30 thoughts on “Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)”

  • Boy that Minister was a real politician and a clown. What a snake. Right. That guy doesn't even know how to lie well. He's letting the citizens get screwed and I'm I'm thinking he's not elected. What a government huh? Typical


  • secretofsinging says:

    Please keep up the good work…not only about the NON-FARMERS….selling home-grown…but also about the BIG PHARMAS….AND THE CHEMTRAILS…I HAVE WRITTEN 5 X'S to the government about the chemtrails..and NEVER received an answer…Where is our VOICE??…..It has to be the CBC. Thanks !

  • One other sign of non local produce is if it is shiny. Any local farmer will not coat their produce in wax to make it look better.

  • The minister's candid attitude is the problem. The fact that he was not furious upon hearing the issue is the issue.

  • My girl is a health nut, she'd cry if she saw this video. I shall save it for later hehe.
    I swear, the next time she says something about me eating Doritos, it's on.

  • PS. My suggestion to the real farmers is to band together and start your own farmers market and don't let the re-sellers in and make sure you don't hire that sleazy hipster from the market board

  • Always inspiring to see out government officials living up to their reputation of incompetence and complacency. As for Mark Jones of the Peterborough farmer"s market board could the reason he is dragging his feet on transparency be kickbacks from the re-sellers ? How much time does it take to make up cardboard signs that say NOT PRODUCED LOCALLY.

  • Rule # 1, you have to know prices. What does grocery store charge vs farmers market price? Rule # 2, you have to know the farmer. I never buy from Farmers Markets unless I k now their farm, their kid's names and their end product.
    Rule # 3, avoid this gimmick of "farmer's market". Go find the physical farm and SHOW UP and introduce yourself saying ' I'd like to buy raw milk" or " I'd rather give you the business" " May I buy from you? "

  • Wong Wing Sang says:

    Go directly to the market otherwise you can't tell the difference you just can't believe what they say if you re not sure

  • Big media protecting its advertisers, (supermarkets) by scaring people away from local produce. That's the real scam going on here.

  • People are evil. But these days, it is not so easy being evil thanks to the internet. Nice call CBC! Now if you can just get your government under control! Have they killed any Native Canadians this year? Or is that only part of your past, like the Americans?

  • Terrible practice. But that lady farmer is super cute with all the stuff going wrong in the world one needs a wife like that. 😁

  • How is this a secret? And you don’t pay top dollar at farmer market. 1/2 price for poor people. Farmer work hard all week to sell in bulk to the middle producer who put this in the store. They want day off too. Some do sell but there aren’t making money but for the love of showing and meeting customers. This is the same as the old lady asking the department store fry chicken if this is free range chicken. Ever try to catch a loose chicken. That more work than the chick worth or 2 buck a pkg.

  • So basically what happens is the re-sellers probably pay more to the farmers market commitee and the small local farmers get squeezed out from competing.

  • Robin Roundtree says:

    Those pesky liars shame shame on them! The reporter is an amazing person I hope God blesses her generously!

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