Facebook Ads Tutorial - Facebook Advertising Tutorial for Beginners


38 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Tutorial – Facebook Advertising Tutorial for Beginners”

  • This is great info…but slooooow down! If it's truly for beginners, you can cut out a lot of the analytics and then slow down for the beginners. Put out a part 2 video for advanced. Not everyone watching is going to be as proficient as you when navigating around. You have good info, just need to learn that most people don't learn at the speed of light. Also, you keep saying "It's pretty self explanatory". It's not bro, that's why we are googling to find someone like you to explain it to us!

  • Thank you Corey! I have a question though. I couldn't figure out how to pass Conversion part. It keeps asking me to create Pixel account which I did but also wants me to add tracking id to my website which I can't as I want to create a campaign for my Amazon store. So, is there anything I can do?

  • Anthony Rafaile says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was extremely helpful. I have a couple of questions though: What is the benefit of connecting Google URL builder? Is there something I will be able to do on Google that I can't already do in Facebook?

  • Hi, do you offer 1-2-1 coaching on FB advertising? Am in a situation where I know enough to get an advert out, but I am not familiar with some of what are probably considered the basics. So I kind of pinball myself to where I am creating an advert without necessarily understanding some aspects of the process. Happy to put some budget into my learning process?

  • Seth Brundle says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial, I have not heard about cost or how much money you need to start posting news or ant other kind of advertising in Facebook. I am on a very low budget regretfully!!

  • Really helpful video. Thank you. However I have to point out, as a beginner, it was not clear to me where the custom audiences are created that you referenced around the 5 min mark.

  • Fernesque Golan says:

    PRO: A lot of info in this relatively short video. CON: The teacher speak too fast. Must watch a number of times to digest info. Slow down an make a longer video.

  • Anchor Tours says:

    You claim this was a "Beginner's" video yet you blew through everything so fast it was information overload. After 5 minutes you lost me to the point it wasn't worth watching anymore. If you want to do beginner's videos, consider the audience you're trying to reach. Slow down and explain things more thoroughly. If anything, I would consider this a review video for people who have actual experience with advertising on Facebook.

  • norbert nagy says:

    Even before I linked the movie to facebook from another uploader, I've already been deleted. If I did not link it, it would not have been deleted. I'm sharing a clip from a different uploader on a clipboard, a call, another music property, comes in. Mute. Anyone who uploaded it has not been muted?

  • Pegdoll Records says:

    Why does destination Website URL not show up on my screen? It has the URL Parameters section lower down but so do you but you pass this section? I pasted my link their is that incorrect? I am assuming its been updated since this tutorial and if so where do I past that link? Many thanks, Olly

  • You have amazing tutorials. Straight to the point! Love them! You got a new subscriber. I wish you have more about Facebook and maybe Facebook A/B testing and testing campaigns with actual examples.

  • Anthony Fall says:

    Love your videos but don't you agree that "automatic placements" can be a HUGE waste of your daily budget? Specifically the "audience network", sure it expands your reach but at what cost to your budget. Ad placements aren't always aligned with your audience in some cases and the display of the ads don't look right. Every campaign is different and your goals should be aligned in that way if its just mobile users or combo of desktop/mobile etc.. My point is that the "audience network" has always been a flop for my campaigns and if not included increase conversions and save your budget.. Thoughts?

  • Dr. Patrick M. Fraser MD says:

    if this is for beginners..then you went too fast. could have broken the video into 2 parts and take your time to teach your audience.

  • Sangita Murjani says:

    hello sir good tutorial but i dont know what happen i cant boost any post og my fb page.. it always disapproved and also reject.
    what should i do??

  • A Dream Lyfe, By Michelle Carvalho says:

    I feel this video was too fast for me and in so many different directions, however, I love the clarity of your voice. Can you point me to a video you created that is specific, dealing with one thing – like how to create an ad for social proof – then how to use that ad for conversions – from step 1 to the end?

  • Deepak Bansal says:

    Hi there, I have already installed a facebook pixel id in Shopify,
    I have installed a Facebook sales channel in my Shopify store but it creates a new catalog in my ads manager.
    Now I am not able to connect this new catalog to the existing Facebook pixel it is asking to generate new pixel id from my personal facebook ad account which normally it should connect from my business ad account
    Due to this event does not connect and fire properly. That is the problem any solution? Hope you can help in this 🙁

  • Deepak Bansal says:

    Hi, thats a great video i wanna know which time zone should i use? if i run ads for US and i am india also which card works debit card or credit card please help

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