the OTHER platform on which Trump ran— We’re going to get the wall built and it’s
going to be built right and Mexico’s going to pay for the wall. Mexico is making a fortune off the United
States, excuse me, Mexico is going to pay for the wall and they’re going to be happy
about it Because not only has Mexico decidedly NOT
paid for the wall, but Trump is now dipping into Pentagon funds to pay for it instead,
as well as disaster relief funds, the news of which came, when else, but as another hurricane
began to bear down on Puerto Rico. And while Trump is now claiming that pardoning
those who break the law to get his wall built was only a joke, his history of pardons and
commutations for Republican politicians and activists says otherwise, as it includes people
like Conrad Black, convicted of fraud but then wrote a book about Trump; Patrick Nolan,
the former Republican leader of California’s state assembly convicted of racketeering;
Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative commentator guilty of breaking campaign finance laws;
Scooter Libby, a former Bush official convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice; and
Joe Arpaio, who illegally detained Latinos and ran a jail known for inhumane conditions. So nope, I totally can’t imagine why anyone
wouldn’t automatically assume his promise of a pardon for breaking the law wouldn’t
just be a joke. And look, the fact is that yes, it’s better
for Trump to lie about building the wall than to actually build it. And we know that by appealing to a low-information
base, that they likely won’t know the difference, since many of them view Trump’s own Twitter
feed as a legitimate news source. But the better option here is, oh I don’t
know, if the president of the United States of America didn’t lie at all… if he wasn’t,
for even a day, wholly incapable of telling the truth. The fact is that Trump’s entire “build
the wall” schtick isn’t about making the country safer or bolstering the rule of law. It’s about giving himself a talking point
so he can campaign on it in time for 2020. It is, like everything else Trump touches,
self-serving. And he’s proven that if he can’t do it
legally, he’ll do it illegally. And if he doesn’t manage to get it done
illegally, then he’ll just say he did. This administration traffics in lies and depravity,
and the fact that even the closest thing we have to state-TV in this country is calling
him out on it might be proof that, finally, less and less people are willing to believe
the lies that Trump is telling.


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  • Public Trustee says:

    The primary FOCUS is stopping the HUMAN-Trafficking. Bless anyone who channels energy and resources to END Human-Trafficking. Godspeed Occupants.

  • No wonder Comrade Trump-ski is having second thoughts about the "Sect of Psycho-phants" (spelling mistake intended). The mélange of personalities includes responsible journalists who do their due diligence with fact checking such as Chris and Shep. Unfortunately, the mélange includes the motley crew of Fox Contrary Commentators such as DUI Speed Demon Jeanine, and the rest of the notorious people losing ad revenues such as Uck-er Carlson, Loathsome Lou, Sean the Con, et al. This propaganda nightmare will not end until Comrade Trump-ski, Moscow Mitch, and ras-Putin retreat to one of the Trump Towers in Russia (I understand there are several currently under construction not just in the capital).  These three co-conspirators can also load up Fat Willy Barr in a wheelbarrow with the rest of the administration's feces and roll the Bedbug AG to a dunghill in the same god-forsaken country that Reagan called the Evil Empire.

  • With trump does not take the responsibility, i would be shocked if he pardons anyone if they break the laws for his wall…. every man will be for himself especially trump…

  • Trump could not be doing a single thing if not for the complete and undying support of the entire Republican party in office. Democrats like Biden are giving them a pass as if Trump is an absolute monarch.

  • The real sheep watch this sht fully and adore it, but would never watch any counterthought video and make up their mind after all the facts are put on the table.

  • If any of "We The People" said, did or do the things that Cadet Bonespurs does and say, "We are Joking" The cops would say.. "Tell that joke to the Judge funny man/woman.." as the handcuffs are place on us..
    Mean while.. We still have a 2 teir legal system here…

  • The president is a liar and a conman. Always has been, always will be. He has zero respect for the law or the office of the president.

  • BTC: Have you reported on Melania Trump's father being a "card-carrying Communist?" It is not generally known that Melania's father was a member in the League of Communists of Slovenia (not sure about her mother's membership). Moreover, most people do not realize that Melania and her parents were born in a former COMMUNIST country: the People's Republic of Yugoslavia. Melania and her parents have much in common with the former Russian KGB official Putin and probably speak fluent Russian, the lingua franca of the Soviet Union, until its break-up).This comment is not about payback for Trump's conspiracy theories about Obama's citizenship–just something worth keeping in mind.  Trump certainly has a penchant for Russian things, including rubles.

  • Nelson Gonzalez says:

    The only thing that’s embarrassing is Trump’s complete lack of insight and constant BS. Impeach the orange imbecile!

  • Shep, find out more about Trump administration policy about deporting sick kids (immigrants) with life threatening conditions! Boston & Miami reporting Letters coming from Customs and Immigration, who are saying it’s going to be ICE is going to handle these deportations! A new low for US president & his policies! Sick kids families warned they have 33 days to get out…taken off life support systems? Death sentence…are you kidding me? What American citizen would vote for this?

  • Frank Griegorian says:

    Good it's about time someone from FOX questions Trumpy the Lying 🤡 Clown !!!!!!!!!!! You have been fooled by him from the get go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!🇷🇺😝🇷🇺

  • Hugo Lalumiere says:

    Just give Trump the funds already! Just make it illusory funds to build his illusory wall with illusory mexican laborers who will fake happily do it. Then the illusory wall can be shipped to that alternate reality Trump lives in and his divine empire can thus be protected from all those illusory filthy non-white rapists and murderers.

    There must be one hell of an LSD-induced, senility-driven carnival ride of chaos going on in that head of his.

  • Joking or not(I don't believe he was ever joking about pardons) how is that so called fake news when he actually said it?? Fake ass president that's what's fake!!!!

  • elmartillogrande says:

    when I watch Shep Smith I don't wonder if what he says has been fact checked and he is telling me the truth.. I know he is.. Shep Smith is a good newsman and any station is lucky to have him.. especially Fox..

  • Neil cavuto just ripped Trump bryan on his common sense closing statement on fox!! Hope your report that! Thats the first time a fox host blasted Trump so bad !

  • That’s why they keep Shep in the earlier time slot so nobody is home to watch the truth.

    The evening line up on FOX is pure propaganda and nothing but kissing ass and lies for 45’s viewing pleasure.

  • There are some blockheads who don't care that the USA has already 1 Million homeless people. They want to double that sad fact. What do you call them? Foxis?

  • Spn Superjunkie says:

    He his base and the wall is all based on racism.
    His idea that he's allowed to pardon anyone including himself proves yet again he nor they are in touch with reality.

  • We need FOUR walls, around Trump for raping 13yr. old girls and killing innocent refugee, asylum seeking, immigrant children. Someone do something about this racist PIG, it'll only take 1/100th of a second. The world would be a happier, safer, better place when he is gone.

  • chimaican chimaican says:

    What??? Is FOXnews becoming a real news organization now? Nah, probably not, but at least they're trying now. lol

  • Jude Christenson says:

    Thank you so much for the truth. I was waiting for Fox News to come around, and you did it. So important for news stations to stick to the facts. Again, thank you

  • I said it about 3-4 months ago here on YouTube: Trump could give a flip about a wall for the AMERICA'S safety. In keeping with his egomania, he wants to build a wall in honor of TRUMP and to hell with AMERICA.

  • there is new wall built. only 88 miles though. check the map. it shows whats new and whats been replacements. BUT mostly they have replaced alot of old walls which were 5 ft tall, now they are 18 to 20ft tall in past 2 yrs. the new walls were built only last month i believe.


  • Does anyone actually care what this gay boi says or any of you useless socialist idiots ? Taketh thy knee and sucketh thee, puszies

  • Nothing new here.. Washington has been lying since the first POTUS. Deception is part of the game, just like the media's shake and spin on most everything. Move along Shep. Report some real news…what a putz you are.

  • Trump doesn’t want a wall. He needs it for red meat to rile up his base. Cutting aid to the Central American countries caused new mass migration to create a problem for him to pretend to solve. This is reality tv.

  • Oh that sucks.. At least we can all agree that we do need a wall. And at least Trump is actually fucking trying. Open borders would destroy this Country. TRUMP 2020

  • hey Shep how are your ratings doing oh I forgot you're tied with SpongeBob SquarePants oh wait a minute SpongeBob is winning

  • Your a wacked out liberal. The wall is no talking point. People really are coming in the U.S. illegally by the millions. How stupid are you we must imaginary illegals or something huh

  • Professor Liberal Avenger says:

    So, who would make $$$ off the idiot's wall? If it's trump cronies, maybe Maga Maggot isn't as dumb as he seems, maybe he is just evil.

  • E. Paige Sergent says:

    WTH do you think was used to replace old, delapidated, laying on the ground wall? More old wall? I'm glad I don't depend on MSM for news!
    FYI: The dems WANTED WALL DURING OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. I was an Obama voter & supported him & was relieved that our southern border was getting more, very needed, protection. The dems are fighting it now purely out of HATE for President Trump. And that's a load of bull butter!
    #WalkAway 🇺🇸KAG2020🇺🇸

  • Might actually watch Fox news again. Seems they may have come back to reality. (Becuase Trump got nasty with some of them).

  • That's telling you something when the only interest in Fox News outside of the bubble comes from others fact-checking their guests

  • The fox news cafeteria must seem weird when Shep Smith is having lunch and the conspiracy theorist in chief Hannity walks in. Thank you Shepard for telling the truth.

  • Brian, you are delusional. Get help for your TDS. Shep Smith is a never Trumper who is the token lib at Fox. Most everything Trump has called out as fake news has been, in fact, fake. Get a real job

  • Ok mo fo's, explain exactly, precisely how this WALL differs from the BERLIN WALL, exactly, precisely why reducing border commerce is beneficial to revenue, and most of all, why jailing children away from their parents represents DEMOCRACY.

    Totalitarians don't think jailing children isn't against God's Law.

  • Sheperh Smith contradicted himself in his own report. He admitted that some new miles of wall were built in addition to the replacement wall. But any wall will help. Walls work. They have worked throughout history.

  • Robert carl Clayton says:

    "Low information" is a very polite way of saying "gullible Trumpleton's", which is a lot more polite than they deserve!

  • The deeply brainwashed FOX-hole audience is shocked,
    agitated and pissed off, when hearing the real truth and undeniable facts on
    the absurd, non-stop lying, gold pumpkin president. Must be painful, unless, of
    course, one chooses to conveniently attack the messenger. Sad, yet refreshing.

  • Doctorshockstudios says:


  • It's remarkable how much like a fence this "wall" is! But he only wants it built in order to continue laundering money (to pay back the Russians).

  • Amazing Trump can't stand Brown, Black or any persons who DISAGREE Wit his privileged ass. And yet he builds his beautiful wall which is just fixing structures of it already up,BLACK!!!

  • Shep Smith has ALWAYS been a truth teller, since way before Idiot Trump’s presidency or candidacy, and Shep has been with Fox since that network started. He used to have a primetime news show, but they switched his spot to daytime. In any case, Shep is the lead news anchor at Fox. Trump and his supporters hate Shep. It’s too bad he’s not more well known outside of Fox viewership. Superb reporter.

  • god I love facts, what makes it better is that it comes from fox news the biggest lying fear mongering media outlet there is..lol

  • Excuse me but when you put a New Door on your House do you call it anything other than a New Door…Replacement or Not it is NEW WALL !!

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