Fans React To El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (spoilers)

Fans React To El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (spoilers)

– Ooh, I’m excited. – Fabulous. – I’m actually excited. I wouldn’t eve lie to yous. – Show me the money! (suave music) (yelling) – Oh God. (laughing) – Did that make you jump?
– A little bit. (knocking on door) – Jesse?
– Who is it? – Oh, look at him.
– Bless him. (laughing) – He drives as well as me. (laughing) (intense music) – Oh. He’s freaking out. – That’s what happens when you take drugs. – Yo, Skinny. Why you doing all this? – Would you guys help me
if I was in this situation? (laughing) – What situation? (laughing) – Like, let’s say I was
getting chased by police for selling meth. – Mate, I would tell
them where to find you. (laughing) – Dude, you’re my hero and shit. – That’s the kind of stuff you
say to me when you’re drunk. – I’ve never called you my hero. – You do say nice things. – Matt Damon! (laughing) – I hate him, I thought
I’d seen the last of him. – [Todd] But we had a talk. – He looks like a chuckle brother. (laughing) – [Women] Urgh! – Oh, no thank you. – [Todd] All right Lou,
you have a good one. – [Lou] Yep, don’t take
any wooden nickels. – He’s got very eclectic
taste in furniture, hasn’t he? I never would have had him down for that. – What the hell is that bloody table? – That’s so random. – [Jesse] Who is it? – You at seven this morning. (laughing) – Fuck you. (laughing) – Oh no, they’re not.
– Oh, grim. (whistling) – He’s just gonna fling it over the– (laughing) – They’re dropping her. Nah, that’s disgusting. (thudding) – Jesse, I’ll take that. – Nah, I’d just shoot
him and get in the car. – On the way home I was
gonna get us some pizza. – See, that would do it for me. I’d be like, gun down. (laughing) Meat Feast (laughing). – Pepperoni.
– Wise choice. – Getting all emotional. Pepperoni. – Just kill him already, man. – I wanna see him bust
a cap in his ass, boy. – This is where I’m gonna
hide my snacks from you. – In the fridge? (gun clicking) (chuckling) – You be cool and I will be cool. (gasping) – Don’t do that to me. – You know how many
officers we got downstairs? – None. – Tell him, Casey. – There’s no one down there,
there’s no one down there. – They’re not FBI. – They’re not real cops, are they? – They’re not, they can’t be.
– You two aren’t cops. – Uh-huh, uh-huh.
– Ah. (yelling) – I know where the money is! (panting) – Oh my days.
– Woo! – Fridge. – Holy shit! There has gotta be a million here. – Oh, bless him. – Bring out the gimp. (giggling) – Jesus Christ. – They’re taking the piss. – Oh, he’s gonna go
back and get his money. Smart move. – He’s quite good at problem
solving, I’ll give him that. – It’s okay, you can have some! – What is he gonna do? Is he gonna burst in
there and shoot them all? – No, he’s probably gonna burst in there and then just give up. Put his hands up, he’ll
go bursting into the room and then just go “Oh, oh, no,” and get on the floor. – Yeah, like the wild west. – Shoot! – You ready? – Yeah. (tense music) – He’s still holding the
coke on the tray (laughing). (tense music) – Come on Jesse, do something badass. (gunshots) – Jesse’s smart! – Get in there, boy! – He’s smart. Man said through the pocket. (gunshots) – Ooh, nice shot! – I bet that guy’s still holding the tray. – Oh, he spilled it.
– Oh, he’s just spilled it. (laughing) – Well done, Jesse, finally. (explosion) Always wanted to do that. – But it wouldn’t be possible. – Walk away like this from an explosion. – But it just wouldn’t be
possible, because the force. Use the force. (knocking on door) – (squealing) What, I told you! – There he is.
– Yay! – It’s a flashback. – This is a flashback. – Oh, I got excited. I thought he was alive. – I think the dynamics of their friendship is a bit like ours. – In that we both cook and sell meth? – (laughing) No. In that you like to patronize me a lot. (laughing) – Aw.
– He looks quite nice there. – Does, don’t he? (suave music) – Brilliant.
– He did escape. Thank God for that. I feel like I got closure. – I’m still not convinced that he’s dead.


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