Fat Joe: “Family Ties”

Fat Joe: “Family Ties”

♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it, woo ♪ Please welcome our friend, Fat Joe. (lively music)
(audience cheers and applauds) How you doin’? Where the Fat Joe at? (audience cheering and clapping) How you doin’? Yo, Wendy! What’s up, Wendy? (audience cheering)
It’s good to see you. We matching, we matching! Who knew? Gator. We got the over-sized thing going on and matching.
Custom? Custon, you got that custom? Custom, yeah. It feels very luxurious. All right, I want to give you some shoe cam. You know he is the sneaker king. (audience cheers and applauds) What made you wear those?
I came ready. Tell us what’s special. I was coming to Wendy. Well, this is the sneaker of the year, the SNKRS, all jokes aside. You got beautiful sneakers on too, Wendy.
Thank you. Wow!
I like them. This is the sneaker of the year and I just wanted to come to Wendy looking fly.
Thank you. (audience cheers and applauds)
Yo, what’s up, man? Looking like Fat Joe, huh? (audience laughs) I know I’ve got you some chicks, huh? Is it weird to look at somebody who looks like you? Yeah, sometime. He looks like me, but I’ve met guys that look like me. I mean like the same thing, I’m staring in their face. One time I went to a club in Atlanta and I pulled up. I was like, “Yo, Fat Joe’s in the truck.” They was like, “Fat Joe’s inside.” Swear to God. So I walk up in the club, it’s my man, Shawn Pecas, who likes like me. He in there with some girls, VIP, popping. Like, “Yo, my man, you going too far!” “You going too far with this, man!” How was your birthday party? I’m sorry. Well, the album release party, you didn’t show up. No, I know! Jason Lee was with me. I know! Shout-out, Loren Ridinger! We were all together.
$100 million crib– I know!
Yachts, fireworks! Teyana Taylor, Trey Songz–
I was exhausted! Bryson Tiller. Everyone was there. Everybody and their mother was there, Young Jeezy, Too Short. We was like, ♪ Blow the whistle ♪ (hands clap)
(mimics whistle blowing) ♪ Blow the whistle ♪ (mimics whistle blowing)
But here’s the thing. ♪ Blow the whistle ♪ Joe, you and I have been around for a long time and you have to know when to go inside. Nah, you was in the yacht all day. Yeah, I was exhausted. You did too much early. You know in Miami you gotta pace yourself. I didn’t. But you have to pace yourself.
I know! Cause it’ll hit you like. It did. And I couldn’t go. It’s like a real struggle. You really had it there. Right while you was falling asleep, you was like, “Damn, I gotta go to Joe’s party!” But you was like, “Damn, I can’t make it.” I can’t. And I knew I’d see you today. Thank God, man. Man, what’s up, yo? How y’all doin’, man? (audience cheers and applauds) Mama, I made it! (audience applauds) Is it true this is your last album? I mean I love music and I want to keep creating music, but my daughter is 13. You know these girls are very impressionable around this age and I really want to try to act like I want to be the dad taking and picking her up from school. Aw! So that’s where I’m at with it. (audience applauds) The last time I talked to you on the phone, we were talking and you were waiting for your mom and dad to come over. You were going to take them for brunch. All the time. Yeah, and I was like, “That’s really sweet!” And then we’re talking on the phone and then you was like, “All right, you all, I’ll be right there, “I’m talking to Wendy.” Then we got off the phone and I was like– That’s the real deal. It’s nice that we survived everything. Ooh, we survived a lot. A lot! You know what I mean? I look like this ’cause I never got high. I don’t smoke weed. I don’t really drink. (audience applauds)
I don’t pop pills. I don’t use drugs. I’m just keeping it real. Really? Yeah, that’s been the key. My Uncle Dan’s back there. I don’t want to tell you how old he is, but he looks amazing too. He never got high.
Really? He never smoked weed, never smoked cigarettes, whatever. All the influences around you. Nah, not me. And it looked good! Every night at the studio, it’s mountains of weed. It looks so beautiful. Yeah! Wow! I smoked weed one time, I’m gonna tell you the truth, and I ran out the house butt-naked. (audience laughs) And I was Fat Joe Fat Joe. (audience laughs) But your addiction was food then. My addiction is always food, still to this day. Yeah, but you look good. We just trying to find out where to eat the gluten-free or the free-range steak that’s been bathed in Oil of Olay his whole life. (Wendy giggles) Like, this guy has been getting massages his whole life. Your skin, the whole bit, you don’t get Botox. I don’t see fillers,
Nah, nah, you won’t see none of that.
no surgery. A lot of the guys these days are getting plastic surgery. God bless ’em. I ain’t got a problem with it.
You know what I’m saying. I ain’t got a problem with it. No, but you look good, even your hands. You don’t have wrinkly hands. (audience applauds) I never worked much with my hands. My work has always been here. Do you remember when we first met. You brought a cassette up. It was a promo for my show at 98.6. Red Alert. But then your first single was “Gotta Flow Joe.” ♪ You gotta flow Joe ♪ ♪ You gotta gotta gotta gotta ♪ And I played it on the radio. ♪ Flow Joe ♪ Yo, Wendy, I know you from day one. You know what I’m saying?
You too. So I know Wendy since day one and I’m proud of you. I’m sure you’re proud of me. I am. I am.
We’ve come a long way. We’ve experienced a lot of growth. A lot of people around us are dead. That’s a fact. Or broke. That’s a fact. Or wherever they are. You’re always a step away from being broke. I know. I know. I know. No, that’s real talk. No, people don’t understand that. ‘Cause we’re balling out of control. We’re balling out of control. I like your new Rolls Royce. We’re balling out of control, baby! (audience laughs and applauds) Big splash on ’em, baby! (Wendy laughs)
(audience applauds) Til the wheels fall off, baby! So you treated yourself to this upon when? Yeah, I’m gonna keep doing that. I’m gonna keep doing that. My accountants, they be mad as hell at me, but you know I come from the projects. I come from welfare. I come from the mud. But you’ve been successful for so long, but you’re still not over it. You still treat yourself. Listen, guys, you live once. Right? So whatever makes you happy, whatever floats your boat, go do that! Without being broke.
And fast. It don’t matter. (audience laughs)
Oh, yes, it does! Money come and goes. You ever seen… You never keep the same dollar. It comes and goes, so you gotta keep working, but do whatever you love to do. If you like that scarf, go buy it. (audience applauds) It’s a fact. I’m nervous. Why are you nervous? Just ’cause. ‘Cause money doesn’t not… It goes but it doesn’t always come back. We make money, Wendy. We gonna always make money. Nobody’s gonna stop us from making money. As long as we alive.
I’ll never be that cocky. I can’t.
Let me tell you something. I got locked up for something I ain’t do. I did a whole bunch of stuff I deserved to get locked up. But I went down for some taxes. I remember the judge told me, she was a nice lady, but she said–
Taxes. They tried to take all my money from me. I remember this. Even though I paid it all. And the lady told me she was gonna put me in jail forever. She says, “Your newfound success is with your family “and friends ’cause we took all your money,” she said. So I couldn’t argue with this lady, but I was just like, “Miss, as soon as I get out of here, “I’m getting caked up.” I don’t know if you understand. And you can’t stop me as long as I’m in physical human form.
What did your wife say? She lived good no matter… My family, they don’t know what’s going on. They been living good for so long. I take care of my whole family from A to Z. They don’t know anything but Dad being– They been living so rich forever. They like love it. Even in taxes, my wife was getting Birkin bags. We don’t play that. We gonna stay fly forever, man. I don’t know what these people talking about. Now your son is on Growing Up Hip Hop. How is he adjusting to new fame? I don’t know, I don’t like it. The reason, he wants to be a artist. I did the show because he’s like a introvert. He’ll be in this room and he won’t talk to nobody. So then I thought maybe it’ll be a good idea for him to go on the show. Growing Up Hip Hop New York, he’s going to be with. So I’m looking at it, I don’t really like… They’re good people, but for him, I’m not into that. If they get a second season, will you let him go on?
No, not me. I won’t be involved. But he can be involved? Whatever he wants to do, he’s a grown ass… He’s a grown man . (audience laughs) He’s 23-years old. How are the kids around him receiving him, the ones that aren’t on it? I don’t know, man, I watched it one time, I’m gonna be honest with you, and I don’t want to disrespect them because Tara’s a good friend of mine. These kids, they put these kids on there because their parents are stars, and then they’re dissing their parents on the show. So I’m like, “Yo, the only reason I’m watching you is ’cause you’re Flavor Flav’s kid or something.” I’m like, “Are you serious?” They gotta learn some respect out here, man. (audience applauds) Kid Capri’s daughter is handling that show nicely. Kid Capri’s daughter, I’ve been watching her grind for a long time. She’s gracefully emerging from this show, Vina Love. Good, good for her. Now, did you know Juice Wrld? I met him one time and he was a… I only met him one time and he was such a beautiful kid. He was so respectful when I met him. And I was just like, “Yo, this is a real good kid,” man. So rest in peace, Juice Wrld. But the lyrics and the drugs.
But they gotta stop. So what happens is this: when we was younger, we would go smoke crack, but you knew you was copping rock cocaine or you knew you was copping heroin. You knew it was disgusting. So now what happens with these pills, being that they’re prescribed, these kids don’t think they’re crackheads or they’re pillheads or they’re nothing. It’s legal. It’s cool. “We can do as much of it as we want.” That’s a big understatement because all these kids are dying. Every day in the Bronx all these kids are dying, overdosing off of pills, overdosing off of pills. I mean we gotta really try to watch these kids as much as we can because it’s sad. And watch our own behaviors too. This kid was filthy rich and died at 21-years old on a private plane! With guns and all kinds of other… 70 pounds of marijuana and all kinds of other stuff. All right, so Remy’s on the album? Yeah, boy! (audience applauds) ♪ Big splash on ’em now ♪ ♪ Ah ♪ And Remy is free and good to go. Let me tell you about Remy. Remy, we’ve been working. Everything ain’t for social media. So we been in the studio working hard on Remy’s album, right? She heard my album 40 times. She never asked to be on the album. So the day before I hand in the album… And then to get Remy to rap on something, it takes a month. The day before I hand in my album, my wife is like, “Yo, this ain’t right. “There’s no way on earth you’re gonna drop a album “and Remy ain’t on the album.” So I call her up, her and my goddaughter, my little goddaughter is with her. They both got the shower caps on. (Wendy and the audience laugh) I get to see ’em like y’all don’t get to see ’em. Like, they’re “Uh-uh, godpoppa,” and this. I say, “Yo, Rem, you know it ain’t right “you ain’t on the album. “You want to come get on a song on the album?” She was in the studio in 30 minutes. (audience applauds)
♪ Remy Ma, dirty squad ♪ There are a lot of people who are on it including Mary J. Blige and some other people. Mary J, Bryson Tiller, Eminem. Like I don’t really understand the Emenim-Nick Cannon thing because it’s clear that Mariah got both of them. I guess it’s fun. It’s a fun beef, it’s not a rap thing, which is good.
No one’s dying over this. Right, exactly. (audience laughs) So the album is in stores now.
Wait, you think Nick will have like a knife in his turban or something? (laughing) I support Nick. I like him a lot too Yeah, I support Nick. So the album is in stores now. Family Ties. I was bringing Tall Dre with me, but they said they didn’t have time for him. You seen how sexy my brother, Dre, is?
From Cool and Dre? I can’t walk with him. We go on a show, the ladies says (speaking in foreign language). Dre Day! Y’all better check out that album. It’s incredible! Family Ties. Family Ties. Pick up your copy of Family Ties in stores now. Joe, always nice to see you! ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it, woo ♪


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