100 thoughts on “Fareed Zakaria: Trump revealing he is a paper tiger”

  • Kurds is a tribe of people. they live in Turkey Syria Iraq Iran even Armenia. you cant make a deal with the Kurds. who is this man making deals for Kurdish people? and what about the other 5 tribes from that region. no deal for them.

  • Christopher Browne says:

    OMG I had actually forgotten about Fareed I remember watching him years ago! Yeah, the only "paper tiger" is CNN, as millions upon millions of Americans have turned off this network and the ratings have been in the dregs. In fact, I'm surprised both of these guys haven't been laid off yet.

  • Domepeace_ltd productions says:

    atomic bombs have been effective at bringing peace to the world maybe we should go that route if we are to be the worlds baby sitter.

  • Hey Donnie:

    Been swiping a feel of your balls and placing them on anyone else’s forehead lately? How about you discuss more of your sick and twisted proclivities and gross out your audience of 3 people even more?

    Dear jihadii zacharia?? What other books or papers do you plan to plagiarize or make up up like your fake news/lame stream media.

    Got to love the communist news network/clown news network.

  • It wasn't bipartisan the Democrats are too busy trying to impeach him, while President Donald Trump is creating history

  • All I'm hearing is that we should send our boys to die in foreign conflict that don't benefit America and only ruin the nations we imperialist over. Fucking democrats make up your mind, it's either your anti-war or pro-war!

  • Real scholars of political science and foreign affairs can easy see how bias this story is presented. It makes you wonder if CNN is a part of the military-industrial complex as they seem to be aimed at starting wars.

  • Fareed is still around? Does CNN still have his show because I stopped watching CNN international years ago when they turned into activists rather than reporters.

  • Great move Mr president

    Ended a war btwn two countries that will have eachothers heads regardless The kurds and turks been hating eachother for a millenia now sheesh

    Excellent on trumps part

    we saved money, secured the oil and sent our young men and women out of harms way


  • Why is the like/dislike-ratio almost 1? Are so many uneducated Americans downvoting just because they don't want to face reality?

  • Saving lives of troops and innocent civilians anywhere is a matter worthy of the highest commendation. Live, listen, learn, and reform. Bon Chance!

  • Wait, haven't people been saying we need to get our troops out of the Middle East for years now? But I guess since Trump did it he's a bad guy, because Russia is moving in. Even though they would of did that if any other president made the call to move our troops…

  • Thomas De Quincey says:

    Everybody knows what trump believes in…fake tan. With a bright orange glow around you, you can achieve…well, not much really. But at least you glow in the dark.

  • Someone named Fareed is going to flap his gums about anyone american ! Let me check my giveashitometer , nope , nothing ! Screw him !

  • The sanctions against iran was toothless? Dear Americans, pls pls listen, while u r arguing about what sign u should put on wc doors, iranian people, yes people not government are suffering, economic was is as bad as military war.

  • Way to spin Trump getting our troops out and Permanent cease fire in Turkey. BTW I remember Trump launched attack after Assad gassed children. Trump followed through. Obama never did anything.

  • you would almost think judging by these comments all the libtards here would vote for george w bush third term.. yea, more middle east wars! lets invade iraq again while were at it lol.. what a bunch of morons .. literal "orange man bad" syndrome, 2001 weapons of mass destruction, 2019 weapons of mass vodka..

  • Unfortunately, this clip serves as a prime example of why CNN is softball sychophantic journalism. How does this not evolve into a discussion of why US policy in Syria has been a paper tiger for the past 13 years? Why do neither mention Obama's failure in Syria to enforce his own red line of Assad using chemical weapons on his own people? Fareed even says the words "red line" and neither are intellectually honest enough to bring up the last red line from the prior President. As the corrupt Trump says, "Sad."

  • He left Syria to let turkey attack the Kurds. This way Russia and turkey could get together and he thinks this is a win. Wtf.

  • Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    Lift all sanctions. Wow! What a great outcome… for Turkey and Russia. Slaughtering and displacing Kurdish fighters who helped us beat ISIS, handing over a slice of Syria to Turkey, removing US opposition to Russia's dominance in Syria. Freeing ISIS fighters and allowing them to rebuild. A one-sided agreement with Erdogan and Putin. How does this benefit the US?

  • America at its finest!!! Definitely NOT the leader of the free world!!! 45% of Americans thinks the sun shines through the Dear Leader.'s a$$ Trump's America has turned its back on its Allies in Ukraine and the Kurds in Syria. I am worried that our Canadian military who are fighting with the USA in Afghanistan and where our equivalent to your CIA are carrying out missions many countries with you, that Americans would not stand shoulder to shoulder with us and turn their backs and leave us hanging in the field of battle. We have stood with America for decades shoulder to shoulder. Now America is willing to sacrifice its Allies citizens as they make irrational decisions. What happens when the Dear Leader Trumps says shoot the Allies in the back?

  • Fareed, really … your word is as unreliable and without truthful fact, as your CNN reputation. We can't trust one word to be truthful coming from your mouths. Your blabber ……

  • This is how the communists pulled it off back in the days of the Bolsheviks, except these days they are too fucking stupid to even understand that this is what they are even doing lol!!!!

  • Bob Ross The Destroyer says:

    Endless wars… he’s doing this because he’s a weak, self-involved, pathetic little homunculus and hopes, that if the Dems win, they’ll have to commit troops and untie the Gordian knot of Middle Eastern diplomacy without allies, and with Russia and Iran… He didn’t think this up, had to be one of his lackeys, too much subterfuge.

  • TRUMP 2020. Can't wait till he wins again so I get to witness those epic libtard mental breakdowns like last election. Was pure gold. Have fun being brainwashed with yur fake news you ignorant cows<3


    Let fareed grown up children fight in Syria and those American's with the same mindset but not mine… is almost 29yrs since United states invaded Iraq and 18yrs in Afghanistan and still occupying while miserable being defeated and lost countless men and women in uniform, not knowing what cause they have died for

  • a question : who give the USA the position of the policeman of the world? Because of this attitude to "mingle" in the lives of other nations USA is hated and disrespected by almost everyone. And the corruption follows american army and diplomats. I am living in France and people here doesn't like USA power , in England too, go to eastern Europe and is the same thing . They are only allies because USA has the biggest army in the world, Bully n°1. Everyone in USA are saying:poor kurds , our allies in fighting ISIS- but who financed ISIS to destabilize Syrian regime ? USA allowed all this . who destroyed Irak ? Or Lybia? In the name of USA liberty many populations were destroyed and millions of people forced to flee. STOP helping the world, it is getting worse!!!


    id like to take credit for the work of russia and turkey and make claims to syrian oil fields illegally…your welcome…


    there is no isis to fight fareed….your just talking bs….russia is not carving up anything they work for the syrian govt. fareed…..what a bunch of lying scumbags

  • Professor Moriarty says:

    If another cable cupboard broadcaster got somebody from Bombay India, on every time there was trouble in the Middle East or as in Turkey Western Asia, they would be called racist. What has a Bombay Indian Muslim Fareed Rafiq Zakaria, got to do with Turkey or Syria? Is it because they all look the same? Can you imagine getting somebody from Vietnam to talk about Mongolia.
    Or every time there was trouble in Papua New Guinea get this Lemon to talk about it

  • Joe Biden is guilty of quid pro quo and the Dems know it. Dems are desperately trying to keep it buried under Trumps investigation request.

  • The world is laughing at the USA's leadership (or lack thereof) Creating an issue and claiming to solve it is not a victory. It's a shameless defeat and absolute failure of a impulsive act.

  • trump you pompous ass ,first you start the mess, made Americans abroad less safe, now you want a pat on the back for your weakness.

  • How many troops are going to Saudi Arabia, now? Why are they going to Saudi Arabia – don't they have any troops of their own?

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