Hello, the media! celeb press and all that crap newspapers, TV, radio Last week, you accused me of plagiarism
I allegedly stole ideas from some guy in England And that guy in England, he saw it he wants to sue me At some point he’s taking a crap in an elevator and it turns out I did the same thing, but I did it after him so look at the case we have here! it’s funny ’cause I organised a festival which all profits went to the animal rights cause, it was a month ago and now where did all the journalists go? they were nowhere to be found so let’s clarify things up so let me tell you why you can go f*ck yourselves it’s stupid, I shouldn’t have to justify anything
but I’d still like to respond it turns out my own prank ideas get plagiarized all the time around the globe and from the beginning So these might be coincidences
and that’s why I’ve always kept my mouth shut and I never cried about it and I never
talked about it on social media and also because I don’t give a sh*t because the ideas are in the air and there are more important things than a clown throwing a pie at some guy on an escalator besides, you published this prank
and you ranked it as top prank of the year but hey, what do you know, maybe the idea was mine? The joke with the clown in the escalator was in Brazil and in Brazil they love my ideas Every week on the internet I come across my pranks Even big brands and advertisers
French and foreign companies perhaps copy my ideas so if I get this straight, I was accused of stealing ideas from some guy in England although I’ve been doing this for 20 years
and I made like 200 videos I don’t know how many ideas I’ve carried out and here you are nabbing me for some crap but f*ck sorry I haven’t waited on the British dude
to make elevator pranks and who knows maybe the British dude drew from pranks shot in France in the 1990’s Anyway so I went online and
closely checked out all the dudes’ videos and I found similarities with Buster Keaton and I also love Buster Keaton and in fact
we haven’t invented anything and then there are some guys, they are excited to be invited on TV shows and who give lessons, like Jean-Yves Lafesse who said “this is wrong, this is theft” but f*ck of course I’m never going to get inspired
by your jokes and ideas same for the dude that does pranks in his bedroom
not Norman but the guy with the glasses Stop it, for God sake stop it and go make videos for children, ask them to like your videos wank on your followers or whatever
but there are more important things in life than this however to those who follow my videos
to those who have been following me I would like to thank you and I’d like to tell you it’s by acting rubbish that we become… a dog! and the press, they don’t care about that we’re going to create areas of freedom for the animals left behind Five…Four…Three…Two…One


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