100 thoughts on “Fauci Warns 100,000 Americans Could Die From Virus, States Step Up Safety Measures | Nightly News”

  • It is where you call home and who you call family that determines your loyalty.
    So many overseas Chinese who are proudly dedicated to their adopted nation still sent masks and equipment back to China. There were so many non Chinese who did so as well. Israel, South America, some of the poorest countries in Africa Asia and Europe did the same.
    They saw a country in need and opened their hearts.
    Now China is trying to do the same in return.
    What the Negatives do is criticise, poke holes etc.
    What most do is just be grateful that some one is trying to help.
    There is good and bad in every country, of every religion and colour.
    We understand sacrifice, we understand family, we understand obligation.
    And by we, I mean, those who don’t discriminate based on material wealth or personal spirituality regardless or where we were born or ethnicity.
    We are the frontlines now, in every country, the healthcare workers are the last resort.
    Help them.
    Stay at home, wear masks, sanitise.
    Keep safe and well everyone. ??

  • Everyone needs to stay home. I work in the wireless industry and ppl are still out "shopping" for new devices, not replacements for damaged non-working phones but shopping to add lines, watches, accessories. Reduce your exposure and those around you to "0". SMH!

  • How about all the companies work together to make masks and gloves? If we all wear a set ( sick or not)? Wouldn’t that stop the spreading?

  • Stay at home ? Until you have no home. Soon it will be, “Sleep 6ft away from your homeless buddies under the bridges??‍♂️”

  • My dear brothers and sisters of USA , plzz do exercise as much as you can, enhance your immunity ,keep strong ,eat only healthy food ,keep your body warm , use salt water to gargle as it kills harmful microorganisms , breathing exercises are must , keep your lungs ruthless

  • What's wrong with people is when people are told to stay how they gather all of there family and kids and go to there closest supermarket. Trust me I know I worked at one. My coworkers and I had been on the front lines of this sence day one and more and even now more people come in withere grandparents and little kids that doll in the floor and stuff.

  • Its not that surprising.

    Rumors are the real number of infected in America has been over 500.000 cases.

    The government has been trying their hardest to hide this number to protect their own position in the White House.

    But come to the hospital and make your own survey and there you have the real number.

    Death tolls doesn't lie.

  • Dianne Meka Cruz says:

    He sounds horse a little with his throat ( my opinion ) I hope he is not sick ( the doctor with the eye glasses )

  • Eminent domain. Need 400,000 beds. Build shelters of single units, good amenities, only equip and staff for Covid 19. Leaders: IMAGINATION!

  • This is WAR. May will be the worst month, 1000's of deaths per day, maybe tens of 1000's of deaths per day. Media need to get the public ready for that. People are going to freak out.

  • I believe thanks to Trump’s early inaction, that unfortunately the numbers who die will be much, much worse than this conservative estimation.


  • Of and BTW 80% of those infected have mild to moderate symptoms. But media just propagate gloom and doom because that's what sells a story. That's what attracts people to the story and in return boosts ratings so they can charge more for their ad spaces. They don't report the news the sell ad space.

  • This all Fort Detrick's fault.

    Search for George Webb.

    He is a brave American, international cases investigators. He is studying COVID-19, and has numerous reports.

    One of them unveiled that the patient zero of Corona Virus is Maatje Benassi, from Fort Detrick.

  • I've listened to all the stores and updates but not once have I heard the reason why it's a pandemic world wide and almost doubles overnight.
    Well people it's all between the lines but yet still missed.
    Now read and understand my theory and you'll see the lightbulb.
    Wish" everybody's most favorite shopping the only quiet and efficient way to get world wide undetected, all the major shipping ports around the world such as New York, Louisiana, Calif Italy ect…
    It's a weapon and it's proving to be very efficient.

  • In 2009, 270,000 people with "Swine Flu in the United States" were hospitalized with 16,000 deaths and a mortality rate of over 4%. Then cdc announced that it had abandoned statistics. Afterwards, cdc estimated that the actual infection was nearly 30 million, and all the deaths exceeded 100,000. Authorities never Blocking traffic, never closing the factory, or even announcing the state of emergency six months later, it can be said that there is no response. This is not worth mentioning at all!Obama later suddenly discovered that the disease was "too few dead people and purely trivial to disturb the hearts of the people." He was angry at the WHO who warned of a global pandemic. So the WHO was criticized by Obama for several years so that the WHO would not dare to use the term ever!However, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year, and his administration has received much praise. If it is not for the constitution that does not allow three consecutive terms, he is still the president of the United States.

  • They kept saying NY is not Wuhan, US is not China. So they'll do anything to save lives by not locking down the cities.

  • Why dont donald trump explains Americans about this Patent Number US 2006257952 issued to a Company Kiron or Ciron to develope this virus in 2006???

  • Artur Sibagatullin says:

    Dear NBC news! Please contact with me. I am Amazon Flex driver, delivering Amazon Fresh, Prime and Whole Foods in Los Angeles, CA. We have giant problems here!!! All stations are crowded with Flex drivers, no one keeping social distance, a lot of drivers are infected and getting infected with corona virus ?!!! I took pictures and videos at Vernon, CA AMAZON FRESH station tonight. Amazon not providing us any kind of PPEor even the hand sanitizer. Please contact with me our customers must know about how they getting their groceries.

  • The government AND MEDIA lied for weeks and weeks telling people everything was ok.. NO need to buy or wear a mask… just goes to show you they lie.

  • And that's why china actually did a pretty good job on was locking down the citys so fast no in or out
    US stop building up to it that's how it spread to other states especially if most cases is in NY

  • Don't give up try this and share this Drinking – hot water , tea , milk 4 times a day for 5-6 days giving cure and + ve report may become -ve report for corona there is no vaccine and this is giving better results

  • 200,000 deaths from IT! This just begins to tell the story of the 2,000,000 who's only chance of recovery will be hospitalization and being on a ventilator for 10 days. 200,000 deaths just begins to tell the story of the collateral deaths that will occur. Car accidents, over-doses, poisonings, life every day hazards that we take for granted as being treatable will suddenly become treatable. You scratch your leg and develop an infection.

    Last year an antibiotic will get you up and running again. This year, not so much. Last year a broken leg is given time to heal and you're well again. This year, you'll be limping for the rest of your life. Collateral effects. Collateral deaths.
    My Daughter wasn't born in a hospital. She was delivered right here at home, in my house. But i thank God for the Neo-natal unit that was able to sustain her and my wife for the five days afterwards. On the collateral side of things, i suspect there are going to be a thousand such births before the year is over, but will these women and children have a hospital to rest in when their time comes?
    Please God, have mercy and forgive us for our sins.

  • First Dr. Fauci gave us the bad news, he estimates 100k-200K fatalities and then the president in his press updates said 2.2 million would have died if not for the fantastic job he and his team had done. So we should be very "APPRECIATIVE" that he saved 2 million lives. I hope we are not stupid enough to believe that!

  • हम चाहते हैं कि अमेरिका के ट्रंप जी चीन पर परमाण बम से हमला कर दें

  • I'm 15 and I have been in my house (predominantly my room) for 2 weeks. Sometimes I see kids playing outside and families taking strolls in the afternoon when i look out my window. They are certainly not 6 feet apart. I worry for my dad because he is over 50 and always gets us food going to the grocery store. I would think that those careless people would be more aware considering we live 30 minutes from the center of DC as a major city.

  • The UK have already said, "if there are less than 20,000 deaths, that means we've done a go job"! Look at the size of the UK, America will be lucky if it gets away with a million if people don't start acting more sensible!

  • Who ever dies it won't be the rich, celebrities, or politicians. That only leaves us the middle and lower class Americans.

  • This has been taken out of context, please watch the complete interview. He identified that these figures are based on models that have the worst and best-case scenarios. Dr. Anthony clearly mentioned that he has never seen worst-case scenarios become a reality

  • believe what ya want. .Ya think any of this is fake well. . . good? luck with ya. . this virus is something else. The creepy thing about this virus is that. . You can be feeling good. and you don't even know you have it???. . until 2 weeks or less. Stay at home read a book or play ur games if ya have one. or whatever just stay at home unless ya really have to. Take care of ya self's ????

  • Hehe, Second leg of Covid-19 has started. US has panned out a nice plan for Chinese. Its going to be fun.

    And Ya its also population purge. COVID IS CLEARING most old folks so ya, no Social Security funds going. 🙂

    Now its CIA's turn ?

  • The population of the U S is 327 Million. They predict that 40% to 70% of US will get Coronavirus. Let's say 40% , that's about 130 Million cases. Of that 130 million about 1% ? (more or less) will die. I'll let you do the math. That's a lot more people dying then he mentioned. Maybe he's talking about the first wave only, or factoring in social distancing, or experimental meds. Frankly, I think that he's underestimating.

  • Lorie Marshall says:

    Wonder if it would help if New York legislators repented of the full term baby murder law and broke their covenant with death?

  • New Yorkers need to set an example for all of America. Stay home to save lives. They are asking you to sit on your couch for 15 days. Things will be alright

  • How's it that China had gotten theirs under control and shops and business are going back to normal, but the USA is still running around with no sense of direction really and in panic mode? Is it just me or has anyone else noticed?

  • Karsten Northman says:

    Sorry, we have to take your civil rights because of a flu which is only 10% of the ones of formerly years. And don`t think you`ll get them back – we will always create new scenarios of panic and danger.

  • venkatesh kamarapu says:

    USA be home be Safe . lockdown all places .. Good bless USA n India.
    China Lied WHO this Corona will not spread from human to human n silent 75 days.

  • Top Shelf Herbs,free samples. says:

    The CDC says
    2017-2018 influenza season had
      79,400 deaths.
    Dr. Fauci estimates Covid19 deaths will be 100,000-200,000

  • Stay inside everybody. Take care of yourself and your family. But never forget who started this pandemic. All world leaders should hold China responsible for all these deaths and social collapse. Chinese Corona virus comes from China…as well as SARS, Bird flu…God when is China giving up on making viruses. Should the world quaratine China?

  • Thanks doc for cheering me up today and the news comes with you need to stay at home until the end of April. 30 plus days I may as well be in jail

  • David Wishengrad says:

    100,000 from corona
    600,000 from heart disease
    500,000 from stroke
    = 1,200,000 preventable deaths all caused from people needlessly eating animals and telling the LIES that eating animals it is required for adequate nutrition in all walks of life.

  • I think Fauci is kinda the leading scientist on this, and most likely he's right. Assuming a 3.5% death rate, he's assuming 3 million people will get infected, that's only 1 % of the population , kinda small.

  • I survived the H1N1 Flu back in 2009, I am a confirmed case, there were 284,000 – 575,000 total deaths according to CDC. The Coronavirus is about 10 times more deadly and infectious than H1N1, Cuomo said that 80% of the US population is expected to get it. Most of us will survive, but many of us will not. We all need to quarantine and stay healthy; eat healthy, exercise, take your vitamins and make sure your immune system is ready when the time comes, we all need to be brave.

  • OneEye Monster says:

    MEDIA repeating Numbers that DONT ADD Up…GARBAGE
    2500/330000000 = .00075%…FACTS not BULLSHeit PC Models, COULD be, CAn be, or wanna be….AYE!!!!

  • It is self made numbers by this channel. I heard Fauci and he clearly mentioned that such thing out of chart however we can say things with conviction. They joined the two different clips of interview to made it thrilling nothing more.

  • Wolfgang Keldorfer says:

    Right now the US is worlds No 6 regarding dead people – I BET, that in
    half a day they are No4 – and at the End of next week the US ist No 1
    and Trump will cheer for one more beeing the No 1

  • Wolfgang Keldorfer says:

    Right now the US is worlds No 6 regarding dead people – I BET, that in
    half a day they are No4 – and at the End of next week the US ist No 1
    and Trump will cheer for one more beeing the No 1

  • How do you get a trump commercial before a video about a pandemic, "As I took my wonderful escalator ride…" Old commercial for a wall that's actually a fence!

  • Holly Williams says:

    This "news" clip shows a picture of a Man as the Governor of RI. RI did not repeal the quarantine for out of state visitor/travelers. In fact it has been expanded for all out of state visitors.

  • Songwut Sangsanguan says:

    Put the sand in the container or plastic bag especially the coconut shell. Then urinate in the sand. Marinate until it smells like ammonia. The urine mixed with sand is inhaled to reach the lungs. It'll destroy the corona virus inside the lungs. Seriously

  • Follow only basic public health practices. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and keep a personal distance. Do not touch your face with your hands. Even computer simulations can prevent most viruses from spreading by following these basic rules. It's for me, family & friends and neighbors.

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