‘Fake, fake, disgusting news’: Trump launches new broadside against media

‘Fake, fake, disgusting news’: Trump launches new broadside against media

There has never been – and even these people
back here, these horrible, horrendous people – even these people back there said … Look
at it, it looks like the Academy Awards or something in here, you ever see these people?
Is this the Academy Awards you’re doing? Even these people, they say: “Probably in the history
of this country, maybe in the history of the world, there has never been anything like
what happened in November of 16.” Probably not, probably never happened. Probably never
happened. So here was the story by the fake news: “The president was 15 minutes late for
the Queen.” Wrong. And then, here’s the rest of the story, no, here’s the rest. Here’s
the rest of the story: so they said I was late when I was actually early. Number one.
Number two! I guess the meeting was scheduled for 15 minutes and it lasted for almost an
hour. “The president overstayed!” So I was late and I overstayed and honestly, folks,
it was such a beautiful, beautiful visit and afternoon. But they can make anything bad,
because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news. I’ll tell you what, Russia’s very unhappy
that Trump won, that I can tell you. But I got along great with Putin. And everybody
said “Wow, that was great, that was great”. Couple of hours later, I started hearing these
reports that, you know, they wanted me to walk up . Here’s a podium, here … They wanted
me to walk up and go like this: [imitates punching] They wanted me to go up and have
a boxing match. I said: Whatever happened to diplomacy?


100 thoughts on “‘Fake, fake, disgusting news’: Trump launches new broadside against media”

  • Trump is doing a great job, best President ever. The media is fake, he should not trust them, they have bashed him long before he was President. The media is all of our enemies. They manipulate to cause hate and distrust in the President. He has our best interests at heart.

  • Simiral Entertainment says:

    Journalist reports some news, and then when this news actually turns out to be a fake invention, he publicly makes himself hara-kiri – 腹切り – at the square in front of the White House, following the example of brave ancient Japanese. And at this time President Trump to this journalist chops off his head to ease his suffering. It will be a great show with huge ratings. I think if this is done, it will be very classy and instructive for all Americans.

  • Graeme Hindmarsh says:

    The twins on the r/h side of the screen are delightful … they should register at Central Casting. I'm sure they could get lots of jobs at all sorts of events!

  • InsignificancePersonified says:

    The media is dangerous to democracy and to social well-being because they ceaselessly create unnecessary division, try to normalise disordered behaviour, and give a platform to a minority of strange, bizarre, and vocal people who wish to impose their ideas on others. I am far from a Trump supporter, but I applaud his stance. It is a long-overdue reaction against the manifest abuses of a partisan press whose reporting now bears little connection to reality.

  • Hour by hour, lie by lie, dictate by dictate, Donald Trump is fast becoming an American dictator.
    And recent days have proved what many of us have long feared:
    No one knows how to stop him.

  • he is a narcissistic egomaniac ….it always think he is the best in everything, when he is really just a simpleton

  • Whether you support Trump or not I think it is clear to most people that the media lie continuously without remorse. If there was ANYTHING good about Trump's presidency it's that at least he has the balls to call them out on their BS. Never trust the media – ALWAYS do your own research.

  • Fernando Valdes says:

    this president truly is the people's president, with plain and clear English he communicate to the americans, I think is the best president I've known, he is doing exactly , and fighting for what he promised to his supporters,

  • if the scum Medea done what they do to Trump to me would say the same thing to, anybody would, you can't say you wouldn't, actually he is is doing a lot less than some people would, especially for attacking his 10 year old at the time kid, that one is real disgusting

  • The media today is bought and paid for, and reports what they are told to report. Back in the day Cronkite was a liberal, but he could do the news without prejudice, bias, a true journalist. I would be hard pressed to find a journalist today.

  • Zbyněk Novotný says:

    Pěkný proslov. Tvrdím, že inteligentní lidé problémům předchází a ne je vytváří. Každý je svého štěstí strůjce.

  • If Trump could read, and checked out the first amendment, he'd see freedom of the press. His behavior is typical of a wannabe dictator. They're real big on eliminating the opposition. And to hell with the constitution as well. Idiots who support this behavior are not deserving of the freedoms they have!!

  • kingofallwhites says:

    We should shave Trump supporters heads after he is found guilty of treason or conspiracy. Just like the French and Dutch did to whores who slept with German soldiers after WW2.

  • Every President craves press when they're running for office, then disparages it once they're in office. But Trump's different: he's desperately hiding something from them.

               KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  • This reply is not only to the Guardian but to the rest of the UK's lying presstitute hacks. For this allow me to use the words of the 'insane right wing conspiracy theory', QAnon:

    “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

    So carry on mainstream media. Carry on your fight against President Trump and his 'basket of deplorables' who follow him, myself included. Carry on pouring ridicule on those who follow the message of hope delivered by QAnon, the team working with Trump to bypass the mockingbird media. Every word you write and every statement you make will very soon blow up in your face. And the evil, corrupt establishment you are now frantically trying to protect will be destroyed utterly and completely, as the world experiences a total and reformative change. Thanks in large part to the man you now persistently attack.

  • There is no media – there are only are paid political lobbyists, who are paid huge sums of money by their billionaire pied pipers to promote their own schemes. Larry King is worth $150 million. It’s certainly very suspicious that every single CNN employee is absolutely bent on destroying president Trump, ask yourself – where’s the dissenter?, shouldn't there be 1? – It's the money!, down and out Trump supporters join anti Trump protesters – BECAUSE THEY NEED THE MONEY!

  • Jim Battersbee says:

    I wonder how the dossier is coming along, on all the people like those shown here, who attend Trumps pathetic rants. I assume most of them have been identified for future re-education camps?

  • One of the best lines in this performance is "I'll tell you what, Russia's very unhappy that Trump won, that I can tell you." The delivery is excellent, and it almost sounds believable.

  • Traveling Wilburys: "Devil's Been Busy"

    While you're strolling down the fairway
    Showing no remorse.
    Glowing from the poisons
    They've sprayed on your golf course
    While you're busy sinking birdies,
    And keeping your scorecard,
    The devil's been busy in your back yard.

    Steaming down the highway,
    with your trucks of toxic waste,
    Where you gonna hide it
    Maybe outer space?
    You don't know what you're doing
    Or what you have to guard
    The devil's been busy in your back yard.

    Sometimes you think you're crazy
    But you know you're only mad.
    Sometimes you're better off not knowing
    How much you've been had.

    You see your second cousin
    Wasted in a fight.
    You say he had it coming,
    He couldn't do it right.
    You're in a western movie, playing a li'l part
    The devil's been busy in your back yard.

    Sometimes they say you're wicked
    But you know that can't be bad.
    Sometimes you're better off not knowing
    It'll only make you sad.

    They're coming down picadilly
    Dripping at the dosh
    Arresting sticky willy
    Clubbing him with their cosh.
    They just might not have noticed, they've been beating him so hard
    The devil's been busy in your back yard.

  • Reading through the comments here was almost as depressing as watching/listening to the clip of Trump carrying on like an adolescent bratboy in need of attention and coddling.

    Depressing enough to have a near-idiot lying conman as president……truly horrifying that so many supposedly intelligent human beings have been so completely conned by a narcissist who is single-handedly causing such "huge" and "tremendous" amounts of embarrassment, shame, incredulity, disgust, and fear….at home and abroad.

  • King of Righteousness Whitfield says:

    Amazing how all of a sudden Russia is a friend, wasn't very long ago just mentioning Russia or being evolved any kind of way you were Communists and your life was in danger. Now after a black president America loves Russia. Really!

  • Fake cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS cnn Sucks cnn SUCKS.!!!!!

  • Here are few lines from a poem about reporters arrested, just for being reporters:

    I lie on this concrete bed
    and new creations twitch inside of me.
    Absorbing this embryonic stage
    with a hidden pen in hand,

    my wild welcome and deflated, pastry-belly
    become intoxicated with words.
    I will let them know . . . I am here.
    Guns unfired–this is what I do!

  • Powerful Snake Oil Conman accuses majority of the main stream media owned by an elite handful of other powerful conmen of being conmen…yawn…..

  • Just waiting for them to burn the Reichstag again. As an American, this sort of thing really worries me. How on Earth did this happen?

  • The Guardian newspaper is full of collectivist parasites, Islam apologists and globalist sellouts. The mainstream corporate Media are absolute total enemies of humanity.

  • Shabani Mugwegwe Ndikumana says:

    The most useless President . Did Trumple graduate in a Public University or Private University? He is so ignorant .

  • President Reagan said: "Freedom is not created by government, nor is it a gift from those in political power. It is, in fact, secured, more than anything else, by those limitations . . . that are placed on those in government. It is absence of the GOVERNMENT CENSOR in our newspapers and broadcast stations and universities. It is the lack of fear by those who gather in religious services. It is the absence of ofcial abuse of those who speak up against the policies of their government".

  • Attacks? U are the attackers, fake media. Supporters? No, the AMERICAN people, the majority. Liars liars liars, we're so disgusted with u.

  • Do you know what is really interesting? In Germany, we have very similar problems with dishonest, lying, manipulating press. But, what is very disgusting, we have state media ("Öffentlich-Rechtlicher Rundfunk"), a corrupt, parasitic system which grabs around 8 billion EUR (yes, this is no mistake; around EUR!!!) from the people in Germany who MUST pay this. You have this dishonest media liears and manipulators, but you must not pay them. WE MUST PAY THEM!!! Think about it. If you give these parasites the little finger, they want the whole hand. Media is important, as long the media people are honest and honrable. Corrupt liears are not important. Bash them into ground and don't accept that they get only 1 pence from you.

  • Bernard Campbell says:

    Wow! My heart goes out to United States for having a idiot for president. He’s blaming the media of his wrong doings. He spends to much time bashing others on media & Twitter then spending time working on making America better. America is seriously in need of help now, big time. The worst president ever in history.

  • Do you people understand that Trump is Mainstream media and Hollywood, he has a star on the walk of hall of fame for crying out loud. he bashes the same media that he came from.

  • Whenever I see the world news given by American reporters and journalists, I wonder if the characteristics that a good journalist should have (fairness, objectivity, truthfulness) really have value in our society. From the extern, the continuous attacks by the American media on the president looks as a fight between children. I"m not Trump supporter, but I think the media should show us a more neutral image about the situation (i have to improve my english).

  • Interesting fact, Hitler used the same words to convince his base (of him)…"media..the enemy of the people"..and hitlers crowd cheered him on..and then there came WWII out of it with antisemitic murders..If you still support his agenda of hate, please think again about where you are standing right now (by repeating history?)

  • Disgusting pathetic weak clown. A global joke and americas tragedy. Her idiocy exposed to the world and flaunted.

  • Bryan Gonzales says:

    How can anyone not love this Dynamo of a man. He is a lion that will not stop improving our country no matter how many roadblocks his enemies put in front of him. If you love this great country reelect this patriot and make a stand for decency

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