Fate Grand Order NA - Full 2019 Event / Banner Roadmap

Fate Grand Order NA – Full 2019 Event / Banner Roadmap

This video is brought to you in part by amino AB amino amp is a platform that took reddit discord line and just kind of Squished them together if you know me you know that I don't take Sponsorships from anything that I don't personally use and enjoy and I have been enjoying my time on amino AB amino AMP is a network of communities that lets you explore discover and obsess over the things that you're into and for me That's obviously fate grand order So, of course I am you might and found some fake Grand order communities to join and honestly The people are super nice on here. And if you've been around the internet, you know, how rare that is joining this amino has allowed me to Reach out and talk to some of the fans of the channel I've helped out some people who had questions and it really just is Super nice to be able to talk to other people about feed Grand order and this gives me another outlet now the nice thing Too about this is if you follow me, you can post some questions up on my wall So I do like to answer questions and in 2019. I will be launching a monthly Q&A session So this just gives me another outlet to pull questions from for that But what I want you to do is go down into the description hit that download link sign up for a me know app Join, the feed Grand order community and follow me but let's get on with the video Green's masters and welcome to the channel. I am the shotgun Shogun and with 2019 upon us. You might be thinking, huh? And what are we going to be getting this year? well I am here to lay out the roadmap for 2019 now do be aware that this is subject to change at the whims of Antep Lex DW However, this is the tentative roadmap based off of the previous JP schedule Which we are pretty much falling in line with currently but with that out of the way Let's get into this much like every January we will kick this one off with the New Year's event during this event We will be getting half a P ember gathering along with a double rate up on great and super success We will be getting login rewards double mana prism shop items and new items arriving in the rare manner Prizm shop Along with this we will be getting a commemorative craft essence new interludes for sky Hawk, sir Gherkin toki ian Iskandar now, we will be getting Musashi banner But since most of the servants that were previously on this banner came up during thanksgiving We don't actually know if this will be a Sola rate up or if they will add an additional servants Along with Musashi will come some limited craft essences first sunrises a five-star seee that will increase Buster cart effectiveness increase your MP gauge first arrow shot apply sure hit ant increases your Art's effectiveness and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest just Get this one just for the art following the New Year's event We will likely have a hit week of half EP training grounds along with the King Hassan banner The King Hassan banner will be a solar rate up banner that will overlap into the moon-goddess Festival rerun that will start following the half AP training ground This will likely run from the 18th through the 25th One of the highlights for this event is Hart's plumes and pages If you didn't get enough swings in at Barbados during the Solomon event in December Well here is your chance on top of that? There will be a node with a demon so Hart farming will be available if the hearts and the shop don't cut your needs This will come with a rate up banner for Orion as well capping off January and spilling over into February is the rerun of the Dante's prison Tower of This will come with a half ap mean quest campaign running up through the Solomon Singularity, which will be required to unlock the challenge quests The amazing thing about this challenge quest is that you can run this as many times as you would like Unfortunately the drops and clearer boards won't be provided after the first time. So why is this cool? Well, so you can try out a bunch of different team comps and see if you can clear it with abnormal teams it will also come with the main quest line that we had during the original one as well as the solo Dante's rate up banner if you are aiming for Dante's I would highly suggest spending some courts on him as It will be a very long time before he makes his way back to the summoning pool Well in a non GSS our form anyways So we made it into February and well these next two will be a little up in the air and honestly I can see them being replaced by the fragrant order American tour event. Possibly the first of the month saw two events That's right a download campaign and the questionnaire However, we don't know if we will be getting the download campaign like normal or if we will even hit any sort of milestones So we won't really go into either of those at this moment But what we do know is that following the Dante's event? We will be getting hit with the Valentine's Day rerun and unlike most reruns this one is actually not shortened or cut down, but in fact extended this time around not only can you give chocolates to your wife who's but your husband owes as well the event comes with a Pile of new craft essences but well stay tuned to the channel for a guide and overview of this event as it comes closer With this rerun we are going to be getting the mysterious hero when ex altar banner This also comes with the CEQ Turin jet, which I personally find very interesting following up The Valentine's Day event is the next chapter in the story and this is Shinjuku This also comes with the shinjuku banner which gives us James Moriarty yonk wing and Hassan, lobo shinjuku brings us quite a few new things increased master level cap multi HP gauge system this is also known as break bars and New ascension items additionally with the inclusion of shinjuku to the story This finally gives us a spot to farm hearts of the foreign god outside of events or caster training grounds This is huge. This will run from February through the start of March and following the initial banner We will be getting a second shinjuku banner featuring amia altar as well as sabre altar Following the doom and gloom of shinjuku comes the cow day a boys collection rerun right alongside the mean khaldiya boys event These two should run in tandem from march 8th through the 22nd now both of these events come with boys only banners Acoustic on the rerun Boehner and proto Arthur makes his debut on the second banner Both events are the same in that you will get a ticket to exchange for one of the many events E's for the second banner, I highly suggest aiming for talk of the hot sands as this seee is Absolutely amazing for a vast array of servants These banners will run through the 22nd most likely and overlap with the gudaguda Rerun get ready for no booze because gudaguda is back and so is Okita I honestly would highly suggest summoning on this banner as Okita is an absolute insane single target saber and Well worth your Court's outside of the banner You will be getting another shot at getting your very own Nobunaga running for 16 days Those of you who did not do the original event this combines both event currency as well as a reward point system there are a lot of really really great rewards out of this event and great free quests for farming dragon scales bloom seeds hearths chaos claws and horseshoes a Quest summoning banner will cap out the end of the month and follow over into april This would be a good time to pick up some story lock servants. If you're hunting for a coup altar or a cat's up Next running from the start of April through the middle of April will be the gudaguda Meiji yishun event and this time around you'll be getting welfare Berserker cha-cha and a chance to pick up Hijikata from the summoning banner This will be similar to the previous gudaguda event and that you will not only have a currency but a point system as well Now the next part is going to be highly speculative following the Gudda Gudda event. We should be getting the fete extra CCC Pre-campaign. This is going to be an event that gives us half AP for main quest interludes and strengthening quests It will also be implementing a new mystic code to take part in this you will have to have cleared up through Solomon you will also be getting a rate up banner jam-packed with five stars, but most notably Gilgamesh and Nero pride now comes the big one and this is going to eclipse Most of the month of May and this is the seraphs ECC event and this will be running for 24 days This will be a mission based event much like phase zero or the K and K events If you're familiar with those, this is a pretty hefty event with quite a bit to do and farm this event will feature BB is a free four star moon cancer welfare servant so Definitely. Don't miss this one. There will be two summoning banners over the course of this event They are what a lot of masters are saving for the five star melt is going to be hitting the scene along with Passion lip and Suzuka Gozen. The second banner will see Kiara maker appearance alongside The rerun of amia altar may is finished out with a week of hunting quests The nice part of these hunting quest is gall stones baby. I'm excited running in tandem with the hunting quest we should see a strengthening quest as well as a possible download campaign and Well that will finish up May as those will run through to June second. Most likely June now this is gonna be a hot mess The reason being is that when we started the game, we started a month ahead of JP So that means that we are going to have to rearrange things like we did in 2018 seen as the GSS are for this anniversary has servants that must be introduced first So June will start out with the Rashomon event And if you didn't get enough banana bullying now's your time This one will be coming with extra difficulty different daily missions as well as new chow Quest's if you have never done a raid event, well get ready because these are fun The banner will give you another shot at shoot n so if you are looking to get your hands on that Drunken Oni now is your chance? Following up the rerun we may see the main quest half AP campaign Alongside a second chance at the shinjuku summoning banners. However over lapping This will be the Oni gajima rerun and honestly if you have to put time aside to do one rerun It's going to be this one rider can Toki is one of the best free welfare servants in the game. Absolutely Make sure that you make time for this event not to mention. This has some fantastic farming spots for ascension materials This will be running for about two weeks and is a combo between raid damage points in an event shop It is a bit Overwhelming but along with the great welfare servant in the great farming it boasts one of the best C's in the game in the form Of the golden sumo so you will absolutely want to pick this up as well Oh and I forgot to mention another shot at mama raikou and golden Boykin toki berserker overall this is an A+ event that you should prioritize the reason for the over web is because well we really need to at the bare minimum get the Agartha chapter introduced and e banner one summons into the game much like 2018 with kim wat This will likely be what happens and we will have multiple events rushed to hit this goal the first banner will introduce Shahrazad with z10 and pen and I know a good number of people who are waiting for pence to drop a Garth ax will come With animation updates for Heracles Deon and Drake as well. So that is also really nice new materials to farm and Four star SR foes in the rare man a prism shop this will run up through July 6th, which is when we most likely will be getting our anniversary if 2018 taught me anything Anniversaries are not actually on anniversaries the six will fall in line with the Saturday of a X So expect another anniversary wives dream to kick off the event and well It's a lot of stuff now The lineup for July is a bit up in the air as there are quite a few things tied to the anniversary That might be moved around here and there to fill space But we are going to be getting the GSS are again extra master missions log in bonuses memorial quests new strengthening quests the Paul Bunyan event all the Statesmen Singularity based summons the introduction of Sherlock Holmes and so much more This is a very very heavy duty event the mean anniversary will likely run until the 17th in all the Statesmen and an interlude event will probably be running until the 24th the 24th will kick off the summer rerun and will set August To be back in line with the given JP timeframe if you didn't get your tamil answer or your score Toria Now is your chance to pick them up? Oh, and if you didn't pick up your sky Hawk assassin now is the time to do that as well This will also be coming with some extra challenge quests for those who have cleared Solomon So make sure you have that done to get yourself some golden Fu's One of the nice things implemented with this re-run is the swimsuit format and this will run into early August like it did in 2018 once we're into August, it's likely that we'll see no gap between the summer events this is going to be a heavy duty dose of summer fun for August as the summer event is going to be running for three weeks and well it comes with Two banners full of bikini clad babes to wreck your wallet as well as a fantastic Welfare servant in the form of for star rider Ishtar this event is going to be rough and so are the banners honestly If you're looking to spend I would suggest making your targets caster Nero and Lancer Reiko as the air both considered very very solid in their classes But I just know that my wallet is not looking forward to this event This should cover the bulk of August now moving into September It should kick off with a half AP free quest along with a quest summoning banner Rotation to give us a bit of a break right before everyone's favorite endless lottery box event Nero fast all of those apples that you've been saving up all summer well This will be a good time to use some of them not all of them because we do have Christmas in the future now one of the big things about this event too is that Brynn is back Brynn joins Nero bride as well as the Og red muumuu inter rate up for this event we will be getting a new set of Challenge quests as well as a shot at the previous year again If you didn't get those knocked out so ramp up those mean team comps to make a bunch of videos Of you doing obscure things to these challenges Now Nero Fest is slated to run until around the 20th ending out the month with another download campaign one of the big things however about this download campaign is it's the return of Merlin which makes me think that they will not pass this up is This will be a huge cash cow coming into the fall season Additionally the 2x great and super success would be fantastic To follow up that watery Boxx event at the tail end of the download campaign we will see the return of Bray's Ville is Halloween Rerun and this is going to be a two-week event Those of you who may have missed picking up brave Liz or the events EE brave hero when le chien Will have another shot at picking these up You will also get a Grail or award depending on if you have already completed it This event was fairly easy to clear the first time around so this shouldn't give too many masters much trouble during this we should be Getting some new interludes for Sabre Lancelot Gwaine Tristan and best boy Betty as well following this we should be getting the release of the Shenmue so Chapter and this will come with new ascension items and a few new servants on the summoning banner. Most notably This marks the return of Musashi. So if he didn't roll for her during the New Year's read up, here's another chance this time She does come with Archer Tomoya gozen assassin Mochizuki and lancer yishun some people are waiting to roll for Musashi during this banner due to tomoow a rate up as they find this one to be the Better of the two it is really up to you is they're both very much. Waifu material like most chapters Shimoda will come with two banners in the second one touts the return of shootin and raikou joining them is mean amore cadenza and Hentai protag Fuma this banner will be available until the 1st of November. But in that banner time, we will see the rise of Mecca Ali that's right The Halloween event will be running through the end of October into the first two weeks of November This comes with a rate up beginner featuring Osaka B he may as well as the trick or treatment C II and What can I say other than not only is it great in terms of effect? But that art is nice same with from wonderland oil lesbians this is gonna be a tough one because you are going to have to pick the Mecca le Chan or The mecca le Chan mark 2 this is going to cause a civil war of best Civ during this event We will see the dropping of a few more inner leaves this time Mostly for Cleo Ozzy and Fuma starting the third week of November We are going to see the rerun of the Christmas event and this actually should be a pretty quick clear granite It only runs 9 days, but with a limited number of watery boxes You should be able to knock this out pretty quick. If you didn't get a chance to get your Santa John Terry Willie This is going to be your chance fall is the time for presents because you are going to be getting so many free welfare servants now the next couple of banners are going to be pretty rough for most masters as we are going to see the return of Gramps with a download campaign. This will be near the tail end of the Christmas tree run and run for about a week This will feature our normal half AP events with a solo rate up for King Hassan Following that however is the release of the Salem chapter. That means everyone's favorite Cthulhu based wooly Abbey is going to hit the game however you are gonna have to wait until the second rate up banner because the first banner is only going to feature Nezha and Cersei on rate up However, the second banner is where we are going to see Abigail and Queen of Sheba on rate up This should run to mid-december and finally Christmas event with the most adorable good sieve Santa Altera Much like the previous Christmas event. This is going to have an endless lottery box full of gems So it is highly Suggested to go very hard here and spend Absolutely.we every Apple that you have from day one the very end of the year will see the prologue for arc two of the main Story and well, there's not too many bells and whistles here. You will get to CES that are time limited So you must clear the prologue by December 31st to get them but no summoning Boehner to take us into the New Year now I am going to dive into some of the banners that were not mentioned as I'm sure some people are already asking where they are The fgo gutentag. Omen banner was put out for April Fool's However, it was tied to an app that was released So it is unknown if we will actually be getting this the Fae Apocrypha anomie release and the fgo stage Performance campaign originally ran the end of June into July but seen as this would cross over into our anniversary I actually don't see us getting this at all This may be skipped entirely as all it really was rewarded were two commemorative CES up Next is the actual fgo stage performance campaign And this one could likely be rebranded to act as a filler as it did come with rewards and a rate up banner for the nights of the round the Hijikata Okita banner that came in mid September was for a convention in Japan So if we do get this it will have to be tailored to na as it would suck to miss out on this one But it wouldn't be the first time that we've lost out on a banner the fgo autumn stage Performance that ran the end of September into October did come with a rate up banner events EE new interludes so this one's most likely going to be rebranded in coming a different form as skipping interludes is not good Civ and speaking of unskipable banners We have the fate/stay night banner and this originally ran from October 8th through the 12th of November And the reason that this is unskipable is that it is one of the only rate ups for Parvati With her only making her way back into a class summon pick up in the future this also introduces a new mystic code in Asians it is likely that they will use this prior to the any release of the next heavens feel movie up next to the fate Apocrypha Boehner and this originally ran from November 8th through the 22nd and not only does this come with the Estelle folk costume But a rate up banner as well I can see this being rebranded as a side story that will overlap in an event as the outcry over not having that a stall folk costume would be deafening the Fate grant order VR event will likely fall in line with the VR release in na and will feature a rate up banner Alongside of it the Prisma Illya Boehner is another unskipable one as this not only comes with another Ilya rate up But it also includes an NP strengthening interlude for Ilya and a new skill interlude for Chloe There are some rewards and an events EE for this as well our 600 day anniversary should fall in mid-february and our 800 day anniversary should start around the beginning of September but Remember masters that all of this is tentative this could change at any given time given the whims of an ax Plex DW but I hope that this has given you a good amount of Future Sight into what we are looking forward to in 2019 now I will be doing a guide over what beaners you should spend on what beaners you should skip and What servants you should be looking for both new and returning? But that will be coming out shortly I do hold there this helped out though and I would like to thank all of the patrons who helped make this channel possible as well as all of the subscribers who helped make 2018 Fantastic, I would not be here without all of you and I just want to thank all of you you guys make this content worth Making if you would like to join the patreon there is a link down in the description If you would like to just help out the channel Make sure you hit that subscribe button smash that Bell notification drop me a like in a comment and here is to a good 2019 masters take it easy P


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  • As soon as summer ends… IT'S SAVING TIME.

    Christmas is where my luck shall prevail, Eresh, I'm COMING FOR YOU BABY! cries in poverty

  • We will likely get a babylonia anime release banner in october or november, looking forward to king hassan but i doubt they do it

  • I need to grind hard for Jailter. I missed her last year. Also am praying for the Garden of Sinners rerun, I missed Shiki, too…

  • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    just started playing in may during Acen, just saw this vid, and if it's accurate (which so far it is) I already got my plan for summoning this year:

    June: Raikou (already got Shuten Doji whose also my very first 5* servant)

    July: Atoria saber, Gil, Jeanne, Jalter, prisma Illya (only if it's rotation for all of them)

    august: summer raikou, summer nero, suanzang

    september: brynhilda, nero, bride nero, merlin, all 4 atoria's

    october: musashi, Raikou (only if I didnt get her via June banner)
    November: king Hassan
    December: Altera, Eresh

    I can only pray that my luck will be good trying to get these characters…..

  • QuantumHeart : Loli, Music and Games says:

    The only thing that I got yet from the rate ups is 'Banana Douji' and 'Suzuka Gozen' with three Saint quartz each. (one summon at CCC and one summon at Rashoumon)

  • Guess I'm waiting until Oniland when Snek Miyu Chiyome is on rate up with Sitonai. I don't need Musashi, Tomoe seems cool, but doesn't really interest me, and Danzo is on a different banner with Shuten and stuff I don't need or really care about. May have to drop some SQ for Caster Nero and or Merlin, but for now, I'm staying strong for Abi/Eresh.

    EDIT: Wait, what's this about JALTER, Arjuna, and BerserCu?

  • Tbh the only event that’ll make me spend money for the first time is the 2nd anniversary lucky bag and net years lucky bag cause I want a chance for certain servant now >:3

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