‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham Helps Singer Overcome Anxiety, Surprises Him with Ricky Martin!

‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham Helps Singer Overcome Anxiety, Surprises Him with Ricky Martin!

Look. (GASPS) What? Hey guys, I’m Ashley Graham,
and I am a model, designer, body activist. And I am so proud
of who I am today and what I’ve overcome
because it wasn’t easy. And now I get to help people
gain the confidence that they need to take the next step
in their life to be totally, unapologetically, fearless. This is Ryan. He’s 32 years old and he’s
wanted to be a singer his whole life, . But he struggles with anxiety. Before a performance, I
would get physically ill because it was just
so much to take in. And it can be scary. I totally understand. So today, Total Wireless
is helping us help him. When did you even start singing? I want to say like 7 years old. I remember listening
to Whitney Houston, and getting goose bumps
for the first time. That’s where I knew
like, oh my god, this is something that I want to do. What do you find the
most difficult thing? I get anxiety a lot. It’s so intense
sometimes, you know. When did it first start? Maybe like fifth grade. And people picked on me a
lot, called me a lot of names. It was a lot of like
physical assault. And the school
didn’t do anything. Well the thing is, I
never said anything because I was so scared. That’s why I still
have that anxiety. I’m always afraid of what
people are going to think of me. Are they going to hurt me? And there were days
where I just, I was like, I’m not
going to pursue this because I can’t do it. But my mom was
always so supportive. I’m very close
with my mother too. She’s my best friend,
she’ll go to all my shows. My whole family, my sister,
my dad, they support me. I think about all that
I’ve been through, and they’ve been with me
every step of the way. Tell me about your mom and what
she’s going through right now. Well. It’s OK, take your
time, sweetheart. We found out she
has breast cancer. And it’s stage four. Oh my god. So it’s spread to her bones. She’s there for me
always, and I just, I can’t imagine my life
without her, you know. She’s so positive
about it and I’m. That’s so beautiful. I try to be positive for her. It’s my mom, you know, I want
her to see me succeed, and. I understand that. That’s when like a lot of the
anxiety came back a lot for me. It’s so beautiful to hear
you say the anxiety, not my anxiety. Because I think a
lot of people start to claim the anxiety
as it’s their own. Yeah. And then they never
are able to release it, and they’re giving
that thing power. I never thought of it
that way, actually. It’s something that I
actively try to get rid of. I’m working through the
anxiety, not my anxiety. Look at you. OK, I have one thing
that I want to show you. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) It’s just like a song. When we were young. When we were young. That’s me. (SINGING) It’s hard
to win me that, everything just takes me
back to when you were there. He’s good. (SINGING) To when
you were there. It’s going to make you cry. Oh. Beautiful. (SINGING) And a part
of me keeps holding on. I want this song on my phone. (SINGING) Just in
case it hasn’t gone. It’s incredible. (SINGING) Because I still care. Wow, it’s beautiful. (SINGING) Do you still care? I feel so happy right now. (SINGING) It was
just like a moment. Holy cow. I started getting really
teary-eyed as soon as I started listening to it. He was really good. That was great. That was beautiful. That was so good. (SINGING) When we were young. The raw emotion in it
is, was just incredible. What’s his name? Well, who is he? Go boy, like you got this. Look. (GASPS) We I also got international
pop star Ricky Martin to listen to you sing. Oh, my god. Ryan, you’re very talented, man. And if I were you,
I wouldn’t stop. You got to keep trying. It’s not easy, there
are no shortcuts. You have to fight,
you have to work, you have to believe in yourself. And you have a beautiful voice. I wish you the best. God bless you. Oh my god. That’s Ricky Mar– I– Ricky. I, like, She Bangs,
Livin’ la Vida Loca. Right? I can’t believe
he heard me sing. I mean he heard you
sing, and liked it. And everyone else too,
to me, that means a lot. But they felt
something, you know, because that’s my goal,
knowing that you’re moving them in some way, I feel like
that’s what it’s all about. Well, I think that we
should share this moment with one more person. Hi. Oh. Hi, mom. I’m so excited for him. I know he’s excited. I’m so grateful right now, so. One more surprise. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING- THE GREATEST
SHOWMAN, “THIS IS ME”] (VOCALIZING) You’re going to be going to
perform on Ellen’s stage, and your mother is going to
be sitting in the audience. Are you serious? I’m so serious that I just
got chills all over my body. I’m getting nervous, though. But, now, do you feel
like you have the tools, do you feel like you’re ready? I’m going to go out there and
play it, and do the best that I can for my mom, too, you know. I’m so glad that she’s
going to be able to be there That’s once in a lifetime. (SINGING) Everybody
loves the things you do. I am so happy for Ryan. He got it, he understood
not claiming the anxiety. And I’m glad that he is living
his best life right now, and it’s because of his mom. (SINGING) Made us restless. I’m so mad I’m getting
old it makes me reckless. It was just like a moment. This raised my
confidence tenfold. And I feel like I’m doing
something right which is a good feeling to have. (SINGING) When we were young. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Thank you. I love you, mom. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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