Facebook, Apple and Google face backlash over fake news | Tech Wash

Facebook, Apple and Google face backlash over fake news | Tech Wash

[MUSIC PLAYING] [GLASS BREAKING] Techlash is a phrase that
you’re hearing more and more in the media. It’s the backlash against
the world’s largest and most profitable tech companies,
the FAANGs, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. These companies have been
in the news recently, and in particular,
Facebook has been facing pressure over the scandal
that it leaked information on 50 million users to
Cambridge Analytica, and that that information was
then used to manipulate the US 2016 presidential results. Today, most of Americans get
their news from social media. If you look here, you can see
that about 2/3 of Americans are using social media platforms
like Facebook, Twitter, and Google as their
main news source. Why is this a problem? Well, if you look at the rise
of fake news and platform technologies, they’re
intricately connected. A recent study by MIT found
that fake news was about 70% more likely to be
shared than real news. Of course, friends and
family are looking at posts, they’re perhaps
passing on fake news, and that’s reinforcing
existing biases, which of course, plays into the
idea of election manipulation. The problem with fake news and
social media platform usage has become an issue
for liberal democracy. If you look at the most recent
Edelman Trust Barometer, you can see that trust
in liberal democracies, where there is more social
media usage, has been falling. And ironically,
trust in autocracies, like China and some of the Arab
states, is actually rising. This has presented a
big challenge that’s going to continue to keep the
Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal in the news,
and it’s even prompted a movement, #deleteFacebook. The majority of
Americans now believe that the FAANGs need
tighter regulation, so watch this space. [MUSIC PLAYING]


8 thoughts on “Facebook, Apple and Google face backlash over fake news | Tech Wash”

  • CamberwellCarrot says:

    I've never seen given a good example of fake news. All news these days has been spun or editorialised prior to delivery. Most political news disbursed by mainstream media has been gathered to support an agenda heavily skewed to the left with a few exceptions. One now has to actively seek out other sources to attempt to glean the truth. It seems that anything not coming from the establishment mainstream media is being slurred with the fake news charge.

  • jeffrey dahmere says:

    in my opinion this could be the MSM trying to bust Facebook and other social media because they are taking or took away power from them , before social media they had the monopoly of fake news and influence now thats gone and they are pissed off , as far as I'm concert I prefere to have both challenging each other so we don't depent on one source alone , so keep whining FT

  • Who is labeling fake news, fake news? The media? The largest problem with contemporary journalism is the conflation of opinion with fact. Just because you, the journalist, have an informed opinion, does not mean you have an unbiased opinion: the way you present information can produce fake news by not properly supporting the conclusion or by not covering the dominant opposing views with an honest diligence. The western media has lost the ability to process the nuance that reality is: social media often focuses on a more complex analysis… if not also more biased.

    Look at the likes of Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Dave Rubin: they offer 1-2hr long discussions. People will tune in for complex discussion. Time for the large media to change its approach: offer detail instead of sound bites. Stop condemning those you disagree with by labeling them fake news and start interacting with ideas and those who hold them: why do they hold the ideas they have, what motivates them (in their own words). This is where the story is

  • The issue is not small channels attempting to target the truth; the problem is when big organizations like CNN are caught giving debate questions to candidates that they "pretend" to not be bias about, and then individuals like yourself come around and attempt to reinforce the propaganda that is simply a backlash for nor having "your candidate" elected . That is the worst! This politically correct (which is just a front), intellectually abusive (not really truthful) liberal backlash behavior is the bane of our world. What I liked about YouTube is that anyone had a right to publish their opinions, and I could choose which one I thought resonated to what I knew to be truthful from my personal research. Why should I support any organization telling me what News is relevant, when the corruption against the DNC was so rampant? Though I didn't follow Fox News, at least you knew what you were getting. CNN was like having a wife who wants to kill you in your sleep. Don't melt your brain with this crap, do your own research.

  • And by the way, every American I know who chose to live in China enjoyed their stay, whether temporary or permanent. China is not BAD by name, but your Orwellian-1984 speech made it seem like that.

  • Backlash from who? Decrepit wh*te tr*sh Nazis? That is not a "backlash". That is merely the sound of a dumpster fire. I have this to say to these companies: Stick by your guns. Meet the b*stards in court.

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