Facebook Advertising - Digital Marketing Tips

Facebook Advertising – Digital Marketing Tips

so you want to know about Facebook advertising don't ya this video was sponsored by file horse your one-stop shop for all the software you need so when it comes to Facebook advertising I have this one dollar model not the fact that you're gonna be spending just a dollar but I built all my models on one dollar so before we dive into that if you've never used Facebook advertising before what I'm talking about specifically is the promoted post feature not the advertising model that you buy likes for your page or try to find followers or whatever I'm talking about specifically promoting your posts now to promote a post first up you had to have a Facebook fan page so you cannot do Facebook advertising on just your normal Facebook page that's not gonna work you need to create a fan page once you have a fan page made you should have this little feature now that says boost post and of like a little blue button at the bottom right of your post so click that now you're gonna have three features there's one feature that lets you essentially promote your post to people who like your page that's terrible usually because more than likely you don't have a large audience and even if you do you're not gonna reach that many people the second feature is gonna be one that lets you promote your post to the people's friends who like your post that one is mediocre but again it doesn't reach that many people the most productive feature that I've seen that yields the highest ROI is doing the third feature promoting your post to targeted individuals when I'm doing this I start all of my posts at one dollar the point of this is getting the most that you can possibly get out of the one dollar in your demographic and target range then building on top of that if you just go into Facebook from out of the post and you put ten or twenty dollars down and he gives you a number like 10 or 20,000 you're gonna think that that sounds awesome until you realize that you could have done that for a single dollar if you would have changed the age range by one year or you want to add another location that you additionally could have used so that's one of the things that I've found out is building all of my models on a dollar getting the most I can get out of that dollar and might require demo ranges as well as locations and genders and blah blah blah if I can get the most out of a dollar then what I do is build upon so that's my number one tip to you guys if you're using Facebook advertising don't use the first two features use the third one that lets you target individuals make sure you follow the Facebook ads guideline and you don't have too much text on your image build everything based upon a dollar and blow it up and before I go one less good tip is to make sure you have multiple groups so that when you're are advertising or promoting a post you can kind of choose which one you want I have some that are built just to make posts go viral I have some built for games products traveling different generations of people that helps me a lot when I'm going in and making a custom new group because I have a place to start don't forget to check out file horse comm really awesome website they have tons of software on you're more than likely gonna find exactly what you need they have everything from steam to graphic card drivers to pieces of software that you can use like audacity to iTunes all kinds of stuff in this one location so that you're not browsing all over the Internet so check out file horse com thanks for watching this video hopefully these tips helped you in your Facebook advertising journey don't forget to leave a comment below with things that you would like to learn about digital marketing and I'll see you guys later


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  • Afrogeek Cosplay says:

    This is great help! I just started a FB page and wasn't sure how to grow it or how to really use the "Boost Post" feature to get the bang for my buck. Thanks Swifty!

  • Matt, I need some actual help.

    I know this is normally way off base for you but I've got a buddy who's sick.

    https://www.gofundme.com/qb9qgg <—–his GFM page

    I've been asking people to help or share but I think a video could help get the word around even faster. I don't want my friend to die so would you please consider helping out?

  • Matthew Brian Brown says:

    You all asked for a video on Facebook Advertising, so here's my method. Hope you enjoy, don't forget to leave a comment asking your question!

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